Wiccan Magic – Bringing Positive Energy Home

Wiccan Magic – I need to bring positive energy to my home

Dear Sue C,

‘I’ve just moved into a basement flat on my own.  I absolutely loved it when I was looking around it but now that I’ve moved in I’ve noticed that the energy feels a bit dense, especially in the bedroom at the back.  It does have lots of windows and I’d love to be able to let lots more light in but my living room is at the front and that means if I leave the blinds up people can look straight in.  Is there anything I can do to clear the energy and make the whole place feel really light and welcoming?’

Sue C says:

I am a strong believer that our home is an extension of ourselves. Symbolically speaking, we have many rooms within ourselves, and we can change our lives just by changing our thought process and the way that we perceive ourselves.
You have mentioned that when you first looked at the flat, you loved it. Ask yourself, what was happening that day, how did you feel about yourself, what was it about the flat that made you realise the potential and the new that you could discover about yourself. Now you have moved in things are different. It could be that you are expecting too much too soon.

Potential is great, you now have to work at creating the new.

Stagnant Energy

Look at firstly the energy of the flat.  Every person and building and item contains positive energy and energy that has become stagnant. Some people call this negative energy, but it’s more accurate to say that it’s just stagnant energy that needs to get moving!  Perhaps there were people that lived in the flat before that we unhappy in their lives.
If you are sensitive, you could be tuning into this, so first of all before you do anything else you need to clear and cleanse the energy within your flat and I suggest you cleanse yourself too to give you and your flat a symbolic fresh start.

This can be done with sea salt and a sage stick as both helps remove stagnant

Start with the sage stick, light the sage smudge stick and allow it to smoulder. Remember to have a plate to catch the ash. As the smoke rises, starting at your head,
envelope your body with the smoke. Cover your body with the smoke and when you
get to your feet, lift them up and allow the smoke to rise over them.

Start at the area outside the front door, then move inside and go from room to room. When you are cleansing each room, place a bowl of sea salt in the center. With the
smoking sage, begin in the right corner of the room closest to the door. Hold the sage near ground level and allow the smoke to fill the corner. Use your hand to help waft it higher if you need to.

Bless this house

Repeat the affirmation, “I banish all negativity from this home and I bless this house with the energy of light and love.” Begin walking clockwise along the perimeter of the room, allowing the smoke to rise up the walls. Continue the affirmation, and repeat in each room.

When you get to a doorway or window, run the sage all the way around it, repeating
the affirmation. Linger in the corners of the room as that is where most of the stagnant energy collects.

If you have any furniture in your flat, carefully run the sage stick around and under it as well, making sure that you don’t accidentally brush the smouldering sage stick against anything as we need to be very careful about not starting a fire! Furniture can also retain negative imprints which you will want to get rid of.

When you are finished with the perimeter of the room, step outside of the room and
cleanse yourself with the smoke once again.

Now take the bowl of salt and scatter it outside around the boundaries of the flat,
again whilst doing this repeat the affirmation. Keep a handful aside for a salt bath.

When you have cleansed the flat and its boundaries, make sure that your sage stick is safely and completely extinguished before you put it away.  Then run a relaxing bath, throw in the handful of sea salt and scatter the water with rose petals.  As you soak in it, visualise yourself being cleansed and ready to take on your new life in your new flat, with positivity and excitement.

The subconscious basement

The basement represents our fears and subconscious, so it might also be worth looking at what you might be hiding from or if there is anything that you have not yet faced on an emotional level that you need to move on from.  If, when reading this, any thoughts or fears pop into your head, it’s most likely to be that!  Look at clearing your subconcious by writing a letter to the person, or on the situation from the past, writing everything that you have not had the chance to say.  Then, on the full Moon, the most powerful of moon phases, burn this letter if you are able to do so in a safe way and then release the ashes to the wind or bury them.

Also, symbolically speaking, the front represents our future and the back our past.  As your bedroom is at the back, it might be worth you making sure that you clear any lingering old emotional relationship issues, again by writing letters.  Look at placing bright fresh flowers in this room to increase your wellbeing and positivity.  If you can redecorate, yellow and oranges are great colours to use. If the living room has many
windows, why not obscure them with nets? Another thing that you could do is place
clear quartz crystals in places where they can catch the light, and create rainbows.  Each day, hold a crystal in your hand, and visualise how you want your life to be whilst looking in them.

I suggest that you conduct the cleansing ritual once a month until you feel totally confident, which I am sure you will do.  Once you are more relaxed with your flat, you will not feel so vulnerable. Remember a new home, new you, so focus on this, and remember focus on only what you want and not what you fear.

Bright Blessings

Sue  C

Sue C Pin 2141 is a hereditary witch, coming from a line from her mother’s side. She
was trained by the Gardnerian tradition, but is now an eclectic witch, drawing
from all beliefs and religions.  Ask Sue C for Wiccan wisdom to whatever you want to do or know.
If you’d like your question answered, email it through to Tracey@micheleknight-staging.co.uk.gridhosted.co.uk and include the word ‘Wiccan’ in the title of your email. Her new answers will be posted on the 25th of each month.



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