Testimonial for Trinity by Ghazala - January 20, 2020

“What can one say about Dear Trinity that has not been already said. She is a reader of great depth, insight and complete integrity. Emotional intelligence in spades! She is highly ethical, intuitive, holistic and sincere, honing in on your areas of need and always delivers on astounding detail. As an intuitive myself, I need to link with a reader with great gifts so that they can give me the depth of clarity I am seeking. Having experienced some life crushing blows myself, I have been delighted to have reconnected with Trinity who as a reader, is able to meet me as deeply as I have met myself. I had readings with her in 2008, and have reconnected with her more recently 2019, to enable me to embrace and manifest positive change in all areas. Trinity, you have given me healing in the areas of my need at a time of great need. Thank you so much for the wisdom, and healing.”