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Your June Soul Compass Interactive Tarot Reading with our astrologer Helen

June Soul Compass Interactive Tarot Reading with our astrologer Helen. Focus on the four Tarot Cards and see if there is a message for you for June’s energy

Your astrology forecast is just one of your soul compass tools for navigating your way through the month. The Tarot is another that’s just as powerful and can provide accurate guidance and a heads-up to what lies ahead. There’s always a secret source of wisdom we can tap into that opens up a new dimension when it comes to understanding the energy that’s available to us. And where to direct our focus. The Tarot unlocks this for us and guides us towards where our potential lies in the upcoming month. As well as altering us to any surprises that may lie in store. So, think about the month ahead, amp up those expectations, centre yourself and let your soul compass guide you to one of these four cards.  What can you expect in the coming month? Scroll down and discover what’s ahead for you this June!

Card Number 1 – Justice

If the #1 card has called to you today look forward to balance being restored in a key area of your life. The Justice card speaks of just that – universal energy realigning to rectify something unfair or imbalanced in your life. If you have found yourself in a situation that has been stuck, deadlocked or dealing with an inflexible person, then you can look forward to discovering a way to unstick yourself. Or else the other party suddenly becoming more flexible.

Justice says something old and outdated is about to be replaced with something new. And this could come about either via someone’s offer or assistance or you simply recognising what needs to be done to restore that all-important balance. Look carefully across all areas of your life. Remember that too much of something can sometimes be as bad as not enough. Too much time at work for example. Too much socialising but no real soul time. Loads of connections but no real intimacy.

Justice also has a gift for you. It tells you that the way you have handled things lately has been noted by the powers ‘above’. You’re due a new beginning, opportunity or simply someone offering anything from assistance to a vital piece of information which tips those scales back in your favour. Claim your reward in the upcoming month.

Card Number 2 – Knight of Cups

Is that cup half empty or half full? Get ready for something to change! This Knight comes bearing a cup which represents an offer for you. June brings you opportunities around friends, travel, socialising, romance and to step away from your everyday environment.

Someone new could enter your life who acts as a catalyst for this – whisking you away on their metaphorical white charger somewhere you’ve not been before. It’s time to be open to all invites which may come your way as this could be your entrée into this whole new world. For some this offer could be a change of job which lands you in a supportive and cooperative workplace. Instagram, the internet, PR and your image may also feature now.

You’re going to be in focus in some way so be ready. If you have been spending too much time at home or glued to a screen of any size or description, expect your focus to change as you emerge out into the real world rather than the virtual one. This knight is asking what is it that you want? And is telling you that to get it you need to be seen and interact. When that offer arrives this month, take it. And put feelings of being unfulfilled behind you. That cup the knight carries is full. And it can be refilled – again and again if necessary.

Card Number 3 – Seven of Pentacles

Did someone press the pause button on you? If you’ve been drawn to this card today, there’s a need within you that needs answering. Pentacles represent money and the material world. You may want to make more money for example and are trying every which way you can to do this. But you’ve yet to see any real results. Or you are just dissatisfied with how things have turned out.

Maybe things are kind of okay – but you feel something’s missing. Does everyone else you know seem to be getting on with their lives but you are feeling stuck and that these things may happen for them – but not for you? Here’s the thing – this card is telling you that you have what you need to get what you want. And that includes pressing the play button on your life again. But you may not be able to see this.

Don’t allow yourself to become bogged down with worries, feelings of failure or spend too much time on your own. Because this card says that at some point in the upcoming month you are going to be given that missing ingredient you need to kick start things again. It could come via someone alerting you to an opportunity you didn’t even know existed. Or they hand you information that proves to be the missing piece of the puzzle. When you have it, you’ll see success is within your potential after all. Expect a surprising twist that propels you forward into the fast lane again.

Card Number 4 – The Moon

If you’ve picked card 4 today and The Moon it’s going to be a month where you need to heed the wisdom of your intuition. Also to step back from any situation which pushes your buttons on any level and remind yourself this is just temporary.

This card links us to the wisdom of the divine feminine. Women may feature – either your mother, an older woman or your female support group. If you’re not sure what to do during the coming month, an older woman’s advice may prove to be your best resource. This card asks you to maintain the Buddhist perspective of being the observer.

Don’t whatever you do get caught up in someone else’s emotional drama. Merely observe and be ready with advice of your own if necessary. This is an inner wisdom card as opposed to an outer worldly one. So, spending some time alone may feature. However, due to its link to the tides, this does not necessarily mean you will be spending this at home.

Restorative travel may feature and if you have no plans to do so, consider taking some time off – especially if this involves being close to the ocean as you will find this boosts your psychic abilities. Despite how things appear, something is going to end on a positive note this month. The Moon promises a new dawn where you step back into happiness.




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