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Say it with love

Get ready to make an impression

Author a new success story

Let’s get talking togetherness this week, Aries. The conversations are likely to revolve around you and one other person due to the dynamic between Mercury in your 7th and now ruler Mars in your 1st. Which turns retrograde from the 10th.

Don’t just talk it – do it

You won’t have experienced a retrograde like this for many years. If ever depending on your age. What I can tell you is – don’t put off that conversation. What’s on your mind needs expression. And back up your words with action. Especially if you are seeking changes to any relationship dynamic. Love needs more than just talk. For more on this, see your monthly forecast for September.

Two big oppositions this week along with Jupiter direct again in your 10th from the 13th could bring about the stuff that dreams are made of. Just don’t get lost in them and if opportunity presents itself – act. Which may be harder than usual with your ruler retro-active. Your saving grace is Chiron in your 1st. Which is involved in one opposition with Mercury on the 11th. News or a conversation you start takes you in a totally unexpected direction.

Venus in your 5th gives you an access all areas pass to the Pleasure Zone. This is your house of indulgence and romance. As well as good times, joy, creativity, your hobbies, what makes you stand out and shine and your creativity. It too trines Chiron on the 13th – same day as Jupiter heads direct.

This about ensuring you make your best impression now. And also, that you attract the people to impress! With Mercury in Venus’s house this is your time for impressing whether on a personal or professional level. Needless to say, if love is what you’re seeking, don’t be shy now. This is one of your houses of attraction and where you can magnetise your desires. And Chiron tells you in ways you cannot possibly imagine!

Stand out success story

Your other ‘public’ house is your 10th of career, public image and reputation. Where Jupiter is still working to supersize solutions and opportunities for you. This is where creating your best impression comes in as a Grand Earth Trine between the Sun in your 6th, the Moon in your 2nd and Jupiter in your 10th, speaks of success on more than one level. The emotional take-out is just as important to you as any other rewards.

Take care of business and look at your routine, habits and how these impact on your wellbeing. Especially when the Sun in your 6th opposes Neptune in your 12th on the 11th. What needs to change?

Remember, Jupiter always brings solutions and opportunities. Also, it says bigger is better. So, don’t put anything off now. From having that talk, to looking for love or making those changes. Magnetise that success story this week. A fresh chapter is just one possibility you could be set to attract Aries.

In a nutshell: It’s a week for love and attraction, Aries. Start a conversation whether it’s around work or something more personal. Words set the Law of Attraction in motion. So say it with love now.



Truth equals freedom

Solutions to limitations appear

Have the courage to go for your dreams

You are determined to probe deeper and get to the bottom of something that may have been bugging you for some time now, Taurus. Keep digging.

Mars retrograde in your 12th this week sees you going back over old ground. For a good reason. Many of is won’t have experienced a Mars retrograde quite like this one in our adult lifetimes. In your house of secrets and the past, this could see you doing work behind the scenes, looking at where or how history keeps repeating itself (and vowing to stop the rinse and repeat cycle), and above all, getting to the bottom of anything you feel is being hidden or kept from you.

Hopefully you yourself don’t have anything to hide as secrets will tumble out of closets now no matter how far to the back you try to shove them. One word of warning: be very careful who you confide in now. This is your house of hidden enemies. If you need to talk to someone about anything confidential or heart-centered, consider a professional such as your doctor, therapist, lawyer, religious leader or one of our psychics whose job it is to keep your confidentiality.

However, anything on a ‘need to know’ basis will be uncovered. And take it if something feels off, you need to know!

The truth will set you free

Stating your truth to others directly if this is appropriate, or discovering what is really going on, is your key to freedom now. Jupiter in its ruling 9th in your chart rolls forwards again from the 13th. You also have a Grand Earth Trine this week between Jupiter, the Moon in your sign on the 8th, the Sun in your 5th.

Freedom or a release from restrictions or limitations, may arrive in unexpected ways. Mercury in its ruling 6th opposes Chiron in your 12th on the 11th. Same day as the Sun in your 6th opposes Neptune in your 11th. This is linked to one of your larger goals and dreams. The 13th – the day Jupiter heads direct again, also has Venus your ruler trine Chiron from your 4th.

What has stood between you and soul satisfaction or simply the freedom to pursue what makes your heart sing, could just be removed as if by magic by you seeing things as they truly are. And then knowing exactly what to do about it. The path forward into the future is revealed now, Taurus. Do you have the courage to take it?

In a nutshell: Claiming our dreams takes bravery and courage, Taurus. Lucky you are one of the signs of determination. Limitations begin to lift this week. So, access the confidence to go where opportunity wants to take you!



What still rings true for you?

Be open to the impossible

Reclaim what makes your heart soar

Resonance and Relevance are your keywords for the next couple of months, Gemini. Resonance as in continued with your friendships. And relevance when it comes to your goals, wishes and dreams.

Dreams need to evolve along with you

What (or even who) have you outgrown? You will be examining your friendships, memberships of groups, parties, clubs, associations, bands, causes – and seeing if you are still aligned as Mars heads retrograde in your 11th from the 10th. Many of us will not have experienced a Mars retro like this in our adult lifetimes. Friendships will be tested at this time. And it is important for you to maintain a universal outlook if you come to the conclusion some have been out-grown.

Be prepared that some may end with a bang at this point while others just fade without so much as a whimper as you release them. Take it you have outgrown these if this occurs. Your 11th is also the house of your future and therefore rules goals. So, don’t be surprised if you re-examine these too for that all-important continued relevance. As we evolve, often what we want to achieve changes along with this. So, don’t be afraid to let that dream go if you have outgrown it. Some of you may realise you never should have stopped pursuing that dream in the first place. If so, this is an excellent time to re-ignite the fire for it.

Inexplicably, impossibly right timing

Chiron, the bringer of the inexplicably amazing ‘out there’ outcomes, is also in your 11th. Such as being in the right place at the right time for instance. Dates to meet with destiny include the 11th when it opposes ruler Mercury in your 5th and the 13th when Venus trines it from your 3rd. Looking to make that new connection? Whether its friendship or love, these are your days to tap into your confidence and your ability to start a conversation.

Jupiter, ruler of lucky breaks, solutions and big opportunities, shunts forwards once more in your 8th of money and resources you share with others – and are shared with you in turn. The 9th has a perfect trine between it and the Sun in your 4th. Something could be on offer that enhances your emotional and/or financial security. Or else offers a solution to that life/work dynamic.

Is it time to tap into your imagination and look at those dreams of success or the lifestyle you want to attain? The Sun’s opposition to Neptune on the 11th tells you that this is more than just daydreaming. But could hold the key to living and working with wellbeing at heart. Above all, it’s time to give your ideas houseroom, Gemini. Especially when it comes to resources at your disposal to help you make those dreams a reality. How you work with what you have and how seriously you take your vision, could well see you moving towards something bigger this week.

In a nutshell: Mars retrograde in your 11th wants you to examine what is still relevant and resonates with you, Gemini. This includes everything from friendships to goals. If it the fire no longer burns – start a new one now!



Don’t be backwards in coming forwards

Show a little (or a lot) of outrageous self-assertion

Love could arrive out of the blue

Being a Cardinal sign, Mars retrograde in its ruling sign of Aries and your 10th for the next couple of months, may leave you feeling frustrated or simply lacking in ambition. You will have already worked out that Mars will be squaring your Cancer planets during its record six month stay in here.

So, what’s your playbook, Cancer? It’s going to be about self-assertion. But with a view to cooperation and seeking better solutions. Rather than falling into that classic Mars trap of flying off the handle. Or your Cancer default move of withdrawing into your shell.

Love takes a radical turn

What’s working for you this week is Jupiter heading direct once more in your house of partnerships and all long term relationships. Plus when it comes to discussing things, you have the Sun in your 3rd making a trine to Jupiter on the 9th, and Mercury which rules communication in your 4th opposing Chiron in your 10th on the 11th. Don’t be afraid to suggest something quite frankly untried or out of the box now. Especially if you and someone else are at a stalemate.

Reach for that desire for higher good and freedom if you are stuck as the 11th has the Sun oppose Neptune in your 9th. But please, if something needs to be said or tackled, don’t put it off or resort to escapism. This is all about finding that courage within you to say or do whatever needs to be done. This could be as simple as selling yourself and your talents in more effectively at work. Mars is of course, in your house of achievement and recognition.

Don’t be tempted to butt heads with bosses or people in positions of authority. But don’t be a push-over either. If anyone can walk this fine line – even sideways, it’s you now, Cancer.

Venus in its ruling 2nd in your chart hands you diplomacy and a desire for improvement. Especially in love or partnership matters thanks to Jupiter now direct again in your 7th from the 13th. As it trines Chiron on the 13th – same day as Jupiter heads direct, you may discover solutions to old problems you never imagined existed. Or come up with one yourself. Selling it (or you) in should be the easy part, Cancer.

In a nutshell: Solutions around love or obstacles to getting it, could appear this week. As could unexpected opportunities around a past, present or potential partnership. Love arrives out of the blue this week.



Discover news paths to self-expression and freedom

Step out of confinement and back into freedom

Take a leap of faith – in yourself

Mars retrograde in your 9th could just emphasise all the restrictions you’ve had to deal with of late. There’s a need to blow off steam and find a healthy outlet now, Leo. Mars in your 9th is usually all about going boldly to borrow from Star Trek. But backwards it can feel like you’re going nowhere fast.

You need something to explore or to immerse yourself in – even if current circumstances prevent you from physically travelling far right now. An activity, a big dream, a subject – channel that Mars energy into these.

Leap of faith

Ruler the Sun remains in your 2nd of income and self-worth while Jupiter – the planet which rules your 9th, will head direct in your 6th from the 13th. Venus remains in your 1st boosting your self-image. While Mercury in its ruling 3rd opposes Chiron in your 9th on the 11th – same day as your ruler opposes Neptune in your 8th. What does this all add up to? A leap of faith, Leo. Taking that step towards something or trying something just because it expands your soul and above all, makes you feel good doing it.

This could involve having faith in yourself, your abilities, talents or just faith in the outcome you can achieve. Jupiter is a planet which wants you to take a chance and in doing so expand what you believe is possible for you to have, do or experience. Taking that chance could just bring you out-of-this-world results or simply open up fresh possibilities as Venus in your sign trines Chiron on the same day Jupiter moves forward. Bold moves? This week is all about that, Leo.

In a nutshell: Do something bold and outrageous and take a chance this week, Leo. You were never destined to remain confined to life’s support cast. Solutions which put you back in love’s spotlight wait to be claimed this week.



What comes around is back for a last go-around

Get a new playbook when it comes to love

Love is around you in unexpected places

Here we go again, Virgo. Something you thought done and dusted returns as if for one last go-around. If this is a blast from your past, understand that unless you can truly make it work this cycle, they will come in and then go out again – this time for keeps.

Old issues require a fresh approach

Blame Mars retrograde in its ancient ruling 8th for the rinse and repeat cycle you could be experiencing over the next couple of months. Just as you think something is sorted – it pops back up again. A bit like a cosmic game of Whack-a-Mole. Don’t give in to frustration however. And stopping that ‘Here we go – again’ feeling may require you reaching for a different set of rules.

Mars rules boundaries. You love systems and ticking off that check-list. But you may need a new rule book and lucky for you, Chiron has one handy for you. Inspired solutions, blue sky thinking – try the untried on what looks all to familiar as ruler Mercury in your 2nd opposes it on the 11th. While Venus hands extra inspiration when it trines Chiron on the 13th.

This especially applies to love and close personal relationships. Past, present and yes, potential partners. The Sun in your 1st trines Jupiter in your 5th on the 9th. Jupiter will head forward on the 13th – same day as Venus in your 12th trines Chiron. New love possibilities literally could be all around you and in unexpected places now. When it comes to present or even past partners, use the Sun’s opposition to Neptune in your 7th on the 11th to go the inspired route. Especially when it comes to expressing what you feel. You love to do things by the book, Virgo. Now – write a new chapter in your book.

In a nutshell: The old tried and trusted approach to love – or finding it, may no longer work for you, Virgo. Sometimes a fresh approach – or being open to something radically different, brings us exactly what we are seeking.



Try a little tenderness

Hot – or not. Watch for love’s changing temperature

Don’t doubt those feelings

Where’s the heat? Mars retrograde in your 7th could have you asking that and also ‘What the love?!’.

Feelings could go from hot to not from the 10th – and then back again in an instant. For the next couple of months. Mars is spending an unusually long amount of time in your 7th. This is due to the retrograde in here which has not happened for over 30 years! So, many of you will not have experienced this kind of one-minute-it’s-on, next-it’s-not kind of energy around partnerships. And close relationships of all kinds.

This includes bffs, working relationships, activity partners, dynamic duos of all descriptions – and yes, that frenemy, rival or opponent too.

Try a little tenderness!

Time to be in a position to give more. First by showing yourself the love you’re either missing or seeking. Then by coming from a place where you come from love when seeking a solution with anyone. Being a Cardinal Sign you are going to feel this retrograde intensely as Mars will be making challenging angles to your Libra planets. No matter what you are feeling – and this includes wondering what you really feel about someone or something, reach for your signature desire for harmony.

Make love, not war

Mars retro in your 7th can hand you the classic ‘Me vs. We’ scenario. Mars retro in here could make you lose your usual cool – and your balance! You’re burning on a short fuse and people may appear to be going out of their way to ignite it! However, not all of this heavy cardinal weather is necessarily bad. If someone has crossed the line – you now have the power to ensure they know to stay over their side of it – permanently.

Positive changes around love, partnership matters and the ability to attract new people and situations in via what you say and communicate are on offer as Mercury in your 1st opposes Chiron – also in your 7th on the 11th. You need to circulate – if not in person then your on-line brand, image, message now. Ruler Venus in your sector of friendships and the future, trines Chiron on the 13th. This could see you unexpectedly benefit from a connection – or make an unusual and important new one.

Put that soul house in order!

However, the Cardinal weather brings its own solution in the form of Jupiter in your 4th – direct from the 13th. Follow insight when it comes to relocation, movement and wellbeing now. The Sun remains in your 12th this week highlighting Jupiter on the 9th. Home, family, homeland, flatmates, sharers, landlords, your property, apartment – the atmosphere of where you live, work or spend time is important. Some of you may consider changes or moving due to insights around this.

As it the food you feed your soul’s home, exercise, diet, nutrition and whose ideas and thoughts you take on board. As Mars rules boundaries, your 12th house reveals what is working against you. The ‘gut’ feeling or revelation revealed around this on the 11th when the Sun in your 12th exposes Neptune in your 6th is a call to action. And even backwards – action is what Mars is all about. Take it, Libra. Even if it’s long overdue.

In a nutshell: A rare Mars retrograde in your opposite sign of Aries could leave you saying ‘What the love!?’. Expect the unexpected or impossible when it comes to the direction love wants to take you now.



Time to work it old school

Take your time with changes

Acting on inner wisdom brings the outer changes you seek

The old rules apply this Mars retrograde season, Scorpio. That’s because Mars is your old ruler. The work/wellbeing link is what you should be focussing on now. Taking on too much. Rushing to get the things you don’t really want to do out of the way so you can focus on the things you do. Whether what you do ‘fires’ you up. Or leaves you cold. Running on empty. Living life not to the full – but at a rush. How you fuel your body vs. junk food.

Transformation lies at the core of anything to do with either of your rulers – ancient or modern. So, take your time and look at what needs to change. Mars can have us rushing and being too hasty. Without considering the longer-term picture or paying attention to necessary details. Which is when mistakes and accidents occur.

Inner changes are reflected in your outer world

Make lifestyle/environmental changes now but take your time adjusting. When it comes to your workload – paid, unpaid, studying – pace yourself. Tune in to internal wisdom. You of all signs along with Aries – where Mars is retroactive, should know that Mars energy needs an outlet to stay on positive charge. So, part of this could involve exercising more or initiating a new exercise routine.

You are feeling more sociable so socially distanced activities, friends, groups are highlighted by the Sun in your 11th. It bounces off Jupiter in your 3rd on the 9th. Jupiter will head direct on the 13th re-opening doors to the internet, commerce, communication, that big message and getting around. In the interim, surprising news from someone from your past or an astounding revelation linked to all these 6th house themes could be the result of the Mercury in your 12th opposition to Chiron in your 6th on the 11th.

Love gets a reality check

This same day sees the Sun oppose Neptune in your 5th. Babies, children, your adult children, grandchildren, the next generation and your role in their lives could be highlighted now. What have you got to share, teach or give? The other side to this is suddenly realising a connection is not all it appears to be. And if so, prepare to be shocked as the rose-tinted glasses fall away.

Despite Mars retro in your house of your day job, Jupiter direct in your 3rd on the 13th is simply set to open doors or offer solutions around work, career, that course of study, blog, website, social media feed, book, screenplay or business. If things have been stalled, watch them move forward again.

Venus in your 10th is all about enhancing your professional reputation or public image. It’s trine to Chiron also on the 13th could open a door you had no idea existed to make your very best impression on someone who matters. Those are the kind of actions you need to take this week, phoenix!

In a nutshell: Ancient ruler Mars makes a rare retroactive move in your 6th of wellbeing and routine. A little self-support and working with what you have could ignite the outer changes you’re striving towards. It’s all in the small stuff. And small is beautifully powerful now.



Love makes the impossible possible again

Re-connect to the child within

Create a foundation to live the dream

Ruler Jupiter finally heads direct this week. Between now and the end of November, you should see solutions appear around money, finances, your income and self-worth. The blockages to progress around these areas should now lift with the end of November bringing you a final, glittering win.

Go with the changes

We’re still in heavy mutable weather now. In other words, all your fellow mutable signs have major astrological transits occurring in them. Plus, we have Cardinal weather occurring at the same time. Jupiter occupies a Cardinal sign along with Pluto and Saturn. We have Mercury already in Libra and the Sun will follow shortly. Now, in Aries and your 5th, Mars the ruling planet of Aries, makes an ultra-rare retrograde in here.

We’ve not had backwards energy like this for over 30 years! So, depending on our age, it is either the first time we’re going through it as adults – or what it brought last time is long forgotten! Changes are needed so be flexible. Mutable literally means the ability to change and ‘morph’. Into something more evolved. Or to go with necessary change when it occurs. You can crush this one, Sag!

The Young Ones

Mars retrograde in your 5th highlights babies, children, young people, your ability to lead and parent, your adult children, your inner child and past, present and potential love relationships. Especially ones that could make you a parent, step-parent etc.

Unexpectedly improbable love

Plus you have Chiron – that impossible object of the unexpected also in your 5th. Love makes us feel young again no matter our age. We fall in love and the impossible seems possible again. Chiron could just be playing Cupid this week. Or bringing impossibly outrageous news or a meeting as first Mercury in your 11th opposes it – on the 11th. While Venus in your 9th trines it on the 13th – same day as Jupiter heads direct in Venus’s ruling 2nd. Welcome back to the pleasure zone, Sag!

The Sun in your 10th – the fellow mutable sign of Virgo, trines Jupiter on the 9th and then opposes Neptune in your 4th on the 11th. This asks you know what you want in the longer term – especially around career, home, physical, financial and emotional security. Think realistically and in the long term. Big decisions can be made this week or a new course charted towards freedom and a bigger love. You know those are the ideals you strive for to embrace. Keep it real to make it reality, Sag.

In a nutshell: Children, babies, parenting. What you have to offer the younger generation. Lovers – past, present and potential. The key to all this is embracing your inner child. Love is the impossible force that takes you on into the future, Sag.



Personal goals get a green light again

Solutions look very different

Show your vulnerable side

Jupiter moves direct in your 1st this week on the 13th. Hopefully removing barriers to personal dreams, goals and progress.

The Sun in Jupiter’s ruling 9th tells you that you need to know where you want to get to, be clear about what you say, and also know what opportunity or a solution looks like when it appears. And when it does – act on it.

Get ready for radical opportunity knocking

Something could be held out this week that answers a long term need or desire around freedom vs. stability, home and career. The Sun trines Jupiter preparing to move forward on the 9th, and then opposes Neptune in your 3rd on the 11th. Look carefully at what is on offer and also, when it comes to what you say, don’t be afraid to repeat yourself if necessary. Above all, get it in writing and understand the deal’s not done until it is. Avoid people who cannot keep their word and ensure you keep yours.

Positive changes occur from daring to try something new. Or simply going for the untried option as Mercury in your status sector opposes Chiron in your 4th on the 11th. Venus will also trine Chiron from your change and power money sector on the 13th – the same day Jupiter heads forward. A unique offer or solution holds the answer.

Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable

This week you will be feeling the need to for emotional safety and security on a fundamental level. This is due to the rare Mars retrograde which takes place in your 4th from the 10th. Mars will be squaring Capricorn planets so your public image and professional status will become even more important than usual.

Mars retro in your 4th can have you feeling emotionally vulnerable and ‘all over the place’. You may become narky and easily irritated by those you live with. If so, spend as much time as you can outdoors and channel that energy into a physical activity. That ‘all over the place’ and unstable feeling may be exacerbated by what is going on in the big, wide world that you have little or no control over. In other words, the company you work for, the country you live in, the times we are experiencing.

Which makes it all the more important that if a radical solution appears this week that offers you the opportunity to create a firm foundation – financially, physically, emotionally – that you give it house room, Capricorn. Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable. Or to share the fact you feel this way. It’s the foundation stone of something real and lasting.

In a nutshell: A deep need for security and to create a firm foundation surfaces now, Capricorn. Just what or where is home to you is even more important. There’s a chance to lay a firmer foundation. Just by showing your sensitive side.



Back up what you say with action

Stand by what you say – and ensure others do too

Mean what you say, say what you mean

Don’t be afraid to say it again, Aquarius. Mars retrograde in your 3rd of communication tells you that you may have to repeat yourself. And to stand by what you say.

It’s been over 30 years since Mars was retrograde in its ruling sign and this house in your chart. You may feel others are not listening or not taking any notice of what you say now. You may therefore have to back up what you say with appropriate action. But please try to steer clear of bringing back up every other time in the past others have not listened to you if this has been a pattern. Instead, take a step back and ask yourself if you have made it clear that there would be consequences for ignoring you – and enforced them.

Talk is cheap – actions speak louder than words

One example is an Aquarian friend of mine who had been living with her partner for four years but wanted very much to get married. He kept saying he would ‘think about it’. In the end, she told him he had a certain time period to think but if he had not made up his mind by then – she would leave. The problem being he didn’t and neither did she. Four months after her deadline she was still there and he was still ‘thinking’. Any subsequent

ultimatums she issued then lacked any kind of credibility. It took her another five months to finally leave. She’s now happily married to another man.

So, the best advice I can give you now is to mean what you say and don’t procrastinate on backing up what you say with action. Avoid arguments if you can although ‘war of words’ are likely now. And please, don’t waste your time and energy getting into them with people on the internet – which is ruled by your 3rd. Just take it others are entitled to their opinions and keep scrolling.

Words are the bonds of truth and love

Heavy weather in your 12th along with Mars squaring any 12th house planets in your chart may expose people who don’t keep their word, so watch for this. Jupiter wants to move you forward and away from this kind of personal dynamic as it heads forward again in here from the 13th. You’ll see who or what is good for you now. Who is reliable and who simply is all talk but nothing to back it up.

Insight, revelation and clarity could be yours this week. And the path opens up to make changes if these are required as the Sun in your 8th trines Jupiter on the 9th, while Mercury in Jupiter’s 9th, opposes Chiron also in your 3rd on the 11th. This same day also bring a Sun/Neptune opposition. This could have you looking at who or what stands by you (or their word) and what you can ‘count’ on.

Surprise declarations, news, opportunities or you hearing, saying or attracting something (or someone!) you never thought to could be the result of the Venus in its ruling 7th trine to Chiron on the 13th. This is the same day Jupiter heads direct too. You may be the one daring to say or begin something. Applying for that job, starting that conversation, launching that idea for instance. Or you could hear from someone you never thought to again. Whatever you to say this week, Aquarius – say it like you mean it. And follow through.

In a nutshell: Mars retrograde in your communication zone may see you having to repeat yourself. Or to show by your actions that you mean what you say. Don’t put off that conversation, Aquarius. Or following through on your word.



Work it like you know you’re worth it

Accept new and unexpected solutions

Ensure love is all it appears to be

Time to pay close attention to your income, money, possessions, assets, talents, abilities, skills and self-worth. Mars heads retro-active in your cash zone this week. And will remain that way until November. Mars in your 2nd normally ignites your abilities to pursue (and get!) more of the folding stuff. Mars backwards may see you doubting your budgeting skills and have you going back over old financial issues. It can also highlight your beliefs around how you deserve to be rewarded and treated. Not just in terms of pay and income but by the people around you.

Work it for what you’re worth

Your 2nd house also rules relationships that are ‘assets’ to you. So, expect surprises and revelations around these. Above all, it’s time to work your worth and ensure you don’t compromise on those iron-clad values. This could include tackling issues around what you are paid as in looking for a better paid job or starting that side-hustle, to how you feel you are valued by those closest to you. You need to make these clear now.

The Sun in your 7th gives you a helping hand. What’s more, it trines Jupiter on the 9th bringing validation or even a new contact who reflects that enhanced self esteem on the 9th. Jupiter will head direct in your 11th from the 13th. And this could well see you attain a goal via a connection between now and the end of the year. The true nature of a connection – whether it is soul to soul or simply fool’s gold, will be shown to you on the 11th when the Sun opposes ruler Neptune. Ensure you measure whether it algins with how you know deep down you are meant to be treated, Pisces.

This could bring a dreamy, other-worldly encounter. But you need to ensure the other party is all they appear to be.

Accept the unexpected especially when it comes to bank account boosting opportunities when Mercury in your ‘other’ money house opposes Chiron also in your 2nd on the 11th. While Venus which rules your 2nd, trines Chiron on the 13th. Unexpected boosts to your personal stock via others, sudden and beneficial money making opportunities, feeling just cashed-up and abundant on a soul level, could follow. As could be a brand new and unusual way of generating your income. Don’t take unnecessary risks. But don’t be afraid to try something new this week, Pisces. That includes a working or romantic partnership that appears just enticingly different from anything you’ve encountered before.

In a nutshell: Know your true worth now Mars turns retrograde in your 2nd of values and self-worth, Pisces. And ensure you let others know exactly how you expect to be treated. Love needs to meet your gold standard now. You deserve more than fool’s gold, after all.


Written by our marvelous astrologer and psychic Elena

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