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Colour Oracle

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3 thoughts on “Colour Oracle

  1. Hi,I have been told,I have power and a gift since,I was Eight years old,I have also been told that by four psychics,can you help me?My name is Danielle McCroskey doc/11/03/1981.

  2. Dear Michele,
    Completely alone, I have won two battles against an extremely powerful adversary. Now I face a war with them. I am very strong willed and will do all within my power to overcome. I can’t do this alone and need to form a powerful alliance in order to have a chance. I do this not for myself but for people in need of help that are unable or unwilling to take on such challenge. This fight is for justice, humanity and principle. I am unable to avert my eyes or soul and walk on by, simply because I have been victorious. There are so many that will not survive this onslaught, I am already saddened that I cannot achieve my goal in a shorter time and feel the weight of such responsibility.

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