Venus in Pisces: Magic, Miracles and Higher Love

full moon in pisces

Venus in Pisces: Magic, Miracles and Higher Love

Are you ready for an explosion of incredible energy? Venus enters Pisces Today, April 5, joining Jupiter and Neptune, poised for a once-in-165-year meeting on April 12. As it travels through Pisces, Venus meets spiritual and divine Neptune (April 27) and then lucky Jupiter (April 30). What does this mean?

In a nutshell, this is the most heart-opening, wonder-making happening of the century. It gives us hope and raises our intuitive abilities so that we can align with our soul purpose.

This incredible vibe in the sky encourages us to reach within for our highest potential, compassion, creativity, healing, and freedom. Trust your intuition now and look out for strange synchronicities. Anything hidden is also coming to the surface.

Higher Hopes and Dreams

Pisces is the peacemaker, the soul diviner, the wisdom seeker, and the creative muse all rolled into one. It brings welcome relief and comfort to the harsh energy that’s has been around us.

Full disclosure, Pisces energy can have shady boundaries, and if we aren’t careful, we can tumble into illusions or plunge into escapism. Keep your wits about you. Sidestep falling face-first into a drug-like love affair, obsession, or fantasy. Avoid dodgy gurus and snake oil salespeople. Dodge falling out of a club at 3 am after too many Margaritas. If you are already in a complicated relationship or kidding yourself about anything, there’s a choice coming. However, past life relationships and true romance might find you in this heady time.

Both Jupiter, the planet of expansion and good fortune, Neptune co-rule Pisces, and the addition of Venus make magic more potent. Or show us things we did not know existed. I believe the Venus/Jupiter conjunction is the most beneficial we can experience. Love, hope, and possibility flood our being.

When Venus meets Neptune on the 27th, it’s also time to explore the worlds of imagination, metaphysics, the multiverse, hidden potential, dreams, and higher purpose. What we believe is possible could be.

We are taking a wilder walk into our spiritual being.

So how will this impact me?

Check your birth chart for aspects, asteroids or planets at key degrees. Don’t worry if you don’t have your birth time, although if you do, you need to note the degree of your ascendant, descendant, IC and midheaven in case they fall within the orb of what’s happening right now. But if you don’t – simply look for planets, asteroids connected. Grab your chart or you can generate it here now. Here’s your fantastic April rundown of incredible planetary placements!

9-10 April: North Node 23 Taurus, South Node 23 Scorpio
April 12: Jupiter and Neptune conjunct 23 Pisces (exact but an orb from April 9 when they will sextile the North Node in Taurus and trine the South Node in Scorpio)
25-26 April: Venus 22 Pisces sextile North Node Taurus trine South Node Scorpio
April 27: Venus conjunct Neptune 24 Pisces (exact)
April 30: Venus conjunct Jupiter 27 Pisces (exact)

Scour your chart and check for 22-24 degrees and then 27 degrees of any sign. If you have them, you are likely to feel the benefits of these transits more than others.

How this manifests will depend on the house and sign where the angles or planets are in your chart. If you are unclear, then one of our astrologers will be happy to give you in-depth insight.

It sure is going to get interesting

Sending love to you

Michele Knight-Waite X


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