Your Weekly Tarotscope with Michele Knight 18th February 2019

Your Weekly Tarotscope with Michele Knight 18th February 2019


The Ace of Pentacles

Boom! It’s all to play for this week as a golden idea or opportunity is dangled before you. It’s likely that you’ve been inching towards building your self-esteem and healing past wounds, and it’s now time to take care of the details. Know that you deserve success and that you have earned it.

Maybe you have been so caught up in fighting other emotional battles that you didn’t realise that you have achieved so much? You have worked harder than you thought and it has not gone unnoticed.

You can achieve your goals now, but it’s important you take one step at a time. Influencers, powerful souls and wise ones are all drawn to you. Commit to your dreams, fight any fears or self-doubt. You have come this far and the next stage will likely feel simpler.

The Full Supermoon this week is showing you exactly what you need to focus on. The Ace of Pentacles assures you that you can and will do it. Ground yourself, look after yourself and plant your seeds deeply. An abundance spurt it on the way!

A positive financial and internal shift is coming and you’re more than ready to receive. Oh, and your sensual, confident and secure in yourself too.


The 3 of Cups

Hey Taurus,

You’re trotting towards joy this week! Your creative juices are flowing and inspiration comes easily to you. Want to start that novel or plot your next website/youtube/instagram reinvention? The time is now.

So, perhaps you have doubted yourself or got caught in routines and patterns that no longer serve you? You are worthy of love, deep intimacy and equal friendships, this week shows you who and how.

Your soul needs this uptime, you may have felt drained or left out recently but that’s about to shift. Perhaps a bust-up with friends or a lover drained and confused you? The 3 of Cups is bringing a reunion and much hilarity.

Mates inspire you and you might even start a joint venture. Important feminine energy/feminist comrades/femme fatales/warrior queens will feature and help support you, make you laugh, and cheer you on. Which friends would you choose to be stranded on a desert island with? Hang out with them!


The Four of Wands

Home is where the heart is this week as you seek a soul shift. Your spirit is hungry for a safe space, to breathe, and think. Important events are leading you to reevaluate your environment. The good news is that victory and celebration are on the way.

How do you feel about your home? Our home is like a gigantic spiritual battery charger and an outer reflection of our inner world. Is there anything you can clear in your home to enable you to be able to relax? What does your home tell you about what’s going on inside you?

Do you have a corner that is exclusively yours? Perhaps build a meditation space with a candle, favourite photos, a vision board etc where you can relax and heal your present/conjure your future. Devote yourself to creating a loving space. Invite your clan around, surround yourself with love and expect some good news.


The Moon

Beautiful Moon Goddess/Queen/King/X

It has to be the Moon Tarot Card for you this week as there’s a stunning Super Full Moon, that’s going to deliver you a powerful message.

OK, it could get intense! But there’s no point losing your cool, and being swung around the emotional moon tides by your nostrils! It’s potent when a Full Moon drags messages from your unconscious, you can blurt things out in rage or fear or lash out because you feel vulnerable.

However, once you understand that the Moon wants you to use your intuition BEFORE problems arrive, you can use the magic to keep a Moon diary of dreams and symbols which will become a treasure map for your present and future.

Look out for an important message that will startle and liberate you. Remember you are always gifted with important knowledge during the Full Moon, use it to your advantage. Oh, and get out in nature if you can, that always brings you enlightenment.


The Devil

Yikes, naughty Leo, you’ve received the Devil for your weekly guidance. Whaaaaat! The Devil Card? I hear you cry. Fear not! The Devil is coming to show you that you have the power to overcome addictions, fears and obsessions.

What is your go-to self destruct pattern? We all have them! It could be comfort eating, crushing on an unobtainable love interest, sex with strangers or affairs that you know won’t end well. Facebook stalking the ex or having that crafty cigarette or triple gin and tonic? Perhaps you just give yourself a hard time and have a negative inner script playing?

This card does suggest there’s some juicy temptation arrives this week, but it also informs you that you are free to take those pesky chains from around your neck, at any time! If you want to liberate yourself from a dodgy pattern you can do so now. Think carefully of your choices and know you have more control than you realise.

You are empowered now. You also have the opportunity to enchant someone else. Whatever comes toward you this week make sure you want it before you say yes!


The Wheel of Fortune

Glorious Virgo, the Full Supermoon in your sign is bringing in the energy of the mysterious, and a stunning twist of fortune. The tides are turning sweet soul, and they have a surprise in store for you. Your spirit may have a grand plan that is just about to be unveiled. A mystery is solved and a huge neon sign is pointing towards where you need to travel.

Ok, sometimes mysteries are not clear or we can be confused when the unexpected happens. Imagine grabbing a coffee and your daily muffin, you settle down to do your Daily Tarot on your phone, bite down on your delicious cake, and chip your tooth, WTF! This must be a terrible day? But no, it turns out you broke your tooth on a silver seal that contains a grand muffin prize of £100,000!

When the Wheel of Fortune pops up an important event is about to happen. It might be a tiny thing, but whatever it is, it has the capacity to change your destiny. What at first seems a disaster may well turn out to be a phenomenal life transformation.


The High Priestess

Wow! Insightful, kind Libra, you have a few decisions to make this week. It’s no good going backwards and forwards in your head, or spinning your thoughts around and around. It’s time to dive deep into your own wisdom and put yourself first.

The High Priestess says it’s time to move into a space of trust. Trust your instincts, your intuition and what you FEEL. You have all the answers you seek, so pay attention to your gut feelings. So, you know what happens when you ignore your senses, you turn out to be right and could of avoided the aggro if you had just listened to yourself!

You might have a dream, a strange coincidence or message which clarifies what you must do. This week is soaked in potential. Acknowledge and step into your natural connection to all that is. Nothing eludes you now. A situation that has been bothering you is cleared up as you see the deeper truth.

Are you psychic? Are you practising and growing your intuitive skills? Your magical abilities are flowing this week. As you awaken and respect your own knowledge you could find life not only easier to navigate but fewer problems occur. You’re tapping into a vein of immense KNOWING which can set you free.


The Ten of Cups

Deepest most mysterious Scorpio,

Let’s be honest, you are not always a team player. You like to see what’s going on and make your own decisions. This is not a flaw, it can be an asset, as you have a broader perspective and can see things that others can’t. You are not one to give your power away in a work environment but you will do what you can to make projects succeed.

There might be a stirring of community this week. You have a fresh sense of belonging and purpose. Perhaps you will be rewarded for your insight and the wisdom you bring to what you do? Notice and embrace the positive love that surrounds you and the little things that others bring to the table.

Either way, you are being given an opportunity to move through a block and arrive at a space where you feel connected. There’s a sense of success and wonder as you slip into a space of trust. There could be a celebration coming which lifts your spirits and fills you with emotional fulfilment. You’ve pulled it off and realise that you are appreciated.


8 of Pentacles

Zesty Saggitarius, are you ready to get stuck in? Work, commitment and going the distance are on your mind this week. You might find things a tad hectic and frenzied but you’d rather have that than be bored as hell!

Let’s face It, it can be challenging for you to pin down your enthusiasm long enough to focus on one thing. You have the ability to leap around multi-tasking and energising others. Jupiter in your sign this year wants you to succeed. Right now is the time to follow through and be practical.

Decide what you want to commit to and ground your energy, point your focus like a magic wand. Any work you do this week should have astonishing results. It’s all about building up a bank of effort that flourishes into a sea of prosperity.

Are there any habits you can change to make progress easier? Shifting one small pattern can lead to powerful results. It’s a week to dedicate yourself to progress and believe in your ability to make it happen.


Queen of Wands

Capricorn you Strong, stoic, stunner,

This week you have the wind beneath your wings. You are in a heightened state of longing and desire. You crave adventure, passion and fulfilment. You’re easily bored and seek out the wild side.

However you’re not coming from a place of self-destruction but empowerment. You are knowing your worth and stepping forward with renewed confidence. If you’ve felt held back, put down or a bit downhearted you can overcome it now.

It’s time to pat yourself on the back for what you have achieved and conjure up a new adventure. You are far stronger than you know. Imagine what you could achieve if you poured some of your loyalty and giving into you!

Your stamina, commitment, and intensity may have hidden your vulnerability and needs, the Queen of Wands is encouraging you to not only look after yourself but to honour and express your desires.

It’s your turn to do what you want and to be the QUEEN. It’s amazing that you juggle so many responsibilities and are always on hand to pick others up. This week focus on what pleases you and what you want to experience.


The Magician

Visionary Aquarius, It’s time to plunge deep this week. There’s magic and spooky coincidences, your thoughts could create your reality, and life feels a little surreal right now. Stalk and analyse your beliefs as they are potently fueling your direction.

In other words, you’re being urged to be an alchemist and shift your negative experiences, inner shadows and deepest fears into gold. It’s time for a very quick soul audit to reflect on where you’ve come from and plot where you are going. It might be that you’ve been pushed to your limit recently, or gave away your power in some way?

Perhaps you’ve been treading water and not transforming as you would like? It’s important to be adaptable now and see the little doors that are opening for you. You may have to sift around in the crap and honour and release emotional baggage. You have all the tools you need to magic up the solutions to set yourself free.

The Magician is assuring you that you are being given a fresh start. You see your way out, and your way IN this week. Of course, it is up to you to take the next step and to believe in yourself.

The Lovers

Magical, sensitive and empathetic Pisces, A burst of passion sprinkles your week with longing and enthusiasm!

The Full Supermoon this week is in your relationship zone. The Lovers is shaking you up and awakening your desires. We aren’t just talking about lust and falling in love, although that could feature too. The Lovers is dragging you from your slumber and filling your soul with sizzling energy. and delightful possibility.

Your creativity is flowing like a Hawaiian volcano into a sea of possibility. Write, dance, paint or fling yourself into anything that excited you. For some there may be a love triangle that needs addressing, and it’s time to be true to yourself. You’re standing your ground and falling in love with you enough to do what you feel is right. Your will compromise but not give in this week.

You’re passionate about your life, so you push your own agenda for once. You have the capacity to be assertive but fair. You want harmony and you know how to achieve it. Relationships of all descriptions are sorted out. You might be making a choice about what or who you want. Love brings you all manner of gifts and glorious moments.

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