I am currently experiencing a really lovely time in my life in my personal life and am very grateful for it. I feel I am beginning to realise how the law of attraction works. However, I am about to leave on maternity soon and as my business is failing and I am looking at bankruptcy, but am taking this as a positive step in order to move forward in my life and make a fresh start where my finances are concerned. My worry is returning to work as I am hoping to have 9 months off (which will be welcomed with open arms as I have always been working!). I trained as a professional actress and have had some success along the way but nothing which meant I could sustain an acting career and leave my daytime job. Do you see anything on the horizon where my acting career is concerned or any opportunities I need to look out for?

Margarita says  

Firstly you have a lovely ‘summery’ energy and I feel that an optimistic attitude will always be your best resource for handling anything life throws at you.   Nurture your cheerful disposition as it is a strength for you. I feel very strongly that the changes that are happening in your life at the moment are not just down to chance.  Synchronicity is playing a large part of what will unfold over the next few months so keep your antennae tuned for chance meetings, signs or intuitions that will help you steer your course and open up opportunities. 

I see two tarot cards for you right now in my mind’s eye – The Fool and The Empress. The Fool in the positive sense is a card of new beginnings, venturing into the unknown with a sense of positivity and hope for the future.  At the same time, he asks that we keep our eyes wide open and watch our steps as we tread any new paths.   The Empress suggests that it’s a time of abundance and vitality, one where you have the potential to create the life you want by raising your vibration with the power of positive thinking.

I feel that this is an ideal time for you to be thinking about those dreams you placed on the back burner, and that includes those around acting.   Imagine for a moment that all of your dreams for success have come true and track your deepest thoughts and feelings.  Is every single part of you in alignment with the possibility?  Or is there a small part of you that throws up any kind of objection?  It might sound strange but it possible for us to find the prospect of success as scary as failure.  In particular, examine whether you truly feel that you deserve it and clear out any beliefs that could undermine all of your efforts and the opportunities that synchronicity is bringing your way.

I feel you need to keep your boots firmly on the ground for the new baby but also allow yourself to think BIG. It doesn’t serve you to play small, so play your part and shine. Keep a well balanced Virgo eye on your finances and consider a part time job to provide security so worry is not a problem while you start to follow your dreams again.

All in all, it’s important that you do the inner work to keep your vibration high and match that with your own efforts as I do feel that you are more likely to achieve the success you want with a long and sustained focus, rather than it arriving overnight.

When the other little star is born keep looking to the stars as you will have your hands full, so don’t forget to keep motivation high. Sometimes with major life events like bankruptcy and dreams that are still nagging at us even after many years, the universe is trying to re-point you down a different path, a path you should be on. And we both know that the spotlight is where you should be.

Love and light,

Margarita :)x

Margarita, ID 2183,  is a hereditary Celtic intuitive empath who also uses Tarot and Angel cards.

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