What Does Being Psychic Really Mean?

It’s a funny thing that even if this day and age with its freedom and supposed tolerance of all beliefs systems, that the term ‘psychic’ or being referred to as ‘psychic’ still has so much stigma attached. Despite the growing numbers of people who openly admit to using psychic services (and praising the psychic they consulted), continuing scientific research that validates psychic phenomena and articles in major newspapers and journals which have shown the benefits of a good psychic reading with a reputable psychic on wellbeing, the word ‘psychic’ in so many people’s minds still tends to be associated with something underhanded, dodgy or even a bit mad! No wonder that sometimes even professional psychics tend to look for a less emotionally-charged word when asked what their profession is – healer, light worker, empathy, intuitive or even quantum analyst as one reader likes to describe herself!

But why should we shy away from the term ‘psychic’ and why should it be so loaded? The word ‘psychic’ is derived from the Greek word ‘psyche’ which means “The concept of self that encompasses our understanding of soul, spirit, and mind.” So, being psychic means you have knowledge of the workings of the universe and the human soul experience which currently sits outside of what is scientifically probable (although we seem to be getting there with some of it!). By extension – meta (beyond) physics! To the ancient Greeks, there were events that took place in the world and in our lives that we could perceive ‘intuition’ but were beyond a physically tangible experience. Perhaps if we look at this in a different way a psychic is engaged in quantum entanglement – what Einstein referred to as ‘spooky action at a distance’ but on an intuitive level! So maybe the term ‘quantum analyst’ isn’t too far off the mark after all!

Far from seeing this as some kind of mental trickery or delusion, the Greeks held psychic ability in the highest esteem and the Pythia priestesses who presided at the Delphic Oracle were seen as being ‘connected to the divine’. But what about terms just as precognition and prescience? Unlike the word ‘psychic’ they are not as loaded. Precognition actually means ‘acquiring knowledge before’ while ‘prescience’ implies a divine or mystical source of the information. It appears that because the term ‘psychic’ has been linked to a source that is either not divine or else to people who have abused their gifts, it has ended up being associated with trickery and charlatans.

It shouldn’t matter what we call the ability to access this information. What matters is that all of us who proudly admit to having any kind of psychic ability uses it to empower people’s lives. And if you’re seeking a psychic then ask around for recommendations or check out our readers who are all tested at least four times and by me personally! That way you know the information you are receiving is truly ‘intuitive’, ‘precognitive’ or ‘psychic’ – whatever you want to call it!

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