Wiccascopes 18th March 2019 By Our Psychic Violet Pin 2337


18th March 2019

By Violet Pin 2337

Dear all!

Welcome to this week’s reading.  I hope you’ve all been well, and had the best week you could.  If you had our windy weather from Gareth’s gales, then you’ll be as glad as I am about the sunshine we’ve had this Sunday!

This a star sign change-over this week, we see Pisceans recover from birthdays as Aries folk are about to enjoy them.  So, from water to fire we go, we are entering the period of Ostara. The maiden goddess will be waking up now, the air should feel brighter and fresher. The signs of life will be springing into our gardens, with the singing of birds, and hedge posies appearing.  Winter is retiring, in order to make way for birth, and rebirth. This could be a potent time for us all if we make the most of this lovely time.

In keeping with our group activities and the time of year, I thought of a lovely practical thing to do.  The supermarkets and garden stores have an abundance of spring flowers, if you didn’t plant daffodils of your own, you can buy ready cut ones, (say a little thank you to them as is the respectful thing to do if cutting or buying cut flowers), and put them in a vase to light up a room.  Add spring plants to a planter brighten up your front doorstep or window ledge.  And as you look upon the flowers look at the colours and feel their energy and brightness.

Have a beautiful week, enjoy your readings.

Blessed be from me




Good day to you, my warm wishes to you all as we leave your Birthdays and you go into your own new year.  I have for you drawn a card that represents summoning, manifesting, and protection, the Pentacle. The Pentacle is a 5-pointed star, and a very interesting one at that, it is worn by those who follow the Wiccan path firstly for protection.  It also provides earthly grounding to hopes dreams and wishes, especially when candle magic is carried out. The five points of this star are elemental, its top point being of the ‘spirit’, followed by fire which relates to the areas of ambition, wrath, compassion, and the imagination. Then comes the element of Air, a carrier of communication, bringing the wings of change, and movement, physical and emotional. After this we have the Earth element, dealing with our physical and material world. Water comes next, it provides healing, nurturing, emotional flow, and love.

Why Pisces am I telling you this.  If you notice they are perfectly balanced points in the shape of the star.  You are being asked do you have all of the above elements working for you as efficiently as they should be, and in equal measure? They also relate to chakra energy points, again calling for the need to be stable and energised. At this time, you are being called back to very simple ways of living, looking at old values, before life got complicated and adulterated by modern living. Do you need to spend less time on social media? And revisit what you believe in, the values you hold special in your heart and soul. For the Pentacle relates to the value of your soul, and the secrets, values, hopes and beliefs you hold therein.

You may find yourself wanting to learn about old studies, to enlighten you, and help you on your current path.  By looking within your soul and getting back to nature you will find yourself wiser, more balanced, and ready to take on the changes that will come into your life. For you will find what you learn now will certainly stand you in good stead.


Hello there, and welcome, I hope your week was a happy one. And can I say some early Happy Aries Birthdays coming in this week!  The gift I have for you all is that of love.

The Silver Bough from Aphrodite herself. Your heart will be giving and receiving love this week, and the connections made, or already in existence will be of depth and significance. That is the good news, it comes with a little guidance, be sure your heart’s desire is realistic, so follow your gut as well as your heart. If you are wise at this time, you will be further along in your path of happiness.  So, yes there may be the need to move on from less healthy associations, where your happiness is limited, or short-lived by making an emotionally unwise decision.  You will know what to do when the time comes.

If you have been feeling overrun recently, saddened or anxious for any reason, you will feel a sense of healing, and loving nurturing around you. You will be aware of what needs your attention and feel restored again. It may be that you find yourself looking to closest relationships, your partner, your family, but the sense of unity and togetherness will be strong.  Don’t be surprised if you find yourself considering your romantic options, and deepening your commitments with someone. 

It is worth mentioning that the Silver Bough comes from the apple tree, and links in with the Pentacle card that has come in this week’s readings, when you cut an apple open widthways the seeds form the shape of a pentacle, so it’s worth reading Pisces reading also.  Look at the areas of your life where balance may need to be restored, including diet and lifestyle and combine these readings. Have a good and loving week!


Warm wishes to you Taurus, how is Spring treating you? If you were wondering where you are at on your path?  Lucky for you the Crystal Ball comes along and provides with the vision to help you clarify and creates your future and follow your own instinct. You may also experience a sense of clairvoyance, or just knowing what could happen in your future.

It is well and widely known that the Crystal Ball has been used to aid divination, it helps us dig deep into the soul, to access the wisdom that lies in within us.  To help this process it should be placed in a room that is softly lit, laid upon a dark cloth in order to help the scrying process. How to relate this to yourself? If you indeed have a crystal ball, it may be time to spend some time working with it.  Otherwise metaphorically speaking, take some time, to look into the darkened areas of your life, the areas of the unknown.  Do so and know from the darkness you will be guided by what you see, feel and sense in the coming days.  Perhaps do a candle meditation.

There is one little catch with being blessed with such insight, you get to see your life, warts and all. Any illusions will be shattered, leaving you with the truth. And you will know exactly what to do about any truths you unveil. As they say, the possibilities are boundless for you at this time, if you accept all of your truth.  Success beckons if you are wise. If you find yourself alone at this time, know it’s just a time out whilst you gather yourself, and attune yourself.  If you can find natural waters to relax by, and do what rivers do, go with the flow, for where you are destined to go, you will not be alone, like-minded people are doing the same as you. 


Gorgeous Gemini, hello! It’s nearly April, the year rolls by, are you feeling good where you’re at? Fear not if the answer is, ‘Actually Violet, I could be doing better’, for here is Gaia.  I’ve been researching again, and have some fascinating facts about her, but her keywords are healing, nurture, vision in dreams and love for you. You may or may not already know that Gaia is the spiritual name for earth or mother earth, she was a bountiful Greek Goddess of Delphi who stood for fertility, the union of marriage, agriculture, and unconditional love. To have Gaia drape her arms around you, means you are being healed. How are you being healed and how does a Greek Goddess have relevance in your world today? 

In order for a harvest to be reaped, it first has to be sown with seeds, she provides such seeds of opportunity for you now, and nourishes you by sending healing and love; thus giving you the energy to aim for your own goals and see them through to their own harvest.  You may already feel you have a strong connection with the earth or have green fingers, perhaps you feel at your best out and about in the fields, woodlands or by water.  You may need to reconnect with mother nature, maybe you’ll be doing your bit for the planet, and take part in a beach clean-up, or look into a community garden project.

There is something very primal about her energy, she works with the cycles of nature and suggests that you do the same, everything has its own beat or rhythm, and that is the key to the success in such things.  Ensure you are in the right groove, the right rhythm for you.  This is key to your success.  Expect the healing energy we associate with motherhood, it doesn’t relate necessarily to children, but to the love and care and tenderness of such motherly healing.  So too you may find yourself being called to help someone else, give them love and unconditional support when it’s called upon, for you will have such energy to give.


Hello lovely Cancerians, so what of your week last week?  Are you doing well? I draw you a card, and that card is the Spell.  What does this mean, to you? And how can it help you this week?

Did you have a wish? A hope or something important you want to have happen, or to deal with.  It seems you have for the spell gives you the chance to manifest such a wish.  But before you start to put together your words, and put your wish out there, make sure that you have everything in place.  First be careful what it is you wish for, ensure you are doing so with good intentions and a good heart.  If you are not sure what needs dealing with, it will present itself to you in all its truth, as this is not a time for self-deceit. 

There may be something you’ve long wished for, that hasn’t worked out so well, or you have been caught up in a cycle of behaviour that leaves you wanting in a lot of areas in your life.  This card is a gift if this the case with you, you can see what you need to see, you can apply this spell to resolve an issue or manifest a desire.

Your conversations with people will hold power, such is the enchanting energy of this card.  If there are important conversations you need to have this is the time.  Are you going for a job, or do you need to discuss a tricky area in a relationship? The words of your spell will come to you, so be sure you have the right intention behind them, and ensure your tone is appropriate.  If others come to speak to you in a way that you feel is offensive or hurtful, you will know what to say in reply.  It may also be the case your voice is required to help someone else is less able to speak for themselves.  May your wishes be happy ones.


Oh, fabulous Lions, Hello to you all, well we’re a quarter of the way through the year and a quarter of the way through your Years Plan. If you were seeking further inspiration, I give you the Cone of Power. Its buzzwords are Energy with a capital E, focus and intention.   What is the Cone of power? A built-up force of energy that you should be becoming aware of?  The beauty of this energy is that it has universal application. You can apply it to any area of your life that needs some tlc. You may have a whole list of issues you want to tackle, but don’t let that concern you, this card suggests you are able to tackle one or more of them at this time. So, it’s up to you, how you use this energy. There’s no right or wrong.  And having learned to embrace this energy, you can apply it as you encounter further issues. This is just a start for you. With the right focus, you could, for example, override an obstacle you’ve faced for a while, or heal a past hurt, you have the choice.

The dunce was made to wear a coned hat, not to look stupid, but it was thought their brain power would be boosted by the energy circulating in the cone, so if you’re feeling a bit lacking in information or seek a solution, then this is the hat for you, though I am not calling you a dunce. You have this chance to do great things with this, so don’t waste it something small. Make sure you think about a bigger goal or dream, that in the long term will serve your purpose well. And don’t let others negative energy attach itself to you, or distract you either. Look to your own energy and wisdom.   You will need to do so as with such energy, comes the opportunity to make great changes, and your services may be called upon to help others. You will have energy to spare and give to them.

From dunce to Wizard, this is what such energy can provide, you will find yourself with a greater sense of self, a greater sense of power perhaps.  It may be the case that you are given responsibility. Fantastic! However, remain grounded, just because you’ve been given wisdom and knowledge and a super blast of fixing energy, doesn’t mean you have to forget to be human, nice and compassionate.  Use such a gift to do good things, and remain humane at the same time.   Good luck.


Vivacious Virgo, blessed be! I feel you’ve been busy studying your world very carefully.  What did you find?  Your card this week helps you with your networking activities. What could it be ah The Cord! 

The Cord has lovely themes, such as soul connections, going with the flow, and having trust.  It also suggests a period of being the student again, the initiate.  This is indeed going to be an interesting week, and interesting start to the next quarter of 2019 for you.  You will need your will power, determination and courage.   The Cord will be opening learning opportunities for you to learn about the mysteries of life.  Your own reality as it will be is being presented to you, perhaps has a vision, but for now it will look like a dream or a movie.  With such an opportunity an almost fairy tale quest or test could be set you, to see if you are worthy of such a rewarding future.  Fear not you have the ability to deal with this test, the answers lie in your soul.

It could be like a test of faith, and the simple question will be, are you ready? That is not a difficult question is it?  Well it could be.  For in order to be ready you have to know what you are going to do, or some kind of plan in mind. And you have to let go of fear, or negative ties, that could hold you back.  It’s a time to be bold, but the knights of old won great fortunes by being valiant, and putting in the hours of preparation and training.  Sir or Lady, that is now you!

Are you associated with someone or something that makes you feel like your wings have been clipped, or your clothes are too tight?  Alter this, remove yourself from it if necessary, but you can make positive changes in order to step into the dream and make things happen for you now. It is a time of action, pro-action and making the right connections in order to stay on the right path.


Hello autumnal babes! Well my Libran week was fact-finding and productive. Leaving me with food for thought. What about you? As if we’ve not been scratching our heads enough this week, here we go again with our friend Wizard! Wizarding words are, wisdom, ego, self-awareness, fastidiousness, and power.

A mentor or guide appears this week to declare that there is the potential to make friends and influence people (as the title of the book says), for there is a quiet air of confidence, and sense of just, ‘knowing’, that we are in the right place now.   Fantastic eh?!? The little warning that goes with this is that the Wizard, a generally well-meaning sort, is less earthy than a witch, and naturally stands tall and proud, wherever their talents lay. This can lead to the appearance of aloofness, and perhaps giving the impression they are using someone but not connecting with them. So be nice to others and play every now and again.  The other side of this is, there could be someone using your talent to their own advantage, and it may be time to keep your power and knowledge for yourself in some areas.  Either way, do not lose sight of the real goal, or the bigger picture.  It’s not about anyone’s ego, it’s about the end result for all.

Librans are supposedly (I’m not so sure with me), said to have impeccable taste and be very tidy.  Implying a sense of fussiness, or being ‘just so’, about things.  This card indicates this is a time for that, where things are done in the right order, and of the best class and standard.  You are not aiming for a pass in an exam, you are aiming for a first-class honour.  Such is the standard set by the Wizard card, and the Wizard in you.  Again, it’s not really about your ego, though it may appear to be, it’s about your own high standards.  Such goals are fine but in order to achieve, you have to be prepared for the extra work involved, which goes back to the point of remembering to have some fun in between the hard work.  There is success linked to this card, a time for being spotted for your talents, and for being given extra responsibility, enjoy such success and recognition and remember your friends and loved ones.  Happy wisdom week!


Lovely Scorpions, busy week? Are you seeing things start to take shape now? Is your design going to plan? I don’t think you have much to worry about here for you have the very industrious Spider card this week.  Such a creature will show you what to do, and if you think like them, how much you can achieve.  Spider’s words of guidance are, letting your light shine, individuality, facing challenges, and free-will.

Spider brings with it the chance to shape your own reality or continue to tweak and adjust it to ensure you regain control of it.  The question here for you is, are you being challenged to the point your project is under threat if you don’t take the reins or in this case reclaim your web’s threads? Try not to manipulate others into your way of thinking, let them spin their own webs as well.  Look for patterns and opportunities available to you now.  Something new could present itself, where you could ring the changes, and take advantage of them.  As this card speaks of destiny, fate and the paths you take to get there.  Some paths are temporary and come to an end, leading you in another direction, accept this, you didn’t necessarily take the wrong path, you just got diverted onto something that may have enhanced your life experience, or maybe to rescue you from a toxic situation.  But it’s important to get back on track for you have work to do still. 

This links nicely into cycles and repeated ways of doing things.  Patterns. Don’t continue to do something because that is the way it’s always been done, for familiarity means assured speed in carrying out a task, or, the same outcome. It could be the case here that you are being challenged by someone asking something different of you, they are just thinking differently, and for things to be successful some teamwork, and rethinking on your part would be suggested.  Whatever the situation you will be creative and have the opportunity to make some great changes.  Look ever so closely at the spider’s web, it’s never the same every time, threads break, they get destroyed, they have to move location, it appears the same but isn’t.  As dreams are woven, your success could be too.


Hello lovely! An energetic sign, if not a restless one, that is itching for action.  Ready for this week’s card?  Wooooooooooooosh round we go with the Spiral.  It brings with it change, freedom, and a little bit of work on your part. By going through such motions, spinning as you go, the laws of attraction will bind things you need to you, and release you from things you don’t. Then like Tornado Gareth, off you go, moving on through your course.

The Spiral is the free form of the Cone, pure uncontained energy.  It spins around and around, gathering momentum, keeping your chakra’s aligned, attuned and charged. It is a symbol of both life and death, beginnings and endings.  Why has it come to you? It’s time to attract that which is needed for you at the moment, in order to make the next leg of your journey. But before you can go forward you need to do a quick check of what you have around you at the moment, then release anything you know in your gut and heart doesn’t need to continue with you anymore.  It may have served you well up until now, but its time may have come, so whatever ‘it’, or ‘who’, it is, the bell calls time. In doing so you’ll be free to fill the space created by such a release by attracting fresh ideas, people, and opportunities. Any mourning for the past will be temporary, as the happiness that replaces it is a sign you did the right thing. 

You find yourself literally having a cleanout at this time, stop before you do, don’t throw away something you dislike but actually need, at the same time don’t reject the ideas of things that you want to do, hopes and dreams, that as yet don’t have a place in your life.  Do your clearing with balance and thought.  If you stop spinning altogether or refuse to spin anti-clockwise to release the negatives or now spent things in your life, and you manage to resist the force pulling you clock-wise, you will find you feel bogged down, stuck and churned up.  Sometimes in releasing things, you don’t release the whole of them, but the negative aspects, so look carefully where you can just shave rather than shed. But this is a time of raw energy and power, which used to your advantage will serve you well.


Hi, Capricorn welcome to your card reading, I feel that being a quarter of the way through the year you will be looking back at January, thinking, well look what I did.  To take your through the next quarter you are hitching a ride on a Broomstick.  For that is your card this week.  What does the Besom or Broomstick as is it known in modern day language, bring to you? Fun! Frolicking! Lots of energy, so anything nasty that is lingering is going to blasted and swept away.  We’re talking about cleansing with attitude.

I want you to think orange, put your hand over the abdomen and feel the energy of your sacral chakra.  What do you feel? Really feel? This area is being addressed with this card, so eat orange coloured foods, wear yellow coloured clothes, get some sunshine to your body, even at this time of year.  This area is your passion and pleasure centre and the fire in your belly.  It’s where you find you just ‘know’, this is your gut.  This place is important for it stokes the other areas of your body.  It may need your attention now. Nurture it, feed it and ask for protection and guardianship.

As a result of this card being around you, you will know what needs brushing away from your life, body, mind, soul and home.  There are many types of cleansing, but the brooms powerful sweeping action, shoos away all dirt, dust and debris, releasing it to the elements.  You will be doing this now, setting yourself free, and releasing your unwanted thoughts feelings into the universe, and making space for healing, opportunity and change.  I would also add that you may feel your passion centre is on fire as well, and sexually speaking you will be connecting with a lover new or existing in a deeper way.  Talk, share, touch and love.  Have a nice week!


Hey beautiful Aquarians, one of my favourite signs, so the water carrying people I know in my life are fiercely individual, pragmatic, and determined.  They are also wise, and knowledgeable.  What creature does this remind you of? An Owl!  And that is your card or creature this week.  They are the seers, the knowers, and the brave hunters in the night. Their souls run deep and go way back.

This lovely nocturnal bird picks up where the eagle leaves off and seeks its prey in the dark. It can see things and find its way through pitch-black depths we struggle to see past. With amber eyes, it can cut through smoke screens, and dry ice to see the reality of a situation.  Owl marks the end of one situation and allows the dawn to bring in new beginnings.  You may be facing endings and beginnings but changes that come with such wisdom you will know exactly what to do.  If an owl comes into your life it indicates that you are a down to earth soul, and as I said in my opening a very pragmatic one as well.  Dignified, and speaking only when it has to, flying silently minding its own business, it gets a lot done. You too will find you’ll do better at the moment if you are as alert, listening, watching and waiting for your time to do what you need to do.

An owl shows that your life direction has led you to places of wisdom and understanding and that you are (or have been) successfully navigating your way through some dark nights of the soul.  You are being advised to spend time in silence, away from the crowd, so that you can make very personal decisions about your life path and soul direction. An owl is watching and guiding your soul to its rightful place in the universe.  Trust the process and know that this time of separation from social situations is necessary so that you can hear the quieter song in your heart.  If your soul has been calling for direction, it is on its way.

Your course of action now is to revise your plans if you need to, and make the best decisions with consideration, and well sought out information.  If you are feeling inclined to do as you normally would and leave things to chance, then you could miss out on such making even better changes and being assured of better success as a result of breaking away from the norm.  Still unsure what your purpose is? Use this time of insight, wisdom and knowledge to find said purpose. Happy flying!

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