5th June 2017 Your weekly horoscope written

In case you missed this on horoscope.co.uk here is the weekly horoscope.


Wild spirit awakening
A touch of genius
Look out for a maverick

Aries, it’s all change as you shift your focus to sensuality and relationships. Venus, the Planet of love, is getting down and earthy as she saunters into her spiritual home and your 2nd house. You desire commitment and also to feast upon life and all its pleasures. Sounds good to me!

Mercury, the Planet of communication, is also nipping into one of his favourite spots and bringing you fantastic new ideas, thoughts and conversations. Your mind is a veritable superhighway of brilliance. Write them down before they speed on through.

If all of that was not enough, Jupiter, the Planet of luck, is going into your love and harmony zone. Jupiter is urging you to stretch your boundaries when it comes to intimate relationships, and if you do, he will bring you a stunning gift. Love has the potential to be luckier than the past 12 years or move in a direction that pleases your soul. Of course, it’s up to you to see where you have been stuck and do the work. Even fabulous relationships expand and grown. But you only have four months to sort it out so take a deep breath and look at how you can make things more interesting. Are you with the right person? Single? Try a new dating method. Celibate? Work on the harmony in all your close connections.

The Full Moon in Sagittarius is a call to the wild. You’re donning your virtual explorer’s outfit and eyeing a soul travelling guide book. Experience something, anything different on the 9th.



Love bursts
A health boost
Dig deep into your dark side for treasure

It’s time to celebrate, Taurus, as this week your Queen and ruler Venus is going into your sign! Yeah, baby! Polish up your act as all eyes are on you. You are always happier when Venus comes visiting as she brings with her a touch of magic. Use her energy to love yourself. Know that your love has superpowers this week. You are not only a love magnet but also a giver of love. Your soul is opening to unconditional acceptance of yourself and a deeper understanding of your life journey.

Mercury is also shifting signs and grounding your communication. You want commitments, and you want to have conversations about the next step. Other people trust what you say and are willing to back you up. You say what you mean, and others get that.

Jupiter, the Planet of expansion and good fortune, goes direct this week. He gives us a change of luck focus every year, but it takes 12 years for him to come back to that spot. You have four months to make the most of it as he leaves in October! He is trying to help you get your health and fitness together as well as your mental well-being. Jupiter is great at sorting out any work problems by showing you that small steps in new directions bring great rewards.

The Full Moon is, well, pretty full on. She is in your primal zone and rattling your unconscious. Having said that, this is a great position for powerful passion but can stoke jealousy or bring up obsessional thoughts. For best results, sit with any feelings of powerlessness and see what comes up. The Moon is healing you if you have the courage to face your inner shadow.



Ideas superhighway
Creative genius
Love and harmony

Venus, the Planet of love, is shifting signs and making you a tad shy. She is stoking your passion in a new way and might bring you a secret lover or a soul connection from a past life. Venus is mysterious but also reveals secrets and gives you clues to your spiritual love path. You are super psychic and sensitive when it comes to love. However, Venus can provoke unclear boundaries, so avoid paranoia or being over sensitive. Taboo flirting might also be an option.

Good news! Mercury, your ruler, is going into your sign! When Mercury visits, it’s one of your favourite times as you feel yourself very much. Do allow others to catch up with your bionic wit and original thoughts though. Learning, teaching, communication and dazzling others with out of the box thinking all feature as your mind is alive with potential. What is your message to the world? What ideas do you want to spread? Now is the time.

If that were not enough, Jupiter, the Planet of luck, is going direct boosting your creativity and pleasure zone. He is only here every 12 years, and he leaves in October, so get creating!  He also wants you to stretch the way you have fun and is magnificent at relating to children. If you have kids, this is an opportunity to bond with them in a new way and to help them expand.

The Full Moon in your relationship zone is making you a real sweetie. You seek harmony with those you love and are willing to charm and compromise to make things right. The mystical Moon will always bring you a sign or dream to lead you onwards.



You’re a social superstar
Psychic detective skills
Soul connections deepen

It’s a big week for you Cancer, as there’s a Full Moon on the 9th. Full Moons always bring you profound revelations and unleash a torrent of emotion. Before we get to that, Venus, Goddess of Amore, is going into your social zone on the 6th. You have a strong connection with humanity right now and feel happiest when with other people. Teamwork, important messages via social media and quality time with your tribe all make your soul soar.

Mercury, the Planet of communication, is also tangoing into a new space and making you very psychic and mysterious. Secrets are discussed and revealed. You sense things deeply and only want to talk about things that matter. When Mercury swims into your spiritual realm, it’s the perfect time to meditate, learn Tarot, plunge into crystal healing or give something back to charity. Whatever floats your spiritual boat, climb aboard and set sail toward intuition island.

Jupiter turns direct on the 9th. Jupiter will not be here for another 12 years, so you have four months to take advantage of the expansion and healing he wants to bring you. Jupiter is in your home and family zone. What do you want to expand? Trust, see things differently and go for it.

The Full Moon bursts her rays on your health and well-being. If you have any bad habits that are impacting your health, she is going to let you know. The Full Moon is bringing you an answer on how to get fit and deal with the small tasks you’ve been putting off.



Career super boost
You find a soul group
Focus your passion

Leo, keep your eye on the prize as Venus the planet of love is helping you woo career success from the 6th. Others are especially receptive to you and you draw important folk to you like pigeons to ice cream cones. If you want to go for a job interview or create something new, then Venus is all ears.

On top of that, it gets better. Mercury is nipping into your social zone giving you a powerful voice, especially when connecting to groups of people. You can charm a crowd and be thrust into the spotlight. Collaborations of all sorts pop up, and you feel very comfortable joining forces with like-minded souls.

Jupiter, the lucky planet, is going direct. You may have felt swamped while dealing with past ideas and wrapping up study or projects. Jupiter wants you to feast on the new and is hopefully bringing you a lucky break, but only if you’re prepared to expand. Your thoughts and ideas are catching, take them to the next level, Jupiter has your back.

The Full Moon is a juicy one for you as she’s in your pleasure zone! OK, Full Moons can be a bit tricky as they fiddle with our unconscious and jangle our emotions. This Full Moon wants to give you a creative and fun filled treat. One thing is for sure, it’s going to be a peak experience! Passion, desire and creativity are all out in force.



An unusual admirer gets you curious
How much do you want to change?
Don’t hold back, this is your moment.

Virgo, your energy is laser-like in multiple directions this week. You have to be nimble and on your toes to take advantage of all the planetary changes. Firstly, on the 6th, Venus, the love Goddess, is dipping into your expansion zone. You might feel the urge for a romantic adventure or to hook up with an intrepid soul that fearlessly does things differently. You are looking to refresh and reboot intimacy by going a little maverick and wild. Good! Let your hair down and do something differently.

In other news, Mercury, your ruler is shifting signs on the 6th, giving a boost to your work zone. You know exactly what to say to get ahead. Mercury is backing you up if you want to go for an interview or try out for a promotion. Put yourself in front of people in power and dazzle them with your knowledge.

Jupiter goes direct in your financial house on the 9th, allowing you to turn your cash prospects around. Jupiter is only here every 12 years, and you have four months left to take advantage of his support. Recently you might have had to deal with past financial issues or blocks. From this week, it’s all about new ways to make money and feel more secure.

The Full Moon (also on the 9th) is giving you an overwhelming desire to be at home and or with your family. Your unconscious emotions are coming to the surface, and you need some cosy time to recharge. A loved one might visit you in a dream or connect with you via a symbol or message. Your heart needs to restore via peaceful home time.



A walk down Temptation Avenue
Adventures on the wave difference
lucky you

Venus, your ruler, puts the S into sizzle as she storms your house of intimacy and power. OK, love and lust can be a little tricky here as you feel overwhelmed by feelings. All those pesky attractions, fears and taboo thoughts swim to the surface and could hijack your normally balanced mind. You got this as long as you don’t enter panic mode. Others also find you hypnotic and mesmerising. If you don’t feel in touch with your sensual power, Venus will show you the way. Not interested in the pleasures of the flesh? Venus is helping you heal an old wound. Perhaps avoid coffee with someone off limits or things could get complicated!

Mercury is also shifting signs on the 6th and going into your expansion zone. You are hungry to talk to people with different perspectives and life experiences. You’re easily bored and might decide to enrol in a course, discuss travel plans or show off your inner eccentric.

In other FABULOUS NEWS Jupiter, the Lord of expansion and good fortune is turning direct on the 9th. He only visits you once every 12 years. You have four more months to grow, stretch and leap ahead. It’s up to you. He is chucking you the golden ball of pastures new, shoot to win!

The Full Moon brings a flurry of communications, emails, texts and social media frenzies. Look out for an important message within the chatter.



Love wafts your way
Psychic intuition is on full power
Be open to what comes.

Scorpio, Venus has plans for you! Has your love life been a bit of a damp diva recently? Fear not, Venus is fluffing your relationship zone and awakening your desire for harmony and union. If you’re single and faintly interested in finding a partner, then Venus is offering you more than you bargained for. Open that deep Scorpio heart and step into your curious side. Interesting love souls are practically on every corner, but you must leave the house to find them! In a relationship? Things either end or get smoother. One thing is for sure, if you want it, you are going to not only compromise but let go of blame and reboot your amorous side.

Mercury, the communicator, is taking you 5000 leagues under the sea of your unconscious. You understand your motivations and intellectualise your fears. Having said that, it’s important to stick with the programme. If you feel like peering into that discarded iPad to check someone’s messenger, walk away! Use your intuition by all means but keep healthy boundaries. Others find you fascinating and compelling, so work it!

Jupiter turns direct, releasing you and bringing you into psychic super powers. You have probably had quite a hard time healing past wounds and dealing with spilt secrets. The tides have turned, step into your warrior priestess and step into your path with gentleness for yourself and others.

The Full Moon is boosting intuition to help you find a way to shore up your finances. You might meet the right connection or client today to help take you to the next level. Be alert for any opportunity as it might be more than it first seems.



Moon magic
Social surprises
Connect, connect, connect

It’s time to clean house, literally and metaphorically! Venus, the amorous queen of love, both romantic and unconditional, is entering your health and well-being zone on the 6th. Venus is asking you to turn your love toward yourself. What advice would you give to you if you were your best friend? What would you suggest changing if you sincerely loved yourself? Would you eat differently? Get a massage or turn to a therapist for emotional support? It’s a good time to work on your intimate and personal relationships too, but in a practical way.

One of the blessings and curses of you Saggies is that you speak the unadulterated blunt truth. Mercury, the chatty God, also on the 6th, is lending you a hand by going into your relationship space and sweetening your truth pill. You are more willing to communicate with loved ones to bring harmony, and on top of that, you magically conjure the right words to say at the right time to unruffle feathers and smooth things over with your dulcet tones.

Jupiter is turning direct and zipping along in your social zone. You may have had to deal with outmoded group dynamics or been busy tying up lose ends with a team. It’s time for you to break out and mount a new campaign with fresh collaborators. Jupiter is giving you the oomph to revamp your website or connect with other soul warriors to bring about change. Jupiter is here for another 4 months and won’t be back for 12 years, so make the most of him.

The Full Moon packs a powerful shift for you as she is in your sign! The Moon is delivering a personal revelation and message to you. Expect an emotional peak experience. If there’s something you’re denying, it could come to the surface. Use her magic to get creative and to express your feelings.



Love wins the day
Don’t let self-criticism in
Pull on your crampons and climb that career ladder.

Preen your gorgeous self and get ready as Venus, the Planet of love, is wiggling into your pleasure zone. Venus bestows you with superlative creative ability as well as making you seem even more adorable than usual. Your earthy corners soften, and you open up to finding pleasure in all that you do. Not feeling happy? Venus is wafting in to enlighten you and guide you towards people, places and experiences that lift your spirits.

Mercury, the communication lord, is making you laser sharp when it comes to the details. You are clearing up tasks and hoovering up misunderstandings as you spot problems 10 yards before they reach you. The only thing to watch out for with this is that you might be a little too critical if others are not so swift on their hooves. Be a benevolent ruler!

With Jupiter going direct in your career zone, you can take care of business and rocket forwards. He is only here for another four months (he goes very slowly and changes luck focus every 12 years) casting his magic to help you expand, so go, go, go.

The Full Moon pulls you into her tender embrace and stirs your unconscious feelings. If you feel that someone has been telling you a few porky pies (lies), it may come to the surface. If you have been hiding something from yourself, perhaps an attraction or hunch, you will see the light. Careful not to lose yourself in fantasy though as this Moon lacks boundaries. Listen to the psychic whispers of your higher self as she has something to tell you.



Love is soft as butter, sweet as a kittens kiss
Your inner swashbuckler is awakening again
Do something with that creative idea.

Venus, the lover, lover, is casting a new spell over you as she slips into your home and family zone on the 6th. Tender nights in, cosy meals and one to one time with those that matter. Make space for intimacy and connection. Venus gives you a keen eye for beauty, so you are drawn to redecorate or add things to your home which give you pleasure. Collecting stuff in nature, building a camp in the back garden with a string of solar fairy lights or having a moonlight picnic, its time to get back to basics with your tribe. Lavish the love!

Mercury is also shifting signs in the 6th and making you buoyant and excitable. Mercury is relighting your creative spark and turning it up full throttle. What are you going to do with it? You have a natural gift for hooking into future trends and the general upcoming zeitgeist. Use that skill to write or share your inspirations.

Jupiter, the Planet of chance, luck and expansion, is going direct. You might have felt hemmed in or closed down recently. Jupiter is blasting you with a new desire to adventure and explore the boundaries of your life. You crave travel and are challenging your perceptions. We are what we believe. When you change your beliefs, you will notice that everything changes. Hang onto Jupiter’s wizard coat tails and leap into the new. Jupiter is leaving here in four months, so truly open your arms to all things unique and unusual.

The Full Moon makes you keen for company, and you’re feeling exceptionally spontaneous and excitable. Powerful messages are revealed, and you won’t hold back on saying what you think. Dance in the moonlight and embrace your pals.



You’re a Goddess of love
Taking care of your tribe
Is there something you’re missing?

Pisces my lovely, it’s all change! Venus is giving you the self-confidence to express your attraction and desires. You are engaging in meaningful conversations but not losing your head. Allow Venus to help you communicate what you need but also override your oversensitivity. You can look at what’s going on emotionally with a more objective eye while also flirting, supporting and opening to love.

Mercury has you fussing around your family and discussing your environment. A family member might need your support and although you might think they never listen, this time the message might just get across.

Jupiter is going direct and lifting your spirits. You have been dragged into the past and made to examine the times in your life you’ve given your power away. Jupiter is showing you a brand new way of being. Jupiter is reminding you that you are just as powerful as anyone else. You might find yourself caught up in an intense passion or affair or join forces with an influential soul who you are proud of. Remember, Jupiter will only give you this power shift once every 12 years, and you have four months left of this cycle. Challenge any addictions, fear or self-sabotage, and a treat is in store.

The Full Moon gives you insight into your career. What has been staring you in the face? Use your natural psychic skills to see the way forward. A message from the Universe is coming, listen and act.

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