Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs 2nd November 2020 – Expansion

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Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs 2nd November 2020

With our psychic and astrologer Elena


Aim higher

Let’s talk about love

Set your status to stand-out

Feeling more like talking about those feelings? Mercury heads direct again in your 7th from the 3rd. Yes, all conversations relating to love and other splendoured things are back on the agenda. Just bear in mind Mercury is still in retroshadow however. Crazy stupid Cupid rules still apply.

This week sees the start of the final Jupiter/Pluto meeting in your 10th. This is the last time these two will meet in this house of your chart in your lifetime. The two are in orb from the 7th with the conjunction being exact next week on the 12th. It’s about commitments, agreements and also solutions and opportunities to what may have been holding you back on a rewards, recognition or status level now.

Commit to a fresh outcome

The Sun and Juno are meeting in your depth-defying 8th house. This is the house of shared assets, ‘other’ money and yes, sex or relationships where sex forms an important part of the whole arrangement. Juno rules marriage, commitments of all kinds and promises we don’t enter into lightly. In mythic terms, Juno was the classic The Good Wife character. Standing by her man (Jupiter) no matter what extra-marital shenanigans he got up to. This is why we associate her with lasting commitments. Or in these modern times at the very least, ones we make that we cannot easily exit.

Just be aware of that Mercury retroshadow this week. It’s time to step free of what may have been hard work or restricted you since the end of 2017. But Mercury retroshadow tells you that agreements or negotiations may go back and forth for a while before the results are in. And yes, this could equally apply to elections too. For you, simply commit to getting the outcome you’ve been aiming for all this time. Jupiter always trumps Pluto. No pun intended this week.

In a nutshell: Positive change and a chance to move up, up and away from something that’s limiting you could occur now. Thanks to the final meeting between Jupiter and Pluto. Aim for higher ground, Aries.



Take a chance on opportunity

Sat with the details

Say ‘I do’ to a new future vision

Mercury finally heads direct in its ruling 6th. It will remain in retroshadow for approximately three more weeks. In a ruling house which this is, this adds up to the possibility of Mercury-induced mayhem continuing for another three weeks or so. So, take it nothing may yet be decided when it comes to work matters. And continue to focus on the small stuff and don’t skip those all-important details!

This week sees the start of the final Jupiter/Pluto meeting in your 9th. This is the last time these two will meet in this house of your chart in your lifetime. The two are in orb from the 7th with the conjunction being exact next week on the 12th. This is Jupiter’s ruling house in your chart. But Jupiter always trumps Pluto no matter what house this would occur in.

Commit to soul freedom

This could be about to hand you a release from a long-term situation. Via a solution or an opportunity. It’s going to allow you to expand and step into something bigger. Something that has been holding you back long-term could simply transform now. And so easily it makes you wonder what kept you stuck for so long.

If this involves you and someone else, then both of you are either all in – or all out. The Sun and Juno which rules those big commitments align in your sector of marriage, lasting love and partnership on the 8th. The promise you take of re-make, one way of another, could simply define your direction from here on in. Say ‘I do’ to opportunity now.

In a nutshell: Freedom should be your goal when it comes to any outcome this week, Taurus. Especially around love or something you love. Say ‘I do’ to a solution which sends your soul in a fresh direction.



Commit to change

Ride the winds of re-birth

Take the first step and the universe moves with you

Ruler Mercury heads direct once more in your 5th from the 3rd. Romance gets a green light again as does any area where you radiate and attract back what you send out there. You of all signs know however that Mercury has some retroshadow to pass through. So, move forward but keep those retroactive rules in mind for another three weeks. Especially when it comes to new lovers.

You are in the brink of a momentous shift now. The 7th marks the start of the final Jupiter/Pluto meeting in Pluto’s ruling 8th in your chart. This will be exact next week but the effects will be felt the moment these two are back in alignment. If you have been thinking ‘Things must change and I must change them’ lately, then you could be handed the way, means, opportunity or method to perform just that.

Step into re-birth

This is your house not just of transformation and re-birth, but shared assets and resources. The change could simply be you are given access to the resources you need to make the change you’ve been waiting for. That better job offer, pay rise or assistance in other forms. This is the final time in your lifetime that Jupiter and Pluto will meet in here. If you have felt controlled by situations, circumstances or even people, Jupiter hands you the power to change the balance. Remember, Jupiter always trumps Pluto. No pun intended in election week.

The Sun and Juno also meet in Mercury’s ruling 6th this week. It’s all about committing to a way of working, a lifestyle, a routine that enhances your life and supports you on a daily basis. Those resources you may need can also be found within. In your energy and willingness to commit to a new way of doing things. Become the change you’ve been waiting for since 2017, Gemini.

In a nutshell: Take the initiative when it comes to change this week, Gemini. A long-term situation is about to transform. Set the wheels in motion and the universe could just lend you its backing now.



Move forward with home matters

Get ready for relationship transformation

Make that long-term promise

Mercury shifts forward in your house of home matters from the 3rd. property dealings – buying, selling, leasing, renting, your Airbnb let, your flatmate, your council, home county/country and anything that impacts on your long-term security can now be taken forward. Just be aware that Mercury will spend another three weeks in retroshadow. And because it will cross back into your 5th as it does, this could also impact on children, lovers and what you love to do too. So, take it nothing is decided – yet.

This includes kiss and make-up scenarios or even consciously uncoupling. There’s relationship transformation in the air now. Barriers to new love may come tumbling down. New partnership opportunities of all descriptions could appear now. Or an existing union transforms. All down to the final meeting between Jupiter and Pluto in your 7th which begins this week and peaks next on the 12th.

Is love the change you’ve been waiting for?

This is the final encounter between these two in this house in your chart in your lifetime. If love has been hard to find, difficult, challenging, then understand Jupiter will bring solutions and Pluto will activate the change. The 8th also sees an important meeting between the Sun and Juno in your 5th of lovers, children and what makes you stand out. This is your house of attraction.

So, put your mind behind attracting in a change in love and be open to what that looks like. Juno is all about promises we make for the long term. It’s about committing to something one way or another. Yes, this is about ‘I do’ but it can just as easily be about ‘I don’t’ or ‘I no longer’. Anything that is new or re-boots now is enhanced with long term promise. Just as any decision is for keeps. You’ll know what’s worth it in the long term now, Cancer. And that includes those living arrangements too.

In a nutshell: Get ready for a transformation around a key relationship, Cancer. Or ask yourself if love is the change you’ve been waiting for all long? Open your heart to a long-term shift as Jupiter and Pluto meet in your 7th for the final time.



Say yes to the lifestyle

Design a new kingdom to rule

Send those roots deeper – or plant new seeds

If you love the lifestyle you have created or where you currently live, then say ‘Yes’ to it and send those roots deeper this week, Leo. If not, then commit to changing it. Begin small and then watch as you begin to live it large again.

Mercury in its ruling 3rd heads direct from the 3rd. Just keep in mind that it is in retroshadow so what you hear or are told is still subject to change. It will re-enter your 4th next week, putting matters close to home firmly back on the agenda. Both Mercury’s houses are in focus this week as well as your 4th of family, living arrangements and security.

Big up that routine

Jupiter and Pluto align in Mercury’s other house in your chart (6th) beginning on the 7th and peaking next week. This is the final time in your lifetime this will occur. This could hand you solutions when it comes to work, your routine or simply living better. And of course, all this is linked to your long-term security, wellbeing, lifestyle and where you live.

If you need to make long term changes around any of the above, this meeting should usher in the opportunity to do so. Along with your ruler conjunct Juno in your 4th, it’s about committing to a way of life that allows you the space and freedom to really get living. For some this could involve moving in with a partner, for others enhancing their current work or living arrangements while some of you could now commit to moving on or upgrading. No matter what form it takes, its all about being queen or king of your castle, Leo.

In a nutshell: This week hands you a Grand Design for living better, Leo. This includes work opportunities too. If you love where you are and what you do – you’ll benefit in some way. If not, make a move to change it.



Say it or sign it for keeps

Believe in your ability to attract

Barriers to love fall away

Your ruler Mercury finally heads direct in your money zone from the 3rd. You don’t need me to remind you that it still has to clear retroshadow before its capacity to create confusion is over. And that most of this retroshadow will occur in its ruling 3rd. So, keep the retro rules in place for a little while longer. Especially around financial dealings.

What you’re worth as in what you feel you deserve and how you are treated could be due for one final upgrade this week. The final conjunction between Jupiter and Pluto in your 5th begins from the 7th. They will be exact on the 12th but you may feel the effects starting now. In focus – lovers, children, babies, young people, your creativity and self-expression. As well as your innate beliefs around what you can have an attract. Set those expectations higher. It’s time for a higher, transformative love. This is the final time these two meet in here in your lifetime. This could sweep away a cycle that has held you back since 2017.

Make that soul commitment

The Sun and Juno are also meeting in Mercury’s ruling 3rd on the 8th. Juno rules commitments, marriage and promises. Saying ‘I do’ or pledging for the long term. We stand by our word with Juno around. And we can’t easily go back on it. Entering into a contract for a long term, signing important documents or a pledge of the heart could follow. Again, signing on the dotted line could put an end to one cycle. And bring in a new.

In a nutshell: Lovers – past, present or potential, parenting, children, young people or your creative self-expression. One, some or a houseful could get an upgrade. Is love the catalyst you need, Virgo?



Get that new you ready to launch

Opportunity hands you a key to a solution

Commit to a long term abundance plan

Mercury heads direct in your 1st from the 3rd. are you relaunch ready, Libra? This is about a new or re-vamped image, message, brand, look or you consciously creating a different perception about yourself. If you’ve felt you’ve been forced into a back stage role for far too long, now is the time to stop being the understudy and claim back the starring role in your own life. Look to that message you send simply by how you look and come across.

Unlock a door to freedom

This week has the final meeting between Jupiter and Pluto in your 4th begin. It is in orb from the 7th and will be exact next week. And it won’t occur again in this house of your chart in your lifetime. May of you will have been going through restrictions and difficulties around family matters, your home, living arrangements, landlord, council, country or your career since 2017. Jupiter always brings solutions and opportunities. This week could see them finally arrive. Think keys to doors and freedom beyond.

This could even be around money, possessions, assets or other resources as the 8th also has a meeting between the Sun and Juno in your money zone. This is a house you are comfortable in (or should be), due to it being ruled by your ruler Venus. This is about your long-term abundance and prosperity path. It could take the form of a new financial arrangement, source of income or long term solution to constraints. It requires your commitment. But it hands you so much in return. Especially when it comes to re-making your message – and your world.

In a nutshell: Solutions to long term issues or restrictions around home, family, living arrangements or income could appear this week, Libra. Give it some serious thought – and your backing.



It’s decision time, baby!

Make that promise to the future

Put your dreams first

With Mercury direct again in your 12th from the 3rd it’s time to look at what elements of your past need to be finally released. And left there for good.

It’s all about new and future promises now. As well as what you see for yourself for your future. Designing a new vision and committing to it could be a big part of this process. This week says that the future is an open road for you. But the decisions you make determine your direction. Not making a decision or choice is bizarrely, also one. Looking back at the past you may see that too.

Say Yes – one way or another

From the 7th and peaking next week on the 12th, we have the final meeting between Jupiter and your ruler Pluto take place in your 3rd. It’s the last time these two will meet in here in your lifetime. This could bring you news or an opportunity which requires you to say ‘Yes’ in a big way and changes up everything when you do. It could be too big to ignore and too good to say no to.

Not making a decision is not an option. You may have been waiting for something like this since 2017. You’re all in heart and soul, or all out mind, body, spirit and future as the Sun and Juno meet in your 1st on the 8th. This is all about saying yes to something and doing it for the long term. This could be something that has held you back in the past. Maybe even your own decision making process. Or just doubts about you being able to have what you desire. So, this is one occasion where you need to put yourself and your future first. And make your choice based on that, Scorpio.

In a nutshell: If you’ve put off making a choice or decision in the past, this week again offers you the chance to choose. Saying ‘Yes’ to something could put your future on a new course. And the past where it belongs, Scorpio.


Opportunities and solutions set you free

What’s old could feel new again

Get ready for a soul work payday!

Mercury direct once again in your 11th puts pals and plans back on the table for you. Yes, it still has some retroshadow to clear. And most of this will be done in your 12th. So, blasts from the past and old goals are likely to feature. What resurrects could do so with new relevance.

Get ready for big solutions

Ruler Jupiter is about to make its final move on Pluto in your money zone. This is the last time these two meet in here in your lifetime. They will be in orb from the 7th with this peaking next week. Think Daddy Warbucks and you’re Little Orphan Annie. Big bucks, big backing, big solutions or an opportunity and ‘Billionaire’ as your elevator music as it takes you up to the penthouse. Well, if not quite that then this could hand you the opportunity to escape restrictions which have been clipping your wings since 2017. You of all signs know Jupiter always has the final say as it rules last minute reversals and rescues. So, think positive change.

This could even be a soul payday. A release from a trying or testing time. Going deep into dark nights of the soul and doing spiritual work, not shying away from challenges but seeing them through – all this puts us in credit on a soul level. Or simply someone who ‘owes’ you on a soul contract offers assistance. The Sun and Juno meet in your 12th on the 8th. This could be about a commitment you made in the past – or one someone made to you. Time to honour it one way or another. Help just could be on its way if needed this week. But something shows you that keeping the faith brings a new kind of reward, Sag.

In a nutshell: Ruler Jupiter meets with Pluto for the final time in your 2nd of abundance and self-worth. Watch for solutions to long term restrictions. And for soul rewards for keeping the faith, Sag.



Don’t underestimate or undersell yourself

Get ready for big solutions

The future is calling – how will you RSVP?

Mercury direct in your sector of all-important career and status issues puts those Capricorn-ruled areas firmly back on the agenda. Yes, you have a green light to push forward with those ambitions. But just keep in mind Mercury is still in retroshadow. So, ensure you keep your word and broadcast a consistent message of someone to be taken seriously.

Because when it comes to personal dreams, goals and ambitions, as well as how you come across, this week hands you an opportunity like no other to make that lasting and best impression. Ensure you project that image of someone who knows what they want and where they are going. Know in every atom of your being you are the real deal now. Even if you are shaking in your Jimmy Choos. Believe me, nobody else will know.

Know you’re so much more!

This week begins the final meeting between Jupiter and Pluto in your 1st. It may change forever how others see you but in a lasting and positive way. Life may have taken a serious turn on some level since 2017. This could even have involved a partnership or other key relationship, your career or just you feeling no matter what you do, nothing works or has turned into joyless hard work.

This is the last time these two will meet in your 1st in your lifetime. The conjunction will be exact next week but the positive flow could begin in this. Expect solutions, resolutions and freedom as the result. This could change the way you see yourself, how those close to you see you and also how you are seen by friends, family and colleagues. It could even be linked to a long term goal or ambition. Committing to this or to something larger could be what kick-starts a new cycle of freedom and opportunity as the Sun and Juno meet in your 11th on the 8th. Feel the future, and say yes, Capricorn.

In a nutshell: Jupiter and Pluto will align for the final time in your sign peaking next week. It’s time to look at how you want to be seen. That image, status, message, appearance, style, brand and title – all important now.



Gone the distance? Release yourself into the future

The past offers rewards – and solutions

Make that long term choice

Mercury is direct from the 3rd in your house of learning, exploration and big business. Overseas connections or people far away could feature even if you are not going anywhere due to current restrictions. News from far away could feel like it is happening right on your doorstep. And you could feel its effects.

The past could offer real time rewards

Something from your past could return this week. I could say in the nick of time in a cosmic sense. If you have felt you have been put through a test of the soul and spirit since 2017, then the final meeting of Jupiter and Pluto in your 12th which begins on the 7th, could offer the solution you’ve been hoping for. This could be a release which literally allows you to soar away from something. Someone from your past or who owes you a past life debt could play a role here. This is the final time these two meet in here in your lifetime. And you only have a short time to wait before Jupiter and also Saturn arrive in your sign – and the Now Age of You begins.

This may also coincide with a long term decision around your career path, your status (as in job status or even relationship status), finances, ambitions and responsibilities. The Sun and Juno meet in your 10th on the 8th. Juno is all about commitment as it rules marriage. But also those contracts and promises we take on board for keeps. Or at the very least, we cannot exit without another big decision being taken. This one could involve a status setting choice around your salary, financial arrangements or a partner. Whatever your decision – you’re ready, Aquarius.

In a nutshell: The past offers renewed relevance, rewards or solutions this week. If you’ve gone the distance when it comes to journeys of the soul and spirit, time for real-world opportunities, Aquarius.



People are your greatest asset

Make a wish

Choose freedom!

Mercury rolls forward again in your ‘other’ money house this week from the 3rd. Your salary, benefits, payments, loans, borrowing, mortgages, taxes and what you share with others has seen an overhaul during this time. Or should have. Now, don’t shy away from tackling any unfinished business around any of these issues. You have the power – and the focus.

Take a leap of faith

From the 7th we have Jupiter and Pluto having their final interaction in your 11th. This will peak next week on the 12th. Generous friends, powerful friends, friends offering benefits, help, opportunity. If you are seeking anything from advice, entrée, assistance, answers or solutions, then it lies with who you know or are connected to. People are your greatest resource and your best asset. This is the final meeting of these two planets in here in your lifetime. Some of you may even see a goal realised – or someone appear who can help you do just that.

Limitations, lack, restrictions could just fall away as you commit to something bigger. Make your goal soul freedom. This is no time to stick with something that holds you back just because it feels safe and familiar, Pisces. The 8th has the Sun and Juno meet in your 9th. Which is of course, Jupiter’s ruling house in your chart. Remember, that before ruler Neptune was discovered, Jupiter was your ruling planet. And the old rulerships still apply. So, this means going all in or all out of something and gaining freedom as a result. This week asks you to take a leap of faith. And know you’ll fly free of what has been holding you back if you do.

In a nutshell: Who you know could have a bigger influence on your future path than you may realise, Pisces. The future is asking you to make a leap of faith this week. Opportunity releases you into a new direction.




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