You're the best psychic – here's how


I grew up in a magical household with my psychic mother where we trusted  and relied on our psychic intuition. I was shocked to encounter people at school who knew nothing of this world but I never doubted it for a moment. I genuinely think it has saved my life on numerous occasions and been a huge support to me. I believe we are all psychic. We all have a sixth sense and an inner voice which can guide us to a better reality.

Some people are natural psychics and don’t even question it, they were born with their psychic intuition shouting loudly in their ear. Awakened psychics live with a greater awareness every day and it’s normal. Others feel they have limited psychic ability or none at all and always seem to take the wrong turn.Perhaps you always know who is on the phone when it rings or when someone you love is in trouble, but feel that is as far as it goes?

What if you’re really a great psychic, the very best psychic, but just never knew it? Could it be that you just haven’t trained your sixth sense and it’s actually laying dormant, but very much alive? If you really were a great psychic, how do you think it would impact your life? What would happen if you spent the next week presuming you were psychic?

Practice these five steps for seven days and prepare to be amazed!

1/ You are the worlds best psychic – Without judging yourself every day for the next week imagine you are the worlds best psychic.When you wake up in the morning visualise how your day will be. Who will you meet, what energy will you encounter? Is there something you want to draw into you? Imagine all the knowledge of the future is available to you. Still your mind for 20 seconds and then write 5 paragraphs without thinking, but going into as much detail as comes to you. Don’t edit or question it or even read it back until the end of your psychic adventure.

2/ Listen to your gut – Take a moment to look at each person and situation you encounter with new eyes. Tune your energy up by stopping and feeling, rather than making rational assumptions. When you meet someone think about what you feel about them. What does your gut say? What do you feel in your heart? What do you feel when you look into their eyes? How will this person impact your life? Listen to your psychic hunches and follow through by acting accordingly.

3/ Boldly predict the future – When making a decision to go out for dinner or attend a business meeting, or hook up for a hot date, write some notes in your phone or a notebook. Again it is important not to think or edit what you are going to write down, just do it and let the information flow. You may find that some of the stuff you thought was ridiculous has strange and deep meaning by the end of your psychic journey, so don’t leave anything out.

4/ What dreams may come  – Dreams are often a powerful portal for psychic information. Keep a notebook or a recording device by your bed. If you’re a geek there’s a great sleep app called ‘Sleep Talk’ that I use. It was designed to capture sleep talk but it’s perfect to capture your dreams as it is voice activated so if you wake from sleep, you can just talk out loud and record all the minute details before your rational mind steps in. No matter how obscure, write down every single thing you can remember and do it straight away before the details fade. I have had so many amazing dream premonitions and it can be great fun.
I once dreamt I had met an old friend I had not seen for years and she came to my house for coffee. This inspired me to write her a letter and to go to a local bookshop to find her new work address (pre google!). I entered the shop and nearly fell over as she was standing right there. I pulled the letter out of my pocket and handed it to her and she came round for coffee!

5/ Turn on your psychic Sat Nav – Allow yourself to be guided by your inner voice. The more you listen and tune into your inner voice, the clearer the messages will be. Your psychic self is alive and well and waiting for you. Look out for coincidences, synchronicity and unusual situations. Did your intuition lead you here?

At the end of the week, collate all the information and take time to go through it. Start by reviewing the notes of all five steps and see how much happened that doesn’t have a rational explanation. I hazard a guess that you experienced at least one, if not several psychic revelations. Psychic ability is like a muscle, the more you use it, the stronger it gets, so keep up the good work and next time I’ll write about all the other fabulous things you can create when you listen to your own psychic wisdom.

It would be great if you left a comment below so we can share the experience and discuss all the findings.

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  1. Turning on my psychic sat nav…I seem to do this so much at the moment. More than I’ve ever allowed. To the point it forms part of my days choices. If something happens that wasn’t quite to plan, I shrug my shoulders, tell myself that either it wasn’t meant to be like that or no don’t do it like that and then end up doing something different or making an different decision. It’s helped me to become less stressed and a lot calmer. My psychic sat-nav is charged and ready to help me more and more.

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