Past, Present and Future Runes

Click on the bag to choose your runes, there are three in total.


16 thoughts on “Past, Present and Future Runes

  1. Hi My name is crystal Gail I want to know if Stephen is my soul mate or if I haven’t find my soul mate yet I want to know when and where an if I will have kids

  2. Hi my name crystal i to know if stephen is my soul mate or i hadnt met my soulmate yet i want to know when an where an if I will have children

  3. Still pondering, have one answer swimming in my mind, but my other side is still unsure, which side is my intuition/pyschic self and which is right for me?.

  4. what dose future hold for me.will my finances ever be restored.will i ever reconcile with my wife? we v been seperated for over two years now. i need answers pls. thanks

  5. Hello michele knight my name is nikki i was wondering do i have anymore kids out there i wont to know if you could answer my question. I want to know if my husband to be is cheating on me with family members or friends

  6. Will I find my soulmate and get married . I’m 48 and concerned I’ve tried dating websites . When will I meet the person that will stay withe in long term relationship marriage thankyou kindly

  7. I d like to know whether to move to Northampton. My mother s encouraging me to do this and my ex partner isn t cos o it would take me away frohappeningm my two kids. What can you see h

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