What is karma?

Karma is generally understood as being the notion that what we put out comes back to us, either in this lifetime or the next.  It’s central to religions such as Buddhism, Hinduism and Sikhism, but the Bible also tells us that we reap what we sow, Paganism carries the idea that what we do comes back to us threefold and the Law of Attraction says that what manifests in our lives is what we have drawn towards us through the vibrations we emanate.
A key difference between all the systems that contain the notion of karma is how karmic justice is dispensed.  Whilst some say God dispenses karmic justice, others, such as Buddhism and the Law of Attraction, tell us that our thoughts, deeds and words attract their like into our incarnations without the intervention of any God like figure.

Sometimes it seem that people who don’t appear to be ‘good’ reap rewards, whilst big hearted people do not, but the law of karma says that you can’t escape it.  I would add that we can never truly judge or understand what is going on in another person’s life.

Along my own spiritual path I have come full circle with my views on Karma. When I was younger I felt it was more complex than being a matter of what we dish out in this life we get back, either in the same life or in the next.
Today I believe that this life on Earth is a place for the evolution and growth of our spirit.  As well as each of us being a unique soul, we are a fragment of the whole, with each of us learning and growing to evolve the whole. Through our unique single journey we are still a part of this ‘oneness’ . When we die, we are plugged back into the mains of all that there is.  From there,  we assess our life.  We see not only how we affected the individual people we met along our way but, also how every single thought and deed affected the whole.

I feel our soul weighs up the balance of this existence and, in a place of total love, looks into and chooses what we experience in the next life.  Having said that, the notion that one life follows another in a neat, linear, chronological fashion isn’t really the case.  All life and time simultaneously coexists and we experience our lives in terms of our soul’s point of focus.  If you’ve seen the film Sliding Doors, our existence is just like that, with not only multiple possibilities playing out side by side, but also past and future lives and all the potentials that exist in all of them.

I truly believe that our present life, our future life and everything in between vibrates with what we do in this life.

Where does this lead us? As evolving souls we should not need karma to keep us on track but seek to understand that we are all one and what we do to another we really do to ourselves.

Part of our evolution involves becoming conscious of not just what we do, but what we think or the vibrations we emit.  Our spiritual journey asks us to look deep within our hearts and souls to examine our unconscious thoughts, patterns and impulses, to bring them out into the light of our consciousness.

Because all time is now, stepping into our power means thinking and acting with consciousness from this very moment, as the affects of what we do right now emanate across all past and future existences.  You really can heal and change the past and the future from the moment in which you stand right now.  This is the road not only to our own personal transformation, but to the evolution of the whole.

Next time I’ll talk about how karma and Cosmic Ordering work hand in hand. Until then,

Loads of love,

Michele x

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