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Love healer


12 thoughts on “Love healer reading

  1. I am pregant with my second child but I considering on having an abortion. I would like to know what may be the outcome of my situation

  2. I would love to know what he is think and if he is thinking of me often . He came into my life and then backed off but when I ask he says he’s just sorting things out that have nothing to do with me ? I’m confused and wondering where this is going to go ? Does he want me or just doesn’t know how to tell me he is not interested ? I’m so hurt as I really like him .

  3. I separated from my husband over 2 1/2 years ago. We still talk. He’s moved in. But he calls me. We are not divorced yet . I miss my life with him. Will we ever be together again.

  4. Will love find me soon? I’ve been thinking of my ex a lot suddenly. I would like to know if well get back together, or if new love will find me soon?

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