Testimonial for Barbara by Marie - February 25, 2012

“I have had two readings with Barbara over the last number of months and I have to say that I have found her outstanding. I have used Michele Knight Psychics over the last number of years on & off whether it had to do with a personal situation in my life or a problem I could not get over with my work and I believe that Michele Knight Psychics is truly genuine with some very special & gifted Psychics. One of these gifted psychics is Barbara, she literally blew me away with detail and descriptions of people in my life and was able to describe my current situation, I could not believe the level of detail. Barbara is a gem and I can see her being one of the more popular Psychics on Michele Knight. May I also add that the wonderful, breathtaking & impossible to get a hold of Sadie is amazing. Barbara you are equally brilliant and really made sense of something that I was failing miserably to get my head around!”