Your Wiccascope for week starting 8th April With Our Psychic Violet 2337

Wiccascope Readings

Week beginning 8th April

With Violet 2337

Greetings one and all, well what fickle weather we’ve had this week! I spent one morning on the beach catching the sun, and the afternoon tucked away indoors away for the hail and wind. I love the contrasts of it, for it is indeed the winds of change, blowing the new season in.

Which brings me onto our next group activity I have done a mood board see picture inserted, it’s a simple one and one I will add to! Your mission should you choose to accept it is to do your own mood board. It can be for this week, this month, or just to reflect how you feel right now and how you liked to feel!!

Happy sticking pics on paper!

With love Blessed Be!



Aries Spider

Beautiful people my lovely arachnid friend has spun their way into your life. Brilliant for he or she offers you the chance to really create something in your life.

Without any further ado I shall share with you your Spider Symbolism. Oh, in ancient times they were seen as mysterious, mighty and tenacious creatures. Of course, some of them bite, even kill, so we are respectful or afraid of them. I am fascinated by them all, but I understand that I am in a minority. A spider for you whatever your own thoughts and feelings about them is your friend this week. So, look at their lives, their routines. When they are born, even the biggest species of spider at birth is quite small, and has a tough fight to survive and make it to adult hood, hence the amount of spiderlings hatched. From birth they have to think on their feet, and face up to challenges, so if they want something they have to really go for it.

Sound familiar, is there something that is causing you a bit of a headache right now. Something that every time you think, ‘Yep, we’re good to go’, a spanner throws itself in the works, and your fiery side could take over. Have the fire hose ready, count to ten. For every setback you get, you are going to find another solution, straight away. You will weave that beautiful web; you will overcome this challenge. You are being told believe yourself, trust in the choices you make, but don’t rush into anything. Communicate with others effectively, for once you are all on the same page, it will happen!

The journey you are on in this life is no accident, and however you have got there so far, has shaped the wonderful creative soul you are. If you believe in manifestation or working with the laws of attraction Spider says do so with feeling, if you have not done this before, why not? Try it. When spinning your web or manifesting how you’d like your life, do so with the infinite belief that if you put your mind to it, anything is possible, for you network with the world as you attract the things you need to attract. So even if you are busy working on your dreams, look around at the other who take an interest in what you are doing. You will know the ones who are with you and want to be part of your journey. This is an amazing time for you.

Taurus – the Cloak

Hello, hello, hello to you! Do feel like going undercover? Do you have secret? Exciting times this week for you lie ahead, the excitement comes the end of the week or maybe even further down the road, for that is when you are going to be proudly showcasing your much-planned event or project. The magician’s reveal.

I feel that Taureans are very private folk anyhow, and reveal their true feelings to just a few people or maybe just one soul. It takes a lot to gain the trust and real affection of one, and it’s not easily regained if it is abused. You may have found yourself on the receiving end of boundaries being pushed causing you to feel uncomfortable or even irritable. They don’t mean to aggravate you or force issues to annoy you, they for the most part just have a more open way of discussing things. Ask them nicely and they will step back, but don’t shut them out. If someone has hurt you with intention, withdraw and consider your next step.

Now your plans. If you are not sure, or feel it’s not time to be talking about them to anyone, then don’t. Keep your own counsel, take a little rest in the tavern like Aragorn in Lord of the Rings, see all, hear all, but say nowt. You will know when it’s time to be heard, and you will know who you want in your audience. You are in control. I feel cloaks have individual powers assigned to them in the magical world. The cloak I have just spoken of for you is one of ‘disguise’ or ‘security’ cloak. Other cloaks can be worn if you feel them to be more appropriate.

Healing – have you been hurt by recently taking a brave step into the world? Tuck yourself away in a healing blanket or cloak and have a snuggle. This also applies if you are tired, the same safe, warm, snuggling action is wonderful. Protection – Feeling vulnerable? Make like a crab and duck inside your shell, and go out when you need to or want to. Trust your gut as to who is to be avoided if you feel like this. But also know that you are a strong, determined Bull, who however private and cautious in your approach to dealing with other people, is actually capable of setting boundaries and knowing when to shine your light!

Gemini – Six Rayed Star

Oh, wonderful gentle souls, you need focus, and nurturing. Something has thrown you off kilter recently. So, the Six Rayed Star comes along and calls for balance. Ready to restore yourself?

First of all, you need to stop and do a little bit of thinking. Where are you feeling things are not quite right, what is taking up most of your time? Is something suffering because of a preference in another area? Put those issues into trays that relate to the following groups; Diet/lifestyle, Relaxation/recreation, career/income, sleep/rest romance, and hopes/dreams. Be really honest with yourself, over the course of a day, or week, how much time to put into each group. Most of us trend with Work, then sleep, but we are not all the same.

Then be honest again, and ask if you are deliberately neglecting some areas through caution or a belief you won’t be successful in it. By restoring your balance on this star-shaped skateboard you will feel empowered and energised into exploring these areas. This is a powerful card to get, we’re talking the chance to stabilize yourself, to get all your energy points on the same page. It is made up of 3 masculine and 3 feminine energy points, ‘Ying’, and ‘Yang’. They reside in your heart chakra, and if they fall out with each other, you can feel mixed up. If this happens you will find your decision making so confusing, and frustrating you will either make the wrong decision, or no decision at all and feel fed up. So, before you make these decisions stop! Take a breather.

We’re going for balance, healing and harmony, in all things, you and your relationships with; the world, yourself, your career/business, your social life, and your love life. If I missed any out that you feel should be there, it shows you’re thinking along the right lines. When all of these are in sync, your star will shine so brightly and boldly.

How do you do this? Make a list of the areas in your life that take energy from you. You might see a common theme, so put them into key groups. Imagine you are standing in the middle of a 6-pointed star. Give each point of the star a title, i.e. Work, Love, Play, Sleep, Eat, and Dreams/Hopes. Take the items from your list, and pop them into the category they belong in. If you notice an imbalance, adjust it. The result being, any confusion around these areas, will lift, and there will be a new sense of clarity and you will know what you need to do

Cancer– Neophyte

Oh, Cancer get your pencil cases out we’re going back to school with you! There is a link with exploring other options here with you, this requires you to doing research to progress to a key stage in your life.

We are talking about the bigger picture here, your world, the world and how you fit in it. Something you have done recently has taken you further to exploring or trying to understand your belief system. Have you questioned your faith system? Have you lost your way or your focus in your soul? Whatever the lesson here is, it’s one of your choosing to help you now. But you won’t be alone, you will receive some inspiration or guidance from someone in your living world or in your spiritual world, for you are going to feel like the student of a wise soul.

Prepare to feel revved up, ready and excited to be reading something and being inspired by it, or listening to a song that fires your imagination, and then ‘knowing’, something important. It could be a lot of information or a little, but it’s the right information, in the right amount at the right time. The time is now. Things will seem clearer now; less guess work or trial and error is involved. Such are your connections with yourself, your soul and others that clarity is king. Answers to questions will appear so boldly you’ll know exactly what you have to do.

Resist the urge to ignore this opportunity, maybe fear would stop you from making the most of it, or another negative feeling could hold you back. Any resistance you put up won’t have a major adverse effect, for now. But you’ll regret it later. If you are feeling stuck or that it requires more effort than you think you can make, you can find the energy in you to do whatever it takes. You have a support network, a mentor and new knowledge. So, go with the flow not against it. The result of all of this is that you will achieve the things you need to. Happy learning.

Leo – The Familiar

Leo warm greetings I have the purrfect reading for you this week. The Familiar is back with you for the first time since December. Let’s talk networking and connecting.

You are a sociable, naturally comfortable in a room of people and able to relate to other people at all levels in your life. You will be able to find the right words and tone in important conversations you will be having this week and onwards. If you are don’t relate the more sociable side of your sign, or don’t feel these characteristics relate to you, you are being told they are in you at a level you are comfortable with. And now is the time to work out where you fit in with your social and work/career network, and how.

This card is about a witch’s alliance with an animal that protects, supports and guides them on the course of their day to day wiccan life. You may or may not be on any magical path, or acknowledge that you are, but you have your own magic in you, and by getting this card it’s being acknowledged that you need to connect with this side of you, and the familiar is the guide to connecting you, and your natural self to others.

I speak a lot about our connection to earth, and it’s creatures, but this card may suggest you have an existing relationship with a creature of any kind, earth bound or spirit bound, but either way there is an energy around you that will enrich your life, make you feel empowered, protected and guided. I have spoken of my own pets and my relationship with them, there is such a power in pet-human connection, perhaps they embody the spirits of loved ones wanting to be close to us. It may be that you know of your spirit animal or spirit being that works with you if you don’t have a pet whatever the case you will benefit from such connections.

Virgo – Athame

Oh, aim and focus! Virgo you are on a mission now so get ready. Whatever you learned or attuned to last week, will need now to be sent somewhere to harvest part one of your success. Ready?

Firstly, gather your thoughts and process what you learned last week. You may still be gathering information in order to decide on what you have to do, but last week you started the ball rolling. The Athame looks at what you have right now, and asks you to direct it somewhere in order to move on further. It ‘cuts’ to the chase and hones right to the target of your goals.

Great. However, ensure that your focus is well intentioned, and the outcome is not going to harm anyone. It’s ok to come from a place of ego, if you have loving intention and are generous in spirit. You also have to be in a ‘good mood’, when you direct your Athame, any resentment or anger could spoil the outcome. This is the guidance that comes with this card.

You have come so far, you have a great plan, you have learned so far, so well. Now is the application of that knowledge with gusto, conviction and enthusiasm. Anything you set out to achieve in the near future, whether it be a completed projected or the next phase in a long running one, is assured success and progress. Don’t fight this force of nature that fires you up right now, relax, remember to breath, and just do it!

Libra – The Spell

I couldn’t make this up Libran friends, I’ve been busy going through my book of spells, and it fell open at one spell I had to do. So, prior to working today, I did some spell work. Then I picked out this card. The spell I did was looking into the Laws of Attraction and making it work. I feel this is the message for all of us this week. Find the spell you need to cast and either wish it, or do an actual spell, safely, with the most loving of intentions.

Call it what you want that beautiful combination of words that comes into our heads in a time of need, thought or desperation. A prayer, a wish, or some poetry your answers in communicating your hopes, needs and fears to the world come to you now. It may be that you relate to a favourite song, or theatre production that seems to be speaking to you. Take a moment to go into yourself and ask what you need to ask. A vocal sign, ever up for a chat with a friend or even a stranger we may befriend Librans do not use one word when there are so many beautiful words in the world. Linguistic perhaps, or having a fascination in old languages. It’s no accident we are drawn to books, or music.

Once you have considered what you wish to achieve, this week, or in the long-term, for this is indeed a time for reflection and projection combined you will know what to put in your spell, what herbs, crystals or poems to include. Take yourself to a quiet place and turn off your phone, in fact maybe cut down on your social media interaction, it is draining and renders you tired perhaps. Then say your words, with maybe a candle lit, and the items you gathered. And believe that what you wish to happen with the freewill of others considered plus a big dose of universal love, could just happen. Mote it be x

Scorpio – Queen Elphame

Gorgeous Scorpio, I somehow see you purring like a happy kitten, contentment comes your way. Fancy a bit of escape from the darker side of life, a reality break? Come on then.

I’ve arranged a little holiday in a forest retreat, if I could afford to send you all on one I would, but I offer you an imaginary one. You’ve been invited to the Palace of The Fairy Queen, she offers you love, food, drink, and sweet music. It’s ok, go and join her. You’re safe, and you can come back, she won’t hold you there. You’re being told that whilst in reality you can’t find a magic forest to go and party in, you can create such an atmosphere in your life. By surrendering to your fun side, your inner child.

But the time spent there is not just about kicking back and being peeled grapes, and having lovely sparkly cocktails made by faeries, there is a subtle thread of learning being delivered here. Little messages, signs that will confirm in your state of relaxation, where you are currently in your life. Call it a pit-stop in a grand-prix. Once the faeries have healed and loved you, you’ll be ready to get in your racing car and get back on the track.

What will they reveal? What will you learn, keep an open mind Scorpio, but also trust your own gut? Don’t be impressed by magic shows of wispy words of so-called wisdom. If someone asks you to deviate off your path and you don’t want to, don’t. Stick to your guns, all advice and wisdom you get must be unconditional, allowing you the free will to do what you want to do regardless. But this Queen will oversee the proceedings and stage-manage the party for you. She doesn’t judge you if you leave with the same attitude you arrived with, for she knows such strong yet gentle healing takes its time to understand. Enjoy the rest, but enjoy the learning also. Happy week xx

Sagittarius– Cauldron

Oh, my winter babes in the woods hello!!! For you I have melting pot of ideas to give you. A magical time to also cast spells and be creative.

This links always to the spell card, so read Libra’s forecast, the difference with this card is more about the vessel the spells are cast in. You. Your sacral chakra. By combining Libra’s reading with your own you can make this more potent, especially if your aspects of Libra in your astro-chart. What does the cauldron mean to you? This. You are being asked to look at your reactions to information you receive, and honestly say, ‘how well do I process the things I see, hear and feel?’ If you feel a bit wishy-washy that’s fine, you just need to stabilize yourself, if you are too fierce you need to calm down.

If you are told something by someone, or see someone and think ‘Ah they seem a bit tricky, but hey can’t judge a book by it’s cover’, and surrender to the positive feeling, you are taking a risk. You need to first attune your sacral chakra, then ask the question again. If you still get, ‘Ah something isn’t right’, it isn’t. You don’t have to bolt to the hills, just be aware, just know to trust your gut.

The cauldron is simply a receptacle for a collection of things to be put in, stirred up, allowed to brew and turned into a potion that aids with problems or wishes. In the non-magical world, it’s a plan, a base point where you bring to the table the things need to get on with your life. The spell chanted with the ingredients and plan translate into meetings, and phone calls to network you in your world. The combination of these things is your melting pot of ideas to ensure you are on the right track, and continue to be so.

Capricorn – The High Priest

Happy week to you Capricorn, I bring to you for a rare showing the might High Priest. With all the qualities of a Wizard, wisdom, guardianship, and direction being his key words. The High priest is also someone in great authority. The reason they come to you well it seems you are getting cards recently so apt for your sign; this is the confirmation of your independent streak.

You will feel an energy either spiritual or earthly in the form of someone in your life, who is here to mentor, guide and support you. They are learned, and have life experience. This is not a time to be proud and dismiss any offering of help, or to reject well meant advice either. Swallow any pride you have and open your ears. What you are about to hear will be of great value and help you in the long run.

They will tell you not to give up, and to put together what you have accumulated so far, (much like Capricorn in the cauldron) and do something with it. You have the potential to achieve great things now. Now, when someone tells you how well you are doing, you can get a bit ‘puffed up’, just keep your feet on the ground for the High Priest at his best is a grounded soul who has access to dreams. Attune to a grounded way of believing you can reach for the stars and possibly the moon.

It may be a good time to check your passwords on computers are safe, or keep information you hold dear locked away. Guard the things that a valuable to your success. As a result of the success linked to this card, expect to catch the eye of those who can further your career or business. There will a change, or departure from the old way of working, and the chance to have a position of more authority. Be prepared to be asked about how you see your future, and what you would like to happen with it. Someone is ready to listen to you now.

Aquarius – The Crystal Ball

Oh Aquarius, how does the song go, ‘I can see clearly now the rain has gone’, you will be singing this this week. What was blurred no longer is, what was in the dark will be revealed. What was confused becomes clear.

Full Moon, torch, beacon of light, Crystal Ball call this light or vision whatever you want, no one can hide from it’s beam, all illuminating all seeing and all knowing you will be. Great and powerful words to hear. The difference between starlight and moonlight is that the stars spare you some truths that could hurt you or you can no longer deny. The Moon although loving and kind, tells you what you already know but deny, or asks you to face up to a fear or realisation that could liberate you if dealt with.

This may sound daunting, but it’s important to acknowledge that the Moon, or Crystal Ball offers you such insight with a lot of love, and protection from the pain in truth, and gives you also the answers you need to help you move on. And remember all you learn doesn’t mean the end of situations, just key changes, and the free will to move forward rather than stagnate with the here and the now. So, feel positive about this opportunity. Embrace the changes that will come your way.

Your 3rd eye will be tingling, a visionary or seer of your own fate, you will be able to connect to yourself, and your soul family in order to ask for advice and guidance at this time. You are asked to focus now, find a moment of calm, and meditate on your 3rd eye. If you work with crystals, find one that has a reflective surface, Black Obsidian is great for this. It has a way of taking you into a place of relaxation and reflection where you can feel yourself gently guided into a place of knowing. Do enjoy this week, for the changes you make are necessary and positive.

Pisces – The Book of Shadows

Oooh Pisces exciting times for you this week, and its triple spellbound whammy for us all we’ve had Cauldron, Spell now yourselves with the Book of Shadows.

This indicates a gathering of people, when you get a trio, or a team of people able to work together on something so look for Pisces/Libra/Sagittarius bonds. And read those signs for guidance. The Book of spells and you. What do you bring to the party?

Research, study, writing your own story by applying what you have learned to your everyday life. Whether you follow a magical path or new age less magical path, the message here is, you are the person the spell makers and spell mixers go to for the recipe. This is a very important role. In your working life or social life, it asks you to look at the plans and projects you are involved in their written form. If you have an idea in your head and you’ve not committed it to paper or computer then do so, get out the A4 pad and pen and get scribbling. For in order to present it to someone who can help you turn it into something, it needs setting out in a clear and planned out manner.

The fact this is a very private book tucked away from prying eyes, indicates you need to be careful who you share your words with. The Spell get’s spoken, but only when it’s time. It remains in the book of shadows until it is time to share it. And like a diary, or journal, it’s your own safe space to write down your own thoughts and feelings. The beauty of it’s hidden and private nature is that these are just thoughts and ideas that do not have to all be acted upon. You get to review all your words in your own time to decide what cunning plan or spell you do weave out of them. I am still sticking with the theme of teamwork for this on all 3 signs, so expect to be united with a team that has different talents producing great results.

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