Wiccascopes With Violet 2337 20th May – 26th May 2019


With Violet 2337

20th May – 26th May

Hello all!

Welcome to Gemini season!!!! Happy Birthday to you all this week.  I’d give you the gift of sunshine, but it’s on and off here, I tried!

I’ve well and truly turned into landscape gardener this week. Weeds 0 Violet 1.   And the upcycling of furniture has been put to one side due to a visit to a garden centre that ended up with more pots, and some plants that I didn’t know the English name of.  Olea was one of them.  It turns out that I have bought an Olive tree.   This is an interesting challenge.  Yes, I live on the coast, but we’re aiming for a Mediterranean climate to grow said plant.  A hothouse is now being repaired rapidly.

So, my point?  In going off piste as it were and just buying plants I know not the name of, I created a bit of, ‘Why not moment’.  So, if you want to try something different, when you’re trying to be creative or embracing your learning this week, be open-minded. Don’t let a little language barrier put you off, or make you return a plant. Go for it.  And guess what I’ll have olives in 5 years! (if the plant stays alive that long).

Have a great week.

With love



 Gemini – Athame

Very Warm wishes Gemini, and it’s Birthday week one for you guys!  You will find your celebration of being born, a very illuminating and charged time. You will be finding the pieces of puzzles and enigmas to complete a very important process you have to finish. This is about stage two planning of the events in your life. The double-sided knife cuts through, and into the truth of situations, and reveals things as they really are. For a two-sided personality Gemini, you’ll find yourself embracing your more assertive and cooler side.

Please take this time to note your achievements, not just in this year, but in this lifetime.  And what do you see?  You’ve been on a great journey, and it isn’t over yet!  What you have learned up until this point will all be a great library of information where you can plan your next move. But knowledge is only half the story in a great adventure.  The most exciting bit and the one area that leads to you more success is action.  Take action now.  Hold your Athame above your head, and declare your intentions and get ready to go!

I touched on the complex issue of the Gemini personality, light and shade, yes and no, as you will know.  As a fellow air sign also having that balance issue I feel your pain.  With fire and power, a driven passion comes a sense of authority and maybe ego. So maybe blend in if you can your gentler, kinder side as well and you’ll find your message to the world will be delivered to receptive souls, who understand what you are trying to achieve.  But whatever you are aiming for, go for it!

 Cancer – Spiral

Cancer never fear your summer is coming! I went into my books and did a little read up on the Golden Spiral Goddess because I feel there is a strong link with this card and the said lady. This Goddess represents the cycles of life, birth, death, rebirth, and all things linked to existence.  The aim is for the Golden Spiral to spin around in harmony.  When things are spinning in such a way, unity of self, nature, and our world works at its best. Think about the last time you had a really great moment with someone.  Why was it so great?  You were both spiralizing in tune with each other.

The Golden Spiral Goddess unites the colours of all the spectrums, and chakras, to blend them to pure unconditional love energy.  If any of those spectrums are a little out, then the spiral will wobble, or even crash to a halt.  So, this is why I talk about keeping your chakras topped up, and attuned and most of all protected. What do I say?  By all means, give, and take, but don’t give more than you can afford to lose, and don’t take more than you need.

What does this mean in layman’s terms?  You are being asked to do a little top to toe self-check, crown to the ground. Do you feel a little ‘off’, have you felt a little ill lately? Perhaps rest and restore is the answer here. Whatever needs your attention can wait whilst you attend to yourself. I don’t feel the need for a full-blown escape, though a mini holiday would do the trick! Just recognising that you can’t keep on giving your all if someone is taking, and you can’t keep on taking it all if someone is giving. You have to find your own harmony and balance before you continue as a force of nature in life.

Leo – High priest

Leo greetings, A wise person of age or wisdom is going to appear to you now. I don’t know what form they’ll take, i.e. via your 3rdeye or your spirit guide network, or literally, a real older wiser male could be about to become important in your life.  A father figure, boss or grandfather even.  Their opinion counts for something. They don’t often hold court, but when they do everyone listens.  They want to draw your attention to something important you need to deal with now.

In the Harry Potter films how often really did he get to see Dumbledore?  Only when something needed doing of some urgency, or he had something urgent to say to him.  And if you’ve watched these films, you’ll know he just showed Harry information, then with a wink, let him deal with it in his own way.  You have this free will too, or in other words, you can decide what you are going to do this week.  Sure, if you don’t do anything Dumbledore will be sad you missed a great hint to your future success or happiness, but you’d be more disappointed than him.

You must believe in yourself; someone is saying here is the key, off you go you can do it.  Maybe the Wizard should offer you the gift of a mirror to show you your true reflection? But you are great, have come so far, can learn so much more. Maybe you lack the confidence a wizard has, or you once had in yourself? Maybe you have too much? Are you perhaps loftying about with your cool air of ‘I’ve so got this, get out of my way mortals! That people are a little wary.  Whatever the Wizard’s message, yes you’re great, but as tall as you feel, stay warm-hearted.

Virgo – The lady

Oh, Virgo here we go!  So, this week I bring you birth/rebirth, standards, and freedom.  I’m going to add a little cheeky smidgen of invention. Brighid fans, for that’s who I just know in my gut she is for me, is here.  I want you to look at the meaning of Imbolc again for this is a 2nd Imbolc for you. Seeds taking root yet, plants showing through? Spring and Summer bringing them on? Are your plans growing?  Yes. Don’t say no! They are.  They just have a little way to go. I said Autumn is key for you Virgo.  I meant it.

Expect spiritual growth, professional development and progress in all areas of life also. Your tree is branching out and so are you! I write this when the moon is full, so embrace the full-on sense of achievement and completion you’ll feel.  What a month you’ve had.  What a week you’ll have.  Anything negative that happens there’s a chance you’ll feel it as well, but you know the story by now, it’ll pass as it gets released. What’s left is what you need. No more no less.

I feel you can anticipate pleasure and pain in equal measure, but know that whatever happens now is meant to happen.  Brighid like the moon, offers reflection, fresh starts and the excitement of knowing something different is going to happen as a result. If you manifest with the moon, you know the process, it may not be the best time to do much but just maintain your life. Keep the fire stoked, but be patient also.  Have a rest, let time pass in real time, no fast forwarding or wishing things away or wishing things to happen.  Que sera sera!  What will be, will be. But you’ll be great as a result.

 Libra – Owl

Libra warm wishes! Why are connecting with The Owl? Owls coming to a reading now mean that the whole truth will be revealed to us. They help us become more observant by day, night, awake and asleep.  Senses will be heightened to help us see reality as it is.  If you practice magic, then expect a little extra help, your 3rd eye will be sharp and sensitive. And I’ll mention the Full moon as I write this, waning into our week, but it too will have given extra light to questions that had us stumped. Dreams will be intense, don’t be scared, but do get a dream journal and keep it by your bed.  My dreams are at times exhausting but packed full of information.

Owls also ring the changes, the hoot of an owl calling time in one area of your life, heralds the beginning of another. As there is light and shade, or night and day, something new is starting around you.  You’re invited to be part of it, but may have to let something go to allow it to happen.  That’s o.k the rewards will outweigh the grief.  If you have been ignoring a situation, i.e. it’s fallen on deaf ears, Owl says listen up, be warned and be aware.  Whatever it is, you will be able to see answers, and solve problems.

The Owl knows that you’ve been through it recently, and maybe you’ve been hurt or gone very deep into your soul.  Guess what you’re going the right way, even if you don’t feel it.  Sometimes the hardest part of a journey is the middle.  Where you have come half way and are lost in the woods and need to find the path out. Owl says, follow them and you’ll be out of the woods into the light.  In other words, what has felt tough has been well fought for, and you can like Virgo, slow your pace down and consider your next moves carefully.

Scorpio – the Sword

Scorpio in the words of Abba, ‘You have a dream!’ We’re hoping and dreaming this week for you by drawing this card. You’ll be telling people about the things you are excited about, and hopeful for, for this is your throat chakra’s turn to do what it does best.  Sing, shout, talk and speak.  The tone you will have is much like Gemini, one of ‘Attitude’, with no messing!  As you swish ye olde sword about, careful you don’t cut anyone though eh?


I give you wisdom, self-awareness, and a truth radar, an inner sense that tells what is what and who is who in your life.  As Libran had the Owl, you have this lovely bit of kit that will arm you with wit and wisdom.  Also like the Wizard, elevated, knowing and wise.  But a wizard wielding a weapon that casts truths where they were once hidden.  Scorpio’s are careful with their words normally, wary of who they trust.  This has never been more so. And they also have a sting in the tail. Again, watch that tail!


If this week is challenging in any way, you won’t feel it as sensitively about it as you normally would. I feel less water around you and more fire with you.  Which if mixed up creates steam, or a lot of hot air! So, if others are sharp with you, you’ll know what to say. One word will suffice. Or more one look.  But the lovely thing about the Sword is that new beginnings are carved out of such challenges being overcome.  You’ll be forging ahead with your blade.

Sagittarius – The Green Man

Sagittarius reach out my friends, clear room in your life for you are having a growth spurt!  If you’ve seen the picture of Michele greeting the day, arms outstretched, feet on the floor.  She has her energy system connected to the earth where her root chakra is connected to the ground. The energy flows from her feet right through to her head, and up towards the sky, out through her arms into the universe.  She is growing in this photo.  This is you this week.  Super-connected to the earth in order to grow confidently into your future.

By showing honour and respect to the feminine you may develop more organic and deeper connections with those around you, and also with new relationships you will experience. You may also be focussing on your family and regain your connections with them.  You have a great opportunity to understand your world at this time, so work with positive intentions and you’ll reap the benefits.

The Green Man is brave, natural, organic, he doesn’t worry about things that we’d see as challenges, he represents facing fear, and having courage in self-expression.  Career prospects could be looking up when The Green Man is around you, and money may have a chance to grow.  Like the generous gift that keeps on giving it also offers you emotional growth.  If your relationships have felt distant or strained, gaps will be closed, as communication improves.  The outcomes could be a reunion or happy closure in endings.

You may feel protective towards those you value, wanting to shroud them from any harm. Your leadership skills may be necessary to help those who are less focused than you, for there will be a sense of just knowing what to do to make things happen.  For as a tree branch spreads out, and its twigs form their own network, then lovely blossoms grow upon them, you will be a natural at networking with potentially great results.

Capricorn – Cord

Capricorns warm greetings on a rainy afternoon as I write this! The Cord is making a reappearance and it’s with yourselves.  Buzzwords for this card are initiation and release from the past.  Again, another apt card for such a full moon that is just waning.  You have a brilliant future ahead of you. So why are you just a bit afraid of taking the first step into making it happen? You don’t need to be. But that little cord that is filled with thoughts feelings and information that whisper ‘Are you sure?’ or, ‘Oh don’t leave us! is still attached to you.

But I’m afraid that if you want to be part of this brilliant time forecast for you, you have to take a pair of scissors and snip certain cords.  They no longer serve you; they are just memories that you could use as excuses to say, ‘I can’t’. We all do it, call it a get out clause or your free pass.  But if you keep saying no, you will find yourself wondering what if?  And is it too late.  Chances like this will come again, but they may not manifest in the same way, for synchronicity is everything when a gift horse like this arrives in your life.

Remember in January we talked about S.M.A.R.T.E.R targets, review your plan, do a little tweak, and get it back on track, for it may be that the cord’s timely appearance is telling you that maybe some lines have got crossed.  In untangling them, you’ll find your way forward.  New ideas will come to you, tie those up to your future and let them pull you in the right direction.   Away from the past and headlong into exciting prospects. Like the tree grows branches, cords knitted or woven together in the right way, form the perfect pattern for success.

Aquarius – Spell

Aquarius welcome to your week, and what a week it will be I give you an Astral Week Vibe, there’s a dreamy starry night feel. This is the energy that goes with The Spell.  The Sword card featured this week, as did Athame, they are tools that harness intention.  Spells are the words we use when we work those tools.  I’ve mentioned my love of music a few times, look I am mostly a heavy metal kind of a gal, but all music is special.  Think about music you like, put some on whilst you scroll through your scopes on the site.  What does it make you feel like? What do the words conjure up in your mind?  That was a spell set to music.

I won’t ask you to write your own song, it’s not the easiest of things to do, but think of what you want to happen in your life, and put it into words.  Write them down in a journal, or manifestation book.  It helps to break each aspiration into individual items, a) because they are more achievable like this, b) you can focus on each one in its own right and c) the sense of happiness as you tick an item off when done is amazing.  Take one wish of your list. Write it down as request, or intention.  For example, ‘By this moon I ask tonight for peace and calm to be restored soon, please make it so’.  It doesn’t have to rhyme, mine just do.

If spells are not your thing, then look upon the Spell as a little bit of luck coming your way.  There’s something of the land of the Fae here, making things happen through loving energy.  So not so much a card of action or drive, but one of flow and happening.  It’s as if you’re granted a time of rest, where things fall into place and any blockages you faced recently will be removed.  It’s time. Time for you, time for a reward for working at something for a while.  You may not finish your project yet, but you’re being moved along the line a bit further.  The end is in sight.  So, work with your words and make them work for you.

Pisces – Gaia

More music, and I’m thinking of Robert Plant now, his music has a lovely Eastern Asia drum beat to it. A primal beat drives you along now, tune into it.  It wouldn’t hurt you to do a grounding exercise, for in doing so you will be walking with the lady Gaia, Mother Earth.  That is the earth’s heart beating.  By now you’ll notice your breathing will have steadied, you’ll be more aware of it. Hopefully, by the end of this sentence, you’ll feel calmer, at peace and a little nurtured.

This motherly Greek Goddess, was a healer, and soother of pains.  If you needed someone to tell you to have a sofa day, with yummy wholesome food, she is the one to shoo you there and bring you a tray of healing foods.  Not only does she want to heal your health but other areas of your life.   She offers you seeds to provide you with the opportunity to grow your own success.  Her time with you will be spent showing you how to grow your own harvest.

The lovely thing about Gaia is that she’s in no hurry to leave you.  Like any good nurse, she will check in on you, even when you are asleep.  For in providing answers or seeds of information or plans for your future whilst you rest. She also asks you to make a little plan and work out how to use the gifts she has given you.  For true success should not be rushed.  So, if you are rushing headlong into a situation, you could still succeed, but you would miss out some interesting aspects and the joy would be over too quickly.  Like a good wine, sip it slowly enjoy this time and your success.

Aries – The Wizard

Hello and welcome, I’ve already referred to Dumbledore with The High Priest, this card is not dissimilar. The Wizard offers you protection as well as guidance.  So, what do we know about him?  He is a loner, but not lonely.  Good company if he likes you, and he does by the way.  He has been known to drift off as if in thought, then suddenly return to the conversation with a burst of enthusiasm.  He wants you to bare with him, and forgive him his apparent aloofness, for he has things he wants to share with you.  And you’ll need to take notes.  There may be a little test at the end to see if you’ve understood.

Assuming you’ve understood and are furiously nodding your head at your Wizard, don’t wait around for instructions.  With a wave, he’ll dismiss you.  ‘Well off you go then, I’ve told you what you need to know, now do something with it’, inside he’s really hoping you’ll read his mind and do it his way. But as long as you do what you want with it to achieve the best result for all, he’ll be happy.  A teacher who gives out a lesson sets a homework, then dismisses you from their charge, the Wizard is an enabler of his student’s but no soft touch.

In real speak, you are going to have a life lesson this week, something will come to light, that helps you make a decision.  Maybe you’ll learn something about yourself, by doing some soul searching, or about people in your life. But do not doubt the power of this knowledge.  You will find your time with the Wizard illuminating, liberating and well worth every valuable minute you spend with him.  So, savour the moment, think of any situations you wish to discuss with someone you respect and who has the vast knowledge and experience of life who can steer you back on the right path.

Taurus – Neophyte

Taurus there is a theme here of studying with the wise, you are now joined by Neophyte.  Prepare to have your mind blown! You too have the word ‘growth’ applied to you, yours is more of a Universal Mind Trip, so perhaps less soul searching, but stuff of the brain, and certainly some upward skygazing. This will trigger your 3rd eye for sure, your psychic development is assured.  You will at whatever stage of your spiritual development, feel a new energy surge.  Things are about to get interesting for you.

Yes, you will have a mentor too, someone will be imparting words of wisdom your way deliberately or by accident. Those of you born under a sign that perhaps ‘knows’ already, may be reluctant to have someone present something new or challenging to you normally.  It may surprise you now at how willingly soak up the information given this week. This is exciting for you or it could be if you see the positives, for it offers you great potential and opportunity.

Don’t talk yourself out of something by denying your strengths and many plus points, embrace them, believe that you can do what you want if you put your mind to it.   Don’t let what you feel are negative points hold you back.  You’ll learn a lot about yourself, others and this will set you free from outmoded thinking and tired situations. What can you do with such new ways of thinking, well all that is required of you is to be happy and successful

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