Psychic reader Arya

 Michele says

Arya is a tremendous talent. When she applied to work for us Charlotte fast tracked her to me. I loved her honestly and integrity, she is warm and tunes in to give specific details. She’s a natural psychic who gives messages directly from source and she’s fond of Tarot too. I’m sure you will love her!

If she is not online and you would like to speak with her, please contact our main reception between 9am and 10pm GMT, and if she is able to she will log in for you.

What people say

  • “My reading with Arya was great. She did immediately pick up the connection with my person of interest. She was straightforward in telling me that my approach was incorrect and she made a suggestion as far as how I handle the situation. I followed her advice and she was correct. … read more

    - Written by Jill

  • ‘’I’ve just had an amazing reading with Arya! Absolutely brilliant and unique delivery. She’s really lovely too. I’m stunned at the things she picked up on. Everything she said resonated and she gave really helpful guidance. I’m clear on my next steps and feel very excited about what’s ahead. I … read more

    - Written by Anon

  • “Arya is very insightful and encouraging. I had a reading today. I was an absolute mess when I called but within minutes Arya had reassured me and calmed me down, despite me questioning her advice and prediction several times, she told me “this is what is going to happen” I … read more

    - Written by Tina

  • “Wow this is one special lady! I have had lots of readings and few blow me away. Arya is just amazing, very psychic, got my situation with great detail. She knew things she couldn’t have possibly known. Not only that she reminded me of who I am, when I was … read more

    - Written by Tracy

  • “Had the most amazing, inspiring reading last night with Arya. Not only did she tap into thoughts and feelings i had not voiced openly to anyone before but gave me clarity and insight as to what is going on with me now re work (all true btw) as well as … read more

    - Written by Jo

  • “Arya was simply incredible. I came to her at a time when literally I had lost the will to live. I was so down, there was no where else for me to go. One conversation with Arya not only cleared the air, gave me hope where there was none, she … read more

    - Written by S

  • “I have had three amazing readings with Arya. Few days ago I thought I would ring Arya for a general reading, but I honestly wanted to know about a man who I love. Arya gave me a general reading and picked up on my career and said you have rang … read more

    - Written by Stacey

  • “I had a reading with Arya 1 week from her starting at Michele Knight, and as I had never had a reading with her before, was blown away from the first reading! I loved her style, how much detail she gave, and loved that she uses her own psychic abilities … read more

    - Written by V