Wiccascopes 17th June – 23rd June with Psychic Violet 2337

Wiccascopes with our Psychic Violet 2337

17th June – 23rd June

Hello Wiccascopians,

Ah, we wave goodbye to Gemini birthdays, and hello to Gemini/Cancer cusp birthdays, I wish I could magic you up some sunshine! Oh, please if this is our summer, can we have a glorious Indian summer? I have festivals and outdoor musical gigs to attend with camping!

I hope you are all feeling well and dandy, and thank you for the warm response of the articles, it makes me smile from within. This week I’m going to talk insomnia with you. If you do struggle to get off to sleep, I have started using guided meditation sleep apps on my phone. Oh my. What can I say? It’s like being a child again. There are so many downloadable nigh time stories for adults. My favourites involve train journeys.

So, if you are struggling, you could do worse than pop some headphones on, or earphones on, lay back relax and just drift off. It’s so addictive, I do one in the morning to start the day, the difference it has made to my state of relaxation and calm is amazing.

Have a smashing week one and all.

With love

Blessed be

Violet 2337


Gemini – Silverbough

Gemini oh romantic soul, here is the silver Bough branches out into your life and invites you to do the same. Gemini it’s time to enjoy feeling sociable again. It’s a great time to be alive. Your tactile side will emerge, holding those you love closely and tightly, embracing people who would be friends, with the promise of long-term associations. If you felt your birthday didn’t really happen for you, it will now, throw a little bash for those you value in your life. Alliances made now will serve you well in the future, as your life further grows and develops.

Silver Bough also brings a sense of calm and peace. Any troubled waters will be calmer now, issues that had you confused and struggling with yourself, will now run far more smoothly. Disputes will find themselves resolved without effort from you, it’s as if the presence of universal love washes over any ill feeling. New friendships or business contacts made before this time will flourish now, and you can expect to see blossoms sooner rather than later. A good time to plan weddings or renew vows if you were asking for a sign of blossoming romances.

There’s a lovely mix of the energy that need to get things done, think being able to walk with a skip in your step, but also being able to take time to admire the flowers, and take in the fresh air. You’re getting to where you need to be without rushing, details will not be missed, pleasure can be enjoyed without guilt. Time management, work life balance is not an issue. You are for now in control and really should make the most of this time. What are you waiting for Gemini, go and be harmoniously productive and enjoy your leisure time properly?

Cancer – Shekinah

Cancer hello, stand firm and tall, throw your arms up out to the sky and reach for the stars and moon. Feel that energy run through you, hard and fast, from the ground, into the roots of the earth, to the skies, where by day the sun warms and sooths you, and by night the stars and moon heal and guide you. You are blessed now by having free movement to ascend to a place where wisdom is held for you to tap into and know just what to do, but you are also protected by earth’s magnetic force. Keeping you safely grounded.

Wishes and dreams they are here for you, potentially success awaits you. So, make sure your wishes and dreams realistic and come from a genuine heart. By this I mean that nobody suffers as a result of your good fortune. There seems to be the opportunity to see the final piece of a puzzle fit, and for you to see the completion of a project.

There’s a sense of justice around you, you’ll be dispensing it, as well as experiencing it. You may be asked to referee in situations or give your honest opinion. Don’t worry all will be fair and just. If you have felt judged or even misjudged balance will be restored now. Reputations will be restored. Situations will appear as if healed. Through honest and open conversation, you’ll find yourself in the role of peacemaker.

You may be doing some soul searching at this time, about your own spiritual path. Has your faith been tested, even if it’s your faith in human nature? Expect to feel that you’ll find something to believe in, that makes you feel happier, and more relaxed. Any feelings that make you feel at odds with yourself, need to be released. Even if you have genuine reason to feel wronged, it won’t serve you to own those feelings now, they won’t help. And they are too old to matter. Make space for new positive feelings, and your dreams will grow.

Leo – Chalice

Leo we’re talking chakras here. Sacral, lovely bright and orange sunshine in the middle of your belly. Or it should be. How gloweth your sun? I know it’s been hiding as of late, but that doesn’t mean you have to feel tired or flat. Make sure you’re eating properly, and drinking properly. For every steam engine needs stoking up. Your potential here is starred here, your time make your presence felt in the world. So, get yourself ready. For the Chalice a place of creation, opportunity and healing beckons. Take the Chalice and decide what type of vessel it is going to be.

Is your Chalice full, empty, or half and half? What is your view of its state? It’s your chalice, you can feel about it however you wish to feel. Empty but cleansed, full of hope and opportunity, or full and ready to toast yourself for you’ve succeeded at something, or half and half? Half and half is not a bad place to be as long as the half you have is a positive half. When I look at my chakra balances, half full allows others to benefit from what I can offer, and to be replenished by others loving energy. To allow it to fall below the halfway line every now and then, means a time for respite, healing and opportunity.

Your emotions are perhaps a little wobbly here, for the Chalice also speaks of water, refer to the above advice to get yourself back on calmer waters, so that you are in control, but still able to connect warmly with the world. Allow the flow of your emotions to find an even one, don’t rush, follow where opportunity takes you, it’s not a race.

Virgo – Pentacle

Virgo hello, I give you a Pentacle, a star within a circle. I offer you protection, and all the qualities of the elements we can summon! The combined power of elemental energy will help you manifest your desires, there’s a potency in such life forces. You’ll be working with old ways when you get the Pentacle, and can use its powers to protect yourself and your home if you have found yourself feeling vulnerable.

Feel confident Virgo, have faith in yourself, for this card speaks of your wisdom. Trust your wisdom and knowledge, you already know what you need to know. Whilst there is always more to enhance your learning, you are good enough now, have done enough now to take the next step on your adventure. Think about elements that make up your plan, they are like the elemental values in the pentacle, of 5 equal portions, perfectly balanced. What element of your plan is its foundation, the earth element? What are your feelings behind it, the water element? What is your thinking behind your plan, the air element, how vibrant is your energy or drive towards it, the fire element? What advice from spirit or mother earth are you getting, what faith do you have in yourself, your spiritual connection with your project?

Try to resist the pressures of the world right now, for in finding and maintaining balance you may need to withdraw. Yes, you need to work, but you need to rest and play too. Even if you live in the middle of many folk, take your time to explore parkland near you, see your friends, if friends are limited go somewhere you can connect to others who share your vision. There is a magic around you that will attract new people and invigorate established friendships. Enjoy this time. For it will prove to be abundant and happy.

Libra – Holey Stone

How is the Holey Stone created Libra, the hollowed-out stone was a regular stone, hence it was called holey, not holy, yet it has spiritual powers. It is found in the water usually a stream it was retrieved a cord tied around it and it was worn about the neck of wise one. Like a talisman it protects its wearer, and creates a safe boundary, or personal space around them. As it is created by water, it is suggested that this is a time of cleansing for you. There may be something you need to release and heal from.

It is also shaped like an eye; I would suggest here that the third eye chakra that aids clairvoyance is calling for your attention. Focus on the area between your eyebrows above your nose, relax and just close your eyes. You may feel a tingling sensation there. Via the darkness of your shut eyes, you may see shapes, colours, or even be able to depict images that tell you of the things that could be coming in soon. This takes some time to develop.

I spoke of boundaries, who is around you that you feel you can’t trust, or who no longer serves your purpose? There are those you love to have close to you, those you are happy to call friend. And there are those whose motives you question. Trust your instincts Virgo, for this is a time where you can draw circles of boundaries around you. Any negativity you feel around you, you can be guarded from.

In summary Libra, you are offered healing, protection, and the great opportunity here to use your insight, and please trust what you see, for once you open the gateway of sight you open a door to the unknown. Success awaits you; you just need to see it. You will also find developments in your psychic abilities, perhaps another guide may be met to take you on your next phase.

Scorpio – Spiral

Scorpio, ‘tell me what you want, what you really, really want?’ For the likelihood is you are about to attract it. The Spiral comes your way to give you the energy, healing, and power to drive yourself forwards into your future. You are breaking free from anything that has held you back, anyone who you are not in healthy relationships with. The words we need to remember are freedom, changes, and hello ‘attraction’.

So much like the child at a party playing blind man’s buff, someone spins you round, and you reach out for the people around the room. I’m going to be kind and untie the blindfold. Having spun round, what do you see now? What did your creation of a vortex of energy bring to you? Knowledge? Healing? Hope? What do you want to spin into your life? Do what it takes to gather up your strength in order to ready yourself for the changes that will find their way to you. pinning also helps you release you from the above mention sacrifices you could be making. The release can be quick and painless, but necessary.

Fear of change can halt your progress, so go with the forward flow, don’t resist this moment that awaits you. feeling stronger as a result of natural healing that comes from within. If this card reaches you at a time when you can honestly say, ‘No, all is well with me, so forward I spin to move onwards’, bravo. But do move forwards then. Don’t rest idle where you are. Besides your own natural energy will and Sagittarian life force will not let you sit too long when there is so much to be done.

It would be a good opportunity for you to seek some healing, I feel Reiki would be great at this time, it really fills you from top to toe, visiting every chakra centre. If this is not for you, then ensure you take some time out, either before bed, or when you’ve finished for the day. Just focus on your body relaxing from your feet upwards, through legs to your hips, via your stomach and up to your heart, throat then lastly with your third eye and crown chakras. There are some lovely guided chakra alignment meditations available, why not do one of them. For the laws of attraction work best on an attuned energy force.

Sagittarius – Broomstick

Hello Sagittarius, Besom or Broomstick arrives with you to seriously clean house, clean life, and clean your boundaries. Move the furniture out the way, and work that broom around the room to dig out any dirt from the corners, and swoosh it outside! Right outside. Sweep your yard too, weed your garden, clean the windows, wash down the door. Really give the house a clean. Now… you can do this, or you can do it mentally. I’d say do it for real for the positive effects you’ll feel afterwards, and the energy levels that will soar. I’ve a Scorpio/Sagittarian friend, who is really decluttering. The gems she’s found!!!! The space she’s made.

Now go to your social media pages if you have them. Be honest. Do you know all the people on your list of friends, is that old school friend in touch or just an old memory? Declutter your social media, or the apps on your phone that you really don’t need. In fact, put the phone away if you don’t need it for a little while. It’s stopping you from living, or taking you away from people who want to talk to you, clear some space for life and other people in it. For I bring a week that is potentially full of fun and bustling energy.

What about you. The real you. How are you really? So, we’ve cleaned house, decluttered the technical devices in your life. What about you. Let’s get physical! Do you need a detox? Just a little one. Fancy eating healthier. Look this is not a nagging reading, about telling you what to do, you’ve your own free will. But would you feel better if you ate cleaner, or drank more water? It’s time for salads and fresh fruits, eat a rainbow, heal your chakras, restore your emotional balance from within. Recharge that batter.

Let’s talk about your emotions! What’s going on there? Too much? Or lots of the wrong stuff? Clear away the furniture of your mind, sweep out the rubbish right outside. Be ruthless. Old memories that haunt or hurt you. do they need to be there still? People associated with them? Are you healed from your time with them? Make room for new memories, good ones, happy ones. You deserve to have a happy time, and life. Let anything go that you don’t want anymore. Be free.

Capricorn – Bell

Capricorn, stop whatever you are doing. I’m calling time by ringing this bell. The Bell card says we need to look at where you are at. You’re also being told, ‘Well done!’ ring a bell for celebration. There is much around you to be grateful for, much you have done, and much you will do as a result. So, for now take stock of what you have got, and ask should you be instructing someone to ring bells for you? What do you want to share from the bell tower?
Expect also that you’ll be out and about, or entertaining from home. Invites, received and sent. It would be mean to tell you to ignore your phones, for they will be pinging with chatter and good news. Engagements, others or maybe deepening romances of your own? When the bells ring it rings of love as well. Check your heart chakra, if tired, broken or not feeling what I say, then charge it up, make room for hope and love in abundance.

Changes will occur as result of what you hear, and say now. The changes you make are the best for you, but maybe not so for others. Will you spot the fakes from the genuine folk? Will you keep them around but at a distance or fade away from them. It could be by hearing what you have to say they will naturally remove themselves from your life without you having to do anything. You will not find yourself weakened by any losses, you’ll feel freer and more confident. You will feel happier as a result.

There will be meetings, brainstorming sessions, interaction is key. Reach out to those you wish to include in projects or outings, they will feel happy to be involved. For there is a refreshing honesty around you, that’ll help you cut through any time-wasting issues that you really don’t have time for. People will come to you for the truth, trusting you above others. There is a reverence about you currently.

Aquarius – Wizard

Aquarius hello, I want to tell you about a sleep meditation I did. So, pull up a chair, grab a drink. I did this tucked up in bed by the way, with my earpieces in, and was out like a light. But when this card came up for you the story was perfect for you. Ready then I shall begin.

Relax and try to look through your 3rd eye, close your eyes, go to the place on your forehead between your eyes. Imagine door or doors that open, taking you from this world to the another. Before you even step through the door the sounds of this land hit you. You hear fiddle music, laughter, singing and the bubbling giggles of children. Follow the sound, down a country track, between two hedges, follow it down for a few feet, notice the sunlight breaking through the trees that stand beside the hedge. Stepping out from the pathway, onto a stepping stone path, you turn left towards the sound. Walk past the little houses built into the hillside, they are so small, with rounded doorways and windows, with beautifully planted gardens.

It doesn’t take you long to reach the village green, there under a large Oak tree you see people gathered, one steps forward smiling, warmly they then take you up the hill to a larger house on the hillside, where there is a bench, that you can sit on. You are invited to sit on the bench. You eat your food, drink your fruity ale, and admire the view below you.

You hear a wooden door open from behind you, and a voice say, ‘Come in’. Leaving your food on the table near the bench you go into the house, ducking under the door, and walking into a lounge area, where an old man, taller than you, slim, with long white hair and a beard invites you to sit with him. You sit opposite him, in a very comfy chair. He shakes your hand warmly, his eyes twinkling. ‘I have some news for you’, he says calmly, opening a large book, which he hands over to you to read for yourself. The message is private. Take some time to think now of any words of wisdom such a Wizard would share with you.

The meaning behind this story, *edited with my own words, is that you have come so far, learned so much, and are ready to learn something that will take you on an adventure of your own. Much like a Hobbit. Not only is this a lovely sleep story, it’s a great message to get when you wonder how far you’ve come. You’ll be feeling wiser, and more developed. You will be taking time out on your own, to find yourself. This is a very peaceful time for you, and speaks of withdrawing from the world, but don’t remove yourself the world completely. Enjoy this little trip to the Shire. are they have noticed you, seen potential, and thought, ‘Before this person proceeds any further, the need to know something’?

Pisces – Six Rayed Star

Pisces another lovely star! Virgo got Pentacle; it spoke of balance of elemental energies. You’ve got an extra point on your star; this takes you to another level of balance. Or calls for more balance in your case. You need to address all areas of your life, and ensure that there is no neglect in any of them. But you must be honest with yourself, and be prepared to make sacrifices in order to give a neglected potted of energy the top up it requires. For you have a lot to do soon, and you’ll need to be ensuring that you everything needed to carry on.

The usual areas that fall out of sync with each other are work and life. So, I’ll talk about that with you, whether you’re working too hard, or worrying about getting a job, and it’s eating in the time when you should be relaxing and simply enjoying ‘happiness’. I suppose you could factor in eating and socializing with relaxing. As long as these are being done for pleasure. I.E you’re not just eating to get food inside you, and can’t even taste it, or didn’t really enjoy it. And as long as you are having quality social time, where you aren’t adding stress to your hours by rushing to make appointments with friends.

There is also the need to reconcile the balance of your inner self. By taking some time out to look after your thoughts and feelings. Is what you are doing daily actually what you want to be doing? Are you living with the right people? Are you saying out loud what you feel inside your heart and gut? Is your outer self what others want you to be? By attuning to all the areas of your life, you’ll find your inner self automatically. And it will thank you for it. Once you’ve presented this version of yourself to the world, you’ll be amazed by the compliments you’ll receive.

I’d like to look at what your knowledge, your brain centre! You already ‘know’ so much, you’ve so much life experience already. But. I’ll also ask you to dig out a book from the shelf, or google something you need to learn. Take up a course of study, one that will enhance what you already know. One that will develop you. Your intelligence or spiritual development may call for expansion or further knowledge. Basically, anything to give room for to be learned in your life now will greatly help you. This week is about the change made through growth and learning.

Aries – Book of Shadows

Come Aries let’s go to the bookshelf and get your Book of Shadows. You’ve already had this card, so theoretically speaking you have a book of shadows. You’ll have a notebook somewhere where you record your thoughts, feelings or just day to day notes. Let’s open those books, they are full of spells, ideas, plans and the sort of information that when needed you can use to help resolve a problem. What problem do you have now that you need to resolve with an old spell or two? A smudging spell to clear some energy and space? Or an abundance spell?

You have the drive and energy that I admire, though it can be a little too hard and full on for some. So, make sure the words in your spells in your Book of Shadows are followed to the dot. I.E take your time. Ensure you have all the right ingredients, or in real world speak, right information. Hunches or hearsay are not your friend now. Your own judgement is key.

Do you take your book with you and add to it, think of something you wish to manifest, give it a title, do your research? It could be a real spell, or a Cosmic Order. E.G ‘A spell for contentment and peace at home’, perhaps following some disruption around that area. By simply writing down your intention in the book, and to enhance its power find some herbs or in this case honey believe it or not, to use in the weaving of it.

As with Taurus who is talking with a sword in hand, you will be using words from a book then said out loud, people will notice. There is less attitude here though than with Taurus, there are more ways to get what you want and need in situations than by standing up and declaring your news. Think subtly, think more generally, think organically. Think like the honey previously mentioned, spread your word sweetly, kindly and you’ll reach the people who otherwise can’t be reached. Enjoy your spell writing.

Taurus – Sword

Hello Taurus you last had this card when it was around your birthday, it’s time to speak up again, to be heard. You’ve been building up to say something, doing your research, and getting your facts straight about a situation. If you feel there is more yet to learn, use this next few days to do just that! But the facts are there around you, ready to put into writing, or into spoken word. And the beauty of this is, you’ll be heard. You are a sign that ‘broods’, on issues, works them out privately. Even if you vent your frustrations on an everyday level, your deeper issues take longer to surface. Watch out world for Taurus will now be digging deep and speaking as they find.

This means you could be dealing with people who may not want to hear what you have to say. So, whilst your words are true to you, ensure you speak them assertively rather than aggressively. By doing so you’ll be respected, and even if they don’t agree with what you have to say, they will acknowledge your right to say it, and should not be offended or hurt. For it will be objective, not personal. It’s not about appointing blame, but pointing out what you have discovered, and as a result what you would like to happen, and their options or role in this situation. Effectively you are standing up for yourself.

This could be in your career, personal or social relationships. If you have job interviews, or important business meetings, you’ll find that rather than resist the urge to speak, you’ll be putting your name on the agenda and sharing your news. In relationships if there has been uncertainty or someone needs to be told how you really feel about them for good or for bad, it’s time. They won’t be seeing things as clearly as you, so be kind, be loving, but be honest. A situation that has gone on for longer than it should, needs to be cleared up now. For both of you to know where you stand.

Usually happy with where you are at the moment, and just wanting harmony, and contentment, you don’t like to rock the boat at deeper levels. Your dreams are usually a long game, as in you don’t like an Aries for example, shoot for the stars and moon, and wonder if there is a jet pack that can make things go faster, you are more patient, earthlier and more contemplative. You’ve thought long and hard about this, and there is a dream you have. Why aren’t you going for it? Don’t worry who you offend or upset potentially if it doesn’t suit them. This is your time. And the fact this card has come up again, it says come on, let’s do this.

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