Wiccan Horoscope Reading with our psychic Violet – 3rd December 2018

Wiccan Horoscope Reading with our psychic Violet

3rd December – 10 2018

By Violet

Greetings all and thank you for the very warm welcome, and enthusiastic responses to my first sharing of my love of Wiccan readings.  I find it rewarding in my own life to weave a little extra magic into my life and those I share it with.

These cards are drawn by asking for guidance relating to each sign at this current time, and can be read at the same time as your astrological horoscopes, you may find they are closely connected and reinforce each other.

Did you try the activities linked to your readings?  If you keep a diary, or are a Wiccan yourself, keep a note of it, and feel free to revisit it whenever you feel the same need again.  With your new weekly reading there are more activities, as usual, please ensure you are doing so safely.

The activities included do require simple meditation, and I know it’s something that some people struggle with, don’t give yourself a hard time trying, meditation is just breathing in a quiet, calm and safe place.  There’s no right or wrong to do it, it’s your moment to decide how to spend it.

I hope you enjoy your own reading very much it is written with love and genuine guidance.

Blessed Be



Sagittarius – The Queen of Elphame – Magic

Energy Vibration ~ The Underworld

Theme ~ Magic and Beauty

Good day Saggitarians lovely to see you here, I love the Queen of Elpahme’s or Titania as I see her, and I am instantly taken to A Midsummer Night’s Dream, a world of magic illusion and woodland frolics.

Last week you drew the Cauldron, and it was you were nurturing and feeling empowered to create your own future.  As a result, in drawing this new card you will note the progress you have made and have the ability to see through new eyes, gaining access to other realities and bringing magical beauty and charm to your daily actions and interactions.  Just as it was in Scorpios time to shine and be noticed, you are not far behind them or could still be feeling this energy if you are on the cusp.  You too will have a new sense of confidence and poise.  Gone are the heavy boots, now feeling as if you are barefoot through soft sand.  If you have found meditation difficult lately it will flow more easily now your spirit could feel freer.  There is a sense of being able to breathe clearly.

Notice the beauty of nature in your surroundings and others, get out and explore, see the natural magic and wonder in your world. If balanced, (inner and outer beauty) this could be a joyous and lovely time.

On a cautionary note, it could also be that by drawing this card you could be thinking more superficially, and may need to rethink your inner feelings on what you consider to be attractive.  Release any egotistical or negative thoughts about yourself and others, and acknowledge that you are beautiful inside and out.

Ground yourself, for such a time could see you as careless and may appear aloof and critical.


Do something simple, silly and magical.

Go out for a walk as if you were a child.  Children love the autumn leaves, kicking them up, picking up twigs, jumping in puddles.  Look at nature through the eyes of a child with wonder, and questions, and yet simple acceptance that isn’t it all for now magical.

Now is the time you may be considering decorating a tree, or collecting things like pine cones, to decorate.  For the Yule season in itself is inspiring.

Peaks – Magic is touching you

Troughs – Look within yourself to see your true beauty, not outer.

Capricorn – The card you have drawn this week is – The Familiar – Alliance

Energy vibration – Astral

Theme – Alliance, support, friends

Dear Capricorn how welcome, last week you drew the silver bough I hope it showed some love and happiness, on all levels.  You were guided to live, laugh and love. I really hope you did, and continue to do so, for you were moving on in a healing phase.  IF it didn’t feel as strong as you’d like, continue to work on this, in your everyday life. BUT there’s great news with the familiar.

Witches have a familiar, any creature from the animal kingdom by the laws of attraction.  They are a powerful friend to have around, a guide, a guard.  They promote healing, and emit their own vibrant magical energy.  I have kept a variety (or menagerie) of animals over the years, but cats have always been my faithful companions and familiar.  I cannot imagine a home without them.

If you have an animal in your life that you are particularly connected to, continue to work on developing that friendship. Allow its energy to heal, and comfort you. And feel free to talk to it.

If you don’t have an animal in your life don’t worry.  For there are humans you can relate to, reach out to, and ask support from.  And in keeping with the theme of love, happiness and healing, now in reaching out to the world, and looking at your current friendships and support network.

If you feel like you don’t have one, it’s time to branch out, let people get to know you, and find that mutual go-to place when you need to help each other.  If you have one already, take a look at it, resolve any conflict in it with the help of your familiar and the silver bough.

Your familiar will be with you as you encounter the world now, if you have a spirit animal, know it is with you, with the same power to protect and guide as a familiar does.

It could also be a sign that you are thinking of getting an animal companion, if so, you will be guided very strongly by the animal itself, and feel as if it is actually choosing you.

To sum up, reach out, accept friendship, love support.


I really love this one and it makes me smile every time I do it.

Next time you go out, shopping or down the street walking  make eye contact with people coming towards you, engage in conversations with people you know, and bump into.  Smile.  At this time of year, it’s easier to do so isn’t it, people are for the most part more sociable.  Accept invitations you feel you would enjoy, from people you’ve lost contact with. Be part of your social world.

N.B this doesn’t mean you have to be a party animal, it means connecting with people you want to connect with.

Aquarius – The cone of power – ENERGY!

Energy Vibration – Solar plexus chakra

Theme – Energy, attention, application

So lovely Aquarians welcome back, last week you drew the spell card.  It was all about being in the right time at the right place, and about action and manifestation.  This week is really not so different, just a heightened state of that.  You have now got the help and guidance of the cone of power, and it’s all about ENERGY.  We talk a lot about energy on this site, because it is the key thing we work with.  We are energy, we make it, we use it, we share it, we take it.  Here you are being told to harness a gathering energy that will help you a particular situation in your life that now needs your attention.

Much like the sorting hats in Harry Potter, the cone of power comes to you offering its services to deal with one or maybe more issues in your life.  Use your time with it well.  Deal with one issue at a time. Break down your problems or situations you see as problems into smaller pieces and begin.  Different cones have different powers. You will know which one you need at the moment.  A little hint would be to focus on the issue that is key to all the other issues you feel you are stuck on.  And it is a natural progression of the spell card.  This suggests a natural flow of development is being offered to you at this time, that you are on the right path, and now is a time of healing to further aid proaction.

You will feel more energised, so make sure you use it, and use it wisely.  If you were to draw up a biorhythm chart the chances are that your emotional, intellectual and physical energies are in tune with each other and you are in top form. This is a good week.

In essence, you are given this time to make things happen for, or to add to a team’s effort with 110%, and it will not go unnoticed by those around you.  So, it’s handy if you are looking for a job, or seeking a promotion in the workplace.  Your talents will be clearly and confidently on display.  IF… you apply this energy to the right area of your life.

Imagine a genie has appeared and given you 3 wishes.  It is an energy genie.  Choose wisely, and act wisely.  You will feel yourself making changes, being asked to offer your opinion, or help out in a matter for someone else.

But… be wary that this new energy and the power that goes with it doesn’t go to your head.  Keep your feet on the ground, be patient with others who will not be having the same surge, and be going through their own issues, so be kind.

The flip side of this is that you may not be feeling this energy around you, and maybe finding things overwhelming and yet too proud to ask for help or time out.  Is it time to say to your family and loved ones, in the approach to Christmas, ‘I need some help here,’ or to your colleagues at work?  Don’t if you are in charge of a project feel you have to micromanage everything, delegate and use your energy to do what you can do.


Candle gazing

This is a very simple and easy thing to do. It requires you, space, time and peace.  A candle, something to light it with.  The candle needs to be about 2ft before you, sit at a table and set it at a place setting maybe. Light the candle.  Watch how the flame jumps about, or stays still, or flickers.  As you relax, you will see and feel things.  You just have to look gently at the candle, it is not forced.  This is one of those things that we do automatically if someone lights a candle or has an open fire, we just watch the flames, and lose ourselves in the light and colour.  So, approach it like that.  When you feel done, after about 5 or 10 minutes, blow the candle out, (yes you are allowed blow a candle out, though some feel it’s unlucky, for as you blow the candle out whatever healing or message you got during your gazing, is released as energy in the smoke into your atmosphere.  You may even choose to make a wish at this point.  Always say thank you.

Peaks – Go go go!!

Troughs -Be patient.

Pisces – Holy Water – Purification

Energy vibration – Sacral Chakra

Theme – Cleansing, healing, knowledge seeking

Hello Pisces, how was your week?  Did you find yourself harnessing your energy and gain the focus you needed to in your life? Did you pick the right wand for the right job?  Don’t worry if you feel you didn’t, I am sure you did brilliantly, if you want to repeat the exercise that’s fine, or pick another wand for another issue.  This week Holy Water. What can we say about that?  Whilst we are aware the waterways in the world are the earths transport system and a powerful life force, we sometimes forget that the water inside us is our energy transport system as well as physical life support system along with other elements and nourishment.

The wand asked to you stop and think and plan.  Now you have water, not ordinary water, but Holy water. Any water is a sign of movement after pausing.  So now you can apply action to the plans you made last week.

Go forwards as the energy takes you don’t fight it, don’t push it.  Just roll with it at its speed.  You may have the urge to do a purge, (that rhymed quite by accident), but you will find yourself possibly clearing out the house, ready for winter, to reflect your new energy.

It will also create a space for you to replace dated, outmoded beliefs, and free you from memories that may have been holding you back.  As you are flowing with the water’s energy, it will not be painful.

This could be a time to get some healing yourself, or do a detox as well.  Start the new year refreshed and focussed and clear of mind.


This is one of the nicest activities you can take.  A magnesium salt bath. As psychics myself and my team members go to cleanse is a salt bath.  But it’s not just any old bathing session.

Pick a time when you won’t be disturbed, you need a bath, warm water, magnesium salts, (note if your allergic to them do not use just warm water will do) and you.  I light candles, take the phone off the hook too.  Just have your bath, relax, reflect, plan, say out loud, ‘I welcome the positive changes this week will bring to me, and to achieve positive outcomes with negative situations’.  your card is the Bat – The rebirth of consciousness you have drawn the crone this week. emerging from the consciousness…infill with

Peaks – Cleansing, healing

Troughs – Resistance in letting go

Aries – The Wise Crone – Release

Vibrations – Crown Chakra

Theme – Wisdom, release, maturity

Funnily enough the card of your opposite sign Libra last week, this is interesting in itself for you may be mirroring Libra’s lessons, and there is a natural balance in this.  There is the continued theme of release in this week’s card, for last week you were guided to release yourself willingly or reluctantly from people and situations you were no longer happy to be involved with, but being given the help to do so in order to reap the benefits.  How was it? By drawing the crone another release card, and in keeping with mercury being in retrograde, you are being shown you have made some progress but need a little more help and guidance.  What does the crone actually mean to you Aries?

One of the aspects of the triple goddess is the crone, to me I see her as the elder, wiser and grandmother goddess, the other two being the maiden and the mother.   She represents the end or release aspect of change.

You are being called to think wisely dear Aries, dig deep and find and release any unnecessary attachments to the outside world at the moment, so that you can gather deeper understanding of your current experiences and so make sense of your life.  Mercury will help at this time, in that it helps you scrape out the bottom of your experience barrel, in order that you don’t miss anything.  Hence you will find yourself remembering things you thought you’d sorted out, and now want to finally face up to them and be rid.  These changes you make now can be significant.  Literally, life changing.

Maturity is called for, for it’s not time for misplaced sentiment, and to once to see beyond the illusions of your inner child, or ego, that could hold you back.  Setting you free to enjoy a new, much bigger reality.

The Crone shows that you have just experienced (or maybe about to), a change or release, that requires a deep Q & A session with yourself.  You are being advised to let go, surrender, and let your life shape itself. Go with the flow.


Invoking the light

When things seem dark and hopeless, light a candle.  AS you do so, call the powers of light to shine and show you the way through.  Gaze at the flame and imagine it as the light that shines within you.  It makes sense to light a candle like a torch, when it is too dark to see.

I like the above activity, but it’s not lost on me that a lot of my activities involve candles, (that’s the Wiccan in me and my specialism being candle magic), but another activity is night sky gazing on a clear night.

It’s free, safe, and as long as you wrap up warm, fun.  I sit on a step outside my house, mug of tea to my side, and my two cats who come and sit with me too.  We just sit and look up to the sky, notice what stage the moon is at, find Venus, and notice how bright the sky is lit.  I am lucky in some respects that our village has only a few street lights, so we have no light pollution.  But seeing the twinkling stars, and the moon, you are reminded that in the pitch-black sky, there is light, the stars are little opportunities, there are more of them than you can count! The moon is the growth and natures own timer.  What stage is the moon at? Take a chance now to look up the significance of the moon cycles.  I suspect there is a pattern with this card and where the moon is at right now.

But either way enjoy your activity whichever you choose.  You could even combine the two by taking a candle outside.

Peaks – Embrace your wisdom.

Troughs – Challenging your inner self can be difficult. There is no need to stand in the dark.

Taurus – The Bell – Awakening

Energy Vibration – Throat Chakra

Theme – Awakening, calling

Hello there Taurus so last week’s card the spiral represented the need to move forward, taking with you what you wanted to keep, and leaving behind that which needed to be released, and acquiring after contemplation something new to aid your evolution.  It’s not as simple it sounds is it?   But you made some progress, didn’t you?  What does the bell tell you?

Like a doorbell ringing or alarm clock ringing dear Taurean it’s time to wake up, your life needs your full attention and maybe some people in your life need your attention. The bell ringing or tolling, is calling time on certain aspects of your life, and starting time on others.

It is also a time for celebration, ceremony, in this case for saying well done you did work with your progress and not stagnate in the past.  Look out for job offers, or career changes, if you are attached and hoping to get married, a wedding bell is ringing.

You will feel stronger in yourself, in all your senses, more energised and readier to take action at the ring of the bell. If you have wishes or manifestations you wish to be delivered, be careful what you ask for, for you could get it. Another card this week got a similar wish, I likened it to the genie, so the genie bell in your case grants you the chance to ask for something. Good luck!

The ringing of a bell to that of communication, and I see an old-fashioned phone ringing, who do you need to talk to, who do you need to listen to? For communication requires balance and equality.  Be kind in your communications, and now it’s a good time to talk  honestly with the people you care about, for last week you attracted what and who you needed or became aware of it, now you need to act for the bell is calling you to action.


I have a strewn around my house Tibetan singing bowls, and little chimes, I use these to clear energy after readings, and to aide mediation and healing.  As an earth sign I wish to assign you this little activity, you need to get back to nature, and if you have any kind of bell you can carry in a pocket, take it with you, or hang a string of bells on a ribbon, from a tree, and sit near this tree an just think, find peace and ask that what you are being called to do, or what you wish to have happen, does so with happiness and a good outcome for all those involved.

Peaks – Celebrations.

Troughs – Wake up! Wake up!

Gemini – The Crystal Ball – Vision

Energy – Third Eye Chakra

Evocation – insight, divination, vision

Last week you drew the Pentacle, and its energies were also enforced by the energy of mercury, so its message was timely in asking you to reconnect before you try to move forward and look into what came forward from that to proceed by getting back to nature there was a gentle counterbalance to mercury.  I hope you made the most of this time for now you have drawn The Crystal Ball.

So dear lovely Gemini what does the Crystal Ball mean to you.  Drum roll…

Crystal balls are mostly made of clear crystal, I have a collection of them in various semi-precious gem crystals, for they each have their own energy and purpose.  But they all serve the purpose of vision in modern day terms I would translate it as a new pair of glasses for your third eye, and your psychic connections and strong intuitive energy will be strong.

You are now seeing things as they REALLY are. The veil of anything false or fake is removed now. Your dreams will present with messages, from the past, to help you in the now.  It is now a time for growth, change and movement, even if we are still under the influent of astrological influences, you are being assisted to proceed through such blockages.

Another time where in conjunction with your previous card, you will be feeling isolated and almost hermitized in this process, you can still combine the activities of the last reading and continue to commune with nature, never stop exploring your world.  But you will soon be moving to a more sociable and connective time with other people in your life.  Note you may be selective upon your return, for your new vision will also reveal who you want in your life, and who you don’t.  So, with great vision, knowledge and planning comes decision making.  Whatever decisions you make, they will if made honestly will be made wisely.   You may also find yourself among new friends, resonating new aspects of yourself.


If you don’t have a crystal ball, you could buy one, or a scrying stone, a hand-held palm stone, black obsidian is a lovely stone to work with.  There is a myth that the fortune teller looked into the crystal ball and see things just like that.  The true scrying is done by relaxing, gentle meditation and allowing yourself to see whilst you close your eyes.  A 3rd eye chakra meditation will achieve this.

If you find this a little difficult to do, and it’s not for everyone.  Just ask that you are guided in your dreams and day to day thoughts during your quieter moments.  Make some time each day just for you, (A good habit to get into anyway, along with your walks to get fresh air), to just be you and escape from whatever else is going on in your world.  Five minutes before you get out of bed, and when you are done with your day, before you go to bed.  Taking time out for you is so important to take stock through your day to see what you need to see and deal with issues that arise.

Peaks – Clarity, vision, guidance.

Troughs – Illusion, refusal to accept what you see.

Cancer – The Six-rayed Star – Unification

Energy vibration – The heart

Theme – Unification, union, balance

Hello Cancerians, last week you drew The Raven, my favourite bird, and so misunderstood and feared more than revered.  Last week you not unlike Gemini this week, were able to connect to those in other realms as the veil was thin between you and them.  If you listened to the voice of this card, you would have found dreams to be guiding and prophetic at the same time. And hopefully kept your hopes and dreams secret from those who need not know.

This week you have the six-rayed star a balance of feminine and masculine energies, Ying and yang and they are met in the heart.

Cancer it’s time to address the balance in your life.  From work v Life, family obligations v your own need, your own masculine and feminine sides of your personality.  For the masculine side of you think about what testosterone does for or to you, address your fight or flight responses, are you quick to fly off the handle, have you reacted sensitively to situations.  Or have you found yourself wanting to scurry away and hide from drama, especially if it’s not yours and you don’t want in, this is the excess of the gentler side of your nature the feminine.  The male side is about action, go-getting, courage and physical strength, the female side, is about communication, thought, intuition and achieving things by gentle action.

It is time when you will be aware of your place in your world, and the people in your world.  Ask yourself what aspects of it you are happy or unhappy with, what part do you play? How are you reacting to other behaviours towards you?


Another activity that is all about the self, you, and making time for you, we should all do this anyway, for if we don’t heal us, or take time out for us, how can we be balanced enough to deal with – them, and be there for them, those people in our lives.  Crystals to use in this time out are an emerald or green coloured stone, or a ruby (these can be costly I know but any jewellery containing them will serve just as well).   Lay down, breath slowly, and draw your attention to your heart, breath in love and breath out fear and any other negative feelings.

Peaks – Balance the feminine with the masculine

Troughs – Seeking such balance with others can be an interesting challenge.

Leo – The Mirror – Perception

Energy vibration – Third eye chakra

Theme – Perception, reflection, clarity

Lovely Leo last week you had the cave card which told you to pause rest and recuperate in order to go forward, in doing so you have restored your energy and grounded yourself.  You also got to know yourself very well. Superficial situations and people will be exposed, their honest intentions showing clearly to you.  Trust your gut if something feels out of sync it is, but don’t react immediately, in keeping with the cave card, take a little time to think carefully about your next step in reaction to such discoveries.

The next phase is reflecting this new rejuvenated you to the world.  This version of yourself is natural honest and pure.  You will also find that you are able to connect with your deeper self via all of your senses and calling upon your spirit guides.

This is a time of change for you, bought about by situations that occur around you, or that you about to bring about yourself as a direct result of your time in your cave.

It can be a little difficult to admit that some people or situations in your life are not as you first saw them, and you need to reflect your true feelings in such matters, and any negative energy they may send out to you.  Your psychic energy and intuition will guide you through this time.


Imagine when you dress yourself the last item of clothing you wear is a clock made from light silver thread.  This cloak will bounce help you bounce back any negative feelings you receive by accident or intention, to the universe where they are cleansed.

Also remember to be aware of the intention you send out the world in your thoughts and actions.

Peaks – You see the truth.

Troughs – Be clear, honest and compassionate.

Virgo – The Owl – Wisdom and Knowledge

Energy vibration – Soul

Theme – Focus, knowledge, truth

Virgo blessings to you! The Horned God made an appearance in your life last week, asking you to restore your natural balance, and basically keep it real.  You were guided to relax, let go and evolve. How did that go?

For now, you have the owl, and although a generic reading for Virgoans, it is saying good job! You did what you needed to do and prepared the groundwork for the next part of your journey.  This week sees you able to work out situations that at first appear dark, and an enforced change may come upon you. But you are ready. You will not face this change blindly, or with fear, but with the qualities of the owl and its night vision. Resulting in you embracing the dawn with a sense of achievement and contentment.

The Owl could also be called in my opinion the Phoenix, a bird that dies in order to be reborn restored and ready to continue its journey, it is about life and death, things ending and things beginning as a result of what is left.

You need to stop and listen at this time, for what you are being told is important, and affects how you react.  Your eyes too will be not unlike receiving the crystal ball, brighter fresher and more able to see through the darkness.

Old habits die hard don’t they, is it time to free yourself from any, don’t be afraid, your night vision or dreams will guide you through this.  Time is being called in some aspects of your world in order for you to evolve, stronger, brighter and freer.

Don’t be afraid to ask for time alone, space if you feel you need it, you are not hiding and can join in any gentle activity you wish to, but make time for yourself, to just, ‘think’.  This is all part of the path you are on now Virgo, and development of the whole self-requires reflection, peace and quiet.


This activity requires imagination and relaxation, but is achievable within a couple of attempts.

Find a warm comfy place.  Ensure you are not disturbed.

Relax lie down, or sit.  Think of yourself walking out of your lovely cave, where you have been resting, it is night time, you are safe, very safe.  And you are coming home, the moon is bright and lights your way, as do glow bugs and silver wisps that entwine the trees and bushes marking your path.

You hear a hoot and above you are an owl, what does he or she look like, notice its feathers, ears, beak, and claws.  Its beautiful amber eyes engage with yours, you sit down at the base of the tree, this lovely owl just a couple a branch higher than you, continues to gently gaze at you.  It hoots again, telling you it’s time to go home.  Back on your feet again, you rise, then in saying goodbye to the owl, feel in your pocket a letter.

An old-fashioned letter with a wax seal, marked, ‘Private and confidential’.

You open it by the light of the moon.

There is a message on the old paper, written in ink.

What does it say?

Return to a more conscious state gently as you imagine yourself back in your home, carrying out the message instructions.  Clear and guided in your future plan.

Come to gently, before you get up for such a guided exercise is very relaxing. Xxx

Peaks – Wisdom, knowledge.

Troughs – Old habits die hard.

Libra – The Silver Bough – Love and Happiness

Energy Vibration – Love – Heart Chakra

Theme -Universal love happiness and health

Lovely Librans hello!  Did the Crone help you think wisely Libra?  And how was it going within and releasing the outside world attachments? I really hope like me a fellow Libran you tried.

It wasn’t easy was it? But I feel like it helped tremendously.  The next phase well we have… The Silver Bough.  Perfect for a crone to have wand, for that is what the bough can be turned into to help us at this time.

The goddess (s) of love, Venus, Aphrodite or the Celtic Branwen are speaking to us, you will know which one resonates with you the strongest but their message and teaching is the same.

Drawing this card Libra indicates a happier time in the area of love for you.

If there has been upset or disruption in this area, healing love will be sent to you, and you will find it less painful to ease away from such situations.  If things have been going well, then you will feel doubly blessed by deeper heartfelt contentment and closer connections.

This is also a lovely time to enjoy universal as well as romantic love.  So, in the first instance friends old and new ones to be made, are starred. There is a strong potential to find a love connection, or be part of romantic celebration around you either your own or someone you hold dear.

This is simply a lovely time to be with or contact the people who love you, or could become very important in your life.

Have found yourself feeling isolated? Or without love in your life, socially or romantically, this lovely card suggests its time you reconnected with people and shared some contentment.

Smile, feel your connection to the earth, love!

Look into your diet and lifestyle for the long-term, or maybe prepare yourself for Christmas by having a little detox.  I am trying, shall we do it together? It may also be a sign that you need more exercise in your life, but make it fun, love what you do, and you’ll be able to do it. What’s that saying?  Play your favourite music and just dance and sing!

A little word of caution… because we are thinking pink with universal and romantic love, we must remember to be realistic and honest about where our love is sent, but the silver bough helps us with that, guiding us and uniting us with those that we are meant to be around and steering us away as was our lesson also with the crone, away from those who are not good for us.


Find a quiet place, where you cannot be disturbed.  Set aside up to an hour of your time, light a pink candle, and just breath gently, in with your nose and out through the mouth.  Find a nice gentle breathing rhythm, drawing the breath to your heart chakra.  Think or say gently aloud, ‘I am love I am lovable, I send out love, I receive love’.   Send your love to those you care about, and use this time to send out forgiveness if you are ready to and ask for loving healing with those you have suffered difficulties with.  When you feel at peace, relaxed and ready to, blow out the candle, give you thanks and you can return to your day.  Do so steadily, as such a mediation can be very relaxing. Take care with candles.

If you are feeling creative, make a wand out of the apple tree, or treat yourself to one if you like me collect wands.  Making your own wand is fun, (be careful with that whittling knife), adorn it with rose quartz crystals, and bind it with pink ribbon.  Have fun be that child who loved making things.  This wand for the witch in me is used for creating love energy, for everyday use it is an ornamental sign of this.

High note – The heart is open to love and harmony.

Low note. – Hold desires and wants in check.

Scorpio –The Wizard – Spiritual perfection

Energy vibration – Spirit

Theme – Perfection, and ego.

So mysterious Scorpios last week you drew The Queen of Elphame, you should have had more ability to see clearly, gain access to other realities and seen some beauty, charm and magic to all that you came into contact with.  It was your time to shine and be noticed, with confidence and poise.

If for any reason this didn’t happen as much as you had hoped, it won’t have been a waste of time embracing the energies of this card as you will have gained those aspects held as a seed to come in at more appropriate time, for there are other factors around you that are not generic but very specific.

Scorpio people you have The Wizard, the wizard is a male witch, (a man can be either witch or wizard, a woman cannot be a wizard).  He is a sorcerer, and enchanting person who comes along with knowledge and a touch of magic for you now.

If you found yourself naturally charming, and poised last week, expect more of the same this week, if you weren’t you have a second chance, for in getting this card, the universe is supplying you with allure and influence at the moment. Be aware though you could be drawn to others who doing the same with you for their own purposes, so keep yourself grounded and true.  The wizard gives you the wisdom as to, who, how, why, where and when.

Responsibility and authority come to you now, use it wisely! For good and greater good, it’s all about the self at the moment, you are coming from your most basic inner self, and balance is needed.

Do not be easily flattered, or use flattery for your own purpose.

Your spiritual wisdom is very strong now, and will continue to grow from this point onwards, if you are on a spiritual path expect to meet a new spirit guide, it could be a wizard, to guide you through your next phase in this life.


Withdraw from the madding crowd, recharge your heart chakra.  Take this time to audit, review and evaluate your life.  What is important to you? Who is important to you? Beware of jealousy, arrogance, and coming across as self-important. Other people’s actions may not be set out to hurt you, though their actions may be careless, in other words it may not be all about you alone, but to you it could feel like that.  But most of all be kind to yourself Scorpio and others.

Peaks – Taking action now will reap results.

Troughs – Ego, self-importance

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