Visualisation to banish those winter blues!

Tune into Winter

The lack of sunshine and the bleak nights of winter can make you long to curl up like a Blue Peter tortoise and hibernate until Spring’s sunny rays bring you back round.
It’s easier to lose sight of your hopes and wishes while dealing with the gloomy weather, and the lack of light can dampen your spirits.

But just as the Moon follows the Sun, Winter is a beautiful, necessary part of the cycle of the seasons, and it nurtures the seeds of re-birth deep in the folds of its frozen belly.
To tune back into Winter’s deeper meaning and reconnect with your true path, here’s a winter visualisation that will coax your spirit out of hibernation. Reclaim your psychic mojo and make friends with winter.

All you need to do is read the story below, paying close attention to the images, smells, sounds and experiences you encounter on the journey. Let your imagination stray from the story as much as you wish, and perhaps write down any important images, so you can think about their meaning in more detail later.

Winter visualisation

Imagine you are walking along a wintery path which is next to a river. It’s twilight and the sky is a clear, violet-blue, stars are beginning to appear. Snow sparkles magically on the trees and shining icicles have formed around the water’s edge. Stop for a moment and look around you.

What does your river look like? Is it fast-flowing, frozen or just a trickle? Is there a waterfall? Is it deep, rocky, wild or calm? Is there a bridge, stepping stones or any way to cross?

Walk on down your path. You can hear the crisp crunch of the snow at your feet. The trees have a light, glittery dusting. As you walk closer to the river a low door of glassy ice appears in front of you, it’s so smooth you can see your reflection.

What do you look like? What are you wearing? What expression do you have on your face? Are you younger, older, or the age you are now? Are you, you or someone else?

Gently push the door of ice open and look ahead.

What do you see?

A creature has appeared to greet you in the doorway. This is your companion for the rest of your journey.

Is this a bird, an animal, or fish? Perhaps a mythical being such as a unicorn or an elemental being? Does it speak to you? How does it greet you? What does it sound like?

Walk through the door with your spirit creature, to join the path on the other side. There is a short, steep, frosty hill in front of you, framed by thousands of stars and trees dusted with silver. Walk to the top of the hill. Once at the top breathe in the cold, pure air and still your mind. Think about a question you would like Winter to help you answer. Raise your arms up to the sky and say, “Show me what I have been missing” or ask whatever question you’d like guidance on.

What happens after you ask your question? Can you hear an answer? What changes can you sense in your surroundings? How did your companion react?

If you don’t get a clear answer, ask again, or try the visualisation again in a few hours. The imagery you create on the journey will provide symbolic keys into the state of you subconscious and you can interpret the images in the same way you would with a dream. Practising your own visualisation techniques is a highly creative and positive way to look inside yourself to balance your mental, emotional and spiritual energies.

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