You are not your past

We humans have an amazing capacity to retain information. Experiences which have affected us can seem to ingrain themselves on our very being.

When we are young our minds are like a sponge and we soak up our experience of the Universe. If we are hurt, bullied or lack love we can grow up seeing that reality as the truth. We can believe that  we are not worthy, or that love will always elude us. By having those beliefs there is a greater chance that life will mirror back to us those beliefs. We will find people who confirm our fragmented view of reality.

The truth is we are not our past but our present and by definition we are our future. What we believe we create. Our thoughts are generators for future experience. Our inner dialogue a powerful beacon drawing to us experience.

To free ourselves from the relentless stamp of the past is to create a new future with a new outcome. Challenging core beliefs can transform your thoughts so that you have the freedom to create core beliefs that mirror where you are now.

How to leave the past behind

1/ write a letter to your past hurt self with compassion and love and commit to being there for yourself from now on. Vow to love and protect yourself in each moment.

2/ Stop reliving the pain. If you find yourself constantly thinking back to a painful past situation or a negative love experience, every time the memory comes up say “I let you go with love” and replace the thought with a thought of when you were truly happy doing something for you.

3/ Have a salt water and rose quartz bath. Run a bath put in a half a cup of sea salt and a few rose quartz tumble stones. Visualise this as a cleansing bath. Wash yourself all over visualising the salt water clearing any negative energy from the past and the rose quartz loving away your pain. When you empty the bath feel that negative energy drain down the plug hole.

4/ Visit your future self. Light a candle and sit with it a moment. Visualise yourself in the future strong, happy and wise and ask your future self for guidance. Feel the love and compassion your future self has for you.

5/Set your focus forward.  Set yourself a new goal or milestone- whether you start saving coins in a jar towards a trip or throw yourself into learning something new.  You’ll soon be so intent on looking forward that that past will take its rightful place.

“you are not your past, you are your future!’ Michele Knight

Loads of love
Michele x

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