Wiccascopes Week of 10th June – 16th June 2019  With Violet 2337


Week of 10th June – 16th June 2019

 With Violet 2337

 Hello, lovely Wicca’s!

Many Summer blessings to you!

I write this after some technical issues meant my p.c was sick.  Which was rescued and sorted by my beloved who fixed what I may have broken. So my apologies for a missed article last week.  Normal service has been resumed.

Which prompted me to thinking, whilst I was unable to type this out, I had to write it down on paper first. Back to basics. Whilst it was annoying and slow going.  I found it very calming and more organic.  Thus, getting out some old hand written manuscripts I’d put away a while back.  Once I could read my writing I found some very interesting things, and realised that before I ever had a lap top or typewriter, I did a lot of writing by hand and was the happier for releasing my thoughts that way.

They read almost like a journal, and resonated with my mediations, where I am sat in my little hut, barefoot, boiling water over a fire, eating a hearty soup.  I’ve never felt so calm, and privately at peace. For as sociable as I can be, I also love my time by myself.

Make sure that you have your place to go to, where you eat the food that makes you happy, and do things that bring you peace and happiness.

Leaving you with that gentle thought,

Oh look out this week for something new on the Wiccan front….

Blessed be


 Violet – 2337


words as spellsGemini – Mirror

Behold Gemini for you are a sight for sore eyes! Inner and outer beauty are united so that your true light is seen by the world. Also, as you are seen so will you see! And you will see the wonder of others, in your world.  So, don’t rush to cover your body as you dress yourself and bathe, don’t feel the need to alter your appearance your visual image is perfect.  Your connection with your inner self needs attention but now is the time.

This visual phase does not limit itself to your physical and soul state, it also links to your 3rd eye! You will see beyond the here and now, and be allowed to wonder about the future.  Ask your questions, and by tuning into, and connecting to your 3rd eye you will be able to find your way forwards.  Gaze upon a mirror or reflective surface, just breathe in and out, and allow yourself to be connected to your 3rd eye.  When you are ready, turn away, and carry on with your day.  Visions will come to you, and tonight your dreams will be potent.

If your day to day life has issues in it and you find yourself scratching your head, looking for answers, they will now appear. Clarity is yours to be had, as easy as breathing, and knowing what to do as a result of any truths you find, happy, and less happy but necessary, will be your strength. Enjoy this time of having an aura of indigo gold around you.


Cancer – The Moon

Cancer it’s time to synchronise what you learn, with what your gut instinctively already knows.  Your other senses and chakras will provide you will all that you need to know now, for the Full Moon card comes to you. Do you Moon gaze Cancer? Do you find yourself affected by the waxing and waning of it? Does its effect on the tides in time, affect your moods?  You will feel such a powerful energy shift now as we speak.

Honesty and transparency appear in all things now.  By night in particular for you.  Lucid dream states, perhaps with little rest because they are so active, will lead you to just, ‘know’, what is going on in your world, and who is affecting it, an affected by any actions.  So, if you need to, rest during the day as well, this coincides with a New Moon this week, which is fantastic for planting of gardens, sewing seeds, or taking on a new job.  Thinking of starting a business?  Prepare your plans, sew your seeds, start new things for they are blessed to have the best start.

For projects you started a while back, take a look at them, how are they doing? Let the moonlight guide you to know what is working with this, and what needs alteration.  Some projects will be complete.  Others will be near completion.  The combination of getting this Full Moon card, at this time speaks of dual aspect. Completions in cycles, endings and beginnings.  Enjoy this time.

Leo – Cord

Cord tells you Leo this is time of things starting up for you, and around you that you will be part of.   What is its energy source?  Your soul. This is a time to look at the deeper side of your life, where you hold your beliefs, hopes, dreams, and where you are connected to your past, present and future.  By looking into the Well of opportunity that offers you such information, and wisdom.  It also brings you willpower

This is a 6-month rebirthing time, where renewed insight from the depths brings energy for the future. But, caution, if anything has ties to you, old outmoded, and unhealthy ties, it’s time to release yourself from them.  Resistance to do so, could hold you back. But you have the strength and wisdom, to know that the future will be so much better if you acknowledge them.  Cut that cord and others, in order to make new connections that suit you now.  And serve your purpose.

Any ideas you have, ambitions or notions they start here now, any changes you make to the plans you made this year already will give resurgence or new energy to them.  Let the power of cords allow you to network, and grow.  New people may come into your life, that become important to you, for those relationships will grow.  In business as well as socially.  Expect to feel energised and empowered, just the ticket for you now.  Be organised and methodical, be successful.

Virgo– Spiral

When something spins around Virgo, it gathers momentum, think of a stone rolling down a hill, the faster it goes the more moss it attracts.  The Spiral brings you such a life force, such an energy, an almost magnetic energy to attract new things to you now.  Such as knowledge, opportunity, power, wisdom and healing.  You will attract to you now that which you need most.  You’ll also notice that such a vibrant energy can throw off and discard anything you no longer need.

All your chakras will thank you for this, from ground to the milky way, from top to toes, you’ll receive all the cleansing, and recharging necessary for you to feel ‘right’ again.  Such a good time for you to receive healing, in this reading and in reality.  Let endings happen, and beginnings from ashes rise up, for the fire force in the Spiral, are like that of the Phoenix rising again.  Its rebirth bringing new vitality for new dreams.

The people you attract and deflect now in your clockwise and anti-clockwise motions, will be those you need in the moment, and for the future.  You are doing the dance of fire, celebration and revival.  In a nutshell you may feel the most alive you’ve ever felt.  And you may be a life force that others are drawn to, because they ‘fit’ and are like-minded.  You may repel those that are wary of you, if their energy is not right for You.  You are in fact protected.  So, go dance.

Libra – The Horned God

From the ground up, there’s a primal energy coming to you Libra he is called The Horned God.  If Virgo created a fire, let’s join them and dance around it with them. Life, old and new is to be celebrated now.  Say thank you for the gifts you received so far, have a little tidy up as you would sweep away the weeds in a garden, and in the tidy spaces created look forward to new life. Your growth, rebirth and development come from you taking charge.

For the Horned God is determined to restore balance to those Libran scales.  You’ve given priority to things in favour of others that need your attention.  And what about yourself? By doing this for someone, and that for another, you’ve potentially worn yourself out.  Take a breath, go back to nature. Touch the earth, let if fire up your belly, let it give you the surge your neighbour has.

Expect to feel more sociable, expect more invitations or opportunities.  This is also a great time to check your life for its achievements, count your blessings.  For what you have is great, what you seek is possible through action.  This is not a time to rest, neither is it a time to go at full tilt.  Be productive, be thorough, but be balanced.  Eat well, sleep well, and enjoy friends and family.  And enjoy some passion!

Scorpio – The Candle

Candle candle burning bright please show up Scorpio’s delights! For Scorpio the Candle comes along to light your way now.  It wants to show you the potential in your life, the good things you have, but most of all, your own great inner talents and skills.  A light is being shone on you now.  Call it a spotlight, or an opportunity to use this realisation of how you can put your talents to their best use to help you find solutions to your problems right now.  If you work with this energy you could see great improvements or advances in your plans.

You may also find that you’ve been over doing things a little, and also could take a look at your work/life balance.  I.E are you sleeping in between the two? Why not look at things that could be draining you, and cut back on them, in order to put freed up energy into using your new talents.  Anything that feels like a sacrifice right now will be worth it, for the gains you find yourself making.

Candles are used in Wicca for so many things, simply lighting up a room to work in, or creating a protective energy around you.  And more besides.  As you all know I am a fan of candle magic, and working with candles to connect to spirits, or for divination.  If you seek answers that aren’t coming to you easily, do not worry, light a candle, and put your questions to it. After a few moments of gazing you will feel guidance coming to you.

If you’ve found yourself heading for a finish line in any area of your life, don’t rush there!  It’ll still be there, you’re on the right track, but by pushing too hard or forcing things to happen before their time, you could burn out.  So softly, softly as you go into your future.

Sagittarius – Broomstick

Sagittarius! Yes, we’re taking you out for a flying lesson this week.  And also cleaning house as well.  Besom or Broomstick sits in the corner of your porch reminding you that as well as protecting your house and home, it also is helping you sweep clean issues in your life that really need your attention. I also bring you fun, amusement, and a heightened sense of energy around you. You will be embracing the lighter side of being a Sagittarian, and it’ll be catching, others around you may want to hitch a ride on your broom.  So, shuffle up!

What is your normal attitude to tidying up? Be honest.  Whatever it is, you’ll be feeling ruthless.  Imagine bin liners, a whole wrap of them, you in the middle of a cluttered room.  Then someone says, ‘on your marks!’ and you are off, throwing this away, donating that to charity, perhaps keeping this, but by the end of the process ending up with a quarter of what you started out with. Then you’ll be reorganising what remains.  Finding a more organised way to restore order.  Once you’ve done so you’ll find the things that you need to do to complete ongoing projects or start new ones.

Orange.  Sacral chakra.  Scorpio, how is it going there.  Put your hand on your abdomen, breathe gently, what do you feel beneath your hand?  Nothing? Bubbling? or just a steady feeling of calm?  There is your business centre for decision making. Now ask a question, an open question.  Do the same thing. How do you feel now? This will be your guide your gut instincts talking to you.  It may be the case that you need to tune this area up a little, or temper it down if you’ve been hyperbolic, but whatever you feel, whatever answers you get, trust them.  So, Sagittarius in summary this week is all about decluttering, cleansing, and regulating your energy. A very positive week!

Capricorn – The Cloak

You’ve been summoned Capricorn to the sides of the stage, where you are still part of whatever play your life is showing at the moment, but you are not the centre of it, the spot light is not on you. This is a good thing, for it give you space and time to think.  Therefore, the Cloak is here to help you be among those in your life but take a back seat at the same time.  What you will find is that you can actually hear yourself think now.  Don’t worry you won’t miss anything, for if anything important comes along it will make itself now to you.

I love actually wearing a cloak, and find not only does it hide you, but it puts a layer between you and the elements.  I prevented sun burn one year dressed as Red Riding Hood, so you could protect yourself from anything that comes too close and potentially harm you. It also gives you time to restore and heal your energy, any fatigue you’ve felt, or anxiety can be dealt with whilst you take this semi-time out moment.

There is the message too of liberation Capricorn for you.  For when you are free of other people’s drama, even free from your own mountains that you can reduce to molehills now, you can actually enjoy life a lot more.  Moving almost unseen, you can leave parties or meetings when you want to without having to feel obliged to explain yourself.  You’ll be able to say ‘no’, when you want to and says ‘yes’, and genuinely mean it.  When you are ready, you can ditch the cloak, and reveal the things you’ve learned in this time.  I can’t wait for next week’s card for you!

Aquarius, let’s get straight to the point, the Athame point, our little two-sided dagger is back with you. its multi-purpose blade comes along to slice, dice, reveal, and deliver!  You’ll be creating potions, opportunity, or compiling a plan which you will reveal to those you need to share it with.  You’ve already got the potion, if you disagree with me, look deeper into yourself first.  It’s hidden with a little touch of fear or caution. But it’s time

With the rumble of drums, the chiming of symbols your audience gathers not knowing why you’ve been so mysterious lately, but also knowing you’ve been busy.  They see doors fly open, as you take centre stage, point your dagger in the air, and announce your news.  It’s big news. You’re happy about it.  It’s well received.  And having said it, you’ve inspired others, set wheels in motion, and formed connections with others who would share your dream.

Be sure to include some love and compassion in your plan, and be prepared to share or delegate any tasks involved.  Other people as I said before will be drawn to you, and fascinated by this new energy about you.  You as an Aquarian you are used to being dynamic, but perhaps doing so away from others.  Your time to go public is now. Not a time to be shy or removed. Enjoy the warmth and appreciation being sent your way.

Pisces expect a time of wisdom, and sense of feeling totally connected.  What do I mean by being ‘connected’? Shekinah is named ‘Queen of the Stars’, but she is able to move from her heavenly realm, to our earthly realm. You too will find that there is a sense of beautiful ‘knowing other worldly things’, at the same time as feeling tethered to the earth.   So how are you going to see this manifest itself? For great changes are potentially waiting for you as a result.

First of all, who do you spend your time with? How do they make a difference to you at this time? It’s a question of boundaries, about give and take.  Ensure you have people who are willing to do that.  If there are people who take more from you, or are ‘toxic’, for you, address this. For right now you need cheerleaders and a team around you. Like-minded people who share an interest with you.  You may even be invited to join a group, or even lead one, but there’s safety here in numbers, and opportunities to grow within yourself and your world.

If you made a wish, or have hopes for a plan to succeed then relax, for the chances are that you will be smiling very soon.  Your stars are there to be attained, so if you’ve lost sight of the successes you’ve made so far, along the way, know how well you’ve done!  And that the remainder of your journey, is assisted by this lovely lady whose energy will flow through you in order to get back on track and forge ahead.  This is a potentially great time for you to enjoy a gentle leap forward, and realise that you are not alone in doing so.

Aries – The Bat

Wakey wakey Aries, no I don’t mean you’ve been sleeping.  The Bat is coming into your life again, as something is being called to consciousness, your 3rd eye for example will be feel more empowered, your insight into the future, will become clearer, stronger.  If you work in a light-working industry, or live a light-working lifestyle you will find that something new comes to light to take you further along on your journey.  It’s time for an important new phase in your life. So how is that going to occur?

Think about how a bat does its thing.  Sleeps by day, hunts by night.  They work with the night, when the moon and stars are awake also, their sense of smell is heightened, and of course that (here comes the science bit) ultrasonic echo-location helps them hear things most other creatures cannot. Both of these aides them in their pursuits.  Your other senses will find a way to help you in your life at this time.  Think about what you hear, think about smells around you. They will guide you.  For there is information in them.  Such information will be as illuminating as the stars in the sky.

So, changes. Yes, they are upon you. This insight I’ve spoken about prepares you for it.  Such change can be uncomfortable, especially if you feel it’s not necessary, or you are feeling comfortable as you are.  This change is necessary, and may be overdue if you have been putting it off.  To deny it happening, would mean feeling a sensation of discomfort.  But there is only one outcome from all this growth and insight.  Happiness. And any inhibitions you have, will be shed, any vulnerabilities will feel lessened.  Whatever comes your way embrace it, knowing you are flying ahead with confidence.

Taurus – Pentacle

Taurus as you close the show this week, you have the balancing of element cards. Pentacle is yours here.  That beautiful star, surrounding by a circle, the circle that protects its wearer, or property it’s placed in, comes to you now to offer you healing, power and protection.  This week you will be able to address the elements or areas of your life that affect you as a whole, for protection is needed if you have felt vulnerable.  A time to be restored and find progress.

I’ve been doing some powerful meditations that take me back to a time gone by, a time that was more natural and organic.  One that can be found by doing an internet search (ironically) is as follows.  In essence it means envisaging living a life so much simpler, working with and living with nature.  Everything from the accommodation, the land around it, the food eaten, and the lifestyle being lived.  They all involve, earth, air, fire, water, and a spiritual connection.  By embracing a simpler way of living, in your everyday world now, you will feel the benefits in the areas of your life that need your attention.

What needs your attention? What does this pentacle or star highlight to you?  What do you need to protect? Who do you need to protect yourself from? Who do you need to protect?  You will know the answers to these questions.  But the past will give you the answers so don’t just look around what is here now, or even to the future.  For in order to go forwards you, you do need to go back, and perhaps contact or connect to a relative in spirit or spirit guide.  By being so in tune with these energies, you will feel more alive and more focussed.  Enjoy

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