Your Weekly Tarotscope with Michele Knight 6th April 2020

Wheel Of Fortune

Your Weekly Tarotscope with Michele Knight 6th April 2020


Ace of Wands

Hey Fire Queen, you are getting your power back this week. You might have been feeling weighed down with responsibility recently, and your mind cluttered with how to deal with our current world crisis. Thankfully the Ace of Wands is filling you with your usual enthusiasm and energy.

A surge of creative power, passion coupled with a renewed lust for life reboots your mojo. What are you going to do with this power? Wands need to be channeled, pick a focus, and point your magic in that direction.

The Ace of Wands is an energetic flow. Let the luminous fire energy of this Ace fill your heart to get it done. You are radiating with potential, use it.



Earthy Empress, Balance is your superpower this week. The cosmos is delivering skills to transform your day to day habits. Being confined to home can feel overwhelming. Temperance is guiding you to make tiny changes that deliver huge rewards.

When you feel balanced, anything is possible. The secret to happiness this week is to take small chunks of time to do the things you need to do to restore your equilibrium. Ditch anything self-destructive like drinking too much or scoffing Kit Kats for breakfast. The rewards will be more than worth it. The Universe is rooting for you and ready to deliver.


The Star

The Star shines her light upon you this week. Healing, creativity, and inspiration sparkle through the gloom. You’re having an awakening, and your soul is delivering answers. Use this gorgeous energy to restore your vibe, to bask in the healing rays of love. If you’re creative, expect a cosmic download of ideas.

The Star speaks about the appearance of optimism and support. It’s time to seek divine motivation, that calms your spirit and fills you with joy. This week offers a period of greater tranquility and connection and you so deserve it.


5 of Cups

Moon Child, If you’ve recently suffered a few disappointments, it can be easy to feel the loss but not consider what remains. There’s a Full Supermoon this week that helps shift your focus to what’s still standing. Two cups of love, wonder, and magic are still upright. Let the Full Moon turn you towards empowerment.

All is far from lost and what remains is more potent than you think. The bigger picture is starting to unfurl


Queen of Swords

Lion of lions, You have a pretty good reputation for being fierce when you need to. What many don’t know about you is that you truly are a pussy cat, kitten underneath. You don’t snarl and claw unless pushed to extremes.

This week you might need to deploy a different strategy. It’s time to hold healthy boundaries in a new way, to speak your truth without losing your cool, and not waver. The Queen of Swords is very firm in her conviction, you have the power to carry yours out now.


The Page of Cups

Sweet, loving Virgo. This week your energy is like a newborn baby bear cub. You’re full of curiosity and tenderness, and a reclaimed innocence. Your heart wants to see the good in people, situations, and this includes your own spirit.

We all start out this way, open, curious, free. You’re going through a mini rebirth. Don’t fight the stream of love as you start to see small miracles everywhere. Only connect with those who bring you peace. Protect and revel in your awakening.


6 Of Wands

Fabulous one, The 6 of Wands speaks to you of victory! There is a triumph for you this week and much-needed honour including well deserved recognition. It might be big or small, but it boosts your purpose. The Universe is cheering you on, as the people around you understand how giving and hardworking you are.

You’ve won the battle and are on top. Remember, there are many more successes to come. Pat yourself on the back and keep galloping forward.


9 of Wands

Hey Charismatic one, You are known for your ability to protect yourself. In these challenging times, have you had trouble putting your tail down? If your primal buttons get pushed, you are more than happy to sting.

The 9 of Wands urges you to protect yourself, yet suggests you don’t be defensive because if you get defensive, you inadvertently give your power away. Which is the last thing you want!

You are winning, you have overcome high odds and you’re still standing. The next phase is about flourishing and keeping the ground you’ve won.


King of Pentacles

Wild one, The King of Pentacles, is landing with a thump this week. It’s time to get yourself together in a brand new way. If you’re as practical as possible, there will be rewards.

Have you been leaving irritating tasks and then getting stressed by small things? Opportunites are coming that can increase your abundance BUT you must sort out the day to day , so when they arrive, you can seize them.

You might be around a grounded masculine figure who is working hard with you for security and safety. You want loyalty now and are likely to ditch anyone flaky or unreliable.



Hey, Wonderful, You are the Goddess of tenacity. Whatever life slings at you, you manage to manage still to put one foot in front of the other. In these testing times, you may have felt powerless. The Strength card is showing a renewed sense of positivity is coming your way.

Use gentleness to overcome obstacles, shake things up by supporting yourself first, shore up your energy reserves and a vast flow of Strength comes your way. Even if it hasn’t felt like it, Strength comes in to remind you that you have an unconquerable spirit.


The 3 of Cups

Blimey Aquarius, these are very interesting times for you. Saturn has entered your sign and instantly slammed you with all sorts of new responsibilities. You are the sign of freedom and open spaces, if you find yourself struggling, the 3 of Cups sprinkles a dose of friendship vibes on you this week.

Your pals are a tonic. You have a revelation that space and freedom can be found by doing what you do best, thinking out of the box! Download Houseparty/Zoom and have yourself a little virtual dinner party. Use Chrome to watch Netflix in real-time with someone you love. I’m pretty sure you are going to experience more laughter, hilarity and a sense of unity than you expect this week.


Wheel of Fortune

Darling Pisces, The Wheel of Fortune reminds you that nothing is static. The Wheel is always turning. If you feel stuck, afraid, or frustrated, know that everything is changing all the time.

When the Wheel of Fortune pops up something karmic, fated, and meant to be is occurring. It could be as simple as a conversation that changes your perspective, a new connection that feels like an old soul friend or an unexpected opening. Look out for a meaningful experience that could shift your energy and open up your soul journey.

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