Weekly Tarotscope April 13th 2020

Your weekly Tarotscope


The Magician

Finally! You are at the start of a powerful new cycle. So, you have all the tools in front of you to conjure a new existence. You are the Magician; anything you pursue now has a touch of magic to it. You’re shifting your lockdown energy into a creative space, the flow of potential is switched firmly to on.

You have the four elements you need to conjure your dreams. Fire = Passion, Water = Emotion/empathy/intuition Earth = Practical skills Air = intellect. Add all of these ingredients together and watch the magic happen.

Where you put your focus is where the energy will go. Pay attention to your thoughts and beliefs, which play a large part in creating your reality. Your words are spells right now, cast them wisely. Fell the surge of possibility rise!



Hey, Warrior of love, There may be a situation in your life that requires ‘Justice’. Perhaps you feel that there has been an injustice, and you can’t see the Universe dealing with the matter?

Even when we can’t ‘see’ Justice in action, there is usually much going on beneath the surface. In these stressful times, there is no point fretting about the stuff you cannot change, trust that beneath the surface, the Cosmos is working hard to resolve things.

If you have had contracts, divorce, or moving put on hold, it can feel frustrating. When the bigger picture reveals itself, you will feel safe and secure. Justice is popping up to tell you that Justice always balances out in the end. Focus on you, do the right thing, and know that you are being guarded and protected.

If you’ve been waiting for a fabulous contract, expect it soon, but be sure to read it carefully.


The Lovers

Hey Dazzling one, The Lovers is perfect, why? Because Venus, the planet of love, is in your sign right now. Venus gives a boost to your love life, but it also increases your passion for life. You’re a love magnet and an abundance one too. Whether big or small the Universe should deliver a gift this week. Gifts can manifest in many forms, it may be an unexpected loving text, or a heartfelt offer of help. Open your arms to love in all her many forms.

The Lovers card also lets you know that you are deeply loved. You are a loving support to others, never underestimate the power of your love.


7 of Cups

Hey Divine and beautiful Cancer,

The Caterpillar has no clue that she is about to become a butterfly and experience life as if on another planet. You’re going through a similar metamorphosis spiritual Cancer. You’re at the end of a cycle and about to blossom, just like spring shoots you are rising.

Before your wings fully unfurl you have to keep it real. Just like any good fairytale there might be a final quest or task you need to complete. A host of tantalising fantasies and dreams are dangled, some real, some delicious illusions, a snake or two, and enlightenment. What will you choose?

Make sure that you see love interests clearly and that you aren’t falling for desire over common sense. Is there a delicious charmer who is stringing you on? What are your relationship patterns? Value yourself, know your vast worth. All that you seek and more is available when you solve this weeks puzzle.


Ace of Pentacles

Leo, The gift of grounding is given to you this week. You have the determination and true grit to get things done. You may have felt confined or couped up but your vibe is changing. Expect to suddenly see potential in the gloom. A brilliant idea to draw abundance to you arrives.

Influencers, strong souls and powerful ones are all drawn to you. Commit to your desires, fight any anxieties or self-doubt. You have come this far, and the next stage will likely feel easier. The Ace of Pentacles affirms that you can and will do it. Ground yourself, look after yourself, and plant your seeds deeply. An abundance spurt it on the way!


6 of Swords

Darling Virgo,

You have likely been on an intensely emotional journey. You’ve had to confront fears, past pain, and perhaps the difficult task of letting someone or something go that meant a lot to you. The good news is that you have been a champion for yourself, you have taken your power back, and this week, you are heading to safer emotional shores.

When we are midway through emotional trials, it can be hard to see a positive outcome. The 6 of swords is cheering you on, and informing you that not only will you get through this, but you will also rise.

Allow yourself to feel whatever is coming up for you but also know when to let go of the past. A bright and glowing future beckons filled with the love and respect you deserve.


The Devil

Yikes, Libra,

You’ve received the Devil for your weekly guidance. Whaaaaat! The Devil Card? I hear you cry. Fear not! The Devil is coming to show you that you have the power to overcome addictions, fears and obsessions. If you need support in this, please reach out for it now.

What is your go-to self destruct pattern? We all have them! It could be comfort eating, crushing on an unobtainable love interest, online sex with strangers or affairs that you know won’t end well. Facebook stalking the ex or having that crafty cigarette or triple gin and tonic? Don’t get me wrong. If you enjoy any of the above and don’t feel it is self-destructive, then carry on, you will know in your heart what is right and what is wrong for you.

Or perhaps you give yourself a hard time and have a negative inner script playing? This card does suggest there’s some juicy temptation arrives this week, but it also informs you that you are free to take those pesky chains from around your neck at any time!

If you want to liberate yourself from a dodgy pattern, you can do so now. Think carefully of your choices and know you have more control than you realise.

You are empowered now. You also have the opportunity to enchant someone else. Whatever comes toward you this week, make sure you want it before you say yes!


Two of Pentacles

Hey Glorious Soul, Are you juggling, emotional plate spinning and keeping energetic balls in the air? Perhaps there’s been too many demands on you? HOWEVER, this card reveals that all the hardship and struggle has turned you into a powerful and extraordinary Magician.

You are brilliant at dealing with most situations, think about it, look at all the crap you have had to deal with! Look at all you handle! GOOD NEWS you are about to be rewarded with a gift from the Universe!

Please trust in yourself right now. You are about to go on a journey. It may be a spiritual journey, it might be a sensual journey, or it may even be a romantic journey, but whatever it is it is going to expand your horizons and deliver you to your next step. It’s up to you to follow the road to expansion, are you in?


7 of Swords

Ok, I’ll be honest I am not fond of this card! HOWEVER, when I get this card in a Tarot card in a reading, I do find it empowering. You are an intuitive being, and I bet you aren’t surprised you’re seeing the trickster? You have had a gut feeling that you not been given the whole picture, and you are likely right.

This week you work out who you can trust. If you feel that there is an untrustworthy soul around you, you will get validation. When we see that a person does not have our best interests at heart, we can then deal with it. In my experience, when we get rid of the bad eggs, we make room for an exceptional spirit to step in. You’re energy clearing this week, Sagittarius and, in doing so, you well and truly liberate yourself


10 of Wands

Yay! Success! It might not feel as if you are going to succeed. You’ve been carrying some heavy burdens recently, in fact, you haven’t been able to see the wood for the trees, but guess what? You are solving your problems. It may be that you have been worn down, but you are about to find a much easier way of doing things. Put down your bundle of sticks and see if you can find a way to streamline some of your responsibilities. The good news is that there is a big change coming.

10 is the number of completion, and you are about to have a rebirth of some sort. Where do you want to go? What do you want to achieve in the next phase of your life? The cosmos is telling you ‘good job’ you have managed to keep going and now is a time of victory for you. Be proactive and objectively look at what you can delegate and pass on to others to deal with. You are going to need a bit more mental and spiritual freedom to follow the new path that is opening up for you.




Hey Gorgeous Water Bearer,

You’ve come to an incredible crossroads, you’ve been awakening for some time, no doubt sensing which direction to go in. Perhaps you’ve had tantalising clues or dreams? Finally, this week your new path is potentially revealed. Your intuition is on fire as you intuit with a deep knowing what you have to do next.

Thankfully you’ve learned from the past and you’re determined not to repeat it. A huge possibility is opening up in front of you, gather your courage. Trust in your heart, and open the door to a different reality, a reality that lights up your soul.

Once we see the truth and have the answers, there’s no turning back. Just as a caterpillar once turned into a butterfly can’t fit back into the old cocoon. You are a radiant and divine being, trust YOUR judgment as a new future unfolds.


The Fool

Sweetest Pisces, Yay! The Fool is my favourite card in the deck. This card leads us into brand-new destinies and turns our life into a magical force. The Fool revives our flagging spirits, but we have to trust this journey into the unknown. We need to believe in a myriad of possibilities and ditch our usual routines.

Okay, I get it, you might ask ‘what has the Fool got to teach me a lockdown? I can’t put my knapsack on and traipse off into the wild unknown, that’s not essential travel!’

Being impulsive, following the call of your heart, can be done without leaving the house! The Fool is urging you to get excited about the experiences that are to come. The Fool is reminding you that life can change at any moment. It’s now time for a leap of faith, to break the mundane. The Fool informs you that there’s a week of possibility ahead. Go get them tiger

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