Testimonial for Rosemary by K - April 6, 2010

“I found your site in the summer of this year after finding myself growing tremendously impatient over a work matter and wanted guidance from spirit.  I decided to search on the internet, and found you!! I have to admit that I have probably tried a large proportion of your readers over the last 6 months, but I felt I had to highlight a handful who stand out above the rest, namely Rhiannon, Nikki, Nina and Rosemary. Clear, articulate, funny, warm, modern, specific, empathic….I could go on! When I refer back to my notes, I find myself chuckling away at the precision of their readings and even when I’ve doubted what they’ve said at the time, they’ve proven me wrong. Even timings, which I know, can be tricky is nailed down! They are amazing, proving themselves over and over again in a very short timeframe down a telephone line!! They are a massive credit to you!! Also, huge thanks to the extremely professional Julie who deals with my bookings swiftly and accurately, without who I would not be able to reach your readers half the time!!  Love and best wishes.”