Weekly Wiccascopes 11th March 2019 By Violet pin no. 2337

Weekly Wiccascopes 11th March 2019 By Violet pin no. 2337

Hello Wiccascopians,

Very special greetings to you all this week, and I hope you are all keeping well.

One of my hobbies when I am not working with Michele, or writing is crocheting, and I have to confess to having an addiction for yarn as a result. I find that having a creative hobby and working with the most colourful creations, gives me the combination of focus and relaxation.  And I get to see results very quickly. 

I say this because I think it’s worth having something to do, that’s just yours and ultimately relaxes you. It could be art, writing, singing, any craft, or reading. Something that takes you away from the ‘every day’, and you can lose yourself in, is just what you need to unwind sometimes.

So your mission should you choose to accept it is to do just that, make something, start a project, something new.  Pick something you will see grow or develop. But most of all enjoy it and feel free to share your works in progress as by posting a photo of it in the comments. By creating something, you are letting something in your shine out to the world.

Have a smashing week!

Many blessings,



Pisces – Holey Stoney

Greetings Pisces, hello to you! We’re still in birthday mood for some of you, make the most of your birthday month.  What little gift comes to you now?

It’s spring again, I bring the gift mops, brooms, and a whole lotta of cleaning to be done.  If like me you’re allergic to the idea housework, you’ll surprise yourself with this sudden urge to declutter and it won’t just stop at your living space.  Things that have got on top of you lately need to be sorted out, so get that notepad and pen out and start making some changes.  Feeling so bold you may be surprised at who you find no longer fits in your life.  But any sacrifices you make will be worth it. To allow you to do what really want to do.

I mentioned protection, there is a little warning that comes with this card, it says, in decluttering, something negative may catch you out. Or it could be that an area in your life could be affected by someone else’s negative energy. Fear not, this stone, as a talisman will provide you with a feeling of protection, and safety.   Whatever you encounter now, you will be able to deal with it.

Pay attention to the clues and messages you will be receiving this week. There will be signs large and small, guiding you through any decision-making process you are going through. Songs on radios, something someone says, if you’re not normally a dreamer, you will remember the dreams you have this week.  Make a note of them, listen to the key messages, for they may be coming from very important spirit guides, who are here look after and guide you.

Aries – The Wand

Hello Aries! Greetings to ye all!  I have been wand – ering, and your focus literally is being guided by The Wand! 

The key word here is an intention, or perhaps direction. What are yours? For the Wand is a very powerful and will give your intentions extra zap and kappow. Great for you, great for your plans, but just hold back a little! Make sure you think carefully about where you send it, and how you send it. For you will be connecting like an octopus.

Aries is a very fired up sign anyway, given an extra boost and we’re all on the edge of our seat expecting big things.  So, take this time to look at the bigger picture here.  What is the ultimate goal?  What are your reasons for doing it? It’s a great time to do a mini audit, or reflection upon on how you are doing, and what you need to do next.

You basically have the universe on standby, waiting for you to express yourself, and manifest your ideas.  This also gives you more choice, which can be troubling if you are a little confused. So, this is where you could apply the focus that the Wand gives you to help clarify your options, and make the right decision before you move forward.  If there is a sense inertia or feeling unenthusiastic about being proactive at the moment, try to push through it, for you have a little energy boost to help you get past that. Good luck and enjoy your week.


The Broomstick – Welcome Taurus, how was your week? I hope you made some sense of it and progress.

This week you have the Broom, it’s second time out for the first time in a while. And it’s spring! So, synchronicity is alive and well.  Let’s get physical and emotional first. Sacral chakra – the business centre of you, it may need retuning, it’s the place I feel where heart and mind meet up to thrash out any issues between them = common sense v sentiment.  Take some time out for just you, book a healing session.  Get all the chakras realigned and recharged and your decision-making skills will get back on track if they have been out of sorts.

Your relationships are featured here, friendships that are borderline romances could intensify physically and emotionally.  If you are single watch out for romance, and if you are attached it’s a time for passion and connection.  Should this be a time where your needs are not being met, communication is the key, express your wishes and desires.

Broomstick comes along when you need to be told you are fine as you are, be happy as yourself. But you may have lost sight of this lately and need to take away some of the layers that you have built up over time.  This way you will reveal a fresher version of yourself.  As a result, you will find your psychic awareness and gut instinct will feel stronger.  Have fun Taurus.

Gemini – Shekinah

Gemini warm wishes to you, was your week productive and happy? This week has the promise of a little magic, with aspects of heaven and earth combining to make things happen for you.

Who is your guide this week, Shekinah, Queen of the stars? In spiritual terms, she represents the feminine side of the Divine.  Resonating in the soul area, this is a time of deeper and higher spiritual connections.  She gives you the chance to find peace and contentment.

You’re being asked to revisit your dreams; can you remember them? What did you lay down and manifest in your mind when you were a child? A time when usually boundaries don’t stop us from dreaming. What has been the driving force underpinning your life’s journey?  Have you strayed from it? Is it time to go back and have another try?  This is the time to consider such things.

To enhance your time with Shekinah should be spent with people you find interesting, and wise in the things you need to learn in order to fulfil any dreams.  But by reaching for the stars, and keeping your feet on the ground, there’s every chance you will be granted a wish, or dream come true, old or new.  So, think carefully, be realistic, and consider the outcome of it.

Cancer – The Bat

Greetings you Cancerians, it’s Springtime, are you feeling it yet? Hot out of my deck I have for you, The Bat! 

‘Beep, beep, beep’, that sonar you hear, is your heightened sense of awareness, your ears, and sense of smell will be on high alert.  This is your third eye waking up and helping you ‘see’, and ‘sense’, with such a sharpness, there will be no doubt of their message.

When a bat comes along you may find yourself contemplating your spiritual self, exploring a new avenue, or deepening a connection with an existing one. But there will be a change in how you connect to yourself, and the world, the natural world above and below.  A very good friend of mine in fine-tuning her spiritual energy has had a declutter and is only keeping the things she needs, for she craves space and emotional freedom in this aspect.  This could be the case with you.

However, it won’t be a simple transition, there may be a challenge or two, deep feelings, events in your life past or present may have an effect on how you deal with this.  A bat doesn’t let anything block its path, it finds another route, and gets to where they’re going in the end. Be like a bat, seek out the opportunities in darkness and you will feel released from the past and free to live in the present and the future.  Happy flying!

Leo – Spiral

Leo as I write your card the sun just came out, sending you warmth!  How are you doing? I rummaged in my deck for you, and this card made itself known.

The Spiral is another card or symbol of change, it’s one you need to be ready for and need to be relaxed about.  Now imagine one of those ceiling hanging ornaments that spin around, creating a lovely whirl of colour, they go forth and back depending on the breeze.  Watch how as it builds momentum it gets faster and gathers up more force and energy. Then when it stops, notice it may have gathered up some particles of dust in the air, spin it the opposite way, some of the dust will come away. How does this relate to you?

You need to draw in or by the laws of attraction, bring into your life, something to help you create movement.  It’s up to you which direction you need to spin in first, your gut will tell you.  Do you need to gather up the energy to push through something, and like a spinning top be wound up ready to go?  Or, do you need to shake off something or someone that is holding you back?  A little exercise you can try is firstly spinning anti-clockwise 7 times, (don’t fall over), to release anything, thoughts, feelings, fears, any negative aspects that hold you back.  Then pause, gather yourself, and spin 7 times in the other direction, refreshed, free and powered up!

The law of attraction works by sending you the things you ‘need’ to attract, you may get some other debris that joins in, just shake that off too, but in getting what you need, there may be a sense of disappointment.  As in, ‘Oh, is that it?’ or, ‘I don’t want it’.  No, but you may need it.  It could be advice, at the most honest level, or a sign that you are in the wrong place, with the wrong people at the wrong time.  Don’t pooh pooh, such opportunities, they are to be worked through and you will overcome!  Have a great week!

Virgo – The Black Cat

Virgo, oh how are you?  Busy manifesting and creating things? I’ve rummaged around and you got this card.

The Black Cat, now my cats are black, white, tabby and all sorts in their colour scheme, but they behave much like their darker coloured friends.  As soon as it gets dark they are off exploring and hunting. Not missing a thing, other cats, mice, or little bugs, they prowl down the street. You are going to be like Tinkerbelle and Splodge, (I know, creative cat naming!) any darkness you find yourself in you will be able to navigate it skilfully and nimbly.

With the Black Cat, there is the sense of protection too, this comes from those very heightened senses of a cat, their sight, hearing, smell, and those whiskers that feel every vibration.  I’ve compared this card to the Bat, but they are so akin, I can imagine them holding meetings and comparing notes on their nighttime pursuits.  With the bat at a safe distance from the cat.

This card sings about your psychic ability, making you so aware of things that are not of the everyday occurrence but more related to the sub-conscious and hidden aspects of life.  Psychic connectivity cannot be rushed, it’s a process you need to take your time over, so think like the cat, don’t break out in sweat and rush anything this week, do it one paw step at a time. Happy patrolling!

Libra – The Raven

Hello, fellow Scales!  I have had a funny old week, hope yours was as ‘interesting?’

I am so excited about our card this week!!! Yes, we got my favourite bird.  Why am I excited, because the crows and ravens in my garden have been visiting me at 5.30 am for the last two weeks!!! It was a sign.  They really do come along in the mob of 3 usually, to say, ‘Get up we’ve got news!’. What about you guys though! Well, it’s the same message, there’s a world of knowledge out there, just waiting to be learned, a little bit of magic, and a sense of wisdom.  Nice.  Now you know why I love this card.

Like other signs this week, it’s going to be a simple whoosh, and a gift of these things, we’re going to have to put the work in.  But it’s going to be worth it.  We need to face some shadows, some things in our own dark place that we may not want to deal with. We have the Raven with us, there is a protective element about this as well, and a very psychic energy.  We will know what to do when we come across some shrapnel.

When we have sorted through this, applying light, the things we learn, the messages we receive, that special place in our soul, will feel freer for being cleared of the things we have faced, tackled and released ourselves from.  People may confide in us, accidentally or on purpose, treat that information with respect, and keep secrets others entrust you with. It will be so worth us all doing this. So, trust in yourself, know you can do it, and off you go.  Let’s do this!

Scorpio – The Chalice

Oh, hello lovely! Did you have a better week? I hope the wind as I write your sign up, blows some cobwebs away.  This card blew in your way.

The Chalice, ah a nice card for you!!! For you I want you to think The Ace of Cups, or maybe the Holy Grail.  Opportunity knocks, your cup is ripe for filling with something, is it a healing potion? A success spell? Or soothing balm to steady the nerves.  The cup is a sign of abundance or the opportunity for it.  So, whatever you are embarking on now, or refreshing, looks starred to be fruitful. 

It’s also linked to the water signs, the emotions, so linking back up to the Cups, new phases in your emotional life can be expected.  A new romance may be indicated.  Asuch you can expect a little bit of a roller coaster ride with your own and others emotions.  So, if you’re feeling sensitive, check yourself not to be snappy, and be aware of others who are feeling a little raw.

Your sacral chakra features for you here.  Address the emotional balance therein. Your abdominal region is a melting pot of emotional energy, bubbling away, or a firepit that keeps you stoked up ready to digest, process the decision-making area of your body.  If it’s got residual negative energy, or something toxic lurking there, fear, doubt, anxiety and anger, your progress will be hampered.  If you carry out or receive a cleanse in this area, you will find your instincts to be without doubt and correct.  Therefore, enabling you to make the right decisions.  So, nurture yourself and rebalance!

Sagittarius – The Owl

Hello you lively souls how are you? Has the impact of Spring put a little hop and skip in your step? Another creature of the night comes out to see you. Let’s go.

The Owl, another soul speaker comes to you this week.  Quietly minding its own business, it doesn’t miss a trick. Only hooting to raise alarm, or communicate with its mate, its existence is peaceful, calm and very quiet. Even in flight, it cannot be heard.  Their reward for their patience and peaceful calm is acquiring local knowledge and gathering food.

The owl confirms that you have been travelling and gathering knowledge, you too have had to face some darker aspects of your life in order to continue through each phase.  This has been done successfully, and you are being guided to listen to your soul and stay positively connected to your life path.  In order to do this, it may mean taking some time out, getting back to nature.

Patience is called for here, you will know when to strike, and when to just listen and watch.  You can also work with the night in order to contemplate, (not overthink), the things that you really hold important to you. Allow your mind to relax, make sure you rest properly, and pay attention to your dreams, or night mind travels.  You’ll find by morning things seem a lot clearer, and you may have the gift of insight and knowledge as a guide to your next actions.  Enjoy your night flights!

Capricorn – Nemesis

Seasons greetings you lovely lot! Here’s to Daffodils and daisies! Your card was dropped out of the pack when I was shuffling for you, that means it has to be used.

Which one was it? Nemesis.  The associated themes with this card, and lovely lady, Nemesis a beautiful Greek lady of goddess stature.  She is in charge of destiny, and karma.  Her message is clear, do right by others, and right will be done by you.  Do wrong and the same. So be kind with your intentions.

Whilst she is kind she is firm, fair and honest judge when dealing out justice.  She’s aware that there is something not quite right in your world, and stands with her arm around you, as a guardian, or barrier against any injustice you are experiencing.  She will help you acknowledge and deal with what is going on, and overcome it.  Treat it as a lesson, or an opportunity to finally address a cycle that has to end.  She says that things have to go wrong sometimes in order for the truth to come out and a situation to be corrected.

You may be someone’s advocate at this time, someone who cannot defend themselves, for your wisdom and knowledge will grant you the skill to best advise them.  If you or the person you are aiding have been hurt, remain calm and don’t take revenge. In this instance step back, heal, and know that karma will balance the situation out.  Whatever you are dealing with this week, know that it will be resolved, and you are being protected and you are strong enough as a result to cope and overcome.  Believe in yourself!

Aquarius – The Wizard

Good day to you all!  Hopefully, your week was pleasant and happy. This week is going to be interesting, but I feel the card I’ve drawn for you is going to serve you very well.

The Wizard, by now you all know I love wizards, in history, film, or in books. There’s not a lot of Wizards I don’t know.  My latest Netflix binge has been Merlin, old but a good one.  And one thing I learned by watching it again is a sorcerer goes through a lot in order to become so great and wise.  And their teachers’ grand wizards, do not suffer fools gladly.

You are a pupil of a wizard this week. They feel you are up to the job, bright, wise, spirited, and have a lot of potential.  Indeed, there may actually be an older or more senior person mentoring you in your life, who will say you have such potential. How are you going to feel, great, excited, and you may feel you stand taller, and feel wiser. Careful; make sure you can get your head out the door, and your feet are on the ground.  Also, be sure that someone isn’t buoying you up to suit their own purpose, and don’t do the same to another.

But this is a positive card, to say you have talent, and opportunity to use it is an understatement.  How you use this energy is up to you. The best way to figure out what you do with it is to take your time, go to your office or den and relax and research.  For your thirst for knowledge will mean you want to learn things and will do so easily.  And remember whatever you learn, apply it with happy intention, and you will reap the benefits. Good luck oh wise one!

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