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Manifesting with the Moon

Monthly Moon Oracle Readings by Sign


Hello all,

Welcome to May’s Lunar readings. How was the New Moon for you? We’ve also just celebrated Beltane, another seasonal sabbat, with a big old shift forward.   Summer is even closer, and the changes or enhancements Beltane brings can be powerful.  Not just in love, old, new, or future, but in other areas.  It’s a time of renewal, reviewing and refocussing yourself.

So, when I drew these cards I put the question to them, ‘What advice do you have for us at this special time?’ and without further mischief I give you your cards.

With love,



Taurus – Full Moon in Leo

During the Month of May dear Taurus, you are told ‘Don’t let Pride get in your way! The Full Moon comes into Leo bringing potentially a cheerful and vibrant time, there is a greater sense of confidence, it is a time to shine. Taurus for you this is really good news. But here I add a tad of a cautionary note, this requires balance, because what could happen is, it may make you a little too bold. You may tread on the toes of other people around you, or come across as a little over enthusiastic or insensitive. But forewarned is forearmed.  And the main message that comes with this card is it’s time to feel proud.

An apt card for a Taurean who can dig their heels in when they really want to, or when they don’t want to lose face.   Think of the situation you are in, are you dealing with it from your heart, or ego?  Leo energy comes from the heart which speaks of courage, bravery and love.  Has a deadlock developed?  The way to overcome such obstacles is to love more, and thoughts for the greater good are the solution.  This could help you deal with all your relationships.

So, to sum up be proud, be bold but keep your balance.  As a result of you finding your courage you may find it in yourself to call time on situations that have come to their natural end. It will be a bearable ending, but a necessary door that has to be shut. On a bonus note you will find your creative juices flowing, so whatever areas you have felt like pursuing you are being told this is the right time.  Keep it positive and loving and the outcomes could be amazing.

Gemini – New Moon in Aquarius

Aquarius is the sign of innovation, technology, and the advance of the human race.  A very individualistic sign, it can appear detached, scientific rather than spiritual and even inflexible.  Being more of an intellectual sign, Aquarians find it easy to detach emotionally.  When you get this card you are being told it is a time of detachment, and dropping ‘the norms’ and ‘coventions’ would be a good approach.

Aquarius is about progress and modernity, so this the time to move forwards.   The New Moon in Aquarius means, ‘Don’t look back change is on its way’, and it’s coming fast. Whether you get the change you want to happen depends on your faith in it, and how much effort you are willing to put in to get it.  You have to perfect a particularly difficult balancing act, where you are independent in manifesting your dreams, but still connected to those you care about.  Time may be of the essence when this Lunar card appears, because the Aquarius energy has an urgent buzz to it.  There is a sense in releasing yourself from the past, in order to free yourself up for your future.

Look at the people around you, this is why you are being asked to step back and work alone at this time, do a little evaluation of the people in your life.  Therein could lie the answers to freeing up movement.  Also allow yourself to be more creative in your thinking, let yourself go, express yourself.  Think karmically about how you have been behaving, we need to give willingly in order to receive as willingly.

Cancer – Full Moon in Sagittarius

Cancer you are an emotional sign, and prone to over-thinking. Micromanaging or obsessing about something will only hold you back, and create a stressful situation where there shouldn’t be one.  Are you so hooked into the planning and idea’s phase that you are putting of getting on with actually doing something about making your goal happen? It’s good to think things through, but sometimes you need to step back and look at the bigger picture.

What do you then see and feel about your current situation? What’s the best thing about it? Maybe now is a good time to be thankful for your blessings, even if you are not exactly where you want to be, it is where you need to be for now.  Like the Fool card in tarot this card is also a reminder that we can take a few risks and proceed with less assurance or guarantees in life. Keep an open mind about what’s best for you; You may surprise yourself by what you learn.

How about a mini-break? A time out, that gives you the time and space to lean back and people watch? You’ll regain your focus, bat away the things that have been fogging your mind, and regain your confidence. You’ll come back recharged and ready to be a winner.  You can also take this time to let the people in your life know how much you care. Have interactive conversations with people you love spending time with, for the things you will hear will be inspirational and supportive.

Leo – Full Moon in Aquarius

Leo show the world your true self! This month whatever you have been hiding, whoever you have been hiding it from, in a good way, will now come out.  And if anyone protests, well perhaps they are not right to be in your world, warts and all.  Have you been compromising your identity, to ‘fit in’, and Aquarian would never do this?  You are a Leo, larger than life, but not always yourself. Be both, you are magnificent.

Do you feel the need to detach a bit from a particular area in your life, to give you thinking time?  Who is keeping who at arm’s length, you or them? Don’t fight this natural distance, it’s a healthy space to take stock of things, and regroup with a better plan for the future.  Things will be different but change is good in this case. Going back to the first paragraph, be yourself in all relationships, and they will evolve to suit the real you more.

You will become aware of your own feelings, don’t let the negative or comfortable ones hold you back, be prepared to move on.  In doing so you will see the beauty around and in you, your world will seem a brighter place to be.  Don’t let your head guide you, on this occasion listen to your heart. The feelings of others will matter to you now, and you may be a shoulder to cry on for in general you are giving, releasing love and as a result big thing could happen.

Virgo – New Moon in Aries

And ‘Action!’ Virgo, the rehearsal is over, the scene is set. Go! Aries is a ‘Director’, of a card to get, you are about to take the first steps on a new path, and you’re heading the right direction. Aries says, ‘Yes’, something positive is about to happen.  Even if you are saying, ‘Wh’oooahh’, but I’m no-where near where I need to be, maybe not, but you’re well on well way. With true grit, assertiveness and a dollop of courage you’ll go further forward along the Virgo brick road.  The only ‘but’, here is don’t rush, and don’t push people out the way to get to where you’re going.

Have a little talk to yourself, don’t let your mind let you give up on this, it’s not an option.  This project will manifest within the next year, so make a solid plan. To help you along with this, someone will be coming into your life who will prove to be influential.

This is a time of commitment, hard work, but work that is so worth you doing, even if you tire, or feel despondent, you are told just have a rest.  If there was ever a time to note the phases of the moon for the next 13 moons, it’s now.  Look at the phases from dark to full, and look out for eclipses.  Make a note of the moons in your horoscope, work with them.  For moon guidance is the key here, and that is another way of saying of going with the flow, when it’s time to work like crazy you put in the hours you need, when it’s time to sit back and let your hard work develop, do so.  If you are good at manifesting, now is the time to put your skills into practice!

Libra – Waxing Moon

Libra can you feel the energy around you building up?  The force and speed of it, will be coming at you from behind, and pulling at you from the front.  This is the effect of the Waxing Moon.  As in a Cauldron reading with our Wiccascopes, the gathering moon, is adding ingredients from you, those in your life who affect you, and the outside world.  This builds up full of hope, wishing, anticipation, perhaps fear and yes endings, but it’s about the ultimate result, the opportunity this recipe or moon spell gives us.

In this case it is a very positive omen, you can create the reality you dream of, it will take some work and like Virgo you’re not there yet.  But as energy rises up, Emotions are building too.  Look at your self-confidence and self-belief systems.  Be honest Libra what is your goal now? Mediate to gain more focus on your dreams, then you can make a brave commitment to take more pragmatic steps.

You are headed in the right direction, you do have potential, and yes this can happen for you. The moon appears to be slightly bigger and rounder as it is more and more empowered each night.  This is you right now. As each day goes by so are you more empowered, so make the most of such a force of nature and make those plans, then act upon them.  Go, Go, Go!

Scorpio – Waning Moon

Dear Scorpio what do you need to release? As much as the waxing moon gathers, a waning moon let’s things go, so that by the time it’s a dark moon, you are left with the reality and truth.  When the Moon is waning it’s not time for action, there’s nothing more you can do but wait to see how things pan out.  A good time to relax. And let go of things that you in heart of hearts know have served their purpose.

The waning moon points to what’s falling away.  Life goes in cycles or phases there’s a time to do and a time not to do.  Sometimes we to rest and release.  Regardless of what the real moon is doing, a situation has reached a peak, for good or for bad, and it’s time for the you to slow down.  What do you need to release?   Almost definitely something from the situation you’re going through.  This card is potentially very positive but it can also suggest and ending means movement for you. If you are fighting for something, with little results, take a more relaxed approach.

So, in essence it’s not a good time to start new projects, you need to create the space to allow that to happen.  In letting go of something, you may also have to apologise to someone, which will release you from a situation.  Perhaps remove a feeling of guilt and restore the karmic balance.  You too can also work with the moon cycles, flow, be organic.

Sagittarius – Full Moon in Aries

Sagittarius ‘Fire!’ Aries brings supercharged energy is here. Which will bring the explosive end to a situation. Have you been a little egotistical lately though?  Are you fighting over something with someone else? Be careful you could both destroy the thing you are fighting over.  Guidance is to both put down your end of the rope and sit down.  Wait and think. This would be a good time to talk to each other, if you have hurt someone’s feelings, are they due an apology or explanation.

Try a different approach if things have got a bit heated, kindness, politeness, niceness this is what will work in your favour. Whilst some assertiveness is great, ensure it’s not aggression. This situation calls for reducing tension by finding a more peaceful place for now. Think of a toddler ‘wanting’ and acting up, take a time out. You need to have more fun.

The Full Moon combined with Aires is super-fiery, emotions may run very high.  But there’s a great excitement about what lays ahead for you. If you are writing or texting anything, choose your words carefully, in conversations think before you speak.  You could sound harsh and too direct. But knowing this can ensure that you can embrace the positive energy with this card to use it to put into your projects and schemes.  You can burn it off with a little sports or physical recreation.

Capricorn – New Moon in Taurus

Taurus are you focusing on finances this month, well you will be. You could also be examining your self-worth.  Well potentially you could have whatever you want. They key to your success is self-belief and faith that you can do it.  Now we’re going to talk ‘laws of attraction’, appreciate your own value, and add something to it, you will attract your own abundance accordingly. Taurus is also associated with Venus and this cards also has a new moon energy, so now is a good time for you to also make a 12-month financial plan like Virgo, another earth sign.

Did I say Venus? I give you new romance, and developments in existing romances. So, if a relationship has been struggling, or you’ve been looking for romance then romance could take a turn for the better. Time to relax, tune into your primal side, massage, or relaxation. Be clear on what you value, and what you’re aiming for, or ‘who’, if we’re talking romance. Once you’ve done this, you’ll be able to operate from a place of inner peace.

This may be a good time to start a nest egg or savings fund, it is o.k to talk about finances here, but you are getting your house in order here, to make you feel more comfortable.  Which is the Taurean way.  A roof over your head, a meal in your stomach, and 4 cosy walls to keep your family safe. This is the time to work with this energy and earn the money you want, so can have the creature comforts you want.

Aquarius – New Moon in Pisces

Oh, hello you Aquarius child, how apt you get this card, the New Moon in Pisces asks you to Meditate and contemplate. I bring you dreams, romance, harps, violins and poetry. A new start is heading your way, and it could leave you a little dizzy. There might be some confusion and disappointment if you feel you’ve been here before and you have an idea of what is about to happen.

But, think positively, be grounded and strong, ensure that you’re in a good place, then wish hard because the words you say out loud from your soul and heart could help bring about the manifestation of your dreams.   In other words, to get a positive outcome from this onslaught of Piscean emotion, you have to steer yourself in the right direction. This is the last zodiac sign, and the new moon in Pisces suggests an eleventh-hour attempt to achieve your dreams.

Logically thinking is of no use to you now, you will have to feel your way around this month, let your solar plexus and your sacral chakra override your head.  If you are a little scared, stare your fear in the face, and push it out the way, it may be holding you back.  A situation that may have caused you some disappointment and heartache, is now getting the healing and closure it needs. This is also a karmic card to get, be honest with people and yourself.  Don’t let rose-tint glasses hide someone’s true intentions.  Do all this and you won’t be so dizzy, yet enjoying a new lovely time.

Pisces – Cardinal Moon

Pisces you are being encouraged to have courage, and make the first move in a situation this month.  Whenever this card appears it signifies that new is about to start and you are quite going to be in charge of it. Be bold, a little bossy, perhaps.  Don’t wait for it to happen, make it happen. Cardinal signs are self-starting, determined and great organisers. This card suggests that you’re going to need to be all those attributes to achieve your goal.

If you’re are having worrying thoughts about something, don’t, do something about it instead.  Be assertive, not aggressive, assertive.  Stand up and speak up for yourself.  If you really believe in what you want, and want it to work out, you have to become a leader. And whilst your emotions have to be followed, you have to follow them unemotionally.  As a leader.

However, in trying to be bold, stop and think, keep your feet firmly planted on the ground and plant them one in front of the other at a steady, assured pace.  Running could prove reckless.  By taking this methodical approach you will come into your own power, and find that by owning your own space, is actually quite nice.

Aries- South Node

Aries you message this month is ‘Don’t let your past hold your back’. The South Node is a karmic point, as is the North Node.  This node relates the past, recent and very, very distant, it is suggested even past lives.   Whatever is going on and whatever you’re considering, are you still dealing with it as you always have? We all have ‘go to’, place where we process our issues, but by repeating old patterns, you can get very stuck.

The South Node card signals that the relationship or situation you are wondering about may have become stifling, or unhealthy.  There may be a sense of release here, of someone releasing themselves from you or you from them. There are changes to be made, that could mean departures for you, or making necessary changes to make staying where you are happier, safer and more evenly flowing.

This is a time to release yourself from the past, as the saying goes, ‘Do as you always have, and get what you’ve always got’.  The South Node identifies areas in your life where you may be holding too tightly. It suggests that by being more relaxed, and flexible in your thinking you will achieve success and feel a whole lot happier. So Aries, embrace the gentle energy that comes with node, you will feel relaxed, your approach to planning and carrying out your plans will flow a lot more easily.

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