Your April Tarotscope With Michele Knight Psychic and Astrologer

Your April Tarotscope with Michele Knight Psychic and Astrologer

Aries – 3 of Cups

Hey Firecracker,

Boo, Due to the world stoppage, it might feel like Aries season got canceled. Remember, special one; you are an ARIES warrior of love! Nothing can dampen your effervescent, heroic, and maverick spirit. There are splashes of wonder coming leaving you feeling very loved and supported.

Your April Tarot card is the 3 of Cups. No matter where you are, you manage to keep your friendships fresh and hearty. You’re natural warmth, spark, and Va Va Voom bring comfort and laughter to those you love. Open to letting others express their feelings, you’ll find a big dollop of affection returns. So Aries, practice receiving!

Expect delicious digital house parties/hangouts and many unexpected adventures to come. Not only are you enjoying your connections, but you’re also going to make new pals who inspire and delight you.

Taurus – 3 of Pentacles

Queen, I know it is tough being cooped up, but let’s face it, you are a natural homebody. Once you get into a stable routine, the 3 of Pentacles assures you that you are digging a solid foundation for the future.

You are an Earth sign, now is the time to ground, plant yourself into your life, and trust that your roots are strong. Soon you will see fronds of possibility and wonder sprout. Be practical, and your resolution will take care of the rest. The Cosmos believes in you.

Gemini – 5 of Cups

Unsurprisingly might have been feeling a little sensitive lately? The current situation may have created frustration, and a situation didn’t turn out exactly as you hoped. The classic interpretation of this card is ‘don’t cry over the spilled milk’. Of course, processing emotions is valuable, but it’s essential, even in these crazy times, to have faith in your soul journey, to trust your unbreakable warrior spirit, and look around for the two remaining cups.

I can genuinely say that some of the worse setbacks in my life were but forks in the road that led to my greater happiness. It may be that you are feeling vulnerable and are strongly reacting when things go wrong. Nurture yourself, regroup and KNOW that radiant and fulfilling experiences are on the way.

Cancer – The Hanged They (Traditionally the Hanged Man)

Moon Child, The Hanged They are swinging into your April with a profound message. There are times when we cannot and should not swim against the tide. The Universe is placing not only you but the whole wide world in limbo. While this may feel challenging, exciting developments are developing and will soon reveal themselves. All sorts of surprises are manifesting as you change all your usual routines. What are you learning about your old life? How do you envision your future life?

Do what your Goddess ass has to do to be practical and then play, have fun, think outside the box. Turn the waiting into sacred space as you gather your power.

The traditional card -The Hanged Man is ruled by Neptune. Deep down, in the vast, fathomless oceans, there’s a hella lot going on underneath. Your time is coming, trust!

Leo – Temperance

Hello Dazzling Fire Goddess, Times are strange, but balance is your answer. It’s time to examine and transform your extremes. Your desire to bring harmony into your life is attracting the right energy. Temperance is pushing you to look at your patterns, to shed extremes, to find your own middle ground.

You are awakening to the importance of being quiet, calm, and tranquil. When you expand this energy you feel rejuvenated and capable of seeing how to fix problems.

Are you in Lockdown mayhem, drinking or fretting too hard? Are you giving all your energy away and not keeping enough for yourself? Is there a drama party going on in your love life? Find your inner zen and all problems melt away. When you find your balance you find a superpower you never knew you had. Prepare to be surprised.

Virgo – The Empress

Vibrant Virgo, Yes, we are in a time of turmoil, yet April is awakening your creativity, and your ability to give birth to incredible new ideas. A mother Goddess is rising within you. You’re sitting on a throne of possibility.

Even though you are a natural Empress this month, it can be easy to be worn down by the responsibilities of life. You probably naturally nurture and care for those that cross your path and will continue that tradition this month. Please take care of yourself and indulge in what pleasures you!

In the immediate future, expect a surge of energy that reminds you of who you are and how far for have come. Opportunities are coming your way. You are glorious in your domain, make your home work for you. KNOW your fabulousness.

Libra – The Chariot

Is it time to shake your mane and gallop towards Freedom? Ok, Freedom may feel impossible in Lockdown, but your mind is free to conjure the future.You could be discovering what true freedom is and how you can manifest it in your current journey. Life will not always be on hold, a myriad of potential is emerging from your soul.

Where are you heading to? Are you in a fenced field or trotting wildly in any direction you please? The Chariot reminds us how important our focus is that we are free to make more choices than we are aware of. When we make firm decisions we empower ourselves to transform.

Have you tamed your spirit or forgotten what it is to be confident? The Chariot whispers that, regardless of circumstances, your free will is awakening.

You got this, you have a new lease of life, a peak experience and opportunity to ride towards your dreams. Believe in yourself and you will truly find your power within this challenging time.

Scorpio – The Hermit

Scorpio Wonderful One, Yes, we are all in isolation, yet the Hermit calls to you to show you how to empower yourself in this challenging time. Your loneliness, separation, or fear has the potential to transform into enlightenment this April.

The silver lining of this challenging time is a reconnection to your strength. In the stillness, you are rediscovering your wisdom. Ideas, inspiration, and power are rising to the surface. If you find yourself struggling with feeling alone, reach out to friends or online support groups.

The Hermit reminds you that you have all the enlightenment you need, BUT you have to take the time out to listen and tune into your own divine truth.

If you are feeling vulnerable or in need of some self-love take time out to visualise yourself covered in a pink light of unconditional love. Have a bath with sea salt and if you have any rose quartz place in your bath to infuse the water with love.

Boot out self-doubt, surrender your worry, and start to trust YOU, trust your inner truth and tune in your very own psychic antenna. Unexpected solutions are waiting.

Sagittarius – The Ace of Swords

Hey Wild One,

I know your nickname is ‘the truth monster’ as you’re the most bluntly honest of all the signs. Take heed, April delivers a mega moment of truth. Whatever the facts are, they reveal themselves layer upon layer. Taking time out has put into focus what matters. You are tired of anyone or anything that is not authentic. You are ready to cut away any crap to build a happier reality.

The truth, you honest to Goddess inner truth, gives you your power back. The Ace of Swords Tarot card gives you the strength to think things through and to implement a plan. You must say your piece, as you demand to heard. Don’t forget; it’s also essential to practice radical listening. When we listen without interrupting, there are often curious revelations.

Oh, and the Ace of Swords can also indicate a positive change in your finances, or unexpected abundance starting to flow.

Capricorn – Page of Cups

Earthy One, The Page of Cups is urging you to be tender with yourself and others this April. You have been going through quite the rebirth. Rebirth is often painful with you probably shedding ideas about yourself, your life, and others along the way.

Joyfully the Page of Cups is bringing good news and an array of wonder into your life. Your eyes are opening to small miracles, a creative awakening is happening with dabs of magic. Do you remember how you viewed the world when you were a small child? The curious magnificence of a simple shell on the beach? Can you recall seeing a cat for the first time?

April will feel a little like that, with waves of awakening. Each moment of love feels more heartfelt and profound. In need of problem-solving? Your imagination is your friend, let go of logic for a while and swim in the unknown.

Aquarius – 3 of Wands

Hello Visionary,  We are certainly in interesting and intense times yet is this a portal I see before me? You are scrying the future. You have learned from the past and can now take a leap into this cosmic unknown armed with a renewed faith in yourself. This Tarot card, suggets a great mystic soup of possibility. A journey is beginning and you are ready for it. However, do not get lost in the past. If you spend too much time thinking about what ‘coulda, woulda. ‘shoulda’ happened you may lose the power of this month.

Brush up on your intuitive skills, polish your trust and get ready for an awfully big adventure. Don’t spend too long second-guessing, it’s time to take the lead. You are the hero of your journey and the captain of your soul experiences. Life is about to get very interesting.

Pisces – 10 of Cups

Intuitive magical one, Yes, there have been shocks and hardship recently. Your divine empathy has been stretched to the max as you feel everyones pain. However, April brings you a peak love experience. You have a host of other folk showing that they care about you. There’s a celebration coming. OK, it might be an unusual one, but the love is flowing your way.

If you have had problems in your family life expect a shift in energy. Enjoy this peak experience that’s whizzing toward you. You’ve worked hard for it, you’ve earned it. This card also bodes well for love relationships and a renewed sense of wonder in the world

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