Team YOU! How to Create Your Perfect Support Circle

What are your goals? What is it you are hoping to do, achieve or even become? Think about the people who inspire you, who have already achieved whatever it is you are setting out to do. No matter what it is – whether it’s something as basic as losing those extra pounds, recovering from a loss or setback, embarking on a course of study or new career or just handling whatever it is life throws their way on a daily basis, I can guarantee you that they didn’t manage it alone. They had a support circle, a team, a cheerleading squad if you like who were there for them, offering support, encouragement or just being a sounding board for ideas. The fact is when we have a major goal in life that we want to achieve, it is so much easier to get there if we have others who are on our team and with whom we share a similar goal or purpose.

For many people, sadly those closest to them are unable to offer them the support they need. You may be one of those – whose family reaction was discouraging or negative when you voiced your dreams. The great thing as we get older however is that we can choose to connect to people who give us the support, encouragement and honest feedback we need. And here’s how.

Think of a small group of friends who would make a great support group very much on the same basis as a book club. You don’t all have to have the same goal but you do all need to be on a path towards one. The fact that you’re not all wanting to achieve the same thing can actually work on your favour. Not only will you get a fresh perspective on your goal but it makes for a vibrant and interesting group – as well as opening you all up to resources you might not otherwise have access to. Focus on finding positive solutions for one another and share exciting achievements and stages towards your goals. Above all, be supportive and respectful of each other.

If you can’t think of any friends who would be interested in joining you then take the initiative and put out some ads asking for people to join your group. Unlike your friends however you may need to be a little more specific – for example Writer’s Support Circle, Weight Loss Support Circle. There are plenty of local free sites on the internet to advertise on. Be clear about how you want the group to function however and have your initial meeting with people in a public place. You can always move on to having meetings in each other’s homes later.

Research has proved that having this kind of support in place on a regular (and emergency) basis provides peace of mind and gives you the impetus to keep on track towards your goals when you may be tempted to give up. For example, having your buddy ring you to make sure you are going to the gym ensures you don’t sleep in instead!

Remember, Team YOU is actually Team Everyone in the circle because just as you are being supported by other members, you are offering your support in turn. Looked at this way, it becomes a wonderful experience for soul growth and sharing.

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