Wiccascopes with Violet Week beginning 13th May – 19th May 2019

Wiccascopes with Violet

Week beginning 13th May – 19th May

Hello Wiccascopians,

How are ye all?

I have decided to start a new hobby, ‘upcycling’, I’ve ordered all the bits. How hard can it be? I haven’t told my partner Johnny yet, it’s a ‘surprise’.

So, folks what surprises do you have in mind for the people in your life? What new challenges are you taking on? Who are you going to share them with? I think its great fun to just lay there in bed and plan out these things, then go out shopping the next day to get sorted.

So, think of something you want to do, plot it, get what you need for it, and just do it. Oh, and don’t tell anyone, cover it in a sheet, then say surprise when it’s finished!

On a serious note, this about being creative and letting out your arty side!

Have fun,

As usual,

Blessed Be



Taurus – Holy Water

Taurus fancy a swim, there’s water, water everywhere, so tell me what you think!  Or should I say feel? Yes, because Holy Water is more about feeling. It’s an emotional sense or energy that requires your attention when you draw this card.  It may be a sign that you are not reacting to things from a rational point of view. It’s time to refocus, cleanse your sacral chakra and get back on track.

Think about where you can actually use water, drink it, cook with it, bathe in it, shower in it, and clean with it.  Every time you take a drink of good clean water, you are cleansing your body flushing out toxins and waste, every time you bathe or shower, you are cleansing your body on the outside. When it comes to cleansing your mind and soul, you have to use your imagination, and also take practical steps as well. I shall explain.

Firstly, find yourself somewhere nice a quiet to be by yourself, undisturbed, a bath is a good place, and as you soak in the bath, having washed just say, ‘I release the old and let in the new’.  Then when you’ve dressed and sat down, remain relaxed and do a proper pro’s and cons list, what stays? What remains? What are you going to add?    Also, on the practical side, have a declutter, it’s amazing how this process kickstarts your mind and gut into just knowing what you have to do next.

Gemini – Cone of Power

Gemini hello, this week I am going to start with a question.  Do you feel a little stuck?  Has something or someone unsettled you? If the reply is yes Violet, help me!  Fear not, come with me to the Cone Room, take a seat on the sofa with me and let’s see which cone finds its way to you.

I can offer you a cone of power, the most basic cone, it comprises of all the cones that heal the chakras.  A very vibrant cone that will provide you with general healing.  Great, perhaps use this as your foundation cone. But what if you have something you really need help with? You need a particular cone for that, think on that issue, and take your bespoke cone.  Remember I said there are other cones here? Well, you can take a bonus cone for another issue you may want to deal with and so on.  It’s your time here. You choose how you spend it.

What happens then?  You will find once you’ve taken your cone(s) and held it(them), you may feel a little different.  Energized, ready for what happens next. With bells on.  What was difficult to deal with before, is now resolvable.  Where there was pain or panic, there is a sense of calm and clarity.  In the real world, you can create this feeling by taking a moment to imagine the event I’ve just described as a meditation or mindfulness exercise. You can do this.

Cancer – Cloak

I’ve a new analogy for this card Cancer. 007 superspy James Bond!  He’s discreet, always thinking ahead, outwitting the baddies, and loves the reveal enjoying the limelight a little.  This is you this week. So, go and see M, have a chat about your mission, pop in on Q get tooled up and I’ll see you in the next paragraph.

So, M gave you your mission, Q gave you your gadgets, or in real-world speak, you’ve had a think and know what you need to face up to and deal with. Yes! You’re a free agent asuch, and trusted to do what you will freely. But you do need to make your own secret plan.  So, take yourself to a quiet place, hold back from telling anyone that you are now a spy with a secret.  And get out a notebook and pen and get jotting.

Make your calls, have your meetings, do your research, if this is business linked.  Again, tell no-one who doesn’t need to know yet.  However excited you are! If this is linked to your personal life, the same principle applies, think, talk, but only to those it involves directly and whom you can trust.  Then when you’ve done this, reveal your truth, like a very proud 007 emerge ready for your next challenge.

Leo – Queen of Elphame

Queen of Elphame

Leo, she’s here again, the gracious Queen invites you to take a mini-break in her underworld of the Fae.  Sometimes in order to carry on being great, we need to retreat and have a little fun.  Cancer drew the Cloak card, also a card of retreat, but yours is different, it’s more a sense of forgetting the mundane, no pens or paper here! It’s all about learning by enjoying yourself.

My old school friend is currently setting up a new business, it’s been all go, studying, working out finances and adapting her home for it.  She recently went on a Yoga Retreat, because in order to deliver her new-found talents, she had to have the energy to do so.  Does this sound familiar?  Whether your issue is professional or personal what has left you burned out or feeling ill even?

What lies in the Underworld of the Fae, are beds made of chamomile flowers, waterfalls and healing bathing pools.  Little faeries and animals dance around you as you walk, talk, and enjoy meals with the Queen of Elphame. Of course, such worlds are hard to find, if they really exist at all, so create your own, or like my very good friend of 40 years, go to a yoga retreat?

Virgo – The Horned God

Oh Virgo, this card is so you! It’s natural, earthy and also quietly driven. He wants you to tune into your base chakra.  Can we do it now?  Hold your hand about 6” above your hips and upper thigh area.  Be honest now, what do you feel. There will be an emotion or energy that resonates from you. Please do not worry if you can’t feel anything.  Whilst you are focussing on that area, now imagine the colour red, ruby red! You are wearing ruby red underpants… feel the heat, say out loud, ‘I let out the old and negative, and welcome the new and positive!’ How do you feel now? Do this a few times.

After you have done this, and really given in to the new energy in you, stand up, feel the ground under your feet, your floor, walk around it. Forget the stars, moon and sun, feel that energy through your feet to your hips, going upwards until it shoots out your head.  You are grounded.  Now put some shoes on, (and clothes if you are not dressed right now), and go for a walk in woodlands near you.  Find a tree, sit under it, and make a few plans.  When you come back you’ll know just what you have to do next in your life. Oh… expect your libido to fire up too. Enjoy!!

Libra – Crystal Ball

Hi Libra, this is weird, I am currently ordering new glasses as we speak, (Well roughly around the same time), then I drew this card.   Vision is heavily featured in this card’s meaning; the Crystal Ball is an eyeglass for your 3rd eye.  If there is a question on your mind, very close in proximity to your 5th chakra, you may just find the answers you seek in clairvoyant skills. Whether they are new to your or established.

There’s such liberty and release in knowledge that until now has been hidden from you.  Has someone’s behaviour towards you made your question your place in their life, and theirs in yours? The things you see in your world around you, out of the corner of your eye or in plain sight will prompt you to have light bulb moments. We’re talking inspiration and clarity.

Please don’t be afraid, for at a time of revelations you may dig up old fears and feelings that perhaps are the blockages on your future progress.  You will get enough information about your future that has you running headfirst into it.  And it’s sent with a lot of love, from people who love you unconditionally, there will be no expectation on you.  You have your own free will and will do just fine.  The changes that come your way now are so positive and for the best.

Scorpio – Bat

Scorpio we’re leaving on a jet bat, yes The Bat flutters in, and perches on your window ledge, bleeping his or her invitation for you to join them on this evenings flight.  Luckily I am a witch and transform you into a bat. Good. Off you go and see what the night has to offer. For in the night what was hidden by day, emerges.  Lit up by the moon and stars. Ordinarily, the Bat would be hunting for food, but now you seek out knowledge.

What do you believe in? Think it about it for a moment. Spiritually, emotionally, Scorpio think what makes you tick in your heart and soul.  You’ll feel more deeply connected to yourself and the world you live in as a result of delving into the place I call, ‘more than’.  Embrace changes that come your way with insight and warmth. That fire in your belly will be burning brighter, enabling you to forge ahead!

As the Bat hails you to go and explore your options and gain your insight, you will spot in your everyday life little signs that tell you which way you need to go.  You may come to some dead ends, or get lost but you’ll find your way again.  New beginnings wait for you, or positive changes made to a current situation will make something feel refreshed and new.  Enjoy.

Sagittarius – 6 Rayed Star

Sagittarius how balanced are you feeling? I used to work in the mental health sector, and we proudly promoted the person-centred care approach.  This is where clients or patient’s treatment was led by their needs and requirements. You need to put yourself at the centre of your own care plan.  If you don’t how can you care for anyone else as part of theirs?

You then look at the areas of your life that require your attention, and the areas where you need attention. They have to be in sync in order for you to be able to function properly.  Yes, you have to have money to put that roof over your head, buy your food and pay your bills. And yes, you need to have a social life and support your friends and family.  But you also need to remember to sleep well and look after your health.

Of course, goals are important but not the cost of your true spiritual soul, remember the more you reach for the stars and the moon, your feet gradually come away from the ground.  If there were a balloon of ambition attached to this, you’d eventually float away.  So, keep your feet on the ground too. For as the Pentacle has 5 elemental areas, so you could argue does the Six-Rayed Star, it’s great to have fire in your belly, but you also need some earth as well. Get this sorted and you’ll be the best version of yourself.

Capricorn – Cauldron

Hello!  You may find yourself having concern for people in your life, taking on a nurturing, parental role within your circle.  This softer, more sensitive depth of feeling you feel may catch you off guard.  Normally you are in control, and quite independent but you may be finding yourself feeling a little ‘needy’, but unlike water signs who know who to deal with this, you won’t at first.

Worry not! Because when you get the Cauldron card, it says, you’ll have the perfect place to manifest the perfect approach or plan that will enable you to deal with this. One approach you’ll find that comes easily to you now, is that of putting others first, just be careful you don’t sacrifice too much of yourself.  Remember to save some energy for yourself.

In my cauldron, or pot, when I make a resin or potion, I carefully consider the matter from all angles before even reaching for a herb, or crystal. I also make sure I have the right candle and the right words for the right spell.  In other words, what happens when I spell cast with my potion brewed in my pot, depends on the process.  This applies to you at the moment. Whether you are Wiccan or have your own interpretation of this, you’ll be doing it because you care and that is love.

Aquarius – Book of Shadows

Oh, good grief Aquarius, I’ve an old book of Magyck winging its way to me. I love old books, and you’ve one too in the Book of Shadows.  You are wise, and will become all the wiser for getting this book. Turn the pages to find where the blank pages start. This is where you take over the book.  There’s a posh pen to that goes with it.  Okay, write a spell.

Oh, you don’t know how?  I beg to differ. What is your wish to manifest, or in plain English, ‘make happen’?  Great. Give it a title. But before you do that, ask yourself, who does this serve, and is it the right to do? And yes, I know I sound boring, but will it hurt anyone else?  If hand on heart none are harmed. Write out your intentions, wishes and make a plan. You then have a spell. This book is a diary packed full of spells, and you will add to them as you manifest.

When you record your spells, or in modern day speak, thoughts and words, you’ll find you spell out your intentions to the universe and hence find that you have more focus, and much stronger intention. The words that others use will also mean something to you, for the universe finds a way of using other people as messengers. Inspiration could come from reading books, or on-line articles.  But there is power in words for you this week, that chapter by chapter will tell your own story.

Pisces – Owl

Pisces we’ve had Bats taking people on night flights, why not become an owl and go hunting as well. The night is bright, your vision is good, and with these new lovely tawny or white wings, (you can choose), you have speed, agility and confidence. Whilst you may not in reality be an owl, you can apply these skills into your earthly everyday life.  But what are you going hunting for?

Well that is up to you! I imagine somehow you’ll know though. It could be healing, inspiration, closure, success, romance or just simple clarification. I feel you’ll find it, glide down, swoop and pick it up.  Nature’s torch Sister Moon has a canny habit of guiding you to where you need to be.

Owl calls us back to nature, where you can sit and think. If you are at peace, you can create space in your body, mind and soul in order to let the answers come to you.   Whatever is you discover by spending time with the Owl, could change your life in a big way.  On a cautionary note, you will really have to trust your gut when you get this card, you may be guided by your 3rd eye, but your gut is still vital in decision making. The Owl will ask you ‘Right is that what you want to do?’ You’ll reply, ‘Yes’, and before you know it you’re both off in the air carrying out that plan. The Owl prides itself on instinctive action, and confident intention.  Show should you.

Aries – The Lady

Aries, I feel there is an element of the Phoenix reborn here.  And as a fire sign, that is so apt for you. Where you felt as is life was managing you, and you were not managing it, you may now find yourself back in the driving seat. Relief eh? An already confident sign you appreciate it when things are flowing well for you and will welcome the return of your ‘mojo’. (p.s I love that word).

The Lady tells you that you should believe in yourself, and have every right to feel happy. So why would you not believe it? Is what you are trying to do apparently out of reach, does it have to be so perfect?  What Aries if it already is, and just needs a little love to be included.  And that means loving yourself as well as others. In kindness and compassion, you create a link that joins you to both air and ground.

You may already be a leader, or feel like you should be, if you are seeking a promotion, it’s long overdue, go for it!  If you have a dream or something that you want so badly to happen, use this new found energy and courage to get you there. This card could be your totem card, or profile card. This reading above all asks you to be kind to yourself.




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