Psychic reader Connie

 Michele says

Connie is a confident and straightforward reader who gives an awful lot of information in a short space of time. I loved her test reading and she told me about my relationship and a trip and business I am planning abroad. In her other test readings she was described as a brilliant reader who needed no prompts and that she gave a lot of psychic detail.

What people say

  • “Just wanted to say a big thank you to Connie for such a lovely and gentle approach. She was simply spot on when talking about my current influences and I could relate to all that she mentioned in the reding. Wonderful person, Thank you Connie.”

    - Written by Anna

  • “I just wanted to let you know that I just had an amazing reading with Connie (2277). I gave her No information at all and she was non-stop with firing off so many positive bits of inspiration from spirit, very specifically to do with my work/project and then also on … read more

    - Written by Alan

  • “I just want to say that today I had a wonderful reading with Connie. She gave so much information and was very accurate with what she said around my situation. She did not ask for any information and I found her style very positive and uplifting. Thank you.”

    - Written by Denise

  • “Connie was brilliant. I got so much out of her reading. She was incredibly positive and upbeat, she told me things and she explained things too.”

    - Written by Sophia

  • “I just had a great reading with Connie, she got straight into it and not only picked up on the business situation that I was stressing over but also helped me to understand how I could best serve myself in overcoming the challenges that I’m facing. She was very caring … read more

    - Written by Alan

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