Wiccascopes With Our Psychic Violet 15th April – 21st April


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15th April – 21st April

Many blessings one and all!

Special Birthday blessings to Aries people who are celebrating this week. May it be lovely, may it be the birthday you want! Also, a Happy Easter as well.

The religious meaning, of course, is important to some, to others it’s become a holiday to embrace the seasons changing more into summer, with lambs and bunnies. And it is also a lovely excuse to eat chocolate eggs and confectionary. Whatever your celebration is, enjoy it. Oh, and make a hot cross bun, to enjoy with a cup of tea whilst you read your scopes.

The main message I gleaned from drawing these cards is that there is going to be a shift for everyone coming up, and for some, it means taking time out to contemplate how to effect it, for others, it’s about going for it.

So, the activity is I feel for everyone is for us all to rethink how to resolve things, or to not heap things up into one big pile. Remember there are only 24 hours in a day, there is only so much can be achieved, and you do have to remember that you are a key part of this. Without you feeling well and nourished how are you going to enjoy a life of quality?

So, from me with love,

Happy Easter, happy week.

Blessed be.



Aries – Book of Shadows

Hi lovely Aries, you dynamos! Take a breather will you, eat cake, have a drink. The card that jumped out at you is The Book of Shadows. Intrigued?

I’m going to write you a birthday card, the words inside are heartfelt and with the best of intentions. They are my wishes to you, that you have a lovely time this week, with the people you hold dear, relaxing in their company and enjoying birthday cheer. I’ve just cast a spell from my book of shadows for you. It was as simple as that, expressing my loving intention towards you. This is what you are going to be doing this week. You may find yourself thinking of things you want to or something you want to achieve. It may be a long-term goal you are working towards or a very important project. Now is the time to do something key, that will ensure its success.

The things you say, or write, and even sing, will have a lot of power. You will draw attention to yourself, by saying little, but packing a punch with each word. The words will result in potentially very good outcomes for you, and hopefully with a ripple effect in place, for others too. Fellow witches, you spell work will be potent at this time, you know what I am going to say, ‘Do what ye will, but harm ye none’, this applies to all of us, but you will know it better than most. Others identifying as non-witches but being attuned to the power of positive intention, or cosmic ordering will also follow the same code, please. Cosmic ordering is as powerful as any spell.

The Book of Shadows doesn’t have to be a book of spells, mine is, but it can be a journal or research. Michele won’t mind me sharing that she has her tarot card book, where she sticks pictures and motivational words that are the theme for a reading, or intention she has to express. However, you express yourself in the written form, or whatever you read and feel like quoting is going to be so important to you this week, find a way of recording it. Have a to-do list? The words you receive in a card or letter, or any written form, will mean so much to you. So, this is the perfect time to write yourself a letter. Set out your intentions, get a book like Michele, a mood diary, or tarot log, focus on what you want to achieve, and why you want to achieve it. Be honest, be smart, be realistic, but most of all be loving and kind to all concerned.

Taurus – The Spell

Oh, hello Taurus, this is weird, for hot on the tails but chosen at random you lovely folk have the Spell! Get out your wands, join your Aries friends and get crafting together.

You are approaching a birthday week, I wonder if it’s the natal vibes that are being gifted to people, to make their special seasonal wishes? I suspect the cards that come up on the next few weeks will reflect that for you. So, the Spell for you this means pretty much the same as Aries but I want to be more specific to you Taurus, so read both especially if you are a cusp sign. But you’re not being given a book to look at or record spells, you are being given a spell. A very specific one.

If you have Book of Shadows sure, go to your book to see if one is speaking to you, but maybe create a new one. Your words are super potent as well, in one particular area. I feel you will know where to apply this gift of words or will know their source as soon as you see it. My Taurean is a man of few words when it comes to sharing with the world, but comes out with profound incites out of the blue every now and then. Does this sound familiar to you? Not keen to overshare every little detail that doesn’t seem important, but oh boy when it comes to having a passion about something, it just gets said?

You will find something you say, will set things in motion for yourself, and again like Aries, affect others around you. Ensure you are coming from a place where you’ve thought things through, and know exactly what you are going to put into action by speaking or using the power of the word. A great time for discussions with loved ones, employers and officials if you want to get your point across. You’re being told here that the answer you seek, for the problem you feel you have, is out there now, in the power of words. So, talk, write and sing with an Aries, it’s time to talk it of your chest!

Gemini – Athame

Gemini, let me get straight to the point lovely, there’s something you need to do this week, you have a bee in your bonnet, and you have the power and you’re super focused, like Aries and Taurus this is another wordy one. But these words have actions and drive.

Brilliant, fantastic. I should stop there and say; off you go enjoy. But…. I can’t because your mood needs to be right before you set off out the door, all fired up, ready to go and complain about this or tackle so and so about that. You may be a little fiery or gun ho. We don’t want that. For you, it’s time to acknowledge that yes, something does need sorting out and restoring. You do have the right to speak up. If you don’t take action, you’ll go pop. But if you go with the wrong attitude it could go against you even if at first it appears to go well.

The good news is, you are also gifted with this, time to think. You’re a Gemini, and a bright spark. Thinking is what you do best. Rarely given to temper, but able to blow hot and cold, you need to pick an even temperature, and ensure you are rested, nurtured and feeling the ‘love’ of a situation. I want to give you a dose of unconditional love, the spa-like feeling of Pisces, access to a spell book from Aries, and the right spell from Taurus. What a perfect combo you all are. I know people who are in this family grouping, and would love to be a fly on the wall when they get together! A grounded Gemini is a lovely soul to be around and can direct their ambition, and power like a real earth witch.

If you are looking at your career, or the next phase in your life, expect to be focused and directed with an energy you’ve asked for. There is a sense of renewed energy here as well as if waking up from a rest or recovery time. The only caution I will add here is, spare a thought for those less energetic, they may give you a withered look, or say, ‘hey wait for me’. And you don’t have to do this alone, you could you’re more than capable, but it’s nice if you have people to share your new idea with.

Cancer – Cauldron

The flow of these readings is very odd this week, Cancer people hello you have a cauldron. The last 3 readings need you to make things happen. A pot for potions. A plan.

Without further ado I give you this card and say, why not get an actual large cooking pot, and create something it’s Easter, so why not make a meal. For yourself, for those you love, or for a new group of friends. As you create this meal, choose the recipe, buy in the ingredients you need, and finding the time to take out to be creative. Finally, you get to eat or consume your creation. What a lovely time to be had.

Ingredients and a recipe are great, but it’s not what you cook, it’s how you cook it. So, for example, if you don’t want to cook something, you’ll be planning something, the process is the same. And the common denominator is the method and the vital component of loving intention. They all add up to a happy outcome for all and potential success for you! The energy around you is powerful, nurturing, inclusive, and potentially sociable too. It represents the qualities of a gathering or a harmony of the perfect mix.

Cancerians are the sign of mothers for parenting, even if you don’t have children, you will have a ‘nurturing’ and caring nature, that means you look for happiness for those around you. Sometimes putting yourself last or to the back of the queue. So, when you are compiling your ingredients this week for your occasion or recipe be sure to include something just for you, that you can benefit from. There is a lot of success associated with this card, that by combing a balance of things that magically and scientifically work together to produce a result for you. So put the right stuff in, with the right attitude and enjoy.

Leo – Six Rayed star

More flow oh my Leo you stars! Notice that your card Six Rayed star is all about achieving balance which relates to the Cauldron from the other card.

I give you the Six-Rayed-Star. The geometry of this in basic maths means all the points are equal in proportion, and there are 6 of them, an equal number. This is a card or symbol of balance, therefore. The question I ask you is, grounded Leo, are you balanced? Is your life harmonious and does it have equality in it? If it’s a resounding yes Violet, congratulations, but you’ve got this card for a reason. I’ll explore that in a minute. If the answer is no, let’s get it sorted shall we.

For the No’s. You simply have to imagine that you are standing in the middle of giant Six-pointed star, or better still go down to a beach or big vast open area and make one. Stand in each point of the star, and say, ‘This is the point of ‘Sleep and rest’, and say, ‘Do I rest enough?’ contemplate this. Hop to another point, I’ll say for argument’s sake, ‘Romance’, How loved or loving do you feel in the romance area? Are you happy with the level of it, are you content with where it is? And so on. Other points on the star can be work, social life, food and lifestyle, and your life goals or title them yourself. Don’t be tempted to bunch things into one point, keep it simple. And when you are done. Check you’ve given equal consideration to each point. If you feel silly doing this in public, draw a picture of one on a large piece of paper and write in each point. When you’ve achieved a star plan, you will know what to do to achieve balance and your star will shine as will you.

What if you said yes? Your star is about to shine, just ensure it is balanced, or that you are honestly content with its levels and proportions, then stand in the middle, spread your arms, hold your head up high and be seen. This is a time to just be yourself, grounded yet driven, fed and yet healthy, financially maintained yet rested and socialised, all of these things matter. A star needs constant yet gentle maintenance in order to keep its lustre and glow, as do you. So, keep doing what you are doing well, and your star will continue to glow. I think of the star also as a wish, so take a little bonus from this card Leo… for in shining, there is magic and opportunity to be had.

Virgo – The Cloak

As we ebb and flow through our readings Virgo the river that is a Wiccascope leads us to you, with The Cloak you lovely souls. So as a star shines, and the soul of a star do the same, every now and then it needs to regroup to restore its balance.

This is you! You’ve had a lot of interesting events happening to your recently. Let’s look at last week for a Virgoan friend of mine and myself, workwise it demanded our attention, socially there were demands, restfully it was much needed and so on. This is why I strongly see the need (being a cusp) to restore and heal in order to get my star sorted, in order to weave the magical potential, I want to. This you will be able to relate to. Is there something you want to do, but can’t quite get it off the ground because you may be too tired, not have all the facts, or just have too many people wanting your attention? Here’s the cloak, wrap it around you, step with me into a warm cosy corner of a coffee house where we can’t be seen, but can have a little think.

This is no ordinary cloak, it’s special. Covering you from top to toe, a portable tent that you can invisibly move around in. However, drab it’s exterior, so as not to draw attention to you, it’s interior lining can be made of anything you like. It could be charged with a healing spell, that will enchant and bless you in order to help you deal with any chaos in your life, body or mind. It will shut out the noise that prevents you from hearing your own necessary thoughts, it can drown out the negative thoughts, act as a barrier to stop any harm, deliberate or otherwise that could affect you. Snuggled and safe you can quietly find the peace of mind so that you can make the decisions you need to make, once you’ve stepped out of the cloak, or pulled the hood down.

A cloak also allows you free movement as you move, so you’re able to still be around people, with the added benefits previously mentioned. You can go about the day to day basics, with as little or as much effort as you want to put in. But you don’t have to declare everything you intend to anyone just yet. You’re being urged to keep somethings back just, for now, watch out for anyone who may be listening. Don’t panic, but don’t be too trusting either. This is where you refer to your gut instincts, ensure they are attuned and you know what to say, what to do, and when to do it. Your reveal will come when you are ready. And when it does happen you will be stronger and ready to make your next decision with confidence and courage.

words as spellsLibra – The Mirror

Hi guys! So, in keeping with the flow of things we have the Mirror! As Virgo rests in a cloak, we are asked to step out and be seen, like the star.

Be yourself in your own true light, this is not a time to pick holes in appearance or perceived appearance, it’s a time to look at what you’ve got going on, body, mind, spirit and soul. Sure, if there are things you can address in restoring your balance do them, but do so with an organic flow, that is not forced or unnatural. Sometimes the things that are difficult to achieve or cause us the most anxiety, need the most thought and consideration. It means the changes we are trying to make are important or ones that go against the grain of our nature. For example, an area I am exploring requires me to be bolder, and be seen as a more grounded and stronger person. Sure, the ideas are flowing, but the ‘cough cough’, I have something to say part of me is holding back. What is holding you back? Examine it, and find a way of coping with it.

In showing ourselves who we really are, we will be showing the world who we are, I go back to my ‘boldness’ point, there will be no hiding from others, and compliments may fly. ‘Oh, you’re looking well!’, or, ‘I liked that x you did,’ enjoy any flattery that comes your way. When a mirror shines, or positive energy flows it is contagious you will see the natural beauty in others, find common ground with people you may have had differences with previously. It’s not a time for differences but reflecting qualities and shared minds. It may be that someone you know needs your help to find something in themselves to allow to be revealed. These are very honest times.

Mirrors tell the truth unless they are funny mirrors, so there will be a ‘no B.S’ air about you this week. Be wary your true feelings aren’t a ‘bit bull in a china shop’ in delivery, or too full on. Again, be natural and gentle with your words, don’t force anything that doesn’t come easy. The right words, the right truth, the right image, at the right time, is the key to the natural way of doing things this week. In the in end like your starry neighbour Virgo, you are going to shine in your glory too! On a final note, mirrors are also akin to a body of water, so also go for a natural mirror to seek out your reflections, sit by some water, have a think.

Scorpio – Serpent

This fella hasn’t been here for a while Sssscoripiossss, but he’s come to help you with your plans and to bring a little extra pizazz in your life.

I’m going to take you straight to your base chakra. I’ll do the fun bit first! We’re talking about passion, sex, and fire! Expect an extra twinkle in your eye, a sashay in your step, strike a pose and work that room. I feel that you won’t have any trouble attracting attention, you are not easy to please though, being one with a high bar for romance. But perhaps open your mind, trust your gut, and you’ll find that someone is more suitable than you first thought. If you have a current love connection, expect some progress in this area, a new phase will be experienced if you relax and go with the flow. Ah, there’s that word flow again.

The snake or serpent also represents the power of creativity, find an outlet for your passions, music, art, writing, reveal your talent, stop hiding it. You’ll possibly need to call upon it to help you through an issue in your life. Either to communicate with people or express a business idea. A little note of caution. Play nicely, play fairly, and where credit is due let it be so. Also, watch out for anyone who is a little less than innocent around you. How do avoid this? Be honest with them, working on team projects, let everyone have an equal say and share. This will lead to a growth process, like the snake shedding a skin and feeling renewed. What do you need to shed, for you are about to become a different version of yourself because your base chakra in being recharged empowers you to do so?

Any challenges you feel you are up against at the moment can be overcome Scorpio people, you as a serpent can climb, crawl, and negotiate obstacles that other people would find difficult to do so. You can also hide in places other creatures can’t, get out of the heat of the day, and come out when you can deal with things. This is a complicated card to get on the one side you have this potent sexual energy that makes you shine to the world like a glow bug, on the other you have to watch your back for in drawing attention you have to be discerning and discriminating. It’s easily resolved, in summing up, avoid the darker side associated with this card, and the temptations that go with it, go with the very strong courage and gut instinct you have and all will be well.

Sagittarius – The Cave

Sagittarius we are led in this week’s story to the cave. If you’re cusp with Scorpio it’s apt that I mentioned a snake can crawl into dark safe places. And it links nicely into the cards of the cloak and Queen of Elphame, retreat, sanctuary and healing. The Cave for you is the same. Perfect. So, restore, heal and rest up.

We climb into the cave when we need to really get away from it all. It’s private, cool, dark, and mysterious. There is the option here as always of doing some interior design with your cave. With my Egyptian studies, caves and temples were decorated with crystal tiles on the walls, with the qualities of the healing crystals empowering them. Normally a sociable sign Sagittarius, you are not comfortable with isolation, even self-imposed isolation, but if you don’t take a break from the world sometimes you can become a little moody, or tired. This can have an impact on your energy levels, and send you askew. By going to your lovely cave, and connecting with the ground, and the healing energy therein you will find something you’ve been looking for. You. By being a social butterfly, or someone with enviable energy, you have a lot to live up to. By spending time with yourself, you’ll remember the reasons why you’re so much fun to be around, and so nice to have in our lives.

It could also be that things have become superficial or lacking in substance lately, you are more than your outside self, you have a deep soul, and will find it’s key in the cave. Any hurts caused by circumstances in your life, can be escaped from whilst you sit somewhere and figure out how to recover from them and what you need to do. You can be yourself in the cave, no masks no witty repartee. This is your most private time to soul-search, and learn what skills you can apply in the situations you are going to face when you emerge from the cave. For when you come back out, aura glowing, alive and well, you’ll be able to face the world again, like the true-life force you are. All the elements aligned and working in balance with each other, are going to help you.

How do you create a cave in your own home? What if you can’t? Don’t panic it’s easy. Find a room that you can claim as yours, or find a place somewhere you can go and find some quiet time. If it’s in your home, adorn it with the things you need to create a healing environment that will give the feeling of a safe place. If it’s not in your home, find a safe place elsewhere, it could be in a church even if you don’t have faith, I use my local church often when no one else is there. It’s a place where you feel peace. Ultimately peace. And make time for yourself in the morning, and evening to contemplate the day ahead and the day you had. In essence practice positive thinking for yourself.

Capricorn you delightful people here is something very special for you this week. And it’s concentrated raw power.

The Cone of power is like a battery full of energy and life needed to restore an aspect in your life that isn’t quite right. Unlike the Cave for Sagittarius, you don’t have to go to a place to find such peace of mind, you just have to make some time to pop the cone of power on your head or in your hands in order fix a little problem. The beauty of such a cone is it’s one of many, that you can reach out for whenever you have the need. Easy yes. Just get a cone, get some healing and you’re set. No. The cone you have knows why it’s here. The next bit requires you to work out which area of your life you want the cone to restore, or which area of your life is a priority now.

I try to find a modern equivalent in order that you can apply this meaning to your life. I’ve already said it’s like a battery, so I guess the metaphor is time to recharge your batteries. But you are not retreating into a cave or going to a sanctuary, you are wearing the cone as part of your clothing, an imaginary hat like a wizard’s hat that can help you focus clearly. You do need to make some time to do this though. A’ny process where you are reviewing what is going on around you and how it is going on around you, isn’t done whilst you are doing your work, or talking to people at home. It’s part of the ‘mindfulness’, method of thinking. About being in the moment for you, not being selfish, for ‘you’ time isn’t selfish, it’s necessary to recharge in order to be able to give. So, to be able to focus on one issue at a time that needs your attention, it requires a mindful attitude.

The energy in the cone cannot escape from it, it’s held in there, so it can only go one way, into you, and around your body. There are many meditations that to me work in a similar way, where you imagine yourself connected to the roots of the earth through your feet, and having a connecting tube above your head healing you from above. You could look into cleansing of chakras. You can focus on a particular area, or do all them in order. The massive benefits of prioritising you, your life, and your holistic wellbeing. This moves the blocks that stop you from moving on, and create a free flow of energy to help you succeed.

Aquarius – Gaia

Oh, Aquarius here’s a motherly hug, much like Cancerians got the maternal cauldron, you got great mother of earth Gaia to hold you close and tell you everything will be alright.

If you’ve been hurting or feeling just fed up, she’s here to say, ‘I know it’s been tough, but you’ve done well, but let’s have a little chat’. That little chat is going to be full of unconditional and loving advice. She’s not one to say I told you so, more ‘what can we learn from that?’, and how can you heal from it. She like any good mother will have the kettle on, some hearty soup on the hob, and a comfy chair for you to sit and relax in whilst you chat. She’ll suggest a nice walk, some fresh air, and stop to tell you about the plants she finds as you walk along together. Her knowledge of her plants, herbs, flowers, crops and trees is limitless.

She may remind you that you don’t do this enough, and whilst she understands how modern folk love a gym or aerobic workout she is amazed we don’t make the most of earth’s own gym in our villages and land. She would have you abandon your mobile for a while, take you off grid, and encourage you to talk to your friends and family face to face. From such nurturing and guidance, she will help you find your own way so that you can fix your problems without stress and anxiety. For if you try to keep ploughing on as you are, you are going to find blockages that just continue to frustrate you.

Can you take a little look at your lifestyle and the balances in your life, much like the six-rayed star, you are being asked to sort the areas in your life into manageable and balanced areas? Sort out where your time is being spent, and who with. Who is not getting the benefit of you being around for example if you are working so hard your family doesn’t see you? Are you really eating a healthy diet if you are eating in a hurry to fit in more things than you are actually able to do? There is only one of you. If you were a robot, someone would make sure that you were maintained, charged up, kept up to date and allowed time to rest. But you are not a robot, you don’t run on batteries therefore you need to take more care of yourself, and allow time to heal after hurts instead of bounding headfirst into the next one. And you also need to know that you are on the right track, and you are doing well.

Pisces – Queen of Elphame

Oh, wonderful Pisces she is back again, and back with you, time for you to go and play, a bit of respite is due to you.

I have been thinking about this card and the lady behind it, she seems to come along when it’s time to retire gracefully from the drama of everyday life, but not to lick wounds but to make time for yourself and rekindle laughter. You are being asked at this time, or perhaps very gently told, by this gracious lady, ‘come on, what about you?’ Are you being different things to different people, and somewhere in your life have lost ‘your sense of fun?’ I went to a Spa once, a very posh one, the minute I drove down the long driveway, and saw the manorial home it had once been, the motorway tension left my shoulders. As I took in the view, trees, flowers, fountains and horses in a nearby field caught my eye. Stepping into the reception area in the grand reception area, I felt more stress fall away from me. By the time I had spent a few days there, meeting lovely people, recuperating, and learning about a healthier, more balanced approach to living, I was so chilled.

This is you.

You need to create that special ‘sanctuary’, feeling. Your own secret escape plan. The best way for you to do this make some time for yourself. You have all you need around you to create this sacred place, or will know of a park or healthy place for you to take your body, mind and soul to. This is not a solitary time though, it involves others, or a few trusted people who are there unconditionally to just ‘kick back’, and relax with you. Perfect for a gathering of your friends, lunch or coffee somewhere where you can all turn your phones off, and not talk about work, or the issues that make demands of you. For with these people, and the recreational nature of the location you choose, you will be healed from the stresses and strains of grown up life.

This is also a time where you may explore an alternative approach or finding a life hack, (I love that expression), that will help you proceed calmly, and with a sense of grounding and peace. By making such a sociable, and nurturing time for yourself, and other people who enhance you whilst cheering each other up, you return to the ‘real’, world, as if you’ve had a holiday. If you’ve been to a Spa, you will know the ‘glowing’, feeling you have afterwards, and the sense of purposeful intentions you take home with you. This is how you could potentially feel this week, if you make yourself, fun and a good friend or two your priority.


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  1. The next weeks Wicca scope, is missing the Phices sign.
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    Hanne-Kari :)
    The other free stuff that you have got on your side, is so great. Its always so spot on, on me-its like you are writing it all for me. Strang, there is just one thing, that I wish were possible, and that is to have a reading w you. But I do know, that so is not possible. Anyway, Your sides are the up lifters in my life. and t gives me relief every dad. So thank you , for being you-and sharing and giving so much of your knowledge with us. So grateful. for that. I

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