Wiccascopes With Psychic Violet Pin 2337 22 – 29th April 2019


With Violet 2337

22th – 29th April

Warm and lovely wishes Wiccascopians, a special mention goes out to our Taureans, my own man especially, as its Birthday week for him! And much love to you guys of course!!

So, this gal iis in gardening mode! We’re talking big, as in chopping things down, pulling things out, and designing things. I love my garden, and admit in winter it feels neglected and sad. But now I’m up and at it. It also helps with my need to boost my energy and lift my mood. Then we can make our garden another room in the home to go and escape to.

The full moon in Libra had an ‘odd effect’, on me. I’ll admit it put in limbo and left me a little sad. Hence the gardening vibe to pick things up again so I can moon watch from a nice comfy chair on summer nights.

Activity wise, I’m going to suggest something similar if others felt a bit ‘undecided’, or ‘frustrated’, by events in their life. You don’t need to garden, but do something that creates space, encourages clearing out of debris and old things, and introducing new things.

And don’t forget the deck I use for these readings is available for more in-depth and much more personal insight via e-mail, web-messenger and telephone bookable on the site. I do have a rota, but if you want to make a pre-booking for a day I am not showing, ask reception they can let me know. I look forward o meeting you and givin you your own personal Wicca readings x

I’ll leave that with you to ponder upon x

With love



Taurus – The Owl

Warm natal greetings if it’s your week. I say you are one of favourite groups of people often, but there is a Ying/yang quality about air and earth, so your readings really resonate with me. You have the Owl, he or she has met you before, around the winter time.

This lovely bird comes into your life again to get you up at night and guide you under the moonlight to find the things you need. It wants to take you off the beaten track, and into its preferred environment away from street lights, humans and urban dwelling into quieter more reflective places. Do you feel you need to beat a retreat somewhere, and rest upon a log, light a fire and just stargaze for a bit? Are you more at home with the crunch of twigs and branches under your feet, than the feeling of pavement? Pull on your boots, or walking shoes, and take some time out strolling around a secret woodland near you, off a country lane.

Owl is a messenger too; it brings news or declares news to the world and to you. But your Owl is your Owl. Its messages are your message. The effort you’ve made with your life has been noticed, and Gaia or Queen of Elphame sends Owl to pass on their news to you. It may be a lesson, something you need to know, something that you need to learn or something you need to confirm. You are told the answer is very close to you, and once you have sought it out, you will be able to resume your normal way of living.

There is a great sense of connection to the earth literally with this airborne creature. Whilst it flies along beside you, it is not big enough to carry you, so you have to walk along-side. The journey here being a slow and considered one, where the things you see and learn along the way all become words in this week’s story. By the time you get to the end of the story, any stresses you started it out with, will leave you as you step, one bit at a time. The load you started off with will lighten, as will your mood, and so grounded you will be that you will be the voice of reason and common sense in your social circle and family network.

Gemini – Cave

Hi lovely! I’m seeing another theme pick up here, last week it was flow, now it’s learning. You have the cave. The Cave comes to you at a time when you may be finding things, much like Taurus a little full on, and want to hide. Can I suggest you find your own very private place to go and just do ‘nothing’? If you find the glare of the newly born sun a little much, or the chitter chatter of others too much, somewhere dark and cool, with a ‘Quiet please’ sign hung on a door handle would suit you right now. For Cave, consider substituting the word ‘private library’.

Oh, what I would give for one of those. A room, with wall to wall books, a lamp, a chair, a view and a fire. For in this cave/library, there are many things to learn, about yourself, about your life, about others and about the bigger picture. In rest and relaxation like this, there is the chance to explore the corridors of the cave, (they are safe and well-lit (don’t worry you won’t get lost) this equates to the tangents you could go off at and turns you could make without bad consequences, for they are just ideas. Mind mapping the ‘what if I…’ or ‘should I do…’ with the powerful energy in the cave, you will have clear and strong intuition that will say, these are your options.

You have free will and an inner knowledge that assures you that the action you take as a result of private thought, that you will know exactly how to tackle problems in your outside world, how to face up to people who had you stumped. Blockages won’t be there anymore, or perceived that way. They will be opportunities to be either overcome by your gentle yet knowing wisdom, or avoided altogether for they are not worth your time or effort.. You will know what battles to fight, and those that don’t really involve you. You may find yourself playing the part of Cave hostess offering sanctuary to another, encourage them to look to themselves and reflect on their lives.

Cancer – Book of Shadows

Ah we’re getting wise with our words again and there’s more learning to be had in books for you curious Cancer! A rare book of shadows found will cost a lot of money, and would tell the story of an old witch or wise one. They are hard to come by and have to be treated with respect. So, for now rather than trawl old book shops, there are other words that you need to read, listen to and write down. You’ll see them everywhere you go, when you play your music, or turn on the car radio, a profound message will hit you. Billboards will mean something. Signs will be everywhere.

What will they say? What you need to see. Perhaps not what you want. Have you been asking, do you ever do that thing where you say before you turn on a radio, ‘What is my message today?’ The answer will come to you. If you are writing out something for work, or applying for work, know that there is a power in your words, so write them carefully and with thought. Get someone else to check it for you. Especially when you get to the long part of any communication that asks you to say ‘what’, you hope to achieve, and ‘why’, you consider yourself to be the best person in this situation. It stands a very good chance of getting you noticed.

We speak of Spells being words of intention a power, you are going to be giving and receiving words with such oomph and consequential results. Very rarely this week will a conversation be innocent or ordinary. Expect to bump into someone you’ve not seen for a while at just the right time, to share some well-meant and well-intentioned words with. It may be a blast from the past, who will offer advice, or perhaps make a suggestion to you that you hadn’t thought of. From such conversations as with acorns, big opportunities or Oak Trees grow! Cancer you cast your Spells in your cauldron last week, your intentions from that, that recipe you made, will now be taking on full effect. As a lovely water sign, go with the flow this opportunity brings, and embrace the knowledge and wisdom in the stories about to be unveiled to you.

Leo – Crone

Oh, Leo lovely Leo, she’s back. Grandma Witch is back. I really love her. Her energy, her wisdom, her no-nonsense attitude, and know that given my over fifty status in age, I am leaning towards her as a crone than a maiden now lol! There is a lovely element of, ‘I told you!’ with this lady. Look, she’s seen it all, heard it all, knows it all, and even if your problems are mountain sized and painful to you, or you’ve really messed up, she’s the one to go. She’ll sit there, nod her head, squint her left eye, and scratch her chin. Then after what feels like forever say, ‘Tea or coffee?’ Frustrating I know. Because you know she has all these herbs and Spells to hand. She could make it all go away in one incantation for you.

Fear not. She already knows why you’ve come to see her. She probably summoned you, even if you think it was your idea. But she’ll still want you to say the words out loud, to get them off your chest and out there to be seen, heard, and dealt with. With a swiping action of her hands she’ll scoop up your words, and turn them into fiery sparks that fly out the window of her cabin. She’ll throw some herbs into a cauldron, add some incense, and boil the mixture up. As she stirs she mutters some odd words she gleaned from the large old book laying open on the wooden table, and with a flash of her hand say, ‘Mote it be’. Then hand to you a cooled potion in a bottle, with some very wise words. As her guest, she’ll give you a bed, and let you work your Spell whilst she ‘rests’, keeping one eye on you. When you leave her the next morning, you’ll know what you have to do, and how.

In the real world, this means what? There is a truth you are dealing with, maybe you took a wrong turn, maybe you feel foolish. Whatever you feel you don’t need to worry. No-onereally saw, nobody really cares. Let that feeling go. There may literally be an older lady around you who is wise, but loves you unconditionally, who can dispense her Magyckal potions as words to you. Whatever you learn this week from seeking out the counsel of someone you respect or know will help you without judgement, but maybe make you face up to something you don’t want to, you’ll feel a lot better afterwards.

Virgo – Six Rayed Star

Hah earthbound friends of Virgo! B a l a n c e. This is your lesson this week. I need to be a bit clever here too and think of some words to put under the headings for this word. O.k. There is you the ‘C – entre’ of everything that needs balance in all things to thrive well. So that is the C taken care of, E is for ego. Where is your ego at? Is it getting the right levels of things in your life in order to ensure you are grounded yet achieving the things you want to achieve at the same time? Or are you feeling a sense of failure and deflation, or a false sense, ‘greatness?’ Never fear that ego can be kept sweet and warm if you look at the other letters in the word balance. Making you the lovely human being you are to know.

A – appetite, this can refer to your appetite for food, here, are you eating healthily, do you eat ‘mindfully’, or are you eating on the hoof, and wouldn’t be able to say what you last ate, but it did the job of staving off hunger? Appetite also refers to knowledge, fun, life. Is your candle burning away from all sides, so that you are not really fulfilled in equal measure make up for a happier balance? L – is for lifestyle, and I guess ties into A for appetite doesn’t it. Be honest describe your lifestyle, how does it sound to you, is the one you want to be living. If it will do for now, great, if you’ve arrived at your goal fabulous, if not, what are you going to do about it. N also relates to your food intake or nurturing side, are you being nurtured, are you being a nurturing person? It’s about ‘give’, and ‘take’, again the balance of that. Say ‘I’m here for you’, to someone, and ensure you’re in a relationship where you hear it said back. Where you have a meal put in front of you, and you put a meal or drink before someone you love. Nurturing also is delivered by all the elements, water, air, earth and spirit, are you being fully nurtured?

L – is for Learning in theme with this week, look at what you know v what you don’t know, and what you can teach, and can be taught. We are all student and teacher combined, even if we are not academic by nature. Every day is the gift of learning something new, that will enrich our minds, body’s and souls, in order that we make hopefully the right decisions in order to keep stepping in the right direction. Someone may look towards you to for advice and all of these things this week. They will also be there for you if you are bouncing back your own ideas. Healthy friendships are starred here, where like-minded folk will ‘get’, you, and know that in asking a question of you, they will get answers themselves. You will both thrive and shine as a result of such a balancing act.

Libra – Athame

Mmmm Libran friends hello, I drew this card during an odd moment. Right on Full Moon. I nearly didn’t go with it, but I’ll follow my instincts as I guide you to. I feel most of you would have felt the impact of our moon, as if we weren’t wobbly grounded in the first place eh? Fear not we have Athame.

Right now, I feel like Prince Adam, (He-Man) with his sword held upright above his head, calling out, ‘By the power of Greyskull!’ and he transforms into He-man. This is us. I’ll be very honest it’s easier to give the guidance of this card than receive it, for such power in words and actions, means knowing what is the right thing to do. It is a gift though. It’s like a sewing needle, creating a garment, or pen writing words, a wand directing magic, and a conductor leading an orchestra. It’s honing the powerful knowledge and intention you have in you, right now, and zapping it toward the right areas.

But we’re Librans. We spend half a day deciding on what to do, then half a day not deciding to do it, then another day thinking, ‘Oh dear, did I do the right thing’. Well, we’re only human, and as patient as we are portrayed to be, or even mistaken for being too soft we can be forgiving of others treatment towards us. To a point. Athame is that point when something is just done because the occasion urgently calls for it. This is the where when using an Athame, we need to be really sure of where we direct our power. For another thing Libran’s have is sharp tongues when stung, or when they are hurt. So, we want to avoid if we can however our buttons are pushed.

What it is that you want to achieve? Who isn’t listening to you? Where is it you want to be? A role-call of who and what is important to you is required, it’s a stocktake, audit or assessment of any big or small ideas you had at the start of your year, or further back than that. I’ll be honest again, I think we’ve all come an incredibly long way, some of it flowed so well we didn’t realise how we got there, some of it has been bumpy, and some of it has been painful. That also applies to the connections made during this time, for being a trusting sign, we can over-invest in people with the best of intentions, and find a cooler approach is required. So, there will be some serious talks perhaps, where you need and want to be listened to, and acknowledge without judgement. However, this week goes it’ll be interesting and where loving compromises are made.

Scorpio – Spell

Hi gorgeous ones, so, here I sit in a house that’s 23o in the shade, and I am writing you up your card. The Spell. I think this really also relates to the tail end of last week for you. Did you work your hot, alluring magic on anyone? For the power you created the fire you generated, will not leave you, it will culminate now into a powerful energy you can apply to other situations in your life. As Libra will be directed words and actions, and Cancerians will be creating Spells from a book of words, so will you. Your warning as a sign that can sting with your tongue when injured or wronged, is choose your words carefully for they are extra strong and extra potent. They will go straight to the target, no messing, and the intention you put into your words will have full impact.

If you arm yourself with rose quartz, regardless of the Spell you weave, or the words you say, you are applying a universal loving feeling. Don’t say things in anger, don’t react, pause stop and think. Assuming you do this, it will be a great week. Negotiating anything important? Going for a job interview? Applying for a loan? Think about these things of course first, do your research and you’ll be fine. The words will flow, you’ll be understood, heard, and the right deal will be struck. Whoever you are talking to you will find they will be keenly hearing and listening to you. They will ask questions, but your words will have impact.

The results of this, action, proaction, movement. There are gains to be made. Hence and I go back to this point, you have to seriously consider your motives carefully. Are you coming from a point of ego, is your ego balanced, (read Virgo if you have Virgo rising in your sign) will anyone be harmed in your getting your way? What are the consequences to this plan you have succeeding? For they will. You will have a determination that is in character with your sign, an almost stubborn streak, that enhanced by the Spell, is doubled. There isn’t a lot that would get in your way for you, so be bold, go for what you want, embrace the opportunity and your moment in the sun. A driven Scorpio is an impressive sight to behold, if you can get a team around you, one you can work with, the benefits will be shared, and the ripple effect of your success will be a good one.

Sagittarius – Horned God

Oh Sagittarius, as the sun warms up so does The Horned grow more mature, born in the winter, adult in the spring summer, he’s almost in his prime. Imagine a bear that was born in the winter, and taken into a Cave to hibernate. As each spring day makes the earth greener and we see new life all around us, the bear emerges and wonders at the beauty of it all. The Horned God is of the earth, and asks you to remember that you are too, and perhaps your head has been taking you elsewhere. Distracted by problems or perhaps the opposite you may feel things are going so well you can afford to float a little. This earth element like Taurus is your lesson. Reconnect with it, feel it underneath you. Go barefoot somewhere, feel sand beneath your toes. Soak up the feeling of the warm healing grains this time of year.

In losing your grounding, you may have lost your connections with people you hold dear to you. Or may be seeing only the negative aspects of your associations, whereas it is actually the opposite. There are people in your life you keep to the outside edge, their value not being as great as others you draw close to for your own reasons, perhaps because they shine as stars. In being grounded you will see that there are potentially great connections in those you don’t feel you ‘need’ in your life, and where you are headed with it. It’s time to remember everyone who calls you friend values you too. It may be where you see yourself in a family or social tree, and how you behave to people above or below you in that tree. Are you as respectful and mindful of all who value you? Note. Everyone is useful to you, and you are useful to everyone. They just meet different needs, in different ways. Reconnect with those you may have lost somewhere.

Your base chakra features here again, are you generally tired? By reconnecting to the ground, you reboot yourself, recharge your base chakra, think earthy red and brown colours, take a red jasper crystal and place on your lower abdomen, and draw in a few deep breaths there. Rest up, rush less, turn off your devices, and switch the t.v off. Fancy a bit of a detox, it might not be a bad idea! When you come out of this week, you’ll find that by finding your real genuine sense of self, your confident will return, and people you once held dear to you, will find you more approachable and human to be around. There is a lot of potential success, in the sense of genuine contentment if you do it.

Capricorn – Holey Stone

Greetings Capricorn, hello! We’re talking about psychic ability being increased or heightened here. Expect your 3rd eye to tingle every now and again, especially when you meditate or centre your breathing to this area. You may experience seeing aquamarine blues and greens before you. Then what comes afterwards will be visions, either in the form of shapes, colours, or mini stories. They will come as you focus on your 3rd eye, or in your sleep during R.E.M or dream mode. Make a note of what you see. Trust in your guides to tell you what you need to know, and you can ask questions, ask open ones, ‘Guide me regarding x or y’, then over the next few days you’ll be amazed at what comes through. This is one of those opportunities to keep a journal.

It may be that you feel a little vulnerable at this time, for when you are more sensitive or attuned, therefore the holey stone also has protective properties. I’ve talked about talismans before, and they relate specifically to this card. You’re being told here, that you may need to have your wits about you, regarding negative environments and people who may affect you asuch. You will with such insight know where to place your boundaries and people will pick up on that. It may be a good time for you to consider who is in your life, and how you feel about them. With the 3rd eye, and boundaries in place you will be able to see so clearly what fits and what doesn’t. When you look at the structure of the holey stone, a hole with a thick wall of stone around it, imagine that you see through the hole, and are protected by the wall.

Pay attention to the clues and messages you will be receiving this week. There will be signs large and small, guiding you through any decision-making process you are going through. Songs on radios, something someone says, if you’re not normally a dreamer, you will remember the dreams you have this week. Make a note of them, listen to the key messages, for they may be coming from very important spirit guides, who are here look after and guide you. If you are not already working or developing as a psychic, it may be time to consider this and opening up yourself to connect with spirit or natural energy to enhance your life, and the lives of others. Very often you will get a hint as to which direction your psychic powers will take you. Healing? Divination? The world both earth plane and spiritual is now yours to explore.

Aquarius – Queen of Elphame

Aquarians my lovely Elven Queen says it’s your turn to go and laydown in the daisies and buttercups and look at the fluffy clouds working out what animal shape they are making. We are talking chill time, kicking back time, you time. The education behind getting this card, is another ‘grounding’, one. A very earthy one. Of course, you can climb a tree in her forest, but you’ll spend most of your time, strolling along from beautiful plant, to wonderous flower. The animals approachable and friendly will nestle beside you, and take comfort from you being there. One may even introduce itself as a familiar, for this is where they dwell, somewhere safe and nurturing for you to visit them. The people you meet here, are laid back, gentle and will greet you with a drink, some food, and relieve you of your backpack, and everyday clothes. Offering you much lighter, and comfortable options ensuring you forget your stresses and dramas.

This is not the ‘Hotel California’, you can leave, and you do have control whilst you are chilling by fires, and toasting marshmallows. You will know when you’ve relaxed enough, learned enough, and healed enough to return to your own world. For there is an education here too, it’s an incidental one, it just happens as you navigate, rest, and spend time in this land. The conversations you have will flow easily; you’ll laugh away any dramas that had you all fired up last week. And the distance you put between yourself and the people who may have been part of that drama will help you. Bringing this back to real life, the message is simple, you need to relax.

It’s not as stark a warning as the Six-Rayed Star perhaps but it’s saying how’s your work life balance, how’s your love/self-respect balance? So, look at your lifestyle, just get it back on track a little, and most of all, find time for those who love you unconditionally, and understand you. If you are alone, this may be a time to interact with people whilst you relax. You may find someone like-minded looking to escape and connect with new people who are a nurturing and supportive influence in their life too. Whatever you do, it’s about finding time for fun, and remembering to stop and smell the flowers, and gaze at the green trees. The world is waiting for you to enjoy it.

Pisces – Serpent

Pissssscesssssss the Snake likes the water at the moment it seems, and it brings you all the exciting things Scorpio had but with a Piscean twist. Things are going to get a little exciting for you. If you’ve been feeling bored’, or as the French say they have, ‘ennui’,. Things are going to change for you. Also, if you have ground to a halt with a project, or relationship, expect walls to come crashing down, with a ‘K’pow!’ or ‘I am here, things are about to happen’. You’ll find there is more than one way to get around a particularly stubborn issue, think outside the box, divergently, let your imagination release a Spellcasting power that you didn’t know you had. You are particularly fired up in the creative area as well. For Aries it’s a learning curve, for you it’s something you may not have control of.

We’re back on that word theme again, as well as the visual, all that you see, read, hear, and feel on a creative level will fire you up. If you’ve been reluctant to share a talent with people, for instance let’s say you have been taking flute lessons and were happy to practice in private, now you may feel less shy about sharing this. If you write, paint or do photography for your own amusement, you will want to reveal a piece of work you feel chuffed about. Expect others to share in your enthusiasm, maybe they will be a little slow to react at first, but once they realise you are serious they’ll sit up and take notice. You may even find you are able to encourage them to get involved in, ‘This really exciting idea!’ that you dreamed of.

Where does all this energy go to, and come from in order to stoke you up like this. Roots, base! Which is primal, and yes passionate. I mentioned relationships at the top there for you, they could sizzle too. Already hooked up but perhaps ‘ennui’ has set in there too, change it up, get romantic, introduce date night, if you’ve got kids pack them off to a relative or friend. In a new romance or newly dating? Oh boy. You will attract attention. Now we’re talking lustful connections, so if you are wanting deep and meaningful romance, remember to go with your gut, as you lure in your potential mate, and look deeper than superficial fire as tantalizing as it is! But you can make it work, for suitors of all calibre may potentially vie for you to notice them.

Aries – Neophyte

Last but not least gorgeous Aries, as we see the tail end of April this week and move into May there will be a transition, or learning curve that occurs now. It could relate to your creative side, expect the artist in you to notice how colour pops out, in the natural world and man-made one also. Or to your spiritual nature where you are guided to answers you seek right now. It is a week where you assume the role of student. By giving in to your imagination, and letting ideas run free, you will find a way of relaxing and detaching from stressful situations. At the same time what you learn by freeing up your mind, will benefit you when you are ready to apply your new insight or discoveries in your own life.

There could not be a better time for you to receive this card, it comes at the time when you may have lost your way, and need to focus on a neglected area. You could argue so how does losing myself in the arts, and self-expression, help me focus on something that may have run away from me? You can apply what you learn this week to that situation. I feel it offers you a new way of dealing with situations and people. It enables you to see things from all perspectives a key creative aspect. The main element is it requires you to be open and more relaxed in your approach. Things will seem so much clearer for you.

My instincts know that this is a little alien for you, such a driven sign, spontaneous and the juggler of many balls. Of course, some things need your attention, but remember you have a support network, delegate more, go with the flow. Someone you look up to has been trying to coach you into another way of doing things, don’t fight them. They know what they are talking about, for they know you well, warts and all. Their support of you is firm but fair, and loving. If you feel genuinely stuck and cannot let old habits go, say, ‘Help’, it could be to a spirit family member or to those you hold dear, and those who hold you dear. For we are talking about your world here, it’s changing, and could do so fast, so in looking at the creation of it, and how it continues to evolve, the message is we have to do the same; go with the flow evolve and adapt. More specifically this is you this week.

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