Testimonial for by Amanda - June 23, 2012

“Long overdue feedback for Hazel. What an amazing reader, validation after validation, time and time again, she uses exact phrases, names, to back these validations up. Issues not known or understood at time of reading come to light after which make me smile as how could she have known all this? Hazel not only has superb  psychic skills but the ability to communicate the information she is given with eloquence, emotional intelligence, confidence and the highest level of integrity and professionalism. She reads fast, doesn’t keep people on the line for longer than is actually needed and explains the spiritual side of things of why and what is happening, whilst at the same time ensuring that you are well looked after and comfortable with the information that is being given. Hazel is world class. My understanding of life and how to deal with things that I need to learn have all been helped by Hazel. An important fact, as for me, readings are not about the final outcome but about enjoying the now, the journey and being able to dance in the rain whilst the storm is in full flow. You are amazing Hazel and anyone who is lucky enough to get a reading with you will have their life changed.”