Wiccascopes Six monthly Review Extended Reading With Violet 2337

Wiccascopes Six monthly Review

Extended Reading

With Violet 2337


Wiccascopians, on 7th January I wished you a Happy New Year and we all drew our guidance card for the year.  I think it’s time we revisited those readings and did an update!

I feel we can all give ourselves a hearty pat on the back, pull up a chair and look at our milestones passed so far.  There are like any journey delays, stops, issues that absolutely distract us, but let’s get the map out, eat a bit of our packed lunch and check out our own destinations.  Ask yourself the following: –

Are you happy?

Do you still want to go to that point on the map?

And how are you going to do it if it’s a yes?

Or what are you going to do instead if it’s a no?

So, without further ado……

Let’s revisit January for just a moment in order to plan June until December 2019

In the words of Bon Jovi…. ‘We’re halfway there!’


Blessed Be



Gemini – Cone of power 

Happy June and Birthdays to you.  Your Gemini 2019 Message was there will be support for you in endeavours this year as there will be changes.  You were reminded to embrace the energy of the Cone of Power in order to deal with these changes, and ultimately arrive at the end of your journey saying, ‘I did it, and some!’ You started it with oomph, bravado and with focus.  The chakra we looked at was the Solar Plexus. If you had some bumps in your road this year, I hope your batteries or Cone of Power came through for you in the end.

This is a time of balancing heightened energy, with rest and restoration, nurturing and spiritual development.  And a time to feel energized and motivate you, this energy opens your spiritual connections.  Did you take up yoga? Or a meditation group? The hint in this reading is that your support network would be around you.  Given you are Gemini and can be independent when it suits you,  another part of your lesson this year was to let more people in to support you.  There is comfort in numbers. And by surrounding yourself with trusted allies you’d find yourself feeling encouraged to say, ‘I can do anything!’

In being able to say ‘Yes’, you’ll also learn you can say no, and not feel guilty.  This is putting yourself first, I hope you are doing this.  This is the key to the status quo being maintained.  You’ll have hopefully created space for yourself, and changed your aspect of the world you live in.  If you have found your profile raised, don’t be surprised.  Your new connections will be spreading the word about your talents.

If you are drawn to energy working, or have strong connections with spirit and nature, you could find yourself in seeking that balance between private nurturing and being around other people, a little annoying.  You may want to put a ‘Do not Disturb’, sign up.  Don’t become a Snap Dragon or recluse whilst wrestling with this. For when you are kind you’re awesome, but akin you’re your Air sign friends, when you’re aloof you can be cool.

Also, the danger in shutting yourself away to plan and review and re-plan, is that you become too absorbed, too up-close to your plans and schemes.  By getting some air and social time with people you will gain perspective.  Take a step back, live, laugh and love some more.  Then watch the ideas come in.

So that was the January card, its message is still as relevant today, if not more so.  Don’t forget your key aims, work through change with support, brainstorm ideas with people you get on with.  But also remember anytime it gets too much for you, you can just read this reading, for its words remain especially relevant for you this year as part of your life journey.

Cancer – Green man

Cancer the Green man, he is all about ‘life’, the start of it, development, and growth in every way. A good card to get if you are starting a business.  It bodes well that any seed you have sewn will be growing now.  And any career or business ideas you set in motion, look good.  So, by the end of the year expect to be feeling a bit chuffed.  Don’t agonise over any setbacks you’ve had, learn from them, success is still achievable.  The changes you chose to make for this year are still as important today as they were back in January.

If ever you’ve studied drama, you would have heard the expression, ‘Imagine you’re a tree’, I loved it, others not so but I embraced my inner tree.  So, imagine you’re a tree, a young bendy tree.  With strong roots, that have been placed firmly but gently into nice earth.  There’s a bit of food in there too.  Wriggle your roots into the ground and let them find room. Great. As the soil is gently layered over you, protecting your base, settle in.  Patted down, nice and firm your top soil ensures you are standing firm, and strong.  A little drink of water, some elemental energy from Aries, air, and heat and we have growth.

With strong links to Celtic Wisdom, The Green man guards the woods and forests, and other areas where creatures roam.  He also guards Gaia, Mother Earth, he keeps any secrets she holds dear.  A Green Man ornament in the garden will offer it protection, and promote growth.  It is said he will also attract luck to your home or business.

Speaking of home, this should be a bit more harmonious time for you.  Communication will flow or grow more easily, new friends will be made, established friendships will be enhanced. Why? Because you will know yourself better, and find that being able to say how you feel a lot more easily.  In getting to know people better, you’ll be able to decide where you fit in each other’s lives. For the most part there will be reunions and unions, not partings.  Any parting of the ways you experience though necessary won’t cause you any grief.

This year as the months go by will see relationships, and communication within them grow.  Be proud of how far you’ve come, and know you’ll grow even more.  Prosperity and personal growth this year will give you a solid foundation into 2020.

Leo – Serpent

Leo 2019’s message was also like The Spider about creativity and design.  Other lovely words that resonate with this card are passion, and sex!  A sign that lights up a room with their larger than life energy ordinarily, with a little extra oomph will certainly see connections a little more charged. The good thing about energy like this that it is catching, and whether it’s at social or professional meetings, you’ll give off an enthusiasm that fuels conversations and allows ideas to grow.

I’ll talk about your base chakra now, think red, ruby red. Your root or base cakra lives in below your hips.  If you imagine the chakras as one big flame, with its base being ruby red, then amber, and Citrine, cooling to green, then a blue, deep black-blue, and then golden white, that is the chakral flame.  In order for the flame to be strong for you to function at your best, the base has to be strong and secure.  It sends out roots to the earth for you, and energy up through the other chakras eventually connecting you to the sun, moon and stars.  So, think red, wear red pants!

The Serpent is also very good at not being seen Leo, it can hide under rocks, or slither unnoticed by others right under their noses.  So, whilst you are normally an energetic soul, the other side of this character is you could find yourself when you choose, doing more listening, and for a change not taking the lead.  You’ll find the answers to things that others can’t see, because as a serpent you’ll get into little nooks and crannies. If you want to you can hide altogether in your nest, to recuperate and recharge yourself ready for a new day. There’s the lovely double-sided energy of this, the searing heat of energy, and compactness and agility in its physical form.

Watch out though. The only caution here is, what you know someone else will want to know. Not because they are nasty necessarily, but because they may lack confidence or be lazy.  Be flattered that they want to ‘pick your brains’, but be careful what you tell them.  They could in trying to just get by as themselves, take credit.  A way around this is to involve them in projects you want help with, and don’t mind sharing credit.  They will be empowered and you will still get any credit or benefit from the success of it.

I spoke about creativity, don’t be surprised if when out food shopping you spot art supplies.  And may think ‘Oh charcoals, I fancy a go at that’, or it could be to write your memoirs.  This would be a great year to turn that journal into your biography. You’ve still got Six months to start it, there’s nothing stopping you creating anything you want. I’ve a Leo friend who is a fantastic Double Bass player, he’s seeing his Jazz Quartet career take off this year.  Is this you? Could you make sweet music?

To go into 2020 which promises to take this journey even further, you’ll unearth more opportunities in those rocks, and your connection to the earth will be ever stronger.  Relationships will reach greater heights as we go into Christmas, social and professional relationships will grow in order to help you share your passion and enthusiasm for life.  The result? Reasons to celebrate, projects getting you noticed, and a great leap forward in your life.

Virgo – Athame

Virgo you are really on a mission this year, I gave you a little prediction that Autumn is key and it still is.  You are going to be focused, in charge of your emotions, clear where you want to be, and no who isn’t welcome in your circle. For your Solar plexus chakra is being healed and used predominantly.  The Virgo in me, and Virgoan friend have been busy at manifesting, and working on their law of attraction theories.

Athame for me is a throat chakra energy as well as a crown chakra.  It says, ‘I am!’ or ‘Listen to me!’ This is what you’ll be doing. Finding the information, in order to consolidate your plans and dreams, which in turn will become your mission.  But for your mission you need a mission statement, which is where Athame says, find your words, think about them, think about your audience, and your intentions.  Then when you are ready as I said in January, take aim, and fire.

Blade-tip facing skywards with Athame held firmly in your hands, you emerge after some time hidden away, perhaps in your cave or a sanctuary healing and resting.  Scroll for your plan tied rolled up to your belt, voice in good order.  Off you go. This is a powerful image no?  But a strong one to envisage as you sit wherever you sit, making your notes and plans.  My Virgo friend loves a coffee house, another has an office, I do my thinking in the back garden.  Wherever you have done yours, or plan to do further research, it’s served and will serve you well.  For you are ready.

Let go of anything that causes you to feel nervous when you speak, or causes you to cough.  A few nerves are natural, but a crippling fear due to a lack of self-belief, can be overcome by releasing anything that makes you feel that way.  It’s about owning your own space and voice.  Literally not letting anyone put words in your mouth.  Aim to be happy and harmonious in a world that you can succeed in.  in all areas of your life.

When news hits the world, it’s like a pebble hitting the water, there is a ripple effect, if you took a picture of that ripple effect you’d see the darkened centre of the stone sinking, then the circles fanning out from the centre.  This signifies two things for you.  How close the first ripple is, is the closest target of your truth, or the first boundary line drawn. The second is the first incidental recipient, and 2nd boundary line.  And so on.  Before you throw your stone in the water, imagine where you want your ripple circles to be.  How far from you?  Arm’s length for business contacts, up close for those you love, and far away for people you tolerate but may not like and so on.  But how you deliver your news affects said ripples as well, a softly kindly thrown stone will have very gentle and fewer ripples.  A stone thrown in with force will create a hard impact before sinking and create some wave.

So, take yourself to your working area, get out your pens, review your plans.  You are so close to manifesting part one of your dream, by 2020 you could see it completed.

Libra – Aradia

Libra so the year started with our lady Aradia.  Ye ole Gipsy Queen from Italy. She taught the old religion and speaks of energy and healing from the crown chakra, connection to our past, and guidance from the stars themselves.

I spoke of a time to claim your own true self.  The version of yourself before your birth. Where your life plan and destiny were determined.  Of course, those that helped in your creation allowed for your environment, free will and history of the family you were born into to affect you.  But your plan may always have been calling you. Mine has called to me from early childhood.  Though not always listened to. But it’s often in later adult hood that Librans seize their moment and embrace or revisit their soul purpose.

Whatever your age, ask ‘What would make me happy in this life?’ What is my job this time round? Even if I don’t really know why I chose it, how can I achieve it?  The answers are private to you. But the point is you will be guided by celestial beings, and helped by earthly souls.  And now is not the time to give up on yourself, your dreams or destiny. You will find that this time you are being tested to achieve more at the moment.  No pressure.  But it’s no more than you can endure.  And by December 2019 the chances are it will be done.  Without you perhaps noticing it. You’ll just feel happier and more content.

This hard work won’t go unrewarded, even if you’ve felt lonely or alone, by defining yourself, your boundaries have kept certain people away from you.  Others more akin with your soul journey will step forwards and be there for you.  New contacts will be held dear to you. And you to them.

Please be braver, know that you are more than good enough, and don’t let anyone talk you out of a good idea just because they don’t understand it or you.  Explain politely, but don’t apologise or compromise because someone shouted louder.  If you felt in your gut it was a good idea and can soundly justify it, stick by it.

So, 2019 courage, conviction, learning and wisdom.  Like the Hobbit out on a quest, you are doing something very important for yourself, and possibly something a relative in our families did once long ago. 2020 is the next very important stage of development.

Scorpio – Gaia

Ah Scorpio you have the journey of Body and Soul this year.  Expect your dreams to be more vibrant, like the screen play of your life.  There will be messages in your dreams that guide you to where you need to be.  This is the year for you to keep a dream diary.  And if your able to sleep in order to dream you are resting, and this is what Gaia wants you to do.  This is not a year for a dynamo version of yourself. But a healing, resting version of yourself.  But you can’t take a year-long holiday, just ensure you rest when you can, and heal when you need to.

Gaia is also called Mother Earth, because of links to growing things to nurture life on earth. Crops. She is greatly revered, as a life-giving force. Providing seek and sustenance for seeds to grow. She has come to nurture your and the potential in you.  She knows you are capable of great things, and great personal growth. See this as a sign that you need to work with others in your life who can also help you along in your journey. It’s also a good time to heal relationships.

In receiving healing, how about learning about healing, for when we are involved in Reiki it’s a two-way street.  The healer gets the benefit of healing as well as giving it for they are a two way channel.  So, did you consider learning or developing your own healing talents?  Your root chakra, requires you to really connect to the earth, and yes as a result give life to your whole body.  What can you gain from this?

Your dreams. They are still out there. Still in you. You can still make them happen. But Gaia does things in real time, not fast forward film time.  So, you’ll have to wait, and enjoy the process. By doing so you’ll be able to manage each step, not miss any details or potential for failure or diversion.  Gaia steps to the rhythm of a steady heartbeat.  Walk in time to it, be aware of your breath, it’s an amazing how many people breath but don’t work with their breathing.  For by being in tune with it, you can calm down a stressful moment, or restore your breathing after exercise.

2020 for you will be all the better for you taking this nurturing time out.  Rest while you still can for I feel whatever comes next year will need a rested, healed person. For great opportunities await.

Sagittarius – The Lady

Sagittarius oh sing after me, ‘I want to break free’, and with some effort, and strength of character you can do it. You’ll also achieve this by embracing the difference in you. What is unique about you. So, it was out with the old, and in with the new News Year Day. You’re changing day by day, and by the time 2020 comes your metamorphis will be complete.

There is an energy movement that brings with it changes. A lively sign by nature, there is more energy coming your way.  The power in you have in you resides in your words and actions, they are a gift of universal love, use them with universal love. So, if you still want to make changes you still can.  There are 6 months left in which you can make any changes for this phase in your journey.  She is strong yet very gentle, and embodies bravery.

Each step you take, will be a learning step, and a step away from the uncertainty of last year.  Whatever you endure you’ll have the support and unconditional love of The Lady.  But you do have the strength in you to cope with what comes your way. By believing in the version of yourself you want to be will enable you to become that person.  Normally this is easier said than done, but you are being led by the original cheerleader.

Don’t be afraid to celebrate you good qualities, (not the ego led stuff but the good and generous qualities), as well as accepting your faults i.e. the things that make you human not perfect.  By accepting yourself as you are and seeing how you can improve where and if you want to, you’ll feel so much better.  Talk to your inner self, reconcile them with your outer self.  If they are at odds with each other, find out what the sticking point is.

So, 2020 you’re half way there to it, and the changeling in you is doing so well.  Don’t think because it’s not happened as soon as you’d like, it isn’t going to.  It will. And your success seems on track!

Capricorn– Spider

Capricorns, oh you creative, determined creatures you had Spider as your card of the year, success was given, manifestation of ideas and desires.  How is that working out?  Look back a moment, have you ticked off some tasks on your list? Creation starts in your Solar Plexus, under your chest and above your belly button.  Think yellow sunshine, custard, lemons and daffodils.  Notice when you think that it tingles.  Any time you want to charge it up, put your hand on your belly and just think of those lovely warm yellow colours.   It recharges it up, and gets the creative juices flowing again.

As well as the it gives a real sense of ‘self’, self – determination, self-expression, self-projection and protection.  But we need to check the state of your web.  In reality spiders weave them over and over, you would have done the same at the start of the year, but then let things settle down a bit.  Go back and check your web now.  How is it?  Need a little hole or snag repaired?  Is there any lunch in there in the form of a juice fly?  Like Gemini remember to nurture creative energy, go and eat something a little more tasty than what’s in the web, drink, feed that dynamic buzz you’ve got going on.

As mentioned above things get trapped in your web, but as you are the spider you know about traps, and set them rather than fall into them.  Your Spidey senses are so red hot; you’ll spot opportunities and threats in a heartbeat.  And when you need to escape from a situation you’ll be able to spin out a long shot of silk that you can swing on to get away.  This will also come in super handy if you need to get away for a break from people also. So, spin away for whatever reason you need to.

The spider’s web is much like the cauldron a place of creation, or a place where things are founded, called ‘The Web of Wyrd’ female beings called Norns, controlled the fates of all life, and wove their destinies. Asuch the spider and its web were revered and respected in Wiccan terms in life-path matters. Much like Greeks and Romans thought that fate and destiny lay in the laps of the Gods.  In modern terms you can take this to mean that you have the power of any Norn or God to design or plan your future, and give your creativity some freedom.

So, check your web as I said at the outset, do a little housekeeping, and embrace this driven edge you have this year.  Again, if you ever feel you are losing focus look at the January reading or this reading to remind yourself of how far you’ve come, and if you’ve got a wee bit lost, just get back on track and review your design.

Aquarius– Shekinah Queen of The Stars

Oh, Aquarius yours was more of a soul journey this year, where you were at the beginning being asked to consider you inner self. What makes you tick spiritually.  When this card guides you for your year you can expect a gentle movement, and a sense of just knowing that you’ve either been somewhere before or you are using knowledge in this life that you knew in a past life.  In such links to the past, present and future, there are lessons to be learned, hopefully for the final time, or to be continuously enjoyed.

Shekinah is a time and space traveller, Dr Who without a Tardis.  She slips through realms effortlessly, and will take your hand as this year you’ve been given a V.I.P pass to travel with her, AAA access.  Linked to the Qabalistic Tree of life she combines Binah and Malkuth, heaven and earth. Giving you roots that go deep into the earth, and branches that reach up into the higher universal energies, Moon, Stars, Sun and other planets.

Shekinah resonates in her balancing act of heaven and earth with Libra, offering you equality in all things, peace, justice and harmony.  This year you will be respected, and like the stars that are guiding you, noticed where perhaps you were not before. If you face any challenges, the chances are you will be successful but only if you follow a relaxed methodical approach, and consider all the facts.  This is ‘if’ you think the challenge is worth your time in the first place, you may find yourself just walking past knowing it will resolve itself.  For your journey needs no distractions or drama.

This gentle soul offers you healing and support along the way, for in heading towards that future where you find respect and recognition, you’ll unearth some issues that do need dealing with.  Facing up to an old karmic situation, either this life time or another, could upset you, but not for long.  Don’t be afraid to deal with it, it’s not as scary as you think, and the stronger version of you can defeat the monster in the closet.

If you’ve felt you had some attention already this year, and noticed that you were feeling more successful and driven, keep hold of that feeling, it’s here for a while longer and you’ve a long way.  If you feel you haven’t started, you’re wrong, you maybe expected big things to happen sooner, rather than notice the little things already happening. Tread slowly as you walk towards those dreams, for Shekinah isn’t a power house of speed, but a swirly gentle state of being.  So just ‘be’, and in doing so you’ll look back to what was and now is a rewarding year.

Pisces – Candle

Pisces we’re talking about illumination, southerly winds, and fires.  There’s an underworld type feel about this, that by being connected to what lies beneath, earth’s fiery belly, you glow form within, and speak your own truth.  The Candle lights the way to the place you need to go to learn the skills to enable you to achieve this year.  The flame of the candle will light the fire in the cave or den you seek out as a place to work your magic.  I feel this is a very organic, earthy yet airy element.  I would be sat in the hollow of a tree having lit a fire and be gazing upon the flames to envisage my future if it were me.  If you can find a summer bonfire to relax beside I feel you’ll feel inspired by dancing flames. There’s something of the druid faith about this.

Working with The Candle and fire energy enables you to fully comprehend your life at this time, for this year is pivotal for you to get that understanding for future years.  Don’t burn your candle from both ends, balance!  Think of the Six-Rayed-Star, she speaks of balance in all things.  Learn how your energy works, don’t mimic others, or do what others say, find your own way of being you.  Walk to the dance beat of your own flickering flame.  By doing so you’ll find it easier to negotiate the twists and turns of your life. Challenges will be opportunities to overcome or burn through.

The result of this is that prosperity is something you can look forward to, given the right intention, and loving freewill for others, this could be a very happy year for you.  And when we say Happy New Year, we talk of a rebirth, Wiccans called upon Juno Lucina whose symbol is the Candle in easing a time of childbirth. She speaks of loosening knots, hair flowing freely, to release energy.  So, from this take that you need to look at your connections, or even your clothing, do you feel restricted, how easily do you breathe? All good old-fashioned hippy stuff, but hippies were just descendants in some way of the Wiccan way.

As a result of fire and candle gazing you’ll start to see, and just know things.  Dreams will feel like movies that you can not only remember but quote the lines from.  Songs will play and instantly mean something to you. A stranger will say something innocently. There will be indications around you that will provide information, via messages felt or seen by loved ones in spirit, visual images in dreams, words or key phrases will stand out in written words.

So, Pisces, your way is lit and will remain lit for you this year, and take you into the next phase of your life next year.  Follow the torch beacons, feel the energy in you.  When you have got to the end of this leg in your life’s journey you will have found your voice, perhaps for the first time. And its tone, the language used, and way you express yourself as a whole new version of yourself will be the greatest success of all.  Know that by seeing what’s in the dark, and setting yourself free, 2020 will be a year of liberated living.

Aries – Pentacle – Evocation

Aries your New Year message about creation, manifesting things, working with the laws of attraction and protecting yourself.  You’ll have been doing this by working with the Pentacle.  The plans you have for yourself and your ventures this year mean great changes. But you’ll have had some setbacks for so big are these ideas they will not be easily achieved if balance isn’t present in your day to day existence. A balance of the Wiccan elements means you can still do this, your purpose this year is self-belief with grounding.

So, on that note Aries I’ll start with the element of Earth.  You’ll be planting seeds of yourself that will take route in the earth, seeds sown, and roots grown in January should be doing well now, as young fine plants or projects that still have 6 months growth before you see ultimate success.  But don’t be disheartened, I know an Aries person will say, ‘No not another six months’, yes, but it’s the fine tuning, the development and completion.  So, hang on in there.  You’ll be planting your prospects, sewing earning opportunities and feeling healing energy to grow from the earth.

Water – so let’s water those plants, don’t forget to water them especially now, as the sun really brings them on, they’ll need more fluid.  Do the same for yourself, nurture yourself as you would a plant. Eat and drink regularly, don’t wait till your thirsty or hungry, take breaks.  Let the water cleanse you and look after your emotional health.  Let love in your life.

Let’s have some fresh air shall we? Plants breathe, so do you, get out, take a lung full of the good fresh air! Talk to people, share loving words, express yourself and your ideas.

Fire – Is about pure energy, illumination and seeing where you are going.  It’s the fire in your belly here.  It’s what regulates your emotional state, as in keeps the temperature of your water safe and calm.  Too hot and we have steam, can’t see clearly and feel agitated, too cool and we don’t feel at all.  Or it appears that way. We need enough fire to inspire and drive without burning us out or others.

Last but not by any means least you’ll be working on your spiritual development.  Your soul purpose, your connections to your spiritual family and those connected to you in light-working.  You may ask yourself questions like, what was my life’s purpose? Is it still the same or have I rejected it or retuned it?  What am I doing this year, to take me into next year?

I feel you’ve had a year of peaks and troughs but are intelligent enough to see the beauty of the peaks and enjoy those moments and learn from the troughs.  Your outlook remains positive Aries, stick to this protected guided elemental journey and you’ll find as a result by the end of 2019 going into 2020 you’ll be able to say, ‘Look at what I did!’ And smile. Then knowing you’ll 2020 is already mapped out and you’ll know what card you should be drawing then.

words as spellsTaurus – The Mirror

Your key message this year was Taurus, Perception.  Self-perception, perception of the world, seeing things as they really are and most importantly, seeing clearly.  It’s as if you went to an Opticians on New Year’s Eve, and got a new pair of glasses. It took time to get used to them, but once you did sight was never so good. Great. But it also shows you things you were never able to see before.  A good example for me was when I got my glasses, I could see the lines around my eyes more, and for a moment that wasn’t nice.  I had two choices, go out and get moisturiser to help it, or let it affect me badly.  This is you.  You are seeing the world and your place in it.  Your moisturiser is the healing you’ll get from the Mirror, and others around you.  For in reflections there are wonderous gifts.

Firstly Taurus, you are lovely as you are now.  You were in the past; you will be in the future.  Inside and out, you are a beautiful human being. Consider yourself on an emotional, or behavioural level.  We are all a little angel and devil, and then something in between.  If you want to sort out poorer behaviour, you can.  But you’re still loved. Inside and out.  Believe in yourself, have confidence in yourself. You’re great.

I said this year would be a year of revolution for you, if you’ve towed the line or lived your life based on someone else’s idea of you, you’ll have been challenging that.  They’ll still love you.  it’s like the child growing up into an adult.  Evolution of your true self. Body, mind and soul.  Try some mirror gazing. Talk to the ‘you’ in the mirror.  What colour are your eyes, do they have a ring around the pupil or the iris? Do your eyes change colour depending on mood or clothing?  Welcome each little line that may appear, your face was smiling enough to create it.

Imagine a mirror inside you, and your inner self is looking at it.  They are younger, hopeful, positive, truly wonderous and beautiful.  Look at those eyes sparkling back.  This is you. it’s not anyone else.  But as you grew up, you left this version of yourself behind. Grab their hand now.  Voila! Your inner self is shining out now, making you whole.

What happens when you do this?  Oh hello! Other people notice! Compliments fly, you’ll pass compliments to others, for you’ll see them as a whole too.  What happens when people notice you? and you notice them?  You talk, you share ideas, you grow, you develop.  Your soul invites new lives into your life.  This year should be seeing you living differently, more happily and more at one with yourself and your world.  By 2020 having found your place, you’ll be ready for something that you can put your new found skills and feelings to use.

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