Manifesting with the Moon Your Monthly Moon Oracle Reading With Violet pin 2337

Manifesting with the Moon
Your Monthly Moon Oracle Reading
With Violet pin 2337

Hello and warm wishes to you all,

Those of you who follow this page will know that Michele has written some fantastic articles about the moon, which I find very interesting. Those who are Wiccascopians, will know not a week goes by when I say, ‘And if you attune to the lunar cycles’, things will flow more easily. Well, with that in mind I put together an oracle reading for each star sign, asking for messages from a moon oracle deck.
I’ve pulled a card from the deck, tuning into my guides and asking the question, ‘Can we have a card for Leo (etc) to guide them into how to work with the Moon’.
Relax, enjoy, and please let me know your thoughts on it.

Aquarius – New Moon in Virgo

Lovely Aquarius hello, your moon card tells you others may need your help at this time, it’s time to be there for them. The New Moon in Virgo refers to the need to restore some direction in your life, by pausing to take a breath and carrying out an audit.

Taking into consideration the following things: your health, your career and/or financial situation, your abode, your social network, and your romantic life. The key question here is are you honestly happy with the way things are in those areas? If not, its time make some changes.

This is also a sign of achieving success so far in what you have done, so it’s ok to take a rest, and review how well you have done, and consider what you need to do to continue this good work. You will have enough time freed up to help others who look to you for guidance. For there is an air of wisdom about you also.

If you feel stuck, and I know that is a horrible feeling, it’s frustrating, but this moon phase suggests that this block can be overcome. It may be the case that you are being a little tough on yourself, or you are too close to your situation to see just how well you’ve done. Step back, and take in the view. You will feel more positive after.

A New Moon in Virgo offers you a fresh structured, uncomplicated framework to work with, and as the moon waxes or grows, you will notice increasing signs of success. Be sure that you dot the ‘I’s’ and cross the ‘t’s’, but don’t be tempted to over think things.
There is something karmic about this card, it says that by giving, unconditionally at this time, you will relax by focusing on others, your own plans will flow more easily and you could potentially be rewarded financially.

Pisces – New Moon Leo

Pisces, I pulled out the New Moon in Leo for you. The key message for you here is thinking like the king of the jungle, belief in yourself with buzzwords like courageous, bold, magnificent, and gregarious! Watch out the world. This force of nature is one that can’t be hidden, so good luck trying. If you’ve been hiding away, you’re being told have some pride and know you’re fabulous so work it!

You are not just looking good on the outside, you are connected to your inner self, and glowing from the inside out. You can’t help but be noticed and don’t be surprised if you find you have a new admirer. It’s also a time to be a little self-indulgent, as it’s a time of reward for the efforts you made recently in your life.

A new phase comes in for you with a new moon, and as that moon grows, like the new moon above in Virgo, so will your new-found confidence. If you had designs on someone, now may be a good time for them to notice you, for this is a card of potential synchronicity. Good luck. You still have to make the effort though.

If when you are working on a project that requires artistic flair, imagination, or creative thinking, there’s a very good chance of it succeeding and you will see it grow as the month. This is also a great message if you’re asking about a creative project you’re working on. Alternatively, it can herald good news, or a fresh start, for younger people in your life.

This card heralds the start of a new cycle for you when you’re going to look and feel more gorgeous, more in the spotlight, more like you have something worth showing off. If you want someone’s attention the card says, ‘It’s coming!’ However, this may not happen all by itself. You have to be willing to do your bit – that means being proud of who you are and what you have to offer. Think of yourself as the King or Queen of the Jungle, and carry yourself accordingly. This is also a great omen if you’re asking about a creative project you’re working on, like a moon waxes, so should it’s potential.

Aries – The Full Moon in Sagittarius The grand scheme of things

Aries this card asks to recall your quest and to push back the broaden your horizons. Your prompts are pleasure, amusement, and excitement. You are about to go out on a journey, to unfamiliar places. Some journeys may strike fear into you, but not this one, you are ready to explore your world.

This card implies you may have got stuck or distracted by the minute details, you don’t need to worry so much about them.

By looking at the bigger picture you find you’ll have more options. This also implies that travel for pleasure is a possibility, it could be holiday time. When we get back to it, we are refreshed, ready and inspired by our time out.

This could also be a sign that in being distracted, or goal orientated, you may have taken your attention away from your loved ones. Reconnect with them, go on holiday with someone you love.

Were you diverted to other projects? Or did other issues in your life take over? They were necessary at the time, and it was time well spent, but you may feel some release from that. Even if by nature you are a confident soul, you may not be feeling it at this time, you are being told that the key to your success is your own, brilliant inner confidence. Be wary of exuberance.

In your communications, you may find yourself feeling bold and maybe a little out-spoken, check you are being true to yourself but not fiery.
In closing the final advice with this card is that being over analytical will only get you stuck. Or have you only been thinking about what you intend to do, rather than setting out and actually doing it?

Something may have held you back, you may have needed guarantees of success or those distractions I mentioned above side tracked you.
There is a little bit of risk involved in setting out on these journeys, but you’ve made the plan, got the ideas, and the excitement will outweigh the risk.

Taurus – Void-of-Course Moon

Taurus please don’t worry about the negative tone of this card, its main message is, whatever path you are on now, is not likely to succeed at this time or you need to review your thinking on it. But firstly, what is a Void-of-Course Moon? It happens when the Moon doesn’t connect strongly with any planets until it enters the next astrological sign. As Aries was told it is time for a time-out, the same applies to you, but to seek a place of calm and peace, to just gently rest.

This is a time for surrendering yourself to whatever faith, or belief system you follow. Going to that place of inner peace, and seeking refuge in private thought. If I were to get this card, I would take time out, do some yoga, meditation, and get back to nature.

Even if you have seen the signs of something, or someone leaving your life, a job, or a relationship that may have struggled, and you fear it will be over. If this is the case, and it could be, know that the potential for a better opportunity awaits. It’s one of those tough messages or mixed blessings that says you are getting what you need, that in the end will be better for you. And you will feel happier.

Avoid making decisions at this time, don’t be hasty, i.e. don’t hand your notice in at work, allow developments to pan out. Avoid complicated discussions, or signing important paperwork, ask for a time of waiting if you can, for this period won’t last long.

If you were fearing the worst with this, this could also be good news for you, a difficult time will be passing too, and things will not be as bad as you thought they were.

There is a strong element of free will here, you do have control at this time. Look at what and how you are dealing with a situation, and be really honest with yourself. Is it realistic? And know you can change your course of action, or review your expectations of it.

Gemini – The Full-Moon in Libra

Gemini a warm welcome, oh with this moon card I can say your message is about give and take, ‘Happy me = Happy you!’ The scales of balance call you to the connections in your relationships. I.e. are you receiving as much as you give to others or vice-versa? It’s time to say ‘yes’, or ‘no’, to someone who wants an answer. You will know what to say if you go with the natural flow of the moon as it begins is waning, releasing phase.

With regard to relationships and any challenging situations within them, think ‘pink’, think universal love! You will find some common ground by communicating for greater understanding. Some of you may find yourselves, going through your wardrobe, or getting a haircut and feeling naturally inclined to review your diet and lifestyle, just be wary of your reasons for it, your ego may feel a bit too much of a boost as a result.

Libran’s are big on relationships, and this full moon represents a fledgeling relationship is developing. This can be positive or, potentially not so much the case. A relationship that may have run its course could come to a natural ending. If a relationship has run its course, don’t cling onto it this the right time for release from it. This could also apply to a work-related connection.

With good communication, give and take, all parties in this scenario will come away feeling satisfied.

Cancer -The Full Moon in Capricorn

Hello Cancer, good news there is light at the end of the tunnel! there is a very strong career/work principle and energy linked to this card if you feel it relates more to the personal side of your life the message will be at a pragmatic level.

Either way, if you are feeling stranded it is time to walk past any negative feelings that may hold you back, such as fear, and vulnerability. It’s a gentle way of saying, this is not the time to feel sorry for yourself but to take a business-like approach to resolve it.

While this is a great card in that you are being told, ‘Yes you can do this’, you will have to be part of the process, and it may mean putting the hours in, and will be a bit of a slog. Try to do so naturally, and don’t micromanage every single point, believe in yourself and the universal opportunity at this time. It will be worth it.

As I mentioned above, this, for the most part, relates to work, there is a warning that a matter in this area could peak now. Your instincts may guide you to make significant career changes, perhaps even leaving for another job. This won’t be difficult for you to do, for the changes you make now will be positive.

The key message here asks how badly do you want something? And what are you willing to do? Remember my key phrase in my Wiccascopes, ‘Be kind’, don’t tread on anyone in achieving your ambitions. Also, in being kind, take a little look at your work-life balance. The last thing you need to know with this card is don’t let anxiety get the better of you.

Leo – New Moon in Cancer

Hello Leo, welcome to your Moon card reading, your neighbour Cancer has very kindly sent their new moon your way and this card is about family members young and old, and all those you hold dear. It can also be a time of heightened emotions in yourself and around you. Cancer is as an emotional watery sign, anyway and also a ‘home’, oriented sign, along with Taurus in astrology

There is a sense of positivity around family at the moment, and they may need you. If you have been absent, physically or emotionally, reconnect with them, do something together this week. Your absence may have been noticed by others as well, have you kept a friend at arm’s length? Let them in a bit more.

If you have been feeling a bit wobbly or lacking in confidence, make some time for yourself, to gather your thoughts, and to think positively in order to boost your self-esteem. Do this by a stream, or by the sea, by connecting to the water, and focussing on it, you connect with your emotional self and can retune your thinking from negative to positive.

With any new moon reading there’s the implication of fresh or new starts coming in for you and potentially people around you, it can mean changing the place where you live.

Good news for you if you are hoping to take a personal relationship further, your connection with them will deepen, and you should have courage in yourself in this relationship.

It’s also a time be kind to yourself, and look after yourself more, and yes, it’s o.k to have your own dreams and plans, ignore that little voice that says ‘I can’t’. It’s wrong, you can.

Virgo – Gibbous Moon

Virgo you have drawn the Gibbous Moon, yes you’re very close to achieving your goal. What is a gibbous moon? It’s almost a Full Moon, so it’s big. I see it at the 11th hour in timing.
time is almost upon the waxing of the moon, and the 11th hour in projects or situations you’re involved in.

There’s perhaps a sense of last-minute checks before it’s time to step back and see what the results are.

There may be a feeling of pressure around as you look at the clock ticking away, but with a clear focus, a steady pace and the knowledge that you’re nearly there, know that it will be o.k. Rather than add anything to what you are doing, this is your final edit, your review, where you are doing final checks.

Thinking of starting something new? This is a great time, for you will have accumulated all your information, and it’s a ripe time to proceed with it. It may include looking at improving your healthcare routine, your diet and lifestyle.

Libra – New Moon Eclipse

Hello Libra, anything that is happening to you or around you now is happening for the best, and time of great of powerful change for you.
New Moon Eclipses are pretty thrilling in astronomy and astrology. Any questions you are asking, are being answered with a very loud ‘Yes!’ You are you are whizzing off, full of determination, but maybe in the wrong direction and at the wrong speed.

There are a crossroads ahead, you need to stop at it, and take the road you need to be on. This is meant to be, so go with the flow.
That crossroads may have an option for you to dwell in the past, your life is changing every day, you are growing every day. Go forward with this growth.
Even if there is not a New Moon Eclipse at the time of this reading, it’s meaning still applies. Particularly if you are wondering about the outcome of your dreams, then potentially your desired outcome is achievable, so don’t hold back on starting something new. You are being urged to do it.

With this little push forwards, with such power and energy, the pace can gather, and there are bumps in the road, but it leads to a better outcome than the one you are heading for now.

Scorpio – Full Moon in Scorpio

Scorpio what are the chances of this, your own full moon, in a card reading. If you’ve been feeling paranoid and acting weird take this card as a very direct message from the cosmos to stop it! Let it go, let it go!
You may find yourself feeling very emotional, so in your case, you’re a Scorpio, this is a Full Moon in Scorpio card. This can be overwhelming, but also if you are aware of it, incredibly powerful in my opinion. Find an outlet for it, channel such energy into something creative, art, writing, music, whether you paint, write or play, or appreciate other’s efforts in this field. Release that energy into something you can enjoy doing.

The tricky bit to deliver with this moon card’s message is if you were feeling mistrustful, and it’s affected your behaviour, it’s time to stop. Why because you’re over worrying, and it’s not how things are. You are just incredibly sensitive and not seeing things clearly.

Let go of the negative thoughts that have steered you into that way of thinking, and let go of the someone who made you feel like it. I refer back to the idea of finding a creative release, there’s a lot to be said for journal therapy or art therapy.

A little warning that a situation may feel wrong, spoiled or ‘poisoned’, step back from it.

Would you like the good news with this card? There is some! You’re sexy and you know it! Passion could happen. You’re also an intriguing soul, mystical even, work that part of you, to ease this sense of paranoia, and release your negativity.

Another bit of good news is a situation that has dragged on too long will be resolved now, so let’s sum it up, yes, it’s emotional, but you can work through it, you will be feeling sexy, and a situation will be resolved.

Sagittarius – Full Moon in Virgo

The Full Moon in Virgo is a time to declutter your life, home and workplace. You can do this! It’s apt timing as we’re preparing for spring, and this the card of spring-cleaning. Declutter and do it with feeling, and be strong enough to eject anything that no longer serves for your own good. This also applies to bad lifestyle habits you need to address, yes health and diet feature again, but this is a Virgoan moon reading, and restoring order is important to Virgo.

I speak about taking baths in my Wiccascopes, this card also speaks of healing baths, getting back to nature, or maybe a paddle in the sea whilst you contemplate your fate. In reconnecting to nature, we’re talking clean eating and drinking more water.

What made you question your self-worth? Humility is commendable, a nice quality to have, but don’t compromise yourself. You can do so with quiet dignity, safe in the knowledge that you are worthy. So yes, you can do what you set out to do, it won’t be the easiest of journeys but with the effort and confidence, you will be able to get there.

It’s ok to have a good eye for detail. Just make sure it’s moderated and you aren’t being over thorough.

What are you questioning right now requires a bit of bravery from you and asks you to be truly honest about it? It’s crunch time, but once the truth is out, you’ll know what action to take next. But please don’t worry too much, as you could get bogged down with worrying, and block your progress. You will be able to achieve this by grounding yourself and at the same time tuning into your spirit guides.

Capricorn – Mutable Moon

Capricorn, warm wishes to you, know that nothing is decided yet for you are well on the way to accomplishing something, and rather than charge towards the finishing post you are taking a gentle approach. If the moon is any of the mutable astrological signs of, Gemini, Pisces, Virgo and Sagittarius, the message is that there’s going to be more ‘give’ in an issue.

In getting this card, you are being told of an opportunity to work on the manifestation of your goals, for you have time to make alterations.
Great news if you need more clarification, you’ve still got time. Be aware though the situation could be a little unsteady, and too much fiddling with it, could have less good results than you wished for. The key thing to do here is not let any uncertainty confuse you, stick with it.

In summary, keep going with the flow, you’re on the right track, and with a little bit of decluttering, and flexibility you will reap the results you seek.

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