7th August 2017 Your Weekly Horoscope Video

WOW! A Full Moon and Full Moon eclipse make this a life transforming week. Watch out that as this week’s astrology has Mercury going retrograde! Pay careful attention to what you say, how you say it and what you put out on social media. Lovely Venus and lucky Jupiter are both giving us a boost so expect some love, laughter as well as cosmic twists and turns.


7 Aug 2017 FULL MOON & ECLIPSE OF MOON (Aquarius)

Moon (Aquaris ) Trine Jupiter (Libra)

Jupiter (libra) Sextile Sun (Leo)

9 Aug 2017 VENUS SEXTILE  VESTA (cancer to Virgo)

10 Aug 2017 MERCURY SEXTILE  VENUS (Virgo to Cancer)

10 Aug 2017 SUN SEXTILE  JUPITER (Leo to Libra)

12 Aug 2017 NEPTUNE TRINE  CERES (Pisces to Cancer)

12 Aug 2017 VENUS TRINE  NEPTUNE (Cancer to Pisces)


13 Aug 2017 MERCURY Turns Retrograde until 5th September (Virgo)

Note this happens around midnight UK so USA will start retrograde on the 12th

13 Aug 2017 SUN TRINE  SATURN (Leo to Sagittarius)

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