Manifesting with the Moon Your Monthly Moon Oracle ReadingMarch 2019 (With Violet pin 2337)

Manifesting with the Moon

Your Monthly Moon Oracle Reading

March 2019

With Violet pin 2337

We’re back with the moon! Hello and spring greetings to you.  I am writing this super spurred on by the recent full moon. I couldn’t see it, but I felt it. I’ve been buzzing and writing and energized to the point of ‘Pow!’

I have pulled a few more cards for this month for each sign.  Regardless of where the moon is now, or where it is in your sign, the message from this oracle is a generic one to enhance or give you further guidance. Use your own instincts to tune into the aspects of the reading that really make sense to you. For a more in-depth moon reading, just give me a call.

Without further ado and chatty nonsense, I give your March readings. Enjoy, digest and put the message to your own use.

Many blessings,




Full Moon Eclipse

Pisceans hi! For March your moon message is, about pinnacles and peaks. The moon is fat, you’ve done all you can, get ready for something new to happen as a result. With the eclipse aspect in this card, expect an extra boost of energy. Good on the one hand, but a little scary on the other. The change I mentioned will be a powerful one, due to the massive illumination into your “Id” which refers to an unconscious part of our personality which we not fully aware of. It requires you to identify things you may not want to deal with. I call it my burial chamber.

A situation around you has just reached or is about to reach a climax.  This is part of your soul purpose, or life path So allow events to reveal themselves and be kind to yourself. This is one of those release cards, where something or someone is cut loose from you, and yes this may be very difficult to acknowledge, let alone allow to happen. In your gut and heart you know it’s the right thing to do.  But don’t panic, all may not be lost, for there is an element of forgiveness with communication and resolution. This could have a very positive effect, and be just what you need to happen. You may still decide to continue with the relationship or situation from a stronger and more positive point of view.

However, you may not be able to ignore the message in this moon card, it is as stubborn as you potentially. Any endings that happen now will not begin again in the future and by acknowledging this, you will be able to keep travelling forward in the right direction. This may feel a little uncomfortable for you to deal with, but if you set aside time for relaxation and meditation, you will find it more comfortable to deal with. Know this is for the best, your best, and your potential long- term happiness.


North Node –   Hello Aries, any of you wondering what on earth or above it, is the North Node, it is where the Moon crosses the circular path that the sun follows in a northerly direction.  That’s the science bit over. What does it mean to you? On your horoscope chart it shows you what you need to do, and the direction you need to take in your life.  It is also a karmic reminder that we need to move away from our comfort zones, and embrace a more adventurous attitude.  You’re going the right way, keep going and don’t look back. And you are an Aries, one of the bravest signs in people I know.

Is there a key life goal you’ve recently looked at and perhaps felt cautious about? It’s ok to take a little risk, and stop thinking about it and just go for it. Likened to the Fool in tarot, you’re being told that you are about to take what feels like a risk, it will pay off.  Rethink how you are going to execute your plan, shake it up a little. The Fool, in this case, is not acting unwisely but bravely.

If you have been overthinking a situation, hold back, try to rejig your thinking. It could be something or someone has become an obsession, and that is stopping you from doing what you should really be doing.  Fulfilling your destiny.  Now, I feel odd saying this to an Aries sign person, but when this card comes up it speaks of independence and asserting yourself in your own right. Something that normally comes naturally to you.  It could be that you have surrendered to doubt, or talked yourself out of doing what you really want to do.

The final message with this is, I want to champion you and, tell you that you really can do it! For if any sign can face up to their fears, and say enough is enough it’s yours.  What are you waiting for?


Blue Moon – Taurus, oh can I sing a moment, ‘Blue moon, you saw me standing alone’, how are you?  Your science bit, (I’ve done my research on the moons) Usually there are three Full Moons between an equinox and a solstice (and vice versa).  However, we can get four Full Moons in one single season.  When this is the case, the second Full Moon is called a Blue Moon.  (It used to be the 3rd Full Moon).

Now you know that what has that to do with your right now? Something is happening around you now that rarely happens. A rare opportunity is coming your way.  So, if you felt your goal was out of your reach, or unrealistic, think again. Because the message could be, it could just be about to happen! What do you have to do to make it happen? Be positive! Believe in yourself. And don’t give up on your long-term dreams!

This could be treated as a four-leaf clover, a little rare find, and a lot of luck. Use it wisely, and use it now, otherwise, you may kick yourself for missing the moment. If it relates to a person, yes trust your gut, they are a diamond in the rough! It is a connection you may not get for a long time to come. If you are contemplating your career, something that happens now must be considered. Enjoy this chance to make a major change in your life!

Gemini – Fixed Moon

Sun signs are divided into three sections; Cardinal, fixed and Mutable.  Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius are the fixed signs. Fixed is what it sounds like, solid, secure and on the negative side stubborn. Anything you have just embarked on isn’t done yet, it has legs and could last a good while longer. The determination and grit of those born under this sign is wonderful. Even if they do cut off their noses to spite their faces sometimes.

You have two ways of reading this card.  I will let you decide, trust your gut! Option one is, be resolute. Hold your guns. Option two is are you, or is something stuck? If there is a blockage, how are you going to push past it, what would the fixed signs do?  And just in case it’s you that is stuck or dare I say being stubborn, there is a chance to resolve that too, stop holding on to the brakes, meet someone halfway, negotiate.

How do you do this?  Unfold your arms, be open to options, and other people’s opinions, look for the positives and maybe say ‘yes’ a little more. And perhaps you could slow down a little, wait when it’s time to wait, take that time to remember to believe in yourself. But don’t sit around waiting too long as you will feel as if you are stuck in negatives when there is so much potential around you. Good luck!


New Moon in Libra – Cancer warm greetings, what a lovely card to get. Think about being a new chance, a new start, or phase in an already established relationship. That’s the good news, especially if we’re talking romance. It’s not a given though, it won’t just happen. You need to think like a Libran, communicate, negotiate, compromise.  They are all about balance, equality and partnerships. Such ‘duos’ don’t have to be just romantic, a joint venture, a new friend with a common interest, or yes indeed a new romance.  All of these stand a good chance of being fair and just. There will be a lot of talking, and the need to be open to sharing.

It is also a time to connect to someone you care about and let them know it, in other words, it’s about feelings rather than thoughts. An excellent negotiator a Libran hates conflict and will find every which way they can to find a harmonious result. They want everyone to be happy with the outcome.

The final message here is fairness, and things for once aren’t about releasing to create change, it’s not about endings, it’s about starts and restarts.  Yes, this can mean weddings, important stage developments in love and career areas. In areas where there has been a feeling of unsteadiness or unsureness, balance is now restored, justice will be dealt with fairly.


Full Moon in Taurus – Happy Greetings to you Leos. The full moon in Taurus heralds to ground yourself and give thought to working through any negative feelings you’ve been experiencing.  This will include any area of your life that is causing you concern.  Take a little look at your finances, is there more going out than there is coming in?

This is a great time to take stock of yourself and your life and by grounding yourself you will be in a better place to do this. But don’t be afraid that this limits your access to the stars and the moon, you can still be creative and manifest with your own inner magic.  The combination of the two is perfect for this. Get organised, look at what you need to do, and how you want to do it. Create the right environment to attract successful outcomes, and the right people you need around you.

So, this isn’t about hoping and wishing, it’s about proactively dreaming with sensible foundation laying, and yourself being part of the process.  No luck here, but a ripe old time to work towards your successes. You are great, so acknowledge that think about the wonderful things that make you, ‘you’, but don’t be that lion under the tree, knowing it has a great mane, and hope someone will deliver dinner later, get out and join in with hunting for it. Check that in ‘going for it’, you don’t get carried away and take things a bit too far. By keeping grounded you will know when it’s ‘just right’. Have a good month!


Full moon in cancer – Virgo hello to you! I feel you may be a little emotional during this month, which is not a bad thing if kept in check.  And it’s not just you that is feeling it, there may be a bit of a ‘big bang’, moment.  In other words, there may be a thunderstorm that releases some built-up pressure, which needs dispersing. The result of this will be one of seeing clearly, accepting some things may end, others will be refreshed, and some new opportunities will make themselves known. Don’t be surprised if you consider moving house, or looking at making major changes to your home.

If you are sulking about something, or find yourself too dependent on someone or something, just relax.   Other people may be feeling a little sensitive around you as well, so go gently on them, they have their own issues too. Cancer is a family card, nurture yourself in the love of those you love, share some happy moments. Make some time for yourself as well.

If you are working hard in your career area, your determination is coming to a peak.  If you are in charge of people, be so compassionately. Good for you, you know what you are doing, where you are going. The only fly in the ointment is, you may be a little impatient with others, or just not see them at all. Stop and share your time with the people I mentioned above. Don’t let doubt stop you, Virgo, enjoy the thunderstorm, then step out in the sunshine afterwards.


New moon in Sagittarius – Libra greetings! Oh, hello we’re being stirred up by a lively Sagittarian New Moon. Get set go for smiling time is here. You’re being told to have fun, have things been a little dull lately? Even down in the dumps? Have you ever had a Sagittarian friend, my best friend back in the day was this spontaneous, ‘come on let’s go for a 6 am jog’, type of Sagittarian? I feel her energy now. The word, ‘No’, was not an option.

Risks. Yes, you’re being invited to get a little brave and take some. This card screams brainstorming with your like-minded friends sharing ideas you have or getting your thoughts and feelings out there. And I know it took you a while to decide on your current plan. Well, you may be changing it again. You’re allowed to. Blame it on your sign if you have to. Luckily enough you will be steered to making the right changes. The first change is to look at what you have. Not what you feel you don’t have. Acknowledge this. The second is to find your sense of humour, it got a little lost, do something that makes you laugh, boosts your serotonin. The third is to look at your knowledge, that which you share, and that you need to learn.  Study something new and open your mind, share something!

So, to close, you’re invited to take part in your own awfully big adventure. You are a curious sign by nature, a scholar and tutor, so what are you waiting for.  Oh! An added little bonus is there’s a bit of luck thrown in with this card, by being part of the world you’ll attract good things into your world.



Full Moon – Warm wishes to you all Scorpios! For you, I have another Full Moon, just a Full Moon though. What does that mean?  This is a very powerful card, revelations, illumination and clarity.  Any queries you had earlier on will now be answered pretty soon. You’ll soon find out if that hope, dream or wish turns out in your favour, and also know what to do with the outcome.

As with any full moon, there is a sense of heightened emotions, your own and others close to you.  Outbursts could happen, be forgiving of those who do go ‘pop’, they too are frustrated or unhappy about something. What are your emotions saying to you, sit down and tune into yourself?  What is your inner voice saying?  Consider your thoughts and feelings wisely though before you give them a voice.

This is a positive card hinting that the odds are stacked in your favour in any outcome, and for some projects or relationships, it is D-Day.  Know that even if time is called on one chapter though, you will not suffer unfairly.  If you have been biting your tongue lately, that may continue, remain calm, don’t overreact. But all in all, it’s about success, and the culmination of projects, plans and feelings.  Well done!


New moon in gem – Let’s talk Sagittarius Hello! Yes, let’s talk you have The New Moon in Gemini which tells you that is the key piece of advice this month. Gemini is the sign of interaction, sharing, and like your own sign, travel.  It’s a gregarious sign too, so when you’re chatting away with folks, you’ll have a little glint in your eye and a cheeky smile.  So be sociable, enjoy getting together fellow chatterboxes.  The only downside here, you may be a bit ‘scatty’, and could end up double booking your time, or running late.  Make time to ground yourself and focus before entertaining the world with your words.

Now let’s talk communication at its most important level.  Relationships.  The important relationships in your life will evolve in this area.  Don’t let silences between yourself and them lead to any confusions or misconceptions. Sometimes people may react to you in a hurt way if this area has been weak. Remember there are plenty of ways to talk to someone find one that works for you.  A discussion will clear the air, and you will be able to start anew having dealt with any issues that confused either party.

There is always the call for grounding in these messages, but the level of grounding varies, your grounding applies to your attitude perhaps being a little too carefree or disconnected. Ground yourself and communicate. Who is important to you? Are those relationships equal and balanced? Who needs your attention? Whose attention do you need? If you were a creature this month you would be the butterfly, and people notice them, so don’t be surprised if you catch someone’s eye.  Enjoy March spring butterfly!


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Third Quarter Moon– Welcome Capricorn, the Third Quarter Moon, is your card this month. We’ve pretty much done all that we can at this stage, and we’re reviewing how far we’ve come.  It’s the same with the moon, it’s in its last phase before becoming a dark moon.  So as the light fades from the moon, aspects of our journeys and lives so far will fade away, or break away. Leaving us with what is left at the next new moon, ready to start the cycle again. Don’t cling on tightly to things you fear may be lost, there’s a reason they won’t make it to the next cycle. And the space they leave will be filled with another chance to try something else.

The way to deal with this to look at your rucksack or handbag.  Over the weeks we gather things up that we are given, some we need, some we want, some just got there somehow.  Whilst it’s comforting to have these ‘things’, that could become sentimental to us, even that serviette from a lovely restaurant where you had the best date with someone who may no longer be speaking to you.  Turn that bag out, in order to feel lighter and ready for the next month, you need be a little bit tough, and declutter, adjust how you organise your bag if it has different compartments.  This is what you do to your life when you get this card.

Don’t throw it all away! It’s not always a card of finality and endings, it’s also about tweaking things to make things work better for you. What happens when you rejig things about, is that you notice how different it is, it’s changed. Therefore know that such a positive opportunity for change is coming into your life. Any changes you made over the last few weeks were effective, this is how the cycles of change work.  Don’t panic if there is a sense of urgency or a need to change something now, do what you need to do, focus and you will be fine.

With this breath of fresh air,  exciting prospects could be waiting for you, so allow yourself to be more open, you know who you can trust and who trusts you. Communicate in a reassuring environment that strengthens the bonds of trust. If you are feeling like your life is not ready for such change, it is. But catch your balance, and if need, design a new plan ready to launch at the next new moon. Believe in yourself.


Waxing Crescent Moon – Aquarius hi!  What is a waxing crescent moon you ask, well some of you know, I wasn’t sure.  All I knew was that it is a growing moon so looked it up. It is a phase, the 2nd one actually in one of the moon’s eight phases. The waxing element as I figured, is about things growing, developing, so if you are working on something or ‘have a dream’, we’re going up a gear with this card, and applying the accelerator too.

This lovely moon phase tells you to believe in yourself, don’t give up! Your hopes, dreams, plans and schemes are still attainable. Even if there is a long-term goal that feels like it’s so far away from you, don’t feel it isn’t going to happen, this may not be the case, so unless there are obstacles you really can’t overcome, find another way.  It may also be the case that you are being a little impatient. Have you ever planted a sunflower seed? Hang on in there! They grow when they get going if they are looked after well.

There may be something else you have to do or have to give to get where you want to be.  Even if you feel you’ve done enough, I ask you, ‘have you?’ scratch your head, take a moment, what did you forget, what else can you do? What idea did you brush off that actually may just work at this stage? You’re still travelling to where you’re going to end up, it’s too far to go back, and you can’t sit here refusing to do nothing. So, your only option is to keep going along. Now if you get there and you decide you don’t like it, that’s ok, you can revamp your ideas, or start over again.  But the message here is about commitment and seeing something through. Chances are it will be fine.

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