The Weigh Forward – a new book by intuitive counsellor Jules Williams

The Weigh Forward – a new book by intuitive counsellor Jules Williams

For some people, starting a programme of healthy eating and exercise is a puzzlingly difficult process. We know what we should be doing to support ourselves and yet find ourselves compelled to do the total opposite.

Our relationship to food and our bodies is shaped by emotional patterns. For instance, at a subconscious level, emotions can rise up to sabotage us even when we have every good reason and feel highly motivated to become more healthy.

Alongside holding a degree in Physical Education, intuitive counsellor Jules Williams has spent the last twenty years working with thousands of clients who wanted to become more healthy, but found themselves unable to make the changes that they wanted.  He has now published the programme that he developed to help people address the deep down emotional issues that were holding them back in a book called The Weigh Forward.

As you know, I feel very strongly that it’s important we build relationships with our bodies. Ones that allow us to nurture ourselves and celebrate whoever we are.  Jules’ programme isn’t about setting out to get to a perfect ideal. One that very few of us can reach. As with everything else in our lives, it’s about addressing whatever might lie beneath the surface of our awareness that actually stops us making choices that support us.

Healthy Choices

Jules’ programme is partly based on the idea that we can develop coping strategies for handling difficult or painful feelings. For instance, ones that see us literally pushing them down or keeping them at bay with food.  Alongside that, if we find ourselves totally and bewilderingly unable to make healthy choices, he suggests that any conscious intention that we might have can actually put us in conflict with a subconscious desire to hang on to extra weight as a way of creating a buffer between us and emotions we haven’t yet dealt with.

His programme is designed to work from the inside out, helping us unlock what those emotions might be and find better ways of dealing with them, freeing us up to build the kind of relationship to our bodies that we know will be more supportive in the long term.

So if it’s another diet programme that you’re after, you won’t find one in these pages.  But if you’ve tried every diet and exercise plan around and find that it only puts you in a struggle against yourself and want to examine the deeper issues that underpin what’s going on, this is a brilliant place to start.

Loads of love,

Michele x

Find The Weigh Forward on Amazon and read a section on line.

Learn more about Jules Williams and his work.


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