Your weekly Astro Tarot reading with Michele Knight 24th September 2019

Your weekly Astro Tarot reading with Michele Knight 24th September 2019

Aries – The Fool

Glorious Aries, you received The Fool card. The Fool is my favourite card and sprinkles lashings of magic for you this week. Get ready to leap into a new opportunity, to open up your magical spirit and take a risk. The Fool is the wild card in the deck and, is shouting that you’re ready to fly free of the mundane to launch yourself in a new direction.

I always think that The Fool as the essence of us Aries. When we trust our innocent and free spirit we always tend to tumble into new adventures and magnificent opportunities. The Fool is not an idiot, but understands a deeper picture, and she infinitely trusts her soul’s journey.

So sweet warrior spirit, the message of this week is to trust your gut, and lead with your fabulous heart. Anything is possible now.

Taurus – The Magician

Hey magnificent grounded one, good news! Your weekly card is a stunning one, The Magician. Yay! The Magician heralds a new beginning and is stuffed with spanking possibility. You have all the tools you need to forge a fabulous new start.

Do you trust in your own ability to create your destiny? What do you want to craft for your future? How you think, what you believe, and the words you speak hold a powerful significance this week. The past is over, it’s time for decisive action.

Blend all of the elements in front of you into a powerful spell of creation. Get practical, be emotionally in tune for yourself and others, use your intellect and your mind. Whisk all of these elements together for victory.

Gemini – The Knight of Swords

The Knight of swords is your feisty and determined card. You are not afraid to go to battle for what you believe in this week. Your mind is buzzing with ideas, and you seek those that stimulate your intellect.

There may be a situation where you felt challenged. However, you can decide to make changes. There is no shoving you in the corner this week. Your words are dazzling, and your ideas compelling.

One word of caution sweet Gemini. Remember, words have a big impact. You are incredibly observant of other people’s weakness right now. You are as persuasive as you are strong, so there is no need to use words as a weapon, instead, lead with love.

Cancer – The Seven of Pentacles

Divine cancer, the Seven of Pentacles is visiting you this week. Have you been feeling as if you’ve been working very hard and yet received no recognition? Or perhaps you feel that you haven’t reaped the fruit of your desires?
Wait up cancer! the Seven of Pentacles is telling you that you have achieved far more than you possibly now know. The bonuses are growing from your labours of love. You deserve these rewards. Keep putting the effort in, and trust me, the cosmos is watching and planning.

Oh, and expect a positive deluge of experiences, rewards, or kind words. Keep going, you’re almost there.

Leo – The Eight of Cups

Hey Queen, you’ve got the Eight of Cups. Just like the brave lion that you are, you are about to go in search of what is missing in your life. Any situation that you feel is a bit meh, or barely OK or that doesn’t fulfil you, is ready to be released.

You are putting on your cloak of power and going on a journey of fascinating discovery. Not because you have to do it, but because you want to. Look deep within your heart, what is it that you truly seek? You are beginning of a powerful journey this week and one that is likely to inspire you.

Virgo – The Seven of Wands

Mighty Virgo, your card for the week is the Seven of Wands. You might feel as if people, responsibilities, and hassle has been flying at you from every angle. Yes, It might appear like this now, but actually, you are at the top of the hill, you have reached higher ground already.

OK, You might be too puffed out from the fight to realise it but the intense struggle is coming to an end. You have very nearly won the battle and this week marks a turning point. You have been incredibly brave, but of course, it’s been tough. Look for ways to ease small pressures and perhaps delegate tasks to give you time to recover so that you can begin to see the bigger picture.

Libra – The Three of Pentacles

Fabulous Libra, it’s Libra season and life should be filled with an extra dose of magic. The Three of Pentacles reveals that all the foundations you build this week have a high chance of succeeding. You are plotting and planning a way to develop an easier life with more rewards and less struggle. You’ve got some great ideas and should be halfway there.

You are one of the hardest workers, OK, it’s easy for others not to see that sometimes, partly because you just get on with it, and also because you don’t usually brag or even humble brag! Right now, in this unrepeatable week you are forming strong bonds and connections. The Three of Pentacles assures you that you can express yourself and work together as a team, but remember, you are the boss builder of your life.

You’ve collected guts, willpower, and all the lessons you’ve learned in the past. You’ve got a rucksack filled with strength and empathy for yourself and others. You can do this!

Scorpio – The Wheel of Fortune

Deep, deep Scorpio, You have a reputation for being cautious, intuitive and in control. When the wheel of life turns, even if it’s good, it can make you a tad uneasy. Remember that when the circle shifts, we are released from the chains of the past. The unexpected can unleash a fresh and delicious reality.

Look out for strange synchronicities and meaningful experiences. Transformation is afoot, the other symbol for you is the phoenix so get ready to rise. Pay attention, and shift your psychic antenna into high alert, an important experience should bring a soul happening.

Sagittarius – The Ace of Swords

Curious Saggy, you are lovingly referred to as the truth monster. You do not hesitate in speaking plainly, and often bluntly! The Ace of Swords is bringing a grand and sweeping experience of honesty this week. There is likely to be a big moment of truth. Whatever the truth is, it shall be revealed,

Whatever news is winging your way, the message should in some way give you your power back. You are cutting through the crap to get to the point!

The Ace of Swords gives you the strength to think things through and to execute a plan and also to say your piece and be heard. Oh, and it can indicate a lump sum of abundance coming in.

Capricorn – The Two of Pentacles

You have several choices this week. Your heart and mind are opening up to adventure; you’re a dreamer with fantastic ideas and sense of the future. If you can find the right balance, you can make that dream come true, but it’s essential to weigh things up.

Life may feel a little topsy turvy but also quite thrilling. You are very determined right now, take advantage of it as it gives you the ability to put your hunches into motion. A dreamy, journey is also on the cards….

Aquarius – The Two of Cups

Hooray, great love vibes are coming and possibly a union of note. I always see this card as the real essence of soulmates. The 2 of Cups shows a union of souls, a deep connection, respect and understanding. If you’re in a relationship, this can be an incredible moment of happiness and healing.

If you’re single and looking for love, keep your eyes peeled! The energy is ripe for a different kind of union.

Not all soulmates are lovers. When we meet certain friends that blend with us and enhance our energy when we feel totally safe, and at peace with someone, they too are a soulmate. Everyone needs these connections to flourish and grow, and it’s your turn.

Pisces – Five of Wands

Pisces you lovely sensitive and spiritual one, Avoid being grumpy to show affection this week. Sometimes you don’t feel as if you are giving the respect or love you deserve. If you want attention, don’t show the opposite and get into a tiff or power struggle just to be noticed. We all like making up, but it can cause more problems and a further block to the intimacy we crave.

Remember most people are not psychic like you, they are not going to understand that all you want is a hug and to be given a thank you! Reach out with warmth and show a little more of your vulnerable side this week, vulnerability is not weakness. If a person is deliberately annoying, remove your energy and hang out with the ones that get you!

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