Wiccascopes Week beginning 6th May With Our Psychic Violet 2337


Week beginning 6th May

With Violet 2337


Dear all,

Welcome to this weeks ‘scopes! Great news the Swallows have moved back into their nest in the eaves of roof, and summer according to them is here. That said I type this in bed, with my duvet on and feeling somewhat cold!

I hope you are all well and ready for a week of insight and changes. I feel there is something in the air, and the ideas or plans we made way back then, are starting to grow into maturity now. I hope you are seeing success in your dreams and schemes.

With that in mind, I feel it would be a brilliant idea if you could all stop and for a moment see how far you’ve come, what you’ve achieved, and how hard you’ve worked. Then say to yourself, ‘Wow go me! Look at what I did!’ Then look forward again to the path ahead of you and step onto it with your goal in sight.

Have lovely week!

Blessed be,

With love



Taurus – Spiral

Time to get dizzy this week Taureans, the force is strong in you this week. Expect change to hit you, and meet it like a new friend, warmly and ready to work with it. Spiral is the chakral energy or life force that spins within us from foot to crown, think of it like a bus or train route. But instead of just going back and forth, it spins at the same time. The added feature of this chakral transport system is that each stop brings a different type of energy, a colour coded energy that helps function within ourselves and therefore outside of ourselves. So, if there is anything wrong at each of the 7 stations it will throw the whole spiral off kilter. You are being asked to accept an overhaul of your inner spiral, that will set you back on course, and help you move in the right direction. Take a look at healing your chakra’s, there are some very good guided meditations you can watch that will help realign them.

By doing so you will notice that you are more focused and geared up to embrace the opportunities this change will bring. For this spiral brings to you, or brings you to, the issues you need to address. Where there is a need, there will be the solution. Fantastic. But you may not want to admit what the spiral’s pin point accuracy has, and you may be tempted to say, ‘Oh no, that’s ok, I won’t be changing that!’ When in your heart of hearts, head and gut, you’ll know. So, it’s partially a cruel to be kind message here. You’ll get what you ‘Need’, not what you want. But getting your head around it and taking a deep breath will help you process that to achieve the best outcome.

Remember that a spiral spins hopefully clockwise to maintain positive momentum. But sometimes there is a spec of something unwelcome that acts like a spanner and jams up the motion, or even sends it spinning back the other way. It’s very import to keep aiming forwards to stay on a true course. The only time you manually override this is when you need to release something, and ‘You’, switch the handle to set the spiral to first pause. You think about what you are releasing, then set the handle to reverse, and the spec of dirt that was there is spat out and removed from your spiral. Things return to normal, if not a better version of it. But be conscious of things that make you feel stuck, or blocked, and address them. If all the stations in your spiral get stuck, you could find yourself feeling completely at a standstill. Go with the flow, address the issues, and enjoy the positive results.

Gemini – Raven

Hello to you all! The lovely Raven is back and the message is when this creature comes into your life, it isn’t done quietly, it announces itself, ‘Cawing’, it tells you to stop listen and contemplate. For Raven has something to say. In many cultures, Raven symbolises endings and new beginnings. Don’t worry such energies for rebirth are good, and a fantastic opportunity to embrace a fresh start. And, so, Raven can steer you safely through your journey. An interesting fact I looked up about the lifestyle of the Raven, is that is a carnivorous scavenger, seen in some cultures the cleanser of bodies before they move on into their next life. With this in mind, there is a sense of cleansing and purging for you.

The Raven is also an excellent teacher, mentor and guide, they make a great familiar in magical and mystical studies. This wise old bird asks you to manifest your intentions at this time. So, if you are prone to procrastination, it’s time to avoid such behaviour. For you will find yourself in the right space for you at the moment. It’s another one of those ‘go with the flow’, cards. The ancient Greeks believed the Raven carried messages from the Divine, Apollo in particular. The teaching behind this is that yes the Raven is very much associated with the night but the link to Apollo means there are solar qualities too. From this I feel that the messages we receive at night steer us into the light of day, i.e. the light at the end of a tunnel.

Work with the Raven to boost your 3rd eye chakra, your psychic vision, and regular observation powers, in order reveal everything that needs to be seen. The Raven’s call is distinctive, with a variety of words, by communing with the nature of Raven your own communication skills could improve. Thus, giving you the gift of your own true voice, where you speak with your own words, and people will have to listen to what you have to say. Do not be scared about this, once you start talking, from the heart, you will find the flow and any conversation you have about your decisions and your future. This in essence is a time knowledge, psychic development, and forward movement in identify your own truth.

Cancer – Crystal Ball

The Crystal Ball

Cancer hello! Oh, I’ve a great list of buzzwords you need to let float into your mind this week and process. For they will help you in life. Skills, vision, power, signs, foresight, déjà vu, and clarity. All powered by your 3rd eye, (The fifth chakra that sits slightly above the gap between your eyebrows), focus your energy on it now, or hover your hand over it, feel it tingle. It’s a very special part of you. It aids your normal vision, boosts it. Think telescope into the beyond, the future, or the hidden.

Once you have processed these buzzwords, you will find odd things happening. Your intuition will sound alerts, you’ll see things in your sleep, and perhaps have waking dreams too. Meditate to facilitate both of these! Relaxation is the best gateway to receiving messages, visually and via all the other senses. You’ll also find that although this is a 3rd eye chakra energy, it will vibrate to other chakra’s and there will be some synchronisation involved. This sense of knowing totally will overwhelm you potentially, but because you will find your base chakra receiving some of the energy too, you’ll be grounded and therefore able to withstand it.

So, in summary Cancerians apply this time and energy into your life. How is it going? How do you feel? What does the horizon look like? You can afford to be discerning, fussy even, and don’t be afraid to say no to things that really don’t make the grade with you. Your standards will be higher, in all areas of your life. Your social life may be trimmed back to make room for fresh blood, that meets your new standards. Maybe you’ll base this on someone’s long-standing treatment of you that you no longer find acceptable. You may surprise a colleague or boss who could be taking advantage of you, by saying ‘actually, no I feel it could be done this way’, or and this is a brave one to a colleague, ‘I’m can’t help you with that, I have my own work to do’. Because I feel especially as a Cancerian, people may treat you as a soft target, and you’ll be able to politely stand up for yourself. For the Crystal ball will also reveal a stronger version of yourself to them.

Leo – Chalice

Hello lovelies so I start your reading with a question. Is your cup half full or half empty? Normally you would say full to the brim, but what has thrown you off course? Whilst you consider where you are now, let’s explore the options of the scenarios.

Half-Full, we’re starting in a good place, and a very balanced one at that. It means you are giving what you can give, but also not losing too much of yourself in the process, which could leave you depleted or jaded. But there’s still a little fine tuning you can do with the contents of your half-fullness. Is the liquid content of your cup clear, and calm? Or has there been a build up sludge that is stopping it flow around the cup freely. Take a closer look into it, what is that dark patch, or that little nick of dirt that’s been bugging you? Take a bit of time to hook it out, and top it up with clear healing water to freshen up the cup.

This is your life, the chalice is your sacral chakra, (2 inches below your belly button and the colour orange), it processes information, is the liquid base for your feelings and creative side. When you have an idea in your head, or in your heart, you have to call a meeting with your sacral chakra to be sure that you are on the right track. Look, it’s ok to be a logical person, it’s ok to be hearty person, but the warmth and sense of knowing, comes from your sacral chakra. It’s the cauldron of your body, where creation takes place. Where you ideas are put together, and become a reality for you. It brings about change as a result of simply, ‘knowing’, a gentle flowing knowing.

If your chalice is considered half empty, especially for you, this is a flat feeling to have. I feel you have to follow the same process, as if it were half full, but perhaps this time look for the positive thing in the chalice as well. The chinks of silver and gold, the healing oils, the glimpses of the sea these are all lovely things. In other words, count your blessings, what is going well for you, sure get rid of the things that are not working, but don’t throw out the things that are. You have talents, skills, a lovely soul either way you view your chalice. There is so much that you can offer, and share with the world. So, consider everything you have that is great, and refresh everything that is tired, and remove everything that is not good for you. Balance will be yours, as will success.

Virgo – Bat

The Bat swoops into your life Virgo and there are a lot of keywords here for you to think about. Communication, journeys, change, rebirth, inner depth, grief, joy, love, pollination, initiation and ego. That’s a lot of words, which ones pop out at you? How do they make you feel? All of them add up to change, and transformation. And the speed at which the bat zooms in is the speed at which the changes could happen in your life. These changes are the seeds for your future, they are delivered quickly but need your methodical approach in life Virgo will soon see you planning and designing how to get the best out of the seeds.

Pay attention to signals, sonar bat signals that will alert you to where opportunity knocks. In this case, these clues could be physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. Like the Raven, Bat symbolises endings, and some part of your life doesn’t serve your higher calling. New ideas, inspired hunches and emotions may occur that seem unfamiliar to you. Some aspect of this period could feel extra tough on you if you put off dealing with it. Let the good change happen. The presence of the Bat means these changes are quick, to the point, and you will be enjoying the new chapters in your very quickly.

How is your spiritual growth? Pursue this more, there is more to be learned, when you start to learn it you find yourself easily flying towards an understanding. What is new about your thinking, don’t fight it, embrace it! You’ll perhaps have a new passion or interest that is taking your higher and deeper on a certain path. Once identified you’ll know just what to do with the learning you acquire, and feel more enlightened and this will migrate to your everyday life, giving you a sense of perspective. So, by seeing and sensing more your whole self will benefit.

Libra – Pentacle

Oh, my stars here is the Pentacle Libra. To be very accurate, the pentacle is a pentagram a star shaped symbol encased in a circle. The circle is especially important, it acts as a ring of protection. What is it protecting? The wearer and its connection to the spiritual aspects of life, that in equal balance are very important and aid magical exploration. Each of the five points of the star represent north, south, east and west with the fifth point and uppermost point being spirit.

I want to look in greater detail this week at the elemental side if the pentacle and their message to you, Earth is the right lower point, and is linked to fire, it gives you courage Libra. Then water in the upper right area, which is of course this is all about emotions and intuition. The element of earth, represents physical stability and endurance, it lives in lower left point. Air equals intelligence, and can be found upper left. Spirit is the top point of the star and represents the divine, spirit, which is about connecting and balancing the spirit and earth planes.

When you look at these points, think about what they mean to you and the areas in your life that fit into each triangle. Are you more emotional at the moment, or more physical? The key is to try and keep all of these areas equally nurtured, and topped up, and that the activities in your life also reflect this. For example, all work and play and burning out? Or feeling lazy and all emotional? Just read those points again, and perhaps make a list or pentacle diagram to establish a visual idea of how you can restore balance, and proceed confidently, making your own magic in your life.

Scorpio – Aradia

Hello Scorpio, why has the beautiful Aradia appeared after such a long absence to see you? Because she wants you to really look at your belief systems, and do so objectively. She was highly revered in Italy, her wisdom and guidance sought out by many. She offered spiritual counsel to anyone who needed it. So much so a holy order was established in her name. She wants to free you up from any outmoded ideas you have. Perhaps you need to explore another option, or deepen a connection you already have in your spiritual life. How we think and live is based on that old debate of nature v nurture.

At the centre of it all is you, then there’s your family who bring you up, the friends you make in your life and greater world. All these people in your life had some influence on you. Then as you grew you became more and more familiar with the world, adopting some of its culture, and ideas. I also will add spirit to this, for if you believe in connections to the past and those who come from that to help us, we have the full picture of ourselves. This all looks very supportive and cosy, and it would be if all of those elements were healthy and had a positive influence on you. More importantly so if they still allowed you free will and free thinking. What if somewhere in your life there are locks on you that halt your free thinking, well they can slow you down.

Scorpio you are being given the key to a special door which takes you into a corridor, where there are so many options behind so many other doors, with no nasty surprises, just great learning opportunities. Believe here that you are not just of earth, that you are also connected to spirit, and there’s so much for you to learn, and experience as a result of learning. Such experience could enhance your progress in your life and help you achieve your goals.

Sagittarius – Owl

Hello all, your lovely card this week is the Owl, this your 3rd visit by the Owl, it flies in once again to take you into the twilight hours, and commune with the moon. This hooting messenger has something to say to you, and wants you to say something in turn to the world. A thoughtful, and at first appearance serious one, this bird may appear grumpy. It’s not, but being a scholar and one who would rather fly, its wisdom comes in swoops, and sweeps.

In order to teach you Owl wants you go find a natural space, or at least a quiet space where you can take some time out to have good old think. For what is revealed to you right now, or whatever you come to suddenly understand, will be potentially life changing. You may even surprise yourself at your reaction to what you discover. For the Owl has little time to rue or regret things, they almost scorch a line in the sand where, ‘that was then, and this is now’, with the force and speed of their message.

Try to go somewhere where you can feel the ground underneath feet, whilst your knowledge gives wings, you cannot fly, so even though the Owl does, it will circle you, chatting away. You will be walking, resting, eating and drinking as you travel the woodland path. By the time you come to the woodland clearing, a weight would have been lifted from your shoulders, and your step will be lighter and easier. As you sit in the clearing, the canopy of trees lets in such sunlight and illumination, you will know exactly which path to take home.

Capricorn – Spider

Hello Capricorn you have a lovely spider with you this week, in the spirit animal kingdom the spider represents the feminine aspects of energy, as well as patience, and creativity. Spiders possess great design skills, creating something beautiful in nature that doubles up as a practical tool to ensnare their supper. The spider coming along now, guides you as you attune to your life’s journey, and help you ‘weave’ your own path.

The Spider also speaks of patience, it tirelessly weaves it web, if a bit breaks off it fixes it, if it blows away or a human knocks it down, it rebuilds it. Then when for a moment it’s built the spider hides, and waits, and waits. Then supper finally comes to visit. You will have period of building and crafting out your plans, but Spider also speaks of the need not to rush the process of achieving your dreams, or goals at some speed. You’ll get there, plans and dreams in intact if you wait.

So, Capricorn if you pay attention to the events going on around you, and the information that you glean, then you will spot a really great chance which you must take advantage of. If anything has been puzzling you until now, as the spider jumps and navigates their world so you will find things much easier to negotiate. Think about your problem from many different angles, be open in your thinking, for in doing so you’ll find more than one answer.

Spider also speaks about your destiny, have you lost your way and forgotten where you were headed? You once had a very good idea about what you wanted, and you wanted it so badly. It is still there for the taking, so remember the passion you had for it, and take this chance to have another go. Perhaps now that you are older and wiser, the pattern you wove then, can be woven again, and this time you’ll really enjoy reaping the benefits.

Aquarius – Crone

Aquarians hello all, I have for you one of my favourite characters in Wicca, The Crone Goddess, she is also known as the Dark Mother. With the Maiden and Mother, she is symbolic of the circle of life. Being the eldest of the three Goddesses she puts a little fear into a reading, she represents the ending and aging of things. However, I see her as so much more than that. She is wise, experienced, and she can share so much of her knowledge with you. After she dies she is reincarnated as the maiden crone again, continuing life’s story. Another lesson here this week of rebirth.

For you Aquarius there are two meanings with this card, one is that there is a lesson you need to learn from a wise one. The other is the lesson could be that a phase in your life is coming to an end, or you are maturing and leaving something behind. And combining these two aspects as one, you have a gift here to set you on the course of your future. A lovely grandmother figure with all her warmth and wisdom is offering you the key to the future, if you wish to take it.

You do have a choice here, your own free will. It’s like getting any advice from anyone who takes the time to say their piece, and it leave it with you to digest and consider. What do you do now? Well it’s up to you Aquarius, but you do have options. Your options are to make a note of the wise words spoken and consider how you will use them. Then you have to look at the area(s) of your life where you need to make changes. So wise is the Crone that she will not tell where you need amend your actions or which problems you need to address, she knows, but also knows it’s up to you to join up the dots. But when you do, your outcome will be a successful one, taking you a happier path.

Pisces – High Priest

Pisces greetings, you too have a wise old one who visits to impart their words of wisdom. He is an honest man, and his key message is, have some self-belief and the world could be your oyster. He reminds you that you are brave and full of potential. Now the knowledge you have, by the end of your time with the High Priest can be applied to what you already know. Basically, he is a kind of a cheerleader, supporting you at a very important time.

What is important to you? What do you value? Do you feel valued? If the answer to any of these questions is ‘No’, then address why not. Got a problem at work, then take a step back, look at your role, where you want to be and start talking to the right people. Relationships gone awry the same, now is the time to get both of you back on the same page, or at least talking about being on the same page. You may discover you’re on a completely different bookshelf to some people in your life, and have to remind them of who you are and your true value.

This card like the crone speaks of an older figure, or someone that is to be respected. Their presences in your life, real or spiritually real, is important right now. They know a lot of useful things that in the Wiccan world aid with magical rituals, so in modern life terms they will know something that they can apply to your life. It will seem as if the advice they have, tor the order of things they set out to you, assure you of some respite in a problematic area, or onto success. Whatever they tell you, whatever you learn, this week and going forward you will find yourself humbly taking the advice of this person, and thanking them for it one day.

Aries – Broomstick

Aries hello again, this week the presence of the Broomstick says you will if you want to be, cleaning with attitude. It’s one of those dual aspect cards as well. Where you may find yourself rearranging rooms, even your whole home, dusting and throwing out rubbish you’ve previously thought of as useful things. The Broomstick, is something a witch’s home is not without. They are strewn around their homes, large and small, ornamentally on altars, and hung on the wall. They represent a need for cleansing negative energy away from a space. It’s always about healthy and positive energy with witchs and spiritual people, for this is where abundance and prosperity thrive.

As the broom sweeps, so does it move things along; expect movement by freeing up the space cleared, a dirty floor, a clogged-up room trips up it’s resident magical crone, so she has to make space. You too may have to make space in your life, room for things that are being suppressed or obscured, and room for new things to be placed. You may even be considering where you live at the moment, have you outgrown your living space, or work space? It is suggested you may hop on the Broomstick and find a new home.

On an energy level I’ll take you to your sacral chakra, the orange one again! Sunshine, and salads with orange peppers and grated carrots are just the ticket for you here Aries. That’ll set you right on your path again. With a spring in your step. As orange is a bold colour, and not a subtle one, it has almost as much oomph as red, and you could be hopping not walking. Such energy is also good in your relationship connections, romantic ones, social and work ones alike, there will be a return of humour, shared enthusiasm and joint passions. So, grab your broom get sweeping and get moving Aries.

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