What’s love got to do with it?

Some of us travel a straight road from A to love.  For many more of us, it’s less of a road and more of a learning curve that we ride as part of our evolutionary process.  Nothing, it seems, gets our attention like the lessons that love can deliver.

When it comes to Quantum Creating around love, it’s always good to set about attracting what you want.  That might sound like a no-brainer, but the human counterpart to our divinity does tend to complicate things sometimes.  Often, we can set our hearts on something when it’s actually not what we want at all.  We want security or abundance and imagine that’s all solved by cash, especially if we don’t have any, so we set off after money and when it arrives we wonder why we still feel on unsafe ground and a huge sense of lack in our lives even though we have loads in the bank.

Quantum Creating is about changing the small things so that we can manifest the big things and love is usually on the top of all of our list.  Experiences along our life path can distort what we think of as being love which is a real spin out when we work on drawing love in and keeping it close.  Here are some of the things that we can fool ourselves into thinking are love, even though they are the last things we really want.

1/Push me pull you dances.  The ones who won’t commit can weave a powerful spell that makes us think that the longing we feel for them is love itself.  If that’s the case, we might think that we are setting out to manifest love, but what we are actually sending out is a command to the universe to deliver more longing.  And that’s what we get.

2/The makeover moguls.  These are those whose affections come with 14 pages of conditions.  They will love us as long as we lose 40lbs, never age, double our earnings, never have down days or in fact any needs of our own.  We get so sucked in to their plans to make us over in their image that we begin to think that love is that feeling of bartering our efforts to get with their programme in the hope that we’ll be rewarded with a shower of approval.  If that’s what we think is love, we could fill Wembley stadium with romantic contenders and we would find ourselves inexplicably (or not) drawn to someone who doesn’t think we’re up to their standards.

3/The abusers.  The ones who dish out verbal or physical blows.  There’s a double danger here as they can arrive complete with Derren Brown size skills of hypnosis that means after a short time around them, we lose touch with our own safety compass and start rationalizing their behaviour thinking we deserve it.

4/The ones who just aren’t available to us.  Having a crush on a pop star or actor during our teenage years is a normal part of our psychosexual development, but we can stay stuck in that phase of only being able to pine over someone from a distance.  It might be someone we pass on our way to work that means we can indulge in a good eight hours worth of fantasies about a two minute exchange.  If this feeling becomes etched into our love template, we will only ever hanker after the ones who can’t or won’t come near.

5/The ones who have rejected us.  This is the real Ex files.  From a quantum creating perspective, it’s just not possible for someone who doesn’t want to be with us to be the right one for us. But what we do is erase that fundamental fact and obsess over their lovely brown eyes or the way they always laughed at Little Britain and think we’ve lost a treasure.  We haven’t.  When someone ends a relationship with us, it’s the universe’s way of clearing the path for real love to come in.

If you are working with any kind of manifestation work it’s crucial to get clear on what you are actually trying to draw in.  That process of getting to clarity around love is actually a big part of the soul’s evolution.  If on balance you find that what you think of as being love is more like pain, obsession, longing, lack of fulfilment and even outright heartbreak, that’s your starting point for transformation so that you can become a magnet for the real thing. Remember we are one giant pool of consciousness and out there are thousands of soul partners just waiting for your vibration and quantum creating to draw them in!

loads of love,

Michele x

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