Your Wiccascopes with Psychic Violet 25th March – 31st March 2019

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25th March – 31st March

Oh to you all I wish a happy official Spring!!!

I’m so excited about it I could dance around a fire, but alas I find myself full of cold and finish this edit from my sofa feeling pathetic.  But! I know I’ll be able to do my fire dance soon! 

I hope your week was good one and you are ready for what my deck of cards wants to tell you. They have been very feisty lately, falling out of the deck when for example I ask “what card should Taurus get this week?” So, expect some direct messages!

Given that we do group activities now, I thought of a lovely one that I hope you’ll all enjoy.  Take yourself off to a shop that sells new age gifts. Crystals, or talismans, candles and charms, have a look around, and with just a few pounds, dollars or your currency choice, buy something that symbolises something special for you.  Place it somewhere you can focus on it, and associate it with future hope and energy to help you. 

I hope you all have a lovely week, please enjoy your readings.

With love



Aries – Black Cat

Oh, Happy Birthday and very warm wishes to you all!  Your card wasn’t drawn for your, I was out and about thinking about, ‘stuff!’ and decided your card would be the Black Cat, it just happened. How does the power of such a beautiful feline relate to your life and how can it help you!

The Moon and the Black Cat are closely linked, with Luna goddesses Hecate and Luna. Their energies are drawn together. The cat wide awake and alert making the most of moon-lit nights. Your message here is that the nights this week will be more significant than the days. You may find yourself at your most productive later in the evenings.  This is great if you are a night owl.  If you are not, follow your usual routine but pay attention to your dreams which could be more lucid and vibrant at this time.

There is also the sense of the Familiar about this card, of a close bond or loyal connection with someone special that will prove both supportive and useful to you.  Rather than a connection to a variety of people as you would have with The Familiar that encourages you to be more sociable, the Black Cat is working with you on a one-to-one basis. So, enjoy the partnerships you hold dear, and expect to be bouncing ideas off each other.

The Black Cat represents the Divine, and your connection with spirit; expect to feel more energised and in touch with higher energy. You may be looking into your belief system, or reconnecting with aspects of it. It is worth listening to your soul family members at this time and listening to the messages they bring you for there is much wisdom associated with The Divine and her associate the Black Cat.  Whatever you are facing this week Aries, you will find yourself able to think about the action you need to take, this cannot be rushed, and perhaps you may need to sleep on something before committing yourself. Enjoy your time with the cat and once again, many happy returns.

Taurus – The Horned God

Oh, Hello Taurus, I offer you a week of fun. The Horned God is here to energise you to and bring such an opportunity to enjoy yourself and potentially the reason to celebrate a success.  But you do have the option in how to take part in any merriment that comes your way, fear not if you’re not overly sociable, it’s your time, and your way of having fun. A guide to this is tuning into yourself, and asking the key question, ‘What makes me happy?’

There could also be the message here, that you are hiding a fantastic sense of humour, and a naturally warm personality away from people who really like you, or could like you. You’re not shy by nature, just private.  Is it time do you think to extend your social circle a little, by adding one or two more faces that could really benefit from being your friend and you being theirs? 

You are also so down to earth Taurus, and it’s officially Spring a very earthly time! This god is one of nature, and what lies beneath.  So, expect energy from your roots in the earth, get out and about away from buildings and urban dwellings.  Or perhaps find a spot in a park, or your garden where you can just sit and be.  There’s so much energy to be had from being closer to the earth.  This will help balance you, what needs to change to become more stable?

If by any chance you are looking at your life with confusion or a half-hearted sense of contentment, much like The Chalice I ask you to look at what you have got in your life. What is there to be grateful for, what are you not using in your own environment that you’ve neglected, or forgotten about? Who, or what have you cut yourself off from, that could be the difference between smiling and actually laughing?  You are basically being told its ok to enjoy yourself, don’t go crazy, but it’s time to let go of any feelings you allow to hold you back. Enjoy.

Gemini- Gaia

Oh, lovely Gemini, I drew this card twice for you, I shall explain, in drawing your cards you had two this one and another.  The deck was reshuffled, and Gaia fell out the deck. So, it really was meant to be. Beautiful Gaia, she brings to you, body mind and soul healing. She enriches your day and your night, and encourages you to eat, sleep, drink and play well.

She’s a lovely Spring time lady, adorned with blossoms, and loves nature’s gifts of air, water, sun, and earth, all things we need to grow and prosper.  I love my plants, and noticed some looked a bit sad, so my plan this week is to repot some, and feed them up ready to enjoy their spring and summer.  Like a plant you could be tired from winter, and need to re-plump your skins natural glow, and feed yourself fresh lovely food to restore the energy levels. In doing so you may feel so restored you have enough love and healing to share with others.

I spoke of my plants, they have their roots, and like Taurus you are being told to ground yourself, if you have a Taurean pal, go for a nature walk with them, and just sit together to recharge your batteries.  You could be the friend they need as well.  It may be the pair of you consider a joint project to do something for the earth, a nature project, or help for a nature charity. Whatever you achieve together it will be powerful.

Don’t give up on your hopes and wishes, they will as sure as Spring is Spring, start to poke through the earth and reveal themselves. So, relax, it’s all going as it should be, you can’t race nature, so don’t get into a race with yourself or others. Whilst you are taking time out to be organic in many ways, you can take some time out to listen to some music, lay on the ground and listen to it, feel its rhythm vibrate through your body. Go you nature child and make your own mini-festival.

Cancer – The cone of power

Very happy and warm wishes to you! Your card was also very determined to come through to you.  It fell out before I could say, ‘So tell me about Cancerians, what do they need to know?’ I love my deck of cards!

This is energy time for you, turbo or rocket boost.  I think this time I’ll use the analogy of a pressure cooker.  Some energy is scattered, wide-spread and gentle, still powerful but less full-on; this is different.  Imagine this, your potatoes boiling in a pressure cooker, it’s all contained in the boiling water, the heat mounts up, then wooooooooooooooooosh! The steam is released.  The Cone holds such a power that builds up inside it, then once given an outlet, (i.e. you), it is free to do what it wants and needs to.

You may or may not have the choice in the energy you are being sent now. It is usually the energy you need.  Don’t think too much about this, just ask, ‘What issue do I need help with, and what healing energy is going to help?’ Before you know it, it will come. And you will find one important matter will find itself much easier to deal with. And you will feel so much better for welcoming such a loving, unconditional energy into your life.

But what if you don’t want any help, what if you feel nothing needs healing? Or more to the point what if you are afraid of having to deal with the outcome of healing?  Don’t be, you can relax, you are getting exactly what you need, at the time you need it, for a very important matter needs your attention. So, don’t fight it, be part of it, otherwise, you’ll feel the frustration bubbling away around you. It can’t be ignored.  Enjoy!

Leo – Cauldron

Bravo Leo! Seasonal wishes to ye!  What magic awaits you this week? Accidental use of phrase there, but you’ve got The Cauldron. The mixing bowl of spells, potions and your potential to boot! This card feeds your sacral chakra, it sends you lovely healing right into your belly.

You have so much potential around you, within you, and from you it will flow once your own special recipe has been created. A witch doesn’t need a fancy cauldron to make their creations, a favourite saucepan will do.  And indeed, when a witch makes a meal, it’s a magical experience too. For make no mistake, most witches eat well, heartily, and healthily.  Evoking their wishes and dreams with each healing ingredient. “But Violet I’m not a witch!” you say, and scratch your head.  Or maybe you are, and you know this, but for those of you who are not, know that your own natural magic and energy needs this special attention too.

Your cauldron can contain a hope, a wish, or simple healing tonic to relieve you from something that ails you.  What do you want to fix? Why do you want to fix it? And is it the right time? Think carefully for you have a powerful energy about you now that suggests you will be able to achieve something you need or want to do. You can either choose real ingredients, by making a hearty meal that includes herbs which are known to have certain properties. Sage will promote cleansing and healing. Garlic and ginger will boost your immunity. They also have other meanings and can help with attracting abundance, and success.

You are now the boss of your destiny. However, you may not have been aware of this, and allowed others to have more say than you would have liked.  Regain the control of your life, put your own power ingredients in your pot, and make your own potion. Consider your intentions please as you do so, do so with universal love, and ensure there’s no malice in your words.  As you stir your ingredients whilst they cook, try visualising your success and happiness, stir clockwise, and ensure you say thank you, as you end your stirring process.  As you slowly enjoy your meal, ensure you taste each flavour, be mindful of the lovely nurturing food,  and know this meal will do more than feed your belly, it will feed your intuition and point of courage.  Happy cooking!

Virgo – Owl

Hi my forest loving friends, you too have a moonlight card, as in Aries with the Cat, and Pisces with The Crystal Ball. For you have The Owl, oh wise old owl.  Which is very odd as I was listening to our Barn Owl last night, then had the most vivid dreams.

Which is what could happen to you, for when an owl hoots they summon those who speak to you in spirit, after darkness has settled, and only the moon and stars light up the sky.  Any questions you have on your mind? Anything that keeps you up at night, leaving you tired during the day? Let the owl guide you through the night, and help you seek out wisdom and find the answers you seek. This bird ageless yet ancient at the same time, is the bird of souls, and knows what lies deep in yours.  Everything, for good and for bad.  It doesn’t judge you, it simply shows you the way to find balance within your own soul.

I know these birds are the harbingers of death in folk lore, and perhaps some of this is true, but I feel it’s more like the Death Card in tarot, it’s about a natural end to a situation.  Such an ending will take you on a different path, options will open up to you.  Hence the need to think about your fate wisely is important.  What do you need to know? What do you want to learn about? Study, the lessons within yourself, ask questions, and when you’ve found your own truth, your option will be so clear to you.  As clear as those stars and the moon in the sky! Be wise x

Libra – The Green Man

Libra’s I’m a bit excited by this card, so appropriate for the lovely seasonal change, I give you the Green Man. What are his words of action? Roots, Growth, abundance, Ripeness, and confidence. Another ambassador of nature, who like The Horned God embraces Spring warmly. It’s the perfect time for us to get out and about in nature and work on our creative ideas, and find an outlet for them.

The Green Man represents courage, an outlet for expression, and looks at your career, or what interests us all greatly, financial growth. With such self-expression and the opportunity for communication you will be able to liaise with Libran charm topped up with the Green Man helps you in the area of friendships, romance, and work relationships. Mutual respect will be shown. A good time to negotiate contracts and have meetings.  Fertility can come from the ideas you bring to the table now.  If you prepare well, before you go into any meetings be they with friends or colleagues and bosses, your ideas will be well received and taken seriously. 

You may be feeling naturally protective about your loved ones, and find yourself offering advice and opinions, and for once they will not be offended by you doing so. It could also the be the case that you are the host of a party or net-working event. Look at your family and social network, connect to them.  You may find some common ground can be found with those you’ve lost contact with, expect reunions to be fruitful and productive. I myself found an old schoolfriend who is now working in the same area as me.

This is time of growth for you, in many areas of your life, expect positive changes as a result of allowing necessary change to happen.  So, proceed with feeling, and courage.  Have the courage and knowledge that you are on the right path and yes you will get there.  By Autumn you can if you stay on this course expect more success, which will make the perfect birthday gift won’t it!  Grab this opportunity.

Scorpio – Cloak

Hi to you all! Welcome to this week now you’ve had a card come back to you again, to offer you a disguise and to shroud you from the world to buy you some time before you make your next manoeuvre.  You have drawn the Cloak now. Its key message is as with delivering good comedy, timing. Pull up a seat I’ll explain.

What if I told you that you are on the threshold of something brilliant?  That something really great is going to happen soon. You wouldn’t be able to contain yourself.  However, like my favourite Wizard Merlin, who keeps cropping up lately for me, you’re advised to keep things to yourself now.  I feel this card relates to your sacral chakra, it ‘knows’.  The question here is, how healthy is your sacral chakra? Eat orange coloured fruit and vegetables, wear orange underwear. Listen to your inner voice when this card comes around.  You will soon know who you can trust, and who can help you with your plans. If someone else has plans you are dubious about, step back do not get involved.

A cloak is a very protective item of clothing to wear spiritually, I’ve mentioned a long time ago how they were worn in Saxon times, and other periods as coats and outer clothing. But some advice I was given many years ago when I felt someone did not have good intentions towards me was to imagine I had a cloak on, and I could dress it up however I liked.  Its outer layer had a forcefield that batted back anyone’s mal-intentions towards me, and if I put the hood up I’d be able to pass past people, discreetly and unseen.  Whether it was a placebo effect or not it worked, it gave me the courage to put some space and time between me and the world. To this day I put on my cloak if I feel vulnerable. 

Although you are advised to stay in the shadows for now, this is a very good card to get, the positive potential that goes with it, is amazing.  As sure as night turns to day, when you undo your cloak to hang it up, your presence will be noticed and some!  It will be your moment to hold the audience of your choice, and explain why you have been quiet of late, but now you have something you’d like to share, celebrate with them even.  Those that know you well and trust you equally, will be on board to help you if you seek their support.  But when that light pours out of you, expect to attract attention. Your time is coming!

Sagittarius – Cave

Sagittarians, be ye well? If you’re a bit tired and need to take some time out, you can.  The Cave calls you.  So just when bears are coming out of hibernation, it may seem odd to say, hey Sagittarius go into a darkened dwelling for a bit, and have a think about things.

If you are a cusp (Scorpio-Sagittarius) this is a double message for you to retreat, rethink, heal, and decide what your next step is. Both the Cave and the Cloak are safe dark places created just for you to ‘be’. Think of words like escape, sanctuary, and retreat. As it’s an imaginary or symbolic cave, you can let your artistic mind go crazy decorating it. How big is it? Where is it? Does it have crystals lining its walls or gold leaf? Is it furnished? Has a feast been prepared for you? Does it have secret passages that will take you beyond and deeper into yourself?

Whilst you are there, your time won’t be idly spent. You will be busy learning, studying, and preparing, such as Scorpio is.  The fact you are literally hidden away in the side of a rock, where the world cannot see you, shows that you perhaps have more freedom and can relax whilst you are in hiding.  What you learn during this time is important and will help you decide what your next step is.  There’s something very earthy about a cave, so it speaks of your root chakra, you could find yourself some ground to sit on, and light a fire to meditate upon your course of action. 

If you are just tired, or lacking the va va voom to get behind the Spring push with your projects, worry not, you’ll come out of your cave with more energy than before, and ready to take on the world.  There’s a sense of rebirth, or renewal of your deepest nature, and it will show.  How do you create a cave in your life though?  If you have a room in your house that is off limits to others, create a safe and private place for you to go and rest up in.  Take some time out from a noisy family if you can.  Do up a room with simple things that please you, I got new curtains, and tie-backs to brighten up my she-den the other day, and a new rug.  Little things like this, that claim a space as yours, create a place you can go to, in order to rest up and make yourself ready once more to step out reborn.  So, go and have a rest.

Capricorn – Holy Water

Hello Cappies! I love how you call yourselves that.  Brace yourself here is your Holy Water, as you need to wash away cobwebs, negative feelings and anything that may be holding you back.

You’re getting a rest as well, I welcome you to Violet’s ‘Aqua da Viva’ Spa.  You’ve your own lovely lodge, right on the water’s edge, and it’s surrounded by tall trees and mountains.  Anytime you want to all you have to do is step or dive into the lake, and know the waters in it are pure, cleansing, and healing. If I had such a place, your place would be booked for you, free of charge, but I offer you in reality the chance to go to such a place in your mind, or create a mini spa in your home.  As Sagittarius is creating a healing cave, you could do worse than join them and create a healing room where water is the key to its energy, buy a tank and put fish in it if your pockets allow.

I feel this is a fantastic card to get around this time of year, when everything is fresh and nourished with rain and sun in pretty equal measure.  It’s a time to grow, but there’s no rush.  Plants don’t rush into life, they feed off their bulbs and seeds, blindly aiming towards the light, and drink the rain water as it falls.  You too should do the same, slow down, close your eyes, eat when you feel you need to and eat well.  Sleep when you’re tempted to watch just one box set more or play one more game on your phone.  Turn off your phone at night an hour before you go to bed, and perhaps book an off-grid holiday?

If you can take the focus of your energy away from others who can help themselves, and put that energy back into you. If you have a family, let someone else pick up the slack, let older children do more. You don’t have to justify or explain yourself to anyone, by giving so much of yourself you may have become drained and your own projects may be side-lined in favour of others. When you return to your friends and family, you’ll be calmer, they will have felt empowered, and respect you for how much you do, and the balance will be restored. You will find what you have to say after you come out of your cave will be listened to.  So, go, make some ‘me’, time.

Aquarius – Spell

Hello lovelies! I hope your world is happy and bright. I love this card, it comes out often, and now it’s your turn. What significance does it have for you? If ever a sign was a Wizard it’s you, male or female I’ll break the rules here and say the female Aquarians hold Wizarding rather than witching qualities. Proud, assured, determined and not afraid to be alone.  As a wizard you are able to carry out spell potions. What spell will you create?

What is it you really need? I could also say want.  But think very, very carefully on this, for the two are so different.  Don’t waste this chance on something silly or false. Be like a wizard and think.  They do not rush into magic, neither do witches, not unless haste beckons. In general herbs are foraged for with love, water is collected with grateful intention, fires are lit with pure primal energy and the earth holds the cauldron steady and firm ready for the spell’s ingredients.  You could learn from this.  Think on your spell, or goal? Do you have all you need to carry it out? Are you doing it for the right reasons? Will anyone get hurt? I cannot stress enough any action you take now, must be done with a pure heart, and hold no malice towards anyone involved. For if you spell cast from ego or hate for someone, or to usurp someone, sure it will work.  But it won’t hold, and it will upset people, including yourself in the end.  So, think of the consequences of your actions in your life.

You could do worse than plan to resolve a conflict, it’s time, such a potent energy is capable of healing hurts and strengthening bonds. Watch how you react when spoken to and how you speak to others, for the ripple of your words will be far reaching, and powerful.  Communication is starred here, you can expect to be involved in discussions, meetings, and your voice will be heard. Your words will have meaning and essence.  Take time to allow others to really hear what you have to say, don’t rush your words.

You will also find yourself providing comfort to someone who needs a friendly ear or shoulder, let them be heard, and listen to your gut, for they will want your advice as well as your opinion.  There is a lot you can do with this card and your time with it, so perhaps look at your plan of your year and work out where you are at, and what spells you could use in other areas.  Spells are really only words with the power of love and intention behind them, enjoy your time with them this week.

Pisces – Crystal Ball

Ah last but not least!!! Welcome all of you!  Your card also came as a thought like Aries, I was sat outside with my cats staring at the full moon.  And there it was, Pisces had to have this card, the Crystal Ball. Like the Cave and the Cloak, you are being asked to trust your own instincts, and know that any truth you know or discover at this time will be important to your future plans.  How does this card really relate to you as a Piscean?

Your psychic powers will be becoming enhanced, so check out Michele’s articles on developing your psychic ability, focus with me now for a moment on your third eye.  Draw your inward breath to it now, and release slowly, do so for 3 breaths.  You may feel it tingle a little, it’s automatic for the people on our team, it’s a very powerful chakra to stimulate. But once you feel it open, you will have such insight and vision, you’ll have no doubt about what is fact and fiction.  This is not like thinking with your head, it’s about using your clairvoyance, via your 3rd eye, and working closely with your sacral chakra to confirm that what you are seeing is trustable wisdom indeed. This is a gift, and not a temporary card or symbol to get in your life, it’s the start of a psychic journey if you wish to embark on one. It means spirit guides are wanting to connect to you, and they’ve chosen this card to knock at your door.  Do not fear them, ask that those who love you unconditionally to come forward and guide you at this time.  Talk out loud to them, say, ‘Hello x, I could do with your help in making my mind up about y’.  And soon your day dreams and night dreams will powerfully let you know.

I told you in your introduction I was moon gazing when I picked you for this card.  It is not mistake that the moon and a crystal ball are so similar.  The moon is the world’s biggest torch! Nothing escapes the full moons attention, nothing can hide from it on a clear night.  The prey will be hunted, the truth will come out, all that has accumulated over the past few weeks will come to a head for good for bad.  But it will be the truth. And you need the courage and love of sister moon which she offers gladly to help guide you through this next phase. 

There is such wisdom in drawing or me being attracted to this card for you Pisces, because the moon in Pisces is an emotional one, it speaks of water, emotions, and achieving balance in restoring order through truth in your life.  Do some star gazing, seek out water, relax and rethink thinks. Once relaxed and at peace with yourself you will be able to confidently do what you need to do for yourself, and know like other star signs it’s ok to be thinking about you for a change.  If you find yourself doing this alone, and feeling isolated, it’s o.k it’s just a little time out.  You can re-join your tribe when you are ready, your gut and 3rd eye will tell you when it’s time to do so.  Happy exploring!


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