Psychic reader Cate

 Michele says

Cate works with angels and usew Tarot of the Old Path and also the Angel Tarot.  Cate uses this with clairvoyance to help you onto the right path for you

Cate  has a wonderfully uplifting and warm way of reading and delivers a deep interpretation  as well as practical reading

What people say

  • “Cate saw I only had eight minutes left and so went straight into what she could see, and she was spot on about various issues and completely put my mind at rest about a few things that were stagnating around me. In that short time, it was as if she … read more

    - Written by Janet

  • “I had the most amazing reading today with Cate, it was almost like she had stepped into my shoes. Cate gave me insights into what was going on in my life at present, some things were what I wanted to hear, some wasn’t. My reading was delivered so gently and … read more

    - Written by Lorraine

  • “Amazing reader, spot on and really hit home on some deep truths I wasn’t even aware that were affecting my life and relationships. Fully recomended!”

    - Written by Lucy

  • “I would like to thank Cate for my incredible reading. She is amazing and was right on the ball from the start. Along with being insightful, she is also very warm and put me at ease from the moment she spoke. Michele, you have a real gem in Cate. I … read more

    - Written by Fiona

  • “I just wanted to say a note of ‘thanks’ to Cate. I have had quite a few readings with Cate lately and just want to say she is the most incredible lady I know. Not only is she kind and caring but sympathetic and does not ‘loose’ it with me … read more

    - Written by Fiona

  • “She picked up personal information right from the start, for example that I have been married before and her predictions came true almost right after we hung up the phone.”

    - Written by Maria

  • “I contacted Cate for the first time regarding a family issue. Straight away she tuned in and picked up the person/problem and used the same words I had used myself to describe the family member. Cate is an intelligent, straight forward and lovely lady. Her predictions were not positive on … read more

    - Written by Anon