Wiccascopes For week Beltaine 30th April – 6th may 2019 With Violet – Pin 2337


For week beginning 28th April 2019

Beltaine 30th April – 1st may 2019

With Violet – Pin 2337

Very warm greetings to you all, I write this during a spell of lovely sunshine, and the local cockerel that lives over the road, is in fine singing voice.  He starts early by the way.

This week I feel brings the promise of  happy and positive outcomes, and that there has been a great energy shift.  Forwards is the only way. This is also the Week of Beltaine (pronounced beall-te-nye). Also known as May Day where there are many celebrations around the world, it is a day of honouring creation. Relating to the base chakra it calls to our primal urges, brings us together, gives couples who jumped the broom last year to consider if they want to carry out another handfasting ceremony this year or part company. A time of conception, creation and the new seeds of life. A time when we truly go from the darkness into the light.

Enjoy this mid-week celebration, get a bright coloured plant and give place of honour in your home, light a candle and give thanks for all you have, and look with anticipation at your prospects. Have a lovely week embrace your senses and look forward to your futures!

With love,



Taurus – The Sword

Powerful is your card this week Taureans, for those of you eating Birthday cake and considering your life.  What better card to get than the Sword! It relates to making changes, speaking your mind, perhaps not as pointedly as the Athame, it has a wider target area, and can cut through bigger obstacles. Don’t get me wrong the Athame is a pure concentration of energy, but the Sword, there’s no hiding it, people will it before they see you.  So, what you do with it, has to be seriously considered, for like the Athame, there are consequences from actions taken.

I don’t think you will have much trouble deciding where to direct your energy this week.  The knowledge you’ve been accruing until this point will help formulate a quick, but very cunning plan.  There is a gap however between your base idea and where you want to be, so you’ve really got to reach into your mind, and stretch out your  arms out to fully embrace what you have and where you want to take it.  It may require bravery, or facing a fear that lies somewhere inside you.  But you are a Taurean, and when you find your courage you become a bear.

It’s time to go for what you want, the big dream, the plan you had in your head for ages, but ‘it didn’t feel right’, it is right!  You are a funny sign, there is such an earthbound energy with you, so strong for others, a gentle ‘rock’, but when it comes to yourself, you sell yourself way too short.  But now you are going to wield that sword, say your words, speak your truth, and it’s about time!  Time to be celebrated in hour own right, and be seen and noticed.  A week of truths, facing fears, and realising that your own power can help you realise your dreams.

Gemini – Wizard

Hi beauties! Gemini your Taurean neighbour the theme for you is focus! Yours comes in your own private masterclass with the Wizard. This can be figuratively or literally.  He represents an older wiser male in your life, a generation older, or someone in high authority. They could have something very important to say to you, or ask you, that will be life-changing.  The point is they have noticed you, seen your potential, and thought, ‘Before this person proceeds any further, the need to know something’.

Mmmmmm? Your first question I know is, is this a figurative situation or literal situation for me?  Or is it a bit of both?  Once you’ve identified the source, acknowledge it, or them, and be prepared to be educated.  The Wizard invites you to his chambers, and coolly instructs you to be seated, with a silent nod of the head.  Don’t expect a nice cup of tea or bowl of soup. As in the Crone who would rather mother you before advising you, the Wizard, will appear distracted, and far away.  It maybe be a good idea to take a picnic. The advice though. Top notch! A pile of books will be put in front of you, without the option of picking just the one to read. He wants to you read them all. And find your own answers in them.

The Wizard won’t make you do what he knows you have to do, he’ll let you work it out, and even better let you decide if you really want to proceed given what you learn.  But this is more of a highlighted opportunity to progress, be noticed through knowledge, and impress someone in how you receive, perceive, and deal with it.   But the essence of this reading is that you will have knowledge, power and opportunity.  As aloof as the Wizard is he says, do if you wish as I say, but be yourself and stay kindly human.

Cancer – The Mirror

words as spells

Cancerians warm wishes to all, this week I give you the Mirror.  And your focus comes from your 3rd eye, to tie this in with 6 senses you are asked to tune into your 6th sense.  There is a sense of clarity that comes with this period in your life, you’ll be able to know and find things out, by just, ‘knowing’.  Seeing things that appear as visual clues, you’ll be able to work out what may occur if a certain course of action is taken.

With insight there is no differentiation, you will find you see everything, secrets will come out, or that moment of ‘Ah hah’, I knew it, will happen.  How you feel when you have this light bulb moment, depends on the situation it relates to.  There will not be time to be sad over revelations about people or places you hold in high esteem, who turn out to be not as you expected. There on the positive side, are great feelings of celebration or surprise when you discover an opportunity you overlooked.

In other words, all be seen as it is. This includes you, in your true natural self. This is a good thing, for your natural self is beautiful, turn on your inner glow, reflect who you really are to the world.  You will be able to see beyond the surface of others, and feel their energy and maybe even notice their aura.  If you feel vulnerable in these coming days, use your mirror to deflect others intentions that you are unsure of, away from you like a shield, but generally, the outcome due to the truth being revealed is good for you.

Leo – Silver Bough

‘Love, love, love, love Crazy love’, (Van Morrison) oh Leo I bring you love.  Romance, friendships family.  You will be wanting to tell people you care about just how much you value them being in your life.  You may be extra huggy and more energetic in your greetings with friends. A naturally sociable soul, once again you’ll be making new friends, introducing them to current friends and looking up old friends. The Silver Bough unites you to the human race.

If you’ve had a tough time at all recently, you may find yourself at peace, or that bitter experiences are sweetened or old chapters are closed for good; in order that you are able to feel this love!  In fact, if you’ve had an argument with someone you hold dear, and things have just got stuck, when they move forwards you may just be taking the next step.  A friendship could turn to romance, a romance could turn to a longer-term commitment.

So, Easter is out the way, summer is coming maybe you’ve had a holiday on your mind, yep I’m talking about getting healthy and ditching bad habits, and reviewing your life style.  But you’ll do so with gusto, and not feel it is a labour of love.  If you want to join a gym, go for it, or you could just go for a walk every day make your environment your gym. But this week is about feeling good! And it being contagious, will attract people to you, who will want to be on whatever you’re on!

Virgo – Holy Water

‘Splish, splash, I was taking a bath’, oh Virgo, jump in the water it’s fine.  O.k so Holy Water can be carried in any vessel.  A small bottle, a font in a church, or a great big pool for you to immerse yourself in. So, we don’t do things by half do we?!? Jump in your bath of Holy Water and let it wash away you aches, pains, from top to toe, inside, out, and deep within you.  It’s about purification, detoxing your body mind and soul.

Think Orange, think sacral chakra, your gut, the bit that tells you if what you are feeling is right.  If this area is wonky, how can you make sound decisions?  How can you transfer energy needed from your base chakra throughout your body?  By doing this holistic detox you will create free movement of energy around your body, and feel more grounded.  Therefore, more able to deal with whatever comes your way next.

Like a vacuum cleaner bag that needs emptying you need cleansing, so literally take a mineral salt bath, the least that will happen is your joints will thank you.  The other options are that you could find yourself doing a declutter of your life, but up until now you’ve been confused about what stays, or goes. Now you’ll know what to keep and what to change.  I hope it leaves  you feeling lighter and freer in yourself.  I know it will help you focus on the things you need to deal with and how to do so.

Let’s go old School with this interpretation of this card Libran folks, for this is what I am drawn to.  What or who is a Neophyte? It is a trainee student of magic, who is studying the old ways.  It is the first or primary level, and one below that of a priest or priestess.  Are you considering doing something different, that goes back in time, but fascinates you in order to enhance your skills and yourself?  I know that in my state of reflection, I am happy to become the student, and have already signed up for something.

It could be that you simply want to know, ‘more’, about someone, or something.  But you’re not doing it from a position of power or authority, but one of looking up to someone for their help. There will be a mentor involved, someone to keep you on the right path.  Like the Wizard it could be literal, or figurative.  A spirit guide, or actual human in your life now. You will know who they are. And know how to work with them.

By embracing this opportunity to put yourself in the role of pupil, you accept a humble role, one where you can take a back seat. I feel it comes at a time when you need to do this. You need to accumulate knowledge in order to grow and develop your potential. For you do have potential, and may have lost sight of that, or may not feel believed in.  Someone does believe in you, let them, and learn from them.  By being open to learn and invite new experiences into your life you will grow, and become the priest or priestess in your own right.

Scorpio – The Familiar

You Scorpions are going to be looking at your social life, and being really honest with yourself saying how healthy is it? Leo is branching out with a loving feeling; chances are they will connect to you.  Any Leo’s in your life will be alluring, and you will attract them.  Your friendship here will be particularly strong. But all friendships are starred. And you may be needed by a friend.

Whilst some connections are for your benefit, I hinted that you may be the friend in deed here for someone too, be prepared to listen to them, and if they need your advice however surprised, consider it and give it.  I feel you may have to tune into your softer side with one friend who brings out your tail a little, but do be kind.   Whatever happens regarding helping each other, it will reap benefits that will make you all happier.

I often allude to the animal link here, as I feel they are the Familiar, and if you aren’t pet-minded it matters not, there could be an animal around you that is important right now.  Or you could meet someone who has a pet that you are drawn to, and this could lead to a beautiful friendship.  The friends I have made by asking to pet a dog, or help find a lost cat are more than a few.  For those of you interested in meeting your spirit animal this will be a great time, to tune into yours and see what messages they have for you now. What you learn will take you further along your journey

Sagittarius – The Lady

A very good friend of mine used the word Archetype the other day, this is what this card is all about. What does this word mean to be exact? It is the example in something of absolute perfection. We are talking the best, or crème de la crème.  With this comes a sense of power, being, ‘in charge’. With it comes great responsibility. And the gap between ground and lofty heights must be bridged to remain compassionate if you are reaching the height of your own power.

Are you feeling re-energised? As if you had a blood transfusion and it had a Superman’s blood in it?  You are changing, gathering strength, confidence, conviction and courage. Your get up and go is here, for knowledge and energy are power.  So, if you have a dream, or had one that you left behind because you didn’t feel good enough to achieve it, it may be the time to try again, or to try it a different way.

The words that the lady whispers in your ear, ‘You can do that’, or ‘You will be happy’, will penetrate deep in your soul, and make you believe them.  Like a match igniting a fire, you will find a fire starts in your belly, making you happy to be alive and exploring your options.  You’ll have all you need around you in order to achieve your dreams and wishes, but you have to believe in yourself and have faith.

Capricorn – The Cloak

Capricorns greetings to you all, I bring you magic, I bring you a magical cloak. It’s yours and yours alone to use as you will. Have you heard of Build a Bear Workshops, you choose the bears outer body, the type of filling, it’s scent, it’s heart and voice?  Your cloak is the same for you, so take a moment to imagine the fabric, the colours, and how if you could programme you would. What secret power does it have? Where are you going to wear it, and what are your superpowers now you have it?

There’s a double bonus here, it also hides you. From top to toe. Perfect if you are you are needing to step back from your life, yet still keep an eye on things from a safe distance.  Perhaps you’ve got a decision to make, and unusually you find yourself in a dithering state of mind.  Whatever you discover now by watching and waiting will finalise any details before you commit to anything.  It may be the case that you’ve been asked to do something that takes you out of your comfort zone, or you want to make big changes and know they could be resisted.  By taking a little longer to think about this you will come up with the right answer.

Psst can I just get you to watch who is watching you, and be careful what you say, and to whom.  For someone is interested in you, or your ideas, and may pass them off as their own.  If you are in any doubt hold your tongue when your gut tingles or stirs, you will know.  This is a time to progress even further along in your life, by being able to see what you need to see at the right time. Any confusion you’ve will lift like a fog, and reveal the road you need to take.

Aquarius – Black Cat

Meowww our feline friend has come to see you Aquarius.  Your 3rd eye will also be a tingling, set your visionary skills to divinate! This is a time when you’ll be seeing the light in the dark, what is not clear to you by day, may be best considered by night.  A cat just chills by day, and nurtures itself with food, water and the odd cuddle.  By night it sneaks off, hunting, looking for things, exploring its territory, and ensuring its boundaries are still in place.

The Black Cat worked with its witch, protecting her from those who might mean her harm, your Black Cat says watch those in your circle, someone isn’t telling you something, or is perhaps not being genuine with you.  If you get information in your dreams, take notice of it, and if you relax you will find out the meaning easily and it will help you work out what you need to do.  Do not panic if you are concerned about making a tough decision, there is strength in this card and it doesn’t mean the things you find out mean endings, just a different way of dealing with them.  A cat is creative and adaptive in its thinking.

If you are a quick fix kind of a person, and I politely suggest that normally you take a more determined approach to problem solving normally, then perhaps you will find this next bit of advice a bit tough.  Patience! Sure, you can do the slow burn as good as the next one, but once you set a course, you are stubbornly set on it, and don’t want to be told how to do something or wait.  You may have to again think like the cat.  It studies its prey for hours, assesses the competition if there is any, and quietly, ever so slowly approaches. Then attacks. Work with the cat’s energy and you are assured a confident, insightful week.

Pisces – Cauldron

This card is really enjoying a run at the moment Pisces and it’s offering it’s services up to you. Another Sacral Chakra card, the ideas centre of your chakra system. Is your Sacral Chakra feeling a little empty? Has its fire gone out? I think it’s time you fed and nurtured it, to ground yourself and energise you from within.  The ideas or seeds you sow at this time stand a very good chance of becoming very successful if you work with the Cauldron, and go back to basics.

Look at the bigger picture of your world, or imagine this empty cauldron as a globe, your globe waiting for your hopes, dreams, wishes and plans to be dropped in.  With a dollop of success, confidence, commitment and potential, you can be assured when this spell is mixed up, and applied you will feel more positive about your future.  This really in modern speak is about manifestation or cosmic ordering.

If you don’t have access to a cauldron, get a pot. Get a piece of paper and write down one word prompts of inspiration. Write them down, tear them off and drop them in the pot, or a jar, keep the words positive. If you have any orange crystals i.e. carnelian drop one in the pot too, along with a pound coin. Put this jar somewhere you can see it, I put mine on my altar, but if you have a shelf or practice Feng Shui, then establish where the wealth corner is in your home and pop the jar there.  For you have great potential about you right now, sow your seeds and dream of your future success.

Aries – Cave

Aries it’s really time to find your sacred space, and go to it. If you need to retreat then don’t fight it, do it.  You will still be able to study, think and do what you need to, but more quietly and privately.  It’s also a time to pause, and not make any hasty decisions. A little like Capricorn it’s about patience, patience with yourself, patience with others, and know that less is more.

The cave like the cauldron is symbolic of the womb, a place of creation, ideas, and new projects emerging from the depths of the dark caves into the light.  You have so many ideas and so many good ones at that.  Why not use this time have a really creative power storming session. Take one note pad, one pen, get scribbling.  By the end of the week you’ll have a plan, a super idea that you know in gut is the answer.

By taking your time, to allow your ideas to grow and build up in you they will be all the stronger and better for it.  A human dynamo, you are the best person to have in a team who will forge ahead, but before you can do this, you have to be on strong solid ground, and the mission you are on has to be valid and worth your energy.  Think of Batman, he does all his creating in his cave, then when he goes out to save Gotham, he’s mighty, strong and brave.  This is you Aries. So be like Batman, go and have a think in your cave.

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