What is a horoscope?

We all look at our horoscope but what are they? How can they support and help us? What about the other zodiac signs? Read on!

Horoscopes are guidance into the cosmic energy of the week ahead. Our horoscope helps us to navigate and utilise the planetary vibes for our benefit. As well as looking at your Sun Sign and zodiac sign, it’s worth checking out your rising sign horoscope as well, as it is just as accurate and adds detail. (you can get your free astrology chart here, all you need is your time, date, and place of birth).

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Many people look at their Moon sign as well to get a broader outline of the emotional energy for the week ahead.

Weekly astrology looks into the planetary movements to create a horoscope reading to empower us to navigate challenges and seize possibilities. 21st Century astrologers tend not to be fatalistic but use the cosmic sky as a tool showing where to put our focus for the week ahead.

Having an awareness of what the zodiac signs represent can empower us to develop closer bonds with our friends and once you know how they tick, you can form more intimate connections.

What are the 12 star signs?

You probably know that there are twelve star signs that make up the zodiac. These are separated into the elements of fire, earth, air, and water signs – with each one representing the traits of their owners. They’re as follows:

Aries: The first fire sign of the zodiac, Aries are bold, passionate, and confident. They are happy to be direct but can find frustration in anything or anyone who blocks their path. Often called the hero/x of the zodiac they can also be demanding and love a good fight.

Taurus: A true earth sign, Taurus is loyal, stubborn, driven, and love comfort…and all the trappings that come with it. Feed and spoil them, and you’ll have them eating out of the palm of your hand. Romantic and committed, a Taurus is a great friend. Once they love you, they always love you!

Gemini: Easy going and adaptive to change, Geminis are thoughtful leaders that prize intelligence over everything else… though this can lead to challenges (think Trump, Boris Johnson, Jeremy Corbyn are all Gemini!). Often stumped by tough decisions as they can see both sides, they need a life and a partner that fulfills their curiosity. Hilarious, quick-witted and mercurial, they are excellent friends and entertaining partners.

Cancer: Emotionally intelligent and receptive, people born under this sign have a huge well of empathy that can be a blessing and a curse. Quick to offer love and support, they can leave little for themselves and their critical ability all-too-often cuts both ways. The shadow side of Cancerians is that like the crab, they can walk sideways and manipulate rather than be direct. Nurturing and mothering a Cancer needs security.

Leo: Generous, optimistic, and – somewhat appropriately – prideful. This star sign is often criticised for arrogance, is it fair? It depends on how much soul work they have done. Generous to a fault, Leo’s give as good as they get. Warm, impressive and noble, Leo’s are charismatic and secretly kittens at heart.

Virgo: Right-brained and practical, Virgos are perfectionists that like to think through their problems – often leaving them locked in analysis paralysis. Calm and graceful, these reserved individuals take a while to trust. But when they do, you enjoy a friend for life. Having said that they have a secret wild side and are funny AF.

Libra: Lovers of balance in all things, Libras are amazing adjudicators that can often take the world’s weight on their shoulders. Thoughtful about love and money, these artistic individuals often find themselves missing out instead of tipping the scales in their favour. Having said that I have met quite a few feisty Librans, they will always fight for justice and need to be surrounded by calm and beauty.

Scorpio: Ruled by emotion and passion, these resourceful individuals are always diving deep. Priding themselves on their loyalty (which can easily tip into possessiveness) Scorpios will never indulge superficial relationships. Scorpio’s are potent souls but can run the risk of suffering from the sting in their tail as they will sting if they need to even if it hurts them too. Passionate, intense, deep and mesmerising – they can be quite addictive.

Sagittarius: Believers in the best in all of us, those born under Sagittarius need their freedom and help others secure it. Often disappointed by the pedestals they place others on, these individuals work tirelessly to improve the world around them. Adventurous, philosophical, unique Sagittarius is easily bored. Constant expansion and exploring fresh horizons is essential to their well being.

Capricorn: Driven and self-sacrificing, Capricorns understand the importance of a hustle or two. Analytical and goal-oriented, these individuals play the game to get what they want. Just like their goat symbolism, they will always scramble to the top of the pile. Tenacious, powerful and determined, it’s impossible to boss one around.

Aquarius: The wild child of the zodiac, those born under Aquarius do what they want, when they want. Nonconformist, innovative, and unique – these uncompromising qualities can often leave them feeling lonely when the party finally stops. Freedom is their middle name and they can also predict future trends like no other.

Pisces: Gentle, patient, and loving – this laid-back sign takes in the world around them and daydreams about wonder and miracles. Pisces are the most empathetic, psychic and emotional of all the signs. Sentimental, caring and deeply magical creatures. Pisces love romance but only if it’s genuine.

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