Wiccascopes With our psychic Violet 24th – 30th June 2019


With Violet 2337

24th – 30th June

Oh, hello Wiccascopians!

I hope you are all well and feeling happy and lighter in your step.

There’s a big expanse of blue around me, and the round yellow orange thing shines upon me as sit in the garden typing these out!! Yes, I’m working outside!

Let’s do a little dance! Especially for Cancerians this week, bring on the cake and Pimms and take them outside to enjoy. They now do a Pimms lolly especially for summer!

I had a lovely week last week with Summer Solstice events.  Marking midsummer with good food, a fire, friends and lovely, lovely peace and quiet.

I can feel the surge of summer for real upon us, and I said about an Indian one last week, I can feel it in these old bones!

If I had a soundtrack to this scope it would be that of the birds in my garden just putting on a little concert for me.  The hungry little swallows are so noisy in their chirrupy demands for food, the blackbirds so sweet in their song!  And every now and then the doves give a bass note coo.

If you need some peace and quiet yourself, go out and sit. Just listen to the birds in your garden or park.  Nothing else but listen.  And breathe!

Have a good week lovely!

With love and blessed be



Cancer – Wizard Happy Birthday to you all this week!!!

Last week I referred to a guided meditation associated with a visit to the Shire, please use this as well as take your messages from your reading this week.  This is a week of quiet contemplation, studying, and following someone else’s advice.  Quite literally there could be someone assigned to teach you something.  New in a job?  A mentor will be working with you.  Expect them to be helpful, kind but not soft with you.  They will be advising you on how things are done where you’ve just started, you need to listen to them. If on this occasion you choose to ignore them, you could be making a mistake.  You don’t know best here.  They do.

If you’re already in a role, self-employed, studying or just enjoying free time, the same applies, a lesson from someone wiser comes to you.  For those employed a review may be due, with some essential critique.  A student? Exam time or help with studies.  Self-employed, then an outside influence comes into play.  No need to earn, work or study? A life lesson is still coming your way.  Perhaps information about a situation you are finding testing.  Listen to any advice that comes your way and respect it. It’s given with genuine support and meant well.  So, any pride or sensitivity you feel, let it pass and listen.

In your personal life you’ll find someone has something to say about that too.  We all know the friend or relative that has a kind but firm tone about them, that when you are upset about things, will say, ‘So whilst I know you want this to happen, sadly that needs to happen’.  And it jars with you.  Particularly as you are a kind soul who gives people a lot of chances. But even you have your limits of being taken for granted or know when enough is enough. So, you could be saying to people, ‘Sorry no I can’t help you with that, and I won’t accept x or y either’.

In summary this week cancer is one where you will make great strides with the support of someone who means very well, and will allow you challenge them, or ignore their advice, at your own cost.  Perhaps you’ve got too emotionally close to a situation to be able to think rationally, this is where the 3rd party comes in.  But you’ll reap the benefits and thank that person later.  It could also be the case that you are the wise one dispensing wisdom and fair but firm advice.  If you are a parent or respected elder in your social group, you’ll be guiding younger people in difficult situations.  But wisdom is key. Enjoy.

Leo – Crystal Ball

Hello Leo, hold your hands out palms out and closely side by side.  Brace yourself this is heavy, o.k got it.  I’ve got you a crystal ball. Place it on the block in front of you, using the silk cloth provided, wipe any fingerprints off, or any blemishes. Sit back, about 2 ft away, and just relax your gaze as you investigate it.  The first things you’ll see are reflections of objects or furniture in your room. Even yourself.  Allow your gaze to fall beyond what you know you see, and find an infinity point within the crystal ball.  Gaze, breathe, gaze.  Now shut your eyes. What do you see?  This is called scrying with your 3rd eye. O.K so I can’t afford to send all of you a crystal ball, but you can find a reflective surface somewhere, a bowl of water, a stream, water in large clean wine glass is as effective!

When you close your eyes, nice and gently, allowing them to shut heavily when your breathing is at a lovely gentle pace, you’ll find the initial darkness passes.  What colours do you see flash before your eyes, what shapes? Do you see anyone, or anything you recognise?  Listen too for any sounds that come through now.  Not outside noises but sounds that accompany the visual show being put on for you, what about smells? Do you smell anything you recognise from a long time ago? You are receiving psychic information here, that was initiated through your 3rdeye, but is also supported by a day dream like state.  A lot of psychic readers on the site, will often scry like this before going on line, because, they are connecting to spirit, their guides, and the guides of potential clients coming through.

If you do this when you have some down time, and are preparing for the week ahead, you will have little clues as to how your week make go.  Any messages you don’t get in your day dream state, will come in your night dream state.  Grab the sleep journal I keep talking about, or just a notepad and pen, and write down the dreams that really stand out, in fact any that you remember.  They will make some sense to as the events unfold.  Guidance is around you now as with Cancer and The Wizard, there is something you need to learn about in order to go about your business this week.

In real terms things could be just becoming crystal clear for your now.  If you’ve been waiting for news or confirmation about situations, then such clarity is due now.  Whilst this advice that comes is honest, it’s not always sweet news, but in the long run, gives you the boost you need to progress.  So be aware and alert for there will be sign posts, and signals aplenty.  I’d suggest that you do the scrying exercise it won’t take long, it’s relaxing and in the end the benefits are amazing.  Another great one is a fish tank I should had, a) it’s relaxing looking at fish, b) the watery reflection guides you into vision and stimulates your 3rd eye.  Have you ever found yourself staring at a fish tank anywhere, and been ‘woken up’, by someone speaking to you because you were so relaxed?  Try it. Have a great week.

Virgo – Raven

Ah Virgo, hello and ‘cacawww!’  I bring you the little Raven, a bird packed with attitude, wisdom, and a built in sat nav.  In my intro I spoke about my aviary, well back garden.  And I know I’ve spoken about my family of crows that wake me up at 5.30 every day.  The Raven of which we have out the front of our house, calls out like nature’s own mimic. As soon as he does, I stop and acknowledge him.  His message is often breaking a quieter moon, or noisy mood. It’s like he’s calling T for time out.  So, Raven ‘cacawww’s for you now. Stop what you are doing. And listen.

Raven is also a messenger that chooses the 3rd eye as a portal.  Often seen as the spy for witches and sorcerers, perched innocently in a tree’s branch.  It sees all and hears all. Then reports back to its mistress or master.  Your spirit guide is watching over you, reporting to your what it has seen and heard.  It wants you to know key information now that will explain a lot of things.  And help you make your decisions this week. Expect people to tell you things that make up the missing piece of the jigsaw puzzle. All the dots will be connected revealing the bigger picture of your life right now.

Do you work with your spirit guides? Do you know who they are, and what they look like.  Time to reacquaint yourself with them if you’ve lost touch.  If you don’t think you have one, that’s fine, but you will have some energy working with you, that’s guided you through your life.  Some things that happen are not accidental, some would say none of it is.  So, you’ve already been guided.  Connect to your 3rd eye, do a spirit guide meditation.   (available on apps or watch this space with me!)

Libra – The Queen of Elphame

Theirna – Na – Oge or paradise calls us.  Let’s go Libra.  Through the little doors in the Rowan tree trunk, into the supernatural realm of youth, beauty, health, knowledge and contentment.  Here we’ll meet fae folk, or ‘Tuath De Danann’, worships by Celts.  Wise, peaceful and glowing they greet us at the porch, beckon us to come in where we see a wonderland of colour, nature, and timelessness.  Trees, guide us along worn tracks, and fire flies light up the way ahead. Birds and butterflies are so excited we came, they flurry around like confetti.

We get to a clearing in the woods, a blanket is set on the grass in the shade from the bright sun. There are cushions strewn around the blanket, a basket of food and drink awaits us, as well as a parcel wrapped in brown paper, tied neatly with string.  Sit down with me there.  Eat a piece of cake, take drink, and bask in the hints of sunlight and warm breeze.  As you do so, notice who comes to sit with us, animals of all kinds, faeries, imps, mythical creatures.  They are soon chattering with us, enjoying the relaxed party.  Then there is silence as the music from a pan pipe trails off, and a lady stands before us, she ushers us to remain seated, and joins us.  We ask each other ‘who is she’, in little whispers.

‘I am the Queen of Elphame’, she says, ‘you are welcome’, we instantly remember her, from other visits here, that fade into beautiful dreams.  ‘It’s midsummer’, she softly chimes, ‘we must rejoice, now open your gifts all of your’.  You notice everyone around her has a gift, the animals a food item, the faeries a trinket, and we have a small bottle with a crystal bottle top.  ‘It’s a special oil, that will grant you wisdom, abundance, restore your youthful nature, and give you peace of mind’. She instructs us to dab it on our wrists, and behind our ears like a perfume.  It does smell nice, of flowers and fruits.  As it is absorbed, very quickly, you find yourself feeling very relaxed, almost sleepy.  It’s o.k we’re safe, go to sleep.

Waking up back in the real world, in our own homes, refreshed, relaxed, and sooooooo content we just ‘know’, what needs to be done.  For each of us Librans it’s a different, unique piece of knowledge.  We start the week calmly, and happily, knowing that even if we face any problems we’ll do so with sense of grounding and happy confidence.  For any changes that come our way, will be embraced with anticipation and readiness.  And just in case you thought it was all a midsummers night dream, just check your pockets for a little bottle of oil…. Good luck x

Scorpio – Cauldron

Fancy a bit of cooking Scorpio?  Here I gift you the Cauldron, and it’s a fine cauldron indeed.  It also comes with the finest of ingredients to put in it.  Herbs gathered at the right time, incense oils prepared over the last few weeks, and food items of the brightest colours to enable you create a potion to both nurture your body, mind, soul, and spirit.  You’ll also have a cupboard full of candles, of varying colours, and crystals ready to aid you in your work. Take down your spell book, turn to a blank page, and for a moment consider what you wish to make of all these fine ingredients. What do you need to achieve?  Write it down as a heading. Think of positive ways you can make this happen.

So first, what spell are you going to create?  Got it?  Covered the witch’s ethics code by harming none? Good. Right Think of positive statements associated with that goal. Write them down, or think of them so hard they store in your brain ready for action.  Say them out loud, let the universe hear. Right. Now look at what you need to put in the cauldron, or your melting pot of creation. Information about this, confirmation from so and so about that.  Pop them in.  Stir in some liquid luck, some hope, and a dollop of positivity. Pour in some water, herbs and flowers, bit of fruit, and pop it over the fire.  Light the candle you feel drawn to.  Hold the crystals you feel drawn to. And say out loud those positive affirmations again.

So, you’ve done that in your head whilst reading this yes?  Great.  Some of you may do it for real.  I do.  Either way you are embracing your own inner power, working with your environment, and using your talents to manifest your own bright brilliant future.  Know that this is positive thinking. It’s better than doing nothing, and better than going back.  Most of all you have nothing to lose by creating a potion, real or otherwise that gives you the belief and faith in yourself that you can do something to make a brighter future for yourself.

In real life most of us don’t dig out our cauldrons. We either work, study or spend our days planning and hopefully enjoying ourselves.  Your real-life cauldron could be a piece of paper, or just the notion that anything is positive if you apply smart thinking and loving logic.  I use the word action a lot, or pro-action.  This is where you don’t wait to be head hunted, or for someone to say hello to you. It’s where you consider the facts and the information you need to gather, and go for it. You are very creative currently Scorpio.  Use this flow of powerful energy and apply it to the areas in your life that need attention.  Happy Spellbinding.

Sagittarius – Owl

This seems to be a 3rd chakra week folks and you’re no exception.  I offer you the beautiful Owl, wise, perceptive and all-seeing bird.  Let’s see why you’ve drawn this card in the first place.  You need to learn something, again a common theme. But unlike most our other Wiccascopians you’re doing this by the light of the moon.  By day you’ll be minding your own business, nothing unusual will happen or so it will seem.  (I’ll get onto that in a minute).  But by night…..

By night… we ‘re talking making the most the moonlight.  So, the Owl is going to swoop by land on your window ledge and invite you to go hunting with them.  No, you won’t be catching mice and voles, you’ll be hunting for truth, nuggets of information and eureka moments that will give you’ll be able to put to great use.  For Owl says there’s something you need to know.  But it’s a bit of a secret, so you mustn’t tell anyone.  There are the elements of being on a spy mission here. Not one where anyone gets hurt at your expense but you’ve got to be discreet. Think fact finding, research, also like Cancer who drew the Wizard card, think mentor, tutor or advisor.

The Owl after all is wise beyond wise, and could easily take on the Wizard in a wisdom contest. Where they are different is, size, and how they move about.  Owl rests a lot by day, to be fair I think Wizards do too. By night they are up and ready for action.  Eyes bright, ears alert, aware and wary.  They sit there so quietly on their branch, almost unnoticed. Until it’s too late almost.  Or until they hoot.  But they are in control and focussed.

This is you. Bright, alert, focussed. Ears so tuned into sounds, sense of smell heightened, nothing will get past you now.  In your real world, of course take a moonlight walk, have a little think as you take in the last of the night air. But this means to you, by day you’ll be doing what you need to. By night any projects you’ve got, will be worked on, or you’ll be processing the information of the day, to see how it helps or hinders your decision making. If you’re at the point in your career where changes need to be made, this is when you’ll be planning in secret your next moves.  If there are things going on in your work place, you’ll be making sense of them.  Dreams will aid you, and inspire you for the day. So, work with the energies of the night to give the knowledge for the days. Happy hooting.

Capricorn – Moon

Capricorn oh I give you the light of the silvery moon, oh the silvery moon! You are on the brink of finding the entrance to a secret world wherein you’ll find the answers you seek to any issues that have you perplexed at this moment in time.  The Sun heals, energises, and highlights information by day, but on this occasion, you have her husband the moon, talking to you. But they work beautifully as a team, whatever one does by day, they do a handover at dusk and dawn, to ensure as smoother running of our days as possible, and the natural flow of energy and information.

Like Sagittarius with their Owl, use the cover of night to go about your business, but be guided by moonlight to steer you into the right direction.  Unlike Sagittarius, it’s just you and the Moon. You can go out and moon gaze if you wish, or you can sit in a room, with a journal and record your thoughts, plans and dreams.  Try some cosmic ordering, you may surprise yourself at the results.  For by making your wishes before you sleep, you are visualizing them as possibilities.  You are saying this could happen! Just ensure your wishes or orders are realistic and don’t mean anyone else gets hurt.

Do you have projects that are so near yet so far in completion?  Hang on in there Capricorn, you’re closer than you think, and by the time of the next full moon comes you’ll feel better about things.  One thing you can do is look at how your plans are going now. A review of your plans would be perfect right now.  You can do some last-minute alterations, to offset any areas that have gone array.  Don’t give up on the whole plan, or the seed of ambition that sowed the idea, but maybe use the light of this moon to draw out any issues, that need developing or ditching!

Expect truths, revelations, and light bulb flashes.  When you least expect it, something will happen.  Someone will say something, you’ll dream something, and you’ll see information and signals in life around you.  The night will be especially potent in its delivery of insight and information, and when it hands over to dawn, and its sun, you’ll know just what to do with the information.  So, dream well, use what you learn wisely, work with the laws of attraction, use the waxing of the moon to build your hopes and wishes up. You’ll enjoy what you learned, and it’ll take you where you need to be.

Aquarius – Chalice

Fancy a party in the woods with the fae folk too Aquarius, for you too are being offered a drink, in a Chalice or glass.  It’s not any old drink though, it’s one that will take you to opportunities to fulfil your potential.  So, grab a spot on the blanket, we don’t mind the more the merrier here, but yours is the special glass.

Chalice represents something a vessel for something special, the holy grail was said to hold the blood of Christ or a special essence, or the meaning of life.  This is potentially what you are being offered. The meaning of your life. Right now. Not back then, not in the future. But right now. Take drink of this essence, it can be whatever flavour you like. Don’t rush it, sip, and taste.  As you swallow each lovely, warming, soothing mouthful, relax and in a state of calm, you’ll be a visionary, as is the theme this week.  You’ll see clearly what you need to see, know and why laid out before you.

So, you’ve been gifted this chalice, last week I spoke of glass half empty, or half full syndrome, therefore I won’t dwell on it this week, but merely mention it.  Just look at your positivity levels here.  Are you hopeful or hopeless?  This space in your chalice, is being filled with a beautiful liquid that will fill you with a new ‘joie de vivre’, that will inspire you to feel more hopeful, and see the good in situations.  I know you may have moments where you feel cynical but you’re being told relax its o.k to look forward to good times without suspicion and angst if your feet are firmly on the ground.

Opportunities beckon for you.  You’ll be offered gifts or moments of epiphany, where you will be provided with information that inspires you.  Answers to questions, solutions to problems.  So, think if there is anything you are feeling blocked by,  or you’ve just ground to a halt. Maybe in your life you’ve reached a crossroads and you are at loss as to where you need to go or be right now.  By taking in ‘life water’, you’ll feel refreshed, replenished, and ready to take on new things.  To enhance this process, you could get a lovely large wine goblet, and fill it.  With what you ask?

It could be a liquid coloured with food dye.  Within this drop some crystals that catch the light. Clear quartz tumble stones, Citrine, amber, any colour you like.  Watch how they catch the light and glint like treasure.  When you look at the crystals in the water, you’ll a) think how lovely they are and b) that they represent hope and abundance for your future.  I’ve a lovely water plant, and I dropped some crystals in that.  Perfect seeing something grow and shine representing your future.

Pisces – Silver Bough

Ah lovely Pisces, I like the Fairy God Mother I am, take a bough from the apple tree and make you a wand. ‘Pow!’ Cinders, you shall go to the ball. So, let’s start by pinging that wand in the direction of your attire.  It won’t do for this party, you’re to be the belle or prince of the ball.  You sparkle and shine in the finest of clothes now, your hair is perfect, eyes are twinkling, and those shoes, oh they will take you to the dance floor where you’ll delight your audience with your swift light movements to the music.

Luckily this is not one of those fairy tales where at midnight it all goes back to how it was, you’ve a week of feeling wonderful if you wish.  This lovely ‘Bibbpity bobbidy boo’, feeling is here to lift you from feeling weighed down by worries or concerns about your place in the world.  You can be shy Pisces, yet when you grace the room, somehow light it up. Don’t let the fact that you must process others admiration for you stop you from being admired.

This is a week of social activities, small or large.  You’ll have as equally a good time with someone over a cup of coffee or ice-cream, as you would at a barbeque with all your friends.  There’s something about you that you bring good conversation, and a listening ear with you.  Relationships at all levels will feel the benefit of this new relaxed confident you. Meetings with colleagues, dates casual or oh so important will flow well. Even where you are experiencing difficulties, and perhaps an argument has caused a rift, there may be a way to apply your charm to finding peace.

This is also a healing time for you, it’s a time you’ll see flowers on branches, or fruit ripening.  Whatever has felt like hard work or even saddened you, will lift away, and flowers will pop up where the sun shines around you.  These are the opportunities created to say goodbye to the past issues that hindered you, and dance a little or a lot, into the summer autumn phase of your years journey.  I feel you should be embracing this lovely pink energy this week and allowing it to help you deal with difficult issues smoothly, and boost the power of positive occasions. Congratulations may be in order!

Aries – Cave

Aries see that lovely cosy cave over there.  Come on let’s go and explore it.  There’s a lovely fire burning, and some lovely flat rocks with blankets on them ready to sit on.  I’ll take you further in, you are safe here, any animals that visit only do so because they want to see you, and perhaps enjoy the fire’s warmth. This is your cave. No-one else will disturb you, you can even block of the entrance, for there is a little door or screen made from trees that envelope the entrance. This is a private safe retreat created just for you, and you can go there any time you wish.

Why would you go to this cave Aries? Because you need time from the masses. Time for yourself to process recent events and work out solutions to any problems that arose from them.  What you seek is clarity like all of us in order work out the way.  You won’t find it among others, too many voices, too many opinions, too many people buzzing. I wish I could say this week turn off your electronical devices, go off grid.  But the reality is you can’t, but you could limit the time on them.  Break up your working time with walks and fresh air.

Caves an also a very creative place, where you can use the chalk provided, and write your plans and ideas all over the walls.  You’ll see them take shape, become a story. Images you doodle, whether on the cave walls, or on a piece of paper, will make sense to you by the end of this week, so if you do random scribbles etc whilst you are on the phone, or just passing time keep the same note book, and look at the collection of ideas you have accumulated by the end of this week going into next week.

If you’ve been feeling a little low, or tired.  Take time also to rest on the blanket and cushions provided in the cave.  There is comfort to be found by just resting up. You’ll be able to lay by the fire, looking through the gaps between the trees that frame the doors, and you’ll see the light outside.  For this cave sits high in the rocks, over looking the see. You’ll be able to watch the sun come up, go down and the moon dress the sea at night.  When you are ready, you’ll be able to disrobe from the blankets, put out the fire and dive out from the cliff into the warm water below, cleansed healed and ready to take your great news to others once you’ve swam back to the shore on the other side.

Taurus – The Horned God

Oh, woodland being, creature of the earth, Taurus come on, we’re joining the Librans in the woods as well.  I kind of like that idea because my beloved is a Taurean chap. Your domain is forest and woodland, where such secret worlds can be found if you look hard enough, or are invited into them.  Step through the fairy door, and meet your guide, the masculine counter part to the Queen of Elphame, The Horned God.

I’d also liken him to the King of Pentacles. So, another confirmation that this card has great meaning for you, this is a Taurean card. The Horned God and King of Pentacles, represent someone who has a gift for creating wealth, and abundance, and who also is wise and not too quick to spend any gold coins earned. He also has great leadership qualities, and to thrive really needs to be in a position of authority or where they are respected.  Does this sound like you Taurus? Think about the double whammy here.

Are you focussed on the long-term aspects of your life?  The roof over your head, financial sustenance into old age, have you been looking at pensions or how to make money grow whilst safely hidden from those who would spend it.  Now would be a good time to review your career, I feel I told you that last week, but you’re being urged or asked, are you working at your fullest potential here.  Could you do something you enjoy, yet earn enough and more to enjoy life now and later?

There is also a protective energy around this card, for the Horned God, guards those in the forest, only allowing those in who are truly welcome.  So, whilst you’re welcome to the Libran party, you’ll also be ensuring that they are safe whilst in your company, and all the animals with them too. This in real life extends to you protecting the world you live in and those who share it with you.  You do look at mankind, and especially guard those you hold dearly.  You are also a generous soul and if you have it to give you will.  Embrace the double energy of your significator card being with you this week.

Gemini – Sword

Oh, raise your arms up high above your head Gemini, command your audience to silence with a look.  In your hands there is a sword, a large sword. It’s not so heavy you can’t wield it; in fact, you can handle it nimbly and with power.  This is not a sword that will hurt anyone with its blade. But its fine edge allows it to cut through situations to break atmospheres, or fogs in order to shatter illusions. By doing so you reveal what it really going on around. Around yourself and others.  This is not a time to hold back or shrink from the limelight. Courage Gemini. I also note that Swords represent air signs in tarot, so to get this card much like Taurus you have a double powerful reading.

This sword may appear as a weapon, but it’s in ability to cause mortal injury ensures no one will be physically hurt.  But they could find themselves feeling stung by its real power. Sharp words. Precision in conversation, cutting out unnecessary words can give the appearance of being to the point, with little time for unimportant things.  Be sure to soften the edges of your words.  Choose a kind tone when appropriate, but a firm tone when needed.  What I am saying here is Gemini is know when to use the sugar-coating and when to say it how it is.

You’ll also have an ability to read others words, spoken or written, with your truth radar being finely tuned.  There is another phrase I’d use but I’m a lady, but I think you know what I mean.  Honesty is very important to you, you don’t suffer fools, in any capacity, even if you are good at fooling others with your twin like personality.  The side of you that normally would say, ‘oh well, never mind, let’s see what happens’, is now going to say, ‘Seriously, I am not letting that go!’ And you won’t.

This sword is also great at cutting cords or ties with those who dare to deceive you. It will cut so sharply and quickly that it cauterizes any wounds. So, you won’t feel any pain on your part.  Whereas some readings are unconditional, and totally allow for free will, here you will be very aware of your own free will and how you manage it.  You will sense the responsibility that comes with this card. And if the free will of others needs putting in the right direction where it concerns you, you’ll be able to divert it.

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  1. I just wanted to say that I really, really enjoyed this weeks Tarot Scope! (Libra) It touched me on a soul level, more so than any other time! Thank you so, so much!

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